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by José Argüelles/Valum Votan

Introduction to the Russian edition of Earth Ascending: An Illustrated Treatise on the Law Governing Whole Systems

The effort of cosmic civilization to establish communication with intelligent life throughout the universe is vast, heroic and, to most humans of this little planet, virtually incomprehensible. For the possibility of such communication, there must exist in the planetary field of intelligence not yet incorporated into cosmic civilization, a receptive capacity of consciousness in need of being informed by a higher perceptual order of reality. When that receptive need is ripened by an evolutionary crisis into a perception of the whole system nature of reality, then the cosmic civilization can respond.

This simple process describes how the book known as Earth Ascending, An illustrated treatise on the Law Governing Whole Systems came about. Prompted by a deep perception of the state of total planetary crisis, and the consequent need for a wholly transcendent yet whole systems vision of reality, the well-attuned Earth intelligence was focused to receive a genuine communication from cosmic civilization.

The response of cosmic civilization was the transmission of a completely new perception of the holographic nature of planetary reality in relation to a system of higher mental mechanics that proceeds from a purely unitive and holonomic grasp of the universal order, or cosmos. In other words, Earth Ascending is a communication of cosmic civilization through a solitary medium attuned to his planetary responsibility. The communication displays in visual and binary mathematical format the nature of the next stage of evolutionary consciousness of the planet, the noosphere, and includes a holonomic analysis of the present stage of the Earth civilization as the hominization of the planet, and the consequent radiation of man.

The fundamental operating mechanism of the noosphere is revealed immediately as the psi bank. A systematic function of the fourth-dimensional timing grid (or Tzolkin as it was known by the galactic Maya), the psi bank was the capacitor allowing the template of cosmic communication to be revealed to the agent in resonance with the process. The consequent result - Earth Ascending - is the first complete statement of cosmic science, an evolutionary science, hitherto unknown on this planet. A brief consideration of all present day science will indicate that, no matter how insightful it may be, it is limited by conditioned egotistical thinking and a perception of reality that is scarcely more than heliocentric. But in an order of reality as vast as our cosmos, not even a heliocentric perception can pass as being anything more than a galactically provincial point of view.

In 1962, the great Russian astrophysicist, I. S. Shklovskii, wrote a book entitled Universe, Life and Mind, dealing with considerations of the existence of intelligence in the cosmos. Later through the collaboration of American astrophysicist, Carl Sagan, this book was published in the West as Intelligent Life in the Universe (1966, 1977). As brilliantly systematic an analysis of the cosmos and its constituent elements as this book may be, it is a perception of reality that is totally conditioned by a physicalist or materialist point of view. The idea of mind or spiritual reality as a non-physicalist possibility for higher civilization is not even entertained. Here we come to a fundamental limitation in the paradigm of the present scientific outlook. To Shklovskii and Sagan, higher civilization must always be technological in nature. But what if evolution proceeds by mental -spiritual plateaus once the ultimate crisis of materialism has been generated and overcome by the Earth civilization?

Russian scientist, V.I. Vernadsky, along with French paleontologist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, had already evolved the theory of the noosphere (1926). Vernadsky himself wrote of the coming geological era as the psychozoic. As the "mental sphere" of the Earth superseding the biospheric crisis, the noosphere, is a purely mental structure and perception of reality. Being planetary in scale, it represents a shift of consciousness of a magnitude we can scarcely imagine. Such a field of consciousness as the noosphere represents can only be described as cosmic in nature. Being cosmic, the structure and nature of the noosphere must correspond to a view and a science that is already cosmic.

Indeed, Earth Ascending reveals that our planet is not merely a member of a solar field of intelligence but of a galactic field of intelligence as well. From the point of view of cosmic civilization, the sub orders of reality are the galactic, the stellar and the planetary. What we call the planet is the final condensation of the densest gases and heavy metals ejected by the stellar masses. The stars themselves are functions of great electromagnetic tubes which we know as the spiral arms of the galaxy. A real advance of scientific intelligence would be from the heliocentric to the galactocentric. This perspective could only be provided by a cosmic science transmitted telepathically by means of the noosphere's planetary psi bank grid to a receptive agent attuned to and ready for such a possibility.

