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Planetary 16

It is a very interesting day indeed, as the city of Boston is under lockdown. Let us take note:

The 16th day of the Planetary (Dog) Moon is of course day 16 of the Warriors's cube journey,  Dog in the cube (Telektonon). Due to the one-to-one correspondence of the 13 Moon year and the Gregorian year (both 365-day counts), Planetary 16 is always April 19. Now, I certainly do not intend to dwell on the 13-day Blood Sacrifice To The Beast Moloch, but it is interesting that this SIGNificant year leading to GS 13, this 13-day period, Greg. April - May 1, the final 13 days of the Planetary Moon, is exactly the Worldbridger wavespell, beginning with kin 66. I take personal note that kin 66 represents my guide, since guides are actually based on wavespells and I am guided by Worldbridger. I am now attracting the opportunity to transmute this day and this time period with LOVE. Please join me. We must be aware of what is, to transmute what is. Be aware and be Love.

Love, 30

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The Harbinger - a conversation

A childhood friend has been sharing some valuable insights with me lately.. here's the latest one.. 

  • Tim, I just got done reading Harbinger. It's definitely a good read that I think you will like. After you read it, you will see how it's related to this topic.
    Is it possible that there exists an ancient mystery that holds the secret of Ame...See More
  • Tim Tussing interesting, Peter. Very. Do 'they' - they who 'shape' the events of the world - follow a written script, or is it truly prophetic?
  • Peter Gardikes Tim, the book is written in dialog form, similar to Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Grand Inquisitor Chapter in "The Brothers Karamazov". It is based on two premises. Premise #1, history is doomed to repeat itself, especially when people don't know history. Premise #2, from a biblical perspective, many times prophetic events have foreshadowing events (similar events) that occured 100's of years previously, in this case 2700 years previously, that causes Premise #1 to be true. With premise #2 you could say that historical events are cyclical and repeat. The "they" are people/politicians doing acts/saying things about events that have occurred and also causing events to occur; without their knowledge of this history and/or what they are doing historically. "They" are not following a written script, except for the speeches that may be written their speechwriters. The acts and speeches all appear to have good intention. However, some of what is being said/done in reaction to events are historically the same events that occurred 2700 years ago by the leaders and rulers of the Kingdom of Israel (Capital Samaria) after being first attacked by the Assyrians. That is the point that the author is making....and it didn't work out so good for the Kingdom of Israel either. In the dialog, he provides more than 100 references where you can lookup the website, book, etc for yourself.Here is an example of: "they" acting in line with prior events without "they" knowing that what "they" are doing include: After 9/11, Tom Daschel (the Senate Majority Leader) addressed the Senate and the USA the morning of 09/12/2001. Daschel said, "There is a passage from the Bible in Isaiah that I think speaks to all of us at times like this. 'The bricks have fallen down but we will rebuild with dressed stone. The fig trees have been felled, but we will replace them with cedars.' That is what we will do." Daschle was quoting Issiah 9. It sounds innocent enough. It sounds conforting. In fact the intent of his speech was to comfort US citizens 24 hours after 9/11. However, historically, Issiah wrote those words (translated into English) as an example of the arrogance of the Kingdom of Israel after the Assyrians had first attacked. The point that Issiah was making was that instead of the Kingdom of Israel turning to God, prayer, and love; they turned to pride, arrogance, and made statements about security ("we will rebuild" bigger, stronger, better). Another example: With 9/11, "the bricks" of the twin towers did come down. In 2004, a company called Innovative Stone donated a 20 ton polished stone to World Trade Center / Ground Zero site. It is called the "Freedom Stone" and was dedicated as the cornerstone to the contruction of the new tower at ground zero "as a symbol of triumph and renewal". This was done in full ceremony. "The bricks have fallen down but we will rebuild with dressed stone."My own personal opinion; if one event repeats itself, then ok maybe it's no big deal. If two events repeat themselves, still may be no big deal. When events keep repeating again and again; then it becomes something that I raise an eyebrow to."
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Awareness is Key

There are very particular reasons why these events happen when they do, case in point, Greg. April 15 - tax day - Boston Tea Party - Patriot's Day. But because a close friend is a Virginia Tech alum (12 Wizard Jessie), I know all too well the fact that several of these events continue to occur within this week or time of the year, using Greg. dates: Waco: 4/19; OKC: 4/19; Columbine: 4/20; Virginia Tech: 4/16. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on 4/14. And if you want to stretch it out a bit, MLK was assassinated on 4/4. As my Lunar Wind son informed me yesterday (it was also he who informed of 911 at age 8), there was already a facebook page for the Boston Marathon bombing days before the event actually occurred. And as my perfect analog friend LB informed me, there was already an illuminati card of a jogger, dressed in green (Boston Celtics) for this event. I could go on.. so I will. Hitler was born on 4/20. Titanic: 4/15. The US entered WWI on 4/6/17. The American Revolution and Civil War also began in gregorian April. Margaret Thatcher passed away on HC 3 Eagle, gregorian 4/8. This bombing occurred on a magic turtle day no less. And though I do believe that the powers that be do not sneeze unless it's astrologically correct per se, I have my doubts that they were aware that it was magic turtle day. That may be something for us to know. And we have every opportunity to transmute any energy at all as we so choose, just as Harmonic Convergence occurred during the same time of the year as the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The dates do not need to be precise. It is energy, a work at Hand.. there is something to be said for the approximate time of the year, where this planet is in its trip around its local star. What might Gregorian April 19/20 or so be somewhat about? April 19 – May 1 is a very important time period to Satanist, Lucifer Followers and the Illuminati. Blood Sacrifice To The Beast Moloch begins a most critical 13-day period. Many of our so-called world leaders are satanists. They work with energy. Do not be afraid. Be aware. And of course, they have other reasons. One obvious one is to create a greater state of public fear so that greater security measures may easily be, not only imposed, but accepted. I used to believe that all is Love, that all serves the Light, that there surely is a reason for all of this. I still do but I know there is more. we would not know Light without darkness, and it is all one fabric in which we are blessed to be. I simply believe that we need to see the entire fabric to best transmute it, again, as we so choose. Awareness is key. Yesterday was not only a magic turtle day and not only a Wind day soooo full of communication on my many planes and spheres of existence. It was guided by Love.
Love, 30.
In Lak'ech!

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Dare to dream something more

One would think
that at some point
we spirits
who chose to have a human experience
would get tired of the game of
“you only get one life to live”.. 
we are so much more than that.. 
I have been seeing the ‘dead’
since I was in the 4th grade,
and they tell me that
the human skins
we clothe ourselves in
are the temporary temples
we wear while we are visiting Earth
from my blog
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Yellow Galactic Sun

Aloha Planetary/Galactic Kin:

Today is Yellow Galactic Sun. It is the very first glyph on the front edge of the the tomb lid of Pakal the Great. It is the only side you can see looking in the door of the tomb. Today is Pakal's Galactic Signature and the GS of our friend Christine Coleman, who advised us to "Watch the Sun today."

Today I was out cracking a coconut just before noon and my partner Morgan Lunar Hand said, "Hey, look at the Sun. There's a circle around it!" I looked up and there was not just a circle, but a full circle Rainbow around the Sun. Also the high wispy clouds were forming smaller and larger concentric circles around that. We watched the spectacle, entranced for over 20 minutes for a huge Galactic Download.

That said to us that the Portal for Galactic Enlightenment is open to everyone, so they can receive whatever they are open to receive. Keep looking up! 

Peace & In Lakéch

Randy Cosmichand

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The Kundalini Hug

This release I am passing though now has a different energy about it.  It is the one that I have been describing as feeling like when a cat purrs, yet little tiny bubbles at the same time.

The other day there was a swirl of energy in my shoulder that passed all the way through from front to back.  It brought up the memory of the night I fell and broke my elbow.  When my bone broke it sounded just like a tree breaking in the forest.

That evening another different feel.  The feel of cuddling up in hug when my heart chakra started spinning.