While there may exist intelligent arrays of radio signals pulsed from distant systems of intelligence, the presence of the noosphere and its psi bank grid indicate that the most effective communication of the cosmic civilization is through the medium of what we normally refer to as telepathy. Such telepathic communication depends upon psi factors, that is, factors relating to, concerned with, or actually being parapsychological psychic events or powers - hence psi bank, capacitor of psi phenomena. Though the present science either denies or marginalizes such phenomena, they represent the significant leap in consciousness augured by the advent of the noosphere and its operating mechanism, the psi bank. Being the evolutionary advance of universal life, cosmic civilization operates by psi factors of every kind, while the telepathic means of communication is the most effective for establishing contact with lesser evolved intelligences, i.e., intelligences not yet evolved to the noospheric stage.

With Earth Ascending we now have a system to study that is a direct consequence of such communication and which is intended to assist us in overcoming the crisis in which are now deeply, almost irrevocably immersed.

"By analogy, we may view the difference between where we are now, and where we must be in order to become properly galactic, as the difference between 13, the prime number base of the magic square of 8, and 257, the prime number base of the magic square of 16. The interval between 13 and 257 represents nothing less than the interval between the fragmented, incoherent, individual, and sociopolitical consciousness of the present day, and the completely unified field consciousness of humankind functioning as a single planetary organism in conjunction with a totally visible and operable psi bank." (p.132, English edition)

Since the first publication of Earth Ascending almost 22 years ago, the science of the Law of Time has made the foregoing analysis more precise. We now know that the "fragmented, incoherent ... sociopolitical consciousness" is a function of the unconscious 12:60 irregular and mechanistic timing frequency, while the "completely unified field consciousness" is a function of the 13:20 timing frequency, the factor of universal synchronization. The means to transit from the fragmented to unified consciousness is now also available, the 13 Moon/28-day calendar. This too, was foreseen in Earth Ascending, pp. 32-33, in a description of the "cosmic code" or binary triplet configuration (Tzolkin):

"Each side of the binary pattern consists of 26 units, for a total of 52. Adding the numbers in sets of four, beginning with the corners and working inward, we find that the sums are always 28. This figure times 13 (the number 52 divided by 4) give us a total of 364, a lunar year. This is a numerical key to the basic calendrical nature of the structure." (p.32, English edition)

With the analysis of the Law of Time we know that this present time is occurring in the fourth stage of the holonomic equation, "Nature Evaluates Man's Transformation." By means of the 13 Moon 28-day calendar and the Mayan prophecies we may precisely affirm that a cosmically critical date is now some seven years away - December 21, 2012 (Rhythmic Moon 9, Blue Resonant Storm year, 13 Moon calendar date). According to Earth Ascending, this will correspond to the commencement of the fifth stage of the holonomic equation - "Man and Nature Synthesize." The stage of the hominization of the planet will be over, and the true radiation of man will begin, leading to the construction of the " Temple of Man ," the future order of cosmic civilization on earth.

"Essentially the future lies in the radiation of man. This refers first of all to the process by which each individual assumes responsibility for all of his or her actions, and with heightened awareness participates in increasingly integrated group efforts to establish a consciously-oriented relationship between biopsychic energy factors and those of the environment. In the most general way this describes the new symbiotic technology, radiosonics, the basis of post-historic synaesthesia.” (p.113)

In considering the noospheric integration of the human into the biospheric order, one other evolutionary factor must be brought into consideration: plasmas and cosmic rays. These cosmic energies have greatly increased in the last 18 years. They are assisting the mutational process of the biosphere and the evolutionary processes of our sun - which is a star. It is a matter of greatest importance to contemplate that these energies can be coordinated by the cosmic civilization. In the most advanced stages of this civilization are categories of beings who function as “cosmic engineers.” With this thought in mind it is well to consider that all of what is presently occurring on our planet and solar system may well be aspects of a cosmic engineering project. Earth Ascending could then be viewed as a manual presented for our use to become co-creators in this project. It is our human introduction into the science and practice of radiosonics.