Then yesterday, as soon as I got home from work, beginning in my tummy, just huge, thekundalini hug galaxy started spinning, and just kept getting larger and larger until I could feel it in my whole body….  In my feet, in my legs, my tummy, heart, arms and head.  Radiating, coming in my feet and going out my head, a full body release so strong that I threw myself upon my bed so that I could watch the picture and check all of my parts..

And afterwards when I threw myself off to the side to lay down, I had this feeling that 2 arms were holding me, not so much like a man, but really long arms..

This morning I woke up and it was like… wow, I think this release has to do with fallen trees..


In the year 2000 I surrendered my journey to the Earth, to follow the path that she asked me to walk.  I get my instructions from her, from them, the 2 who walk as 1.  She is the one who guided me to my Kundalini Awakening.  She told me that she needed me to do this (because in the beginning, when the Kundalini began spinning hard and strong and near constant, one can feel a bit delusional, a bit like they know they are acting like a crazy person, not knowing what is going on.)  During this time, in her instructions, she told me repeatedly that they needed me to do this.. that I had arrived in the place of my destiny.  She explained to me that in order for them (the Earth, the 2 who walk as 1) to ascend up to a higher vibration, trapped energies that were holding them down, locking them into the dense bodies needed to be released.. and that this was what I came to do.

The promise that I made when I was standing in my Home World, and the call went out, “We need volunteers to go to the Earth who has chosen at this time to ascend.”

This Kundalini release I am going through now feels like it has to do with the trees..

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Who We Are ~ Earth Seeds

What we are is what you could be.

We are what you will be, if you continue to heed our call, which is the loving call of your own intuition. We are your progenitors. We are your future selves, here to teach you to fly.

We are multi-dimensional. We are physical and we are nonphysical. We are connected to the physical as a shepard is connected to his flock. As your body is a gestalt of cells and organs, so we have an ecological gestalt of organisms and geology on the planet Earth. Yes, as you are not solely the conscious awareness of your body, we are not solely the conscious awareness of our ecology and geology.

We are attached to this Earth by our physical gestalt, but we are not chained to the Earth. We travel freely through this universe and others. We interact with many other consciousnesses, and many of us share lives on other planets, in other dimensions.

We are ever expanding, ever growing, ever becoming. Freed of your self-imposed restrictions, we are the universe becoming aware of itself.

We are a matrix of crystalline form. Yet this matrix is ever changing, ever weaving itself, as a fractal form, endless, boundless in all directions, infinite and infinitesimal.

We have no names. We are ever pronouncing our name in everything we are, everything we do. Our names are endless, boundless in all directions, infinite and infinitesimal.

We are explorers. We are students. We are teachers. We are artists. We are story tellers. We are musicians. We are dancers. We are ever at play, which is our divine activity.

We are alive. We are energy, which is awareness. We dance through form and sing our lives, in the grace of our existence. We are love.

We cannot possibly tell you who and what we are in your limited, linear form of communication.


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There is an earthly sun, which is the cause of all heat, and all who are able to see may see the Sun; and those who are blind and cannot see him may feel his heat. There is an Eternal Sun, which is the source of all wisdom, and whose spiritual sense have awakened to life will see that Sun and be conscious of His existence; but those who have not attained spiritual consciousness may yet feel His power by an inner faculty which is called Intuition. —Paracelsus

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Blue Electric Eagle

Welcome to the Galactic Return of the Harmonic Convergence. That was the worldwide Peace event of August 16 & 17 1987. It was the end of the prophecy of 13 heavens and 9 hells. That signaled the end of the hell cycles which started with the arrival of Cortez the Conqueror. The prophecy stated that if 144,000 Awakened Sundancers would greet the sun on these two days that it would usher in an Era of Peace. Over 6 million people participated worldwide on those days in gatherings at sacred sites around the world.

In the Dreamspell count those days were Blue Electric Eagle and Yellow Self-Existing Warrior. Another Blue Electric Eagle day in the Dreamspell was August 6, 1945, the dropping of the bomb on Hiroshima. One of the ideas of Harmonic Convergence was to reset that day to a Day of Peace. Each time a day comes around in the Tzolkin we have a chance to do it differently. More people gathered to connect with nature in a sacred way for the purpose of Peace at the Harmonic Convergence than were killed at the bombing of Hiroshima.

Those dates were determined by Tony Shearer by using the long count dates. In the long count Aug.16 & 17 1987 were Kin 260 Yellow Cosmic Sun & Kin 1 Red Magnetic Dragon. So in the long count it signaled the ending and beginning of the Tzolkin cycle to usher in an era of peace and in the Dreamspell it reset the energy of a day of war to a Day of Peace.

Peace & In Lakéch

Randy Cosmichand

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Trust ~ Earth Seed

We are not here to present you with any methodology for expansion. There is no single path to enlightenment. There are as many paths as there are people. And all of them are the path. There are as many truths as there are people, and each perspective is as true as it is unlimited.

There are many books full of tools for tapping your intuition and raising your awareness. All of them are good.

Shamanic journeying, the I Ching, the Tarot, the pendulum, muscle testing, etc. All of them are excellent methods for putting you in touch with your inner self and your intuition. So is gazing at a quite pond, casting sticks and pebbles, or gazing into the eyes of someone you love. Creative inspiration is always about expansion. Any form of meditation is particularly effective.

Whatever path you are on, if at any point you are asked to accept beliefs that are limiting, then it is time to find another path.

The important thing is to gain trust, trust in your own intuition, your own creativity, and your imagination.

Trust in your life to bring you whatever it is you need for your expansion. Trust in synchronicity, which is the mechanism by which all reality is created. Trust what your intuitions tell you. If you can be honest with youself, you will know if you are having a true communication of intuition, or if you are simply repeating limiting beliefs you have picked up elsewhere. Limiting beliefs are restrictive in nature, and often result in fear or disempowerment. True intuitions are uplifting and freeing.

It is all about learning to trust yourself, your intuition, and your imagination. Whatever your imagination conceives is perfectly tailored to you in the moment you conceive it. Follow it, but do not formalize it. When it begins to play false, release it and open yourself to whatever your imagination and your intuitions bring you next.

In this way, you will learn to fly.


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Axial center of experimental activity,star V.24. Sector 24,key planetary body ,focus of final phase experiment - human - superhuman transition , V.24.3




Seven Volumes


"We are but the secretaries,the authors are in Eternity"


Transmitted by
Valum Votan—Jose Arguelles


Received by
Red Queen—Stephanie South


The seven volumes of Cosmic History Chronicles published by




Presentation of the seven volumes "Cosmic History Chronicles" on Youtube



Book of the Throne
Cosmic History Chronicles Volume I



Using as a foundation a sequence of 260 two-hour galactic mind transmissions, the Cosmic History Chronicles are a system of thought and technique to be learned and applied in order that the human being can take the next steps on the road of evolution into a holographic perceptual system. Through the Cosmic History Chronicles, the great gift of the Law of Time is ripened into a vehicle of universal upliftment, propelling us into our next stage of spiritual-mental evolution.




Planet Art Network

Facebook/PlaneArt Network

The Galactic Times , An Illusory Ezine From Other Worlds



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Book of the Throne

Cosmic History Chronicles

Volume I


Seven Volumes


"We are but the secretaries,the authors are in Eternity"


Transmitted by
Valum Votan—José Argüelles


Received by
Red Queen—Stephanie South


the seven volumes of Cosmic History Chronicles published by


Presentation of the seven volumes "Cosmic History Chronicles" on Youtube


Using as a foundation a sequence of 260 two-hour galactic mind transmissions, the Cosmic History Chronicles are a system of thought and technique to be learned and applied in order that the human being can take the next steps on the road of evolution into a holographic perceptual system. Through the Cosmic History Chronicles, the great gift of the Law of Time is ripened into a vehicle of universal upliftment, propelling us into our next stage of spiritual-mental evolution.




Planet Art Nework.

Planet Art Network FaceBook

The Galactic Times , An Illusory Ezine From Other Worlds.