“The purpose of radiosonics is to release the radiant chromatic structures contained within the dynamics of life and electromagnetism through biopsychic activation.” (p.128)

This is the principle behind the manifestation in 2012, of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge , the first act of the new symbiotic technology of radiosonics. For this reason Earth Ascending is now such a critical text. Its publication in Russia at this time is an act of mercy for the entire planet. The Russian people are well-trained in thinking cosmically and may now find a suitable tool for realizing their cosmic destiny on this planet.

José Argüelles/Valum Votan
North American Plate
Codon Zone 59
Overtone Moon Limi 20, Kin 235
Yellow Cosmic Seed Year
Galactic Research Institute
Foundation for the Law of Time

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Arcturus Remembered is the introduction to the book The Arcturus Probe by José Argüelles/Valum Votan and contains a timely message for everyone on Earth today.

“Poises Arcturus aloft morning and evening his spear.”
—Hafiz, To the Shah

“Canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?”
—Job 32:8

Called by the Chinese Ta Kio, the Great Horn, Arcturus was highly esteemed as the “palace of the emperor,” corresponding to the purple, or Forbidden City of Beijing, the northern capital of Greater China. This provides an important clue regarding the critical influence and role Arcturus plays in the evolution of this planet and of the total star system of which Earth is but a single member.

Arcturus, “Guardian of the Bear” because of its relation to Ursa Major, is the name given to the star system some 37 light years from our own, and which includes at least a half dozen planetary bodies. As such, Arcturus is many times larger and much older than our own star and its system. Arcturians, incidentally, refer to our star as Velatropa 24, and to our planet as V.24.3.

Arcturian involvement with our own star system began over three million years ago when a space colony—a galactic way station—was established on Velatropa 24.4, otherwise known as Mars. At that time V.24.4 was in a high warm cycle with abundant atmosphere, oceans, rivers and verdant land masses. The Martian colony represented the first major Arcturian experiment outside of the native star system. Needless to say, the means of reaching Mars as well as the manner in which life was propagated there were far in advance of anything that most of us on Earth can yet dream of. Suffice it to say that Mars was deemed a suitable experimental site precisely because, aside from vegetation and microorganisms, there were virtually no advanced life forms native to the planet. The implanting of higher life forms was a carefully considered task: first, to get proper readouts on the planet’s atmosphere—its consistency, chemical composition, and suitability for congenial, harmonic life experiences. Then, to select genetic models capable of swift advancement so that a process that sometimes takes several billion years could be encapsulated in a formula that would unroll in a mere thirty to forty thousand years.

With its 40,000 year warm cycles, Mars provided the perfect experimental way station for such a project. If anything went wrong, at least those on the Arcturus system would not be affected—or so it was thought. For some of those in command of the Martian project had not carefully enough considered the inexorable efficacy of karma, the law of cause and effect. But even in Arcturus at that time, rare were the ones who could remember anything that had occurred some 40,000 years prior to the present thought-moment.

And so, by the time strange events began to transpire on Mars, V.24.4, little did anyone on Mars, or on Arcturus, for that matter, reckon the strange consequences of forgetting about each other’s mutual existence.

Thus unfolds the tale of the Arcturian experimental way station, V.24.4, Mars.

Now, this is precisely how it happened—the Great Forgetting.

Two magnificent kingdoms there were: Elysium and Atlantis. While Elysium was governed by the north magnetic pole and its driving constellations directed by fair Arcturus, Atlantis was governed by the south under the directorship of far Antares. While Atlantis resembled nothing so much as a tiara of brilliantly gleaming emeralds floating in the froth-tipped caps of the Sea of Sirens, Elysium, its azure irrigation canals creating cellular slash lines within a major circular shipping canal, lay to the west of Amazonis and Mesagaea, and to the north of wild Zephyra—whence emanated the summer monsoons.

Beyond Zephyra, far to the south, stretched the great tropic waters of the Sea of Sirens, its mysterious breezes wafting signals and harmonic hums from the bustling island towers of Atlantis.