Red Queen Stephanie Sꙩuth Valum Vꙩtan, The Call of Pacal Vꙩtan Dr.J.....

Videos - Valum Vꙩtan, The Call of Pacal Vꙩtan Dr. Jꙩsé Argüelles

Planet Art Network WorldsShift2012/profiles

MORAL UNIVERSE MODELS / Book of the Throne Cosmic History Chronicles Volume I - Mayan Interdimensional Star Map



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The Transmission ~ Earth Seed

This information has always been available, as I have always been available. It exists eternal, outside of time and throughout time. You have felt it there, on the edge of your conscious awareness, throughout your life.

This information has always been there, waiting until you were ready to receive it. The fact that you are transmitting it now means that you are ready. More will follow, at the pace with which you open to it.

You could say that the receipt of this information is the thread or path of your expansion. As your own vibration continues to rise, you will tune in to more and more. Your only task is to be open to it, receptive to it, to translate it effectively, and to trust in what you receive and in your translation of it.

It is really a matter of trusting yourself. You are learning to believe in yourself. As you gain in this belief, this trust, the information will flow more and more readily, and with its availability, you will be transformed.


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Help the Red Queen

Not long after JA ascended I was inspired to write the following, in the form of a conversation with VV. 

VV said,

You weren’t listening closely enough. The static around my Jose Arguelles persona had become too intense and you were becoming distracted by the soap opera. This is better, you are actually paying attention.

Help the Red Queen complete her mission. 

Only those who are utilizing the Law of Time technology of the mind will be able to access this information. This is the way it works. This is your post graduate course in synchrogalactic yoga. Welcome to the circus of the mind. 

This is what I have been doing all these years, preparing a transdimensional speaking tube. This is the law of time. These are the schematics of telepathy. Each wavespell is a mini-trance that, if understood correctly, will enable you to experience the leading edge of a collective wave of consciousness that comes to you from the epicenter - Hunab Ku. The more powerful the wave is, and the less prepared you are for its intensity, the more chaotic and destructive will be its impact.

This is the lesson of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. 

The intergalatic Maya have been tracking the effects of this particular wave since its creation. They experienced its beginning as a universe-quake. The leading edge of the wave is its most destructive aspect. The waves are in all forms.

Prepare yourself for a big change. Imagine the most impossible scenario and then double and triple, square and cube it. This is still not big enough. Everything is going to change, everything is going to be different.

(Cosmic History: pg 99) Cosmic thoughts are referred to as ‘mentation waves’ formulated as the correct laws of thought, and are a function of the holomind perceiver. A mentation wave is a configuration of telepathic potentialities, independent of language, and based on whole orders of supermental percepts, intrinsic to non-egoic knowing. The mentation waves are a function of the holomind perceiver and operate at the central core, radiating out to the different mental spheres as is needed. This is how the noosphere is established.

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Poema a Valum Votan - José Argüelles en el 2º aniversario de su partida al otro plano.

N S 1. 25. 9. 17. Gama. Cristal. Mantra: HRAHA. Tercer Ojo (sábado 23-3-2013) Kin 39 Tormenta Cósmica Azul-O. E. Mano Azul



Hoy hace dos años, José,

te marchaste al otro plano,

sin embargo, todavía

te seguimos añorando.


Nos diste en tu existencia

muchas enseñanzas prácticas,

una es vivir el tiempo

como la cuarta dimensión.


Tu lucha y esfuerzo

por ayudar al mundo,

la seguimos los kines

con conocimiento profundo.


Mucho viajaste,

a gobernantes visitaste,

llevando como muestra

el Cambio del Calendario.


Te hemos necesitado

para aprender a transitar

de «El Tiempo es Dinero»

a «El Tiempo es Arte».


Modificaste tu vida

ofreciéndola a los demás,

y durante varias décadas

el Nuevo Tiempo anunciaste.


El calendario de las 13 Lunas

es mejor que el de 12 meses,

aprendemos el orden sincrónico,

lo vivimos armónicos.


El Encantamiento del Sueño

un juego mágico es,

cuenta cómo los mayas

con su estrategia colaboraban.


Varios libros creaste,

muchas enseñanzas diste,

nosotros las recibimos

y ahora las compartimos.


Todo lo que nos mostraste

es una forma de vivir

para salir de la ignorancia

y consciencia adquirir.


La firma galáctica maya

es algo muy especial

nos enseña quiénes somos

y el propósito a realizar.


La Noosfera que avanzabas

asoma por el horizonte,

su Banco Psi almacena

y la información recupera.


Acabó el viejo tiempo,

esperamos el nuevo;

las siete Lunas Místicas,

estamos ahora viviendo.


Nos has enseñado a creer

en los hermanos estelares;

así los seres de Sirio

son nuestros mayores aliados.


Como buen Mono que eras,

los números adorabas,

nos legaste el poder del 21

junto al del  441.


En el Synchronotron,

el 21 al cuadrado

es el 441,

el  Índice de Frecuencia Telepática.


Las Crónicas de la Historia Cósmica

son tu mejor legado;

junto con la Reina Roja,

las recibiste y escribiste.


Tú eras el transmisor,

ella la receptora,

y los kines con ellas

nos instruimos y compartimos.


Todas tus propuestas

continúan de actualidad;

quienes las seguimos,

las vivimos y expandimos.


El cuerpo terminó su vida,

tu espíritu sigue vivo;

sabiduría nos comunicas

siempre que en sueños nos visitas.


Lo que mostraste

para ser más conscientes

es vivir el día a día

en total sincronía.


 La Meditación Galáctica

es una experiencia especial,

trata del pensamiento parar

y la mente vaciar.


José Argüelles, el Ilusionista,

conocido por Valum Votan,

hoy, 17 de la Luna Solar,

tu aniversario, te recordará.


Partiste sin avisar,

como un Navegante Galáctico,

eres el Viajero Estelar,

nuestras mentes puedes conectar.


Y esperando poder vivir

esta pura conexión,

querido profesor y amigo,

en mi corazón siempre vas conmigo.


Pido a Dios, Votan,

que te mantenga muy cerca,

necesitamos tu magia

ahora en el planeta Tierra.


Gracias te doy por tu esfuerzo.

No te digo adiós

sólo un «nos vemos luego»,

cuando nos comuniquemos de nuevo.


Escrito por María Teresa Rodríguez

Kin 94 - España

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Geoasthetics and the Noosphere

by José Argüelles/Valum Votan

A reversal of world values, a spiritual concept of the Earth as God-created and sacred is in order before we two leggeds can be environmentally effective on a global basis.
Ed McGaa, Eagleman, Mother Earth Spirituality. (1990)

The acceleration of Earth changes ... is intimately connected to the fact that we live in a prevailing world-view that is anything but sacred. A sacred world-view is one that views things as a whole, where every part or detail of nature in some way is a manifestation of a divine presence or a divine law. In such a world-view respect for all that exists is the supreme guiding principle.

The rape of nature, the degradation of the biosphere, the deterioration of social and moral values of the predominant global civilization can all be attributed to the loss of sacred view. Instead of a wholeness – holiness – of vision, there is a separation, a secular divisiveness that propagates itself into ever more finite, analytical bits of information, until we arrive at the present situation, where, decapitated of a hierarchy of values, chaos and anarchy reign in every aspect of human endeavor. Not the least of this atomization of the whole is the rise and dominance of the individual ego, aided and exacerbated by the ultimate cyber-technologies of social networking.

The rise of secular, materialist science since the 17th century has been the principle factor and driving force underlying this state of affairs. In establishing a thoroughly profane world-view and world order, modern science is also at the root of the consumer-oriented society of profligate values and a profound disconnection from nature – resulting in a disordering of the sacred whole.

If modern science is the engine driving the creation of a sacred disorder planetary in scope, art is its reflective medium. Since the scientific revolution the course of art has spiraled into its own devolution of disassociation and devaluation of any clear, socially coherent vision. Modernist and post-modernist art side by side with a pop-culture that, for the most part, relentlessly descends into ever-greater depths of vulgarity, vividly mirror the schizophrenic loss of sacred view.