Now, at this time, when Mars had been perfectly tamed and cultivated by the Arcturian experiment, and thus presented to the solar system Velatropa a shining example of the possibilities of higher evolved life forms, it so happened that Martians—for they no longer considered themselves products of an Arcturian experiment—thought themselves powerful enough to control the very cosmic force that had brought them into existence. Of course, if they hadn’t forgotten that they were the felicitous result of an Arcturian experiment, and if the Arcturians hadn’t forgotten this worthy experiment—for indeed, that is precisely what had occurred on fair Arcturus—none of this would have happened. But now it shall be told.

What happened on Mars was ultimately not even for the Martians to control, for it actually occurred as a consequence of differences existing between Arcturus, the Hyperborean connection, and the Hyperaustralian connection, Antares—the Azure Dragon of the Chinese, called by Ptolemy the Rival of Mars, so prominent to us in the constellation Scorpio.

Though it had been the Arcturians who had originally seeded V.24.4, Mars, those from Antares did not establish communication with the Martian colony until some 30,000 years into the experiment. Naturally, the Antares connection was more dominant in the Southern hemisphere, while gradually the influence of Arcturus, unwittingly and unconsciously, came to be concentrated in the Northern. Thus it was at the time of critical passage, 40,000 years after the inception of the experiment. Those who should have known better, on both Arcturus and Antares, were asleep at the controls. The Great Amnesia notwithstanding, Elysium, with its hanging gardens and pyramidal towers inset with crystals throughout, came to be known as the seat of the Hyperborean Order of the Arcturian Banner, and Atlantis, her crystal reflection dishes gleaming and turning ever so slowly in the paradisal Sea of Sirens, was known throughout Mars as the seat of the Hyperaustralian Order of the Banner of Antares.

Whether it was Moab or Eden, Thamasia or Thyle, the verse was known and sung:

Set like a jewel in the Sea of Sirens
Atlantis by Antares ruled
Rides crystal waves
That set the blazing sun atremble;

Elysium by Arcturus schooled
Ringed bright with pools
Blows winds of healing light
‘Cross Aethiopis, Isis, and brimming Arab fields…

Indeed, by the time Elysium and Atlantis vied for power, they were virtually the only kingdoms left on ill-fated Mars. Elysium’s trade routes and power centers created a glistening crystal network that stretched across the great northern continent of Borea. From Tharsis and Xanthe, Utopia and Uchronia, legions of Boreans made their way to Elysium to pay tribute to the Great Crystal Receiver set high atop the Central Pyramid in the midst of the once-placid Elysian Fields.

Meanwhile, in the south, across the Great Australian Sea ways, Hasperia, Trinacria, Cimmerium, and, of course, magnificent Siren, brightly decked sea vessels, their sails billowing, their quartzite obelisks gleaming on the prow, made their way to proud Atlantis.

Into this tranquil situation two ominous tendencies arose, casting ever longer shadows across the wind-swept seas and fields of Mars. To the north there were the gradually encroaching Red Deserts, while to the south there were the “yellow pools,” increasing numbers of stagnant sea lanes. Deserts so hot that during the day no creature dared venture forth; so cold at night that even the stars seemed to freeze in their tracks. And in the sea lanes foul odors arose in murky yellow vapors spelling certain death for whoever would enter them. Though it was becoming obvious to some that these were occurrences natural to the overall Martian environmental cycle, to certain low-minded individuals close to the central seats of power, these events were presumed to be the work of nefarious agents in the opposite seat of power. Especially was this true in Antares-hallowed Atlantis, where a disquieting level of panic had begun to set in among the populace. The Yellow Sea plague, as the disturbing odors were referred to, was a form of microbe warfare engineered by the Elysians—so the rumor spread throughout Atlantis, even to the ruler himself.

This ruler, Lord Pelagus VII, dissatisfied with his own inability to understand this threat to his and his kingdom’s well-being, allowed himself to be swayed by a few members of his privy council, namely the Lord Chancellor of the Seas, Poseidonis Iambrichus, and his ally, the Lady Thalassa Chrysalis, Minister of Floriculture. With information secreted to them by a Commander in the Crystal Molecular Transform Council, a newly established order within the Greater Order of Artisanship and Communications, Lady Thalassa and Lord Poseidonis conferred with Pelagus VII.

And this is what information and advice the duo imparted to the king.

In the Hyperborean Sea, just this side of the North Polar receiving station, lay an Elysian laboratory in which artificially created cells were imprinted with a particularly deadly cosmic radiation pattern. As these infectious cellular tissues formed into organisms, they got treated to a form of crystal heat transduction that fused the individual cells into cancerous microbe colonies. These colonies were then smuggled into southern ports and randomly deposited into various of the shipping lanes to wreak their havoc deep beneath Atlantean waters.

Appalled and horrified at such a story, the Lord Pelagus VII asked what could be done about it. The two court intriguers replied that with the information given them by the Commander of the Crystal Molecular Transform Council, a laser-ray delivery system could be quickly established so that with but a single instantaneous, precisely directed ray, the laboratory and all of its contents could be easily dematerialized.

And so began the Great Conflict. Within months, Atlantean Molecular Transform Stations, some even located aboard sea vessels, others carried aloft on aircraft, had begun directing the deadly rays at key points within the Hyperborean kingdom of pyramid-studded Elysium. Stunned beyond belief, the Elysian hierarch, Solis Solonis, hastily and haplessly retaliated, much to the profound consternation of his key ministers who had advised vehemently that such a course of action would only worsen the situation of the planet’s deteriorating climatic conditions.

All such advice, however, was too late. Within a year’s time of the initial devastating outburst of crystal ray warfare, it was becoming ever more obvious that the climatic deterioration of the planet was irreversible. Worst of all, one day after the solstice celebrations, the great volcanic mountain, Olympica, burst forth with horrendous activity as it lifted itself miles into the Martian stratosphere. The eastern regions of once-lush Amazonis were scorched and burned, while the tremors of the awakening volcano were so great that even in Atlantis, far to the south, the crystal dishes shook, and even a few fell shattering to the ground with devastating results. Panic and anarchy swept through the Atlanteans like a virulent fever. Oracles came out to pronounce certain doom on all inhabitants of the planet.

The final stroke, however, came from the Great Freeze engendered by the thick volcanic cloud that kept the sun at bay. Were it not for this cloud however, the end would have come even sooner, for the intensity of the blast from Olympica had rent a great tear in the already feeble magnetic field of Mars—a tear that rendered the planet defenseless from incoming cosmic rays and debris. Already a great increase in meteoric showers had begun to occur, and across the planet, new volcanoes began pushing up in a bewilderingly random manner.

By now the ruling group in Atlantis had lost all civility. Gripped with insane fear and paranoia, they determined to lash out with a final blast to the very heart of Elysium, thus ending forever any possibility of what the Atlantean leaders referred to as further Elysian counter-insurgency raids and geomagnetic counter-attacks. Thus was unleashed the ultimate weapon: a thermonuclear device that could be detonated with but a single hair-trigger ray from the deadly Molecular Transform Dematerialization Device.

Within months, beneath fiery dark skies, while red dust-driven winds howled through the once great cities of Elysium and Atlantis, the dreaded Atlantean plan was ready for execution. Smuggled into Elysium by a double-agent team posing as an emergency agricultural exchange commission, the D-Day Devise, as it came to be called, arrived in the great courtyard of Solis Solonis. No one thought to examine the six traveling trunks of the emergency agricultural exchange commission. Nor did anyone care to examine the inner contents of the gift presentation statue of the Elysian messenger god, Thothis, the lizard-headed one, a magnificent looking piece apparently cut from a rare kind of nephrite into which jasper adornments had been inset. Pleased with such a gift, Solis Solonis himself placed it upon the Great Altar before the Master Crystal, a replica, so it was told, of the Crystal Mirror introduced by the great ancestor god, Arctur Arcturis.

While the emergency agricultural exchange team met with high Elysian dignitaries, a small but highly concerned group of Elysians came together to discuss their knowledge of current events. Impelled by what to them was certain disaster, they gathered themselves for the purpose of ascertaining what might be the best form of behavior for such a climate of imminent doom. Though they had caught wind of Atlantean plans for developing the thermonuclear device, none of this group had an inkling that the device had already made its way into the innermost court of Elysium, placed there by the king himself. Nonetheless, each of this group, to a one, knew that the combination of fear and madness gripping the populace of both Atlantis and Elysium, the highly inhospitable weather patterns that were now the norm, and the effects of warheads and crystal death-rays, had already eliminated planet Mars as a base of further evolutionary development.

This self-selected group of some 40 members divided into two almost equally adhered-to solutions.  The one group of 20 members determined to honor the Great Planet by going into a concentrated form of group meditation in order to create the thought power to transmit everything that had ever been good in the history of Mars—whether from Elysium or Atlantis—to the cloud fields and life banks of the neighboring planet, V.24.3, popularly referred to as the blue planet because of its soothing, azure glow. Indeed, so respected was the glow of the blue planet, that is was not uncharacteristic of even the most modest of Martians to speak proudly of the fact that in their horoscopes they had this planet, known to us as Earth, ascending.

To facilitate their meditation, this group, known as the Quartzite Quietists, used a single crystal to focus their thought forms and transmit them to the blue planet. And this they continued to do until the tumultuous day the Blast of Death ripped through the city of Elysium, silencing it forever and unloosing a wave of massive planetary cataclysms that sent proud Atlantis tumbling down, and extinguishing at last all life on hapless and unfortunate Mars.

But before the final fiery-red-lashed silence set in, the other group, known as the Arcturian Activists, set off for the far eastern side of the city of Elysium and, from high atop the surrounding pyramids, with well-placed crystal lasers, marked the surface of the Great Founder’s Mesa with a vast portrait of the great ancestor god, Arctur Arcturis himself, looking skyward to his home, O lost and fair Arcturus…

“Incinerated.” That’s how the report came into the Arcturian Command Central when they analyzed the radio crystal information signals coming from the Velatropa system. A very similar report was also received in Antares.

Within a matter of days, the V.24.4 Information Report was out. Experiment Self-Destruct, it came to be called. Smitten with shame and horror at having left something go so long unattended, the Arcturians were prompted to undertake a massive review and reform of all Galactic Expeditionary Forces.

Finally, after exhaustive analysis including surveillance of both V.24.4 and V.24.3, now known respectively as the red and blue planets, it was determined that in humble respect to everything that had ever been good or decent in the Martian Experiment, the blue planet should be much more cautiously and intelligently supervised. For there, unlike on Mars, a great variety of life forms had been developing naturally over several billion years. Through their intuitive receptors, the more advanced entities of the blue planet had received the Martian-Elysian-Atlantis-Antares memory implants, and, for better or worse, these implants were now crystal-bonded into the total recollection system of the blue planet. For this reason alone, all later development of the blue planet deserved continuous surveillance from the Arcturian Missions.

Furthermore, it was determined in the highest Arcturian councils that experiments as grossly manipulative as implanting entire life forms on an unsuspecting planet, as had been done on Mars, should be discontinued in favor of more subtle, synchronously receptive means of monitoring. This much was learned from the Antares Experiment, which focused purely on means of communication. The chief means for effecting this more subtle light-system of communication would be through the focusing, amplification, and intelligently directed seventh ray, the violet emanation. In other words, this ray would be singled out for transmission of periodic communications to the blue planet. In turn, those who got this ray could reciprocate communication in like or suitable manner.

Most significantly, it was foreseen that there would be karmic consequence of the Martian Experiment manifesting at some future, undetermined point in the evolution of the blue planet—a kind of “repeat performance.” All of Arcturian understanding was to become concentrated on this future point, so that when the conditions ripened for the repeat performance, the Arcturian agents this time would not be asleep, but standing ready, as it were, at their Violet Command Crystal Way-Stations.

This in brief is a summation of information known as Arcturus Remembered. It is called a Crystal Earth Network Projection because it is the result of a memory release of the initial meditation implant projected as a crystalline thought form from the red planet to the blue planet, transmitted so many lifetimes ago.

Read it, dear Earthling, and ponder the rising tide of events around you. It is not too late for further wakefulness and recollection.

Arcturus Remembered.
Transmission complete.
6.13.84. Full Moon. 38 AH.
Filed by Pan Agent 24.

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by José Argüelles/Valum Votan

A basic premise of the Noosphere II Project of the Galactic