This degeneration of values owes much to the notion that art and science are separate disciplines and value systems. In a whole system or sacred view this is not the case – science as knowing and art as doing are mutually interactive.

... it is clear that the evolutionary pendulum is swinging. The reversal of world values toward a spiritual concept of the Earth as God-created and sacred is inevitable. There is a dialectic higher than that of materialism – a cosmic evolutionary dialectic that operates by principles of self-transcendence.

When an organism reaches a state of irreducible complexity and whole system crisis, in order to survive, it advances to a new level of simplicity and experiences a radical re-organization of its functions to encompass an expanded world-view. In the evolutionary cycle of the planet, of which we are integral members, this new order is referred to as the noosphere – the great awakening of mind and spirit that beckons ...

The momentousness of the noospheric shift cannot be under-estimated. It is the greatest event in Earth’s history since the transition from Matter to Life 500 million years ago. Now Life gives way to the world of Mind. Life is but the intermediate term between Matter and Mind. As Earth once evolved from the Proterozoic to Paleozoic eras, it now advances from the Cenozoic to the Psychozoic – the noosphere, the unified mind of the Earth and the consequent spiritualization of Life and Matter.

This magnificent mutational shift will advance our perceptions into a whole and sacred way once again. This whole order perception is the natural condition of the universal mind. Cosmos proceeds from the Universal One, the source of sacred being, the breath of the universe, endowing everything with a sacred wholeness, from the atoms to the human being, the two-legged treading upon the Earth. And as everything is interconnected, the human is but an expression of the Earth, the bearer and transmitter of Earth’s mind, the noosphere.

The universe never stopped being sacred; it is only humanity that lost its sacred view. Restored to intrinsic wholeness, the noospheric human will discover that art is the principle medium of the evolution of consciousness throughout the cosmos, and that underlying this artistic intent is a sacred science that proceeds from the whole to embrace the multi-dimensional universe by a single unifying law.

As the perceptual organs of the Earth, humans will innately operate with sacred view. We will not separate and divide as we once did, but realize reality as sets of mutually complementary functions within a whole – the sacred round. We will understand quite simply: Art is how we do things; science is how we know. We cannot do something properly without a way of knowing, while knowing without doing is useless. All knowing is of a whole system; all doing advances the order of the whole.

The consequence of the emerging consciousness of the noosphere will be the spiritualization of art and science as well as their fusion into a new quality of perception: geoaesthesis, the intrinsic perception that the Earthly environment as a whole is organized according to cosmic laws and harmonic aesthetic principles. Geoaesthesis will be the perceptual mode, geoaesthetics the guiding principles of a spiritually unified planetary art and science.

Geoaesthetics will provide the organizational design of the new planetary social order. Informed by the synchronistic and simultaneous knowing of the noosphere, the new discipline will also provide the means of higher mental or paranormal technologies for cleaning up the environment and transforming waste into art.

The noospherically attuned human will learn by these new principles to function as terrestrial antennae to moderate the electromagnetic field directly and establish communication with cosmic civilization throughout the universe. Liberated from the linear concept of time rooted in an arbitrary point in history, and returned to living by the great cycles of the universe, the human will realize time as the principle medium of both art and telepathy. New undreamed of vistas will be opened for the practice of geoaesthetics: Earth will be transformed into a radiant work of art.

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Articulating the vision

VV, and the RQ, have presented us with a vision so grand it is like standing in space at the moment of RANG wondering what is going to happen.

I believe my purpose is to articulate the vision - that is, by the incorporation of the Law of Time into my daily, present life will I contain the vision and express it as my life.

I suspect that the ramblings and ravings of the kin, the babbling of numbers incomprehensible to the unstudied, will become the warp and weft of a great tapestry of understanding, the pattern of which is yet to be revealed. Only as the Holomind Perceiver awakens will the design become obvious.

This has already happened, the present is unfolding. Let us enjoy the ride while we can.

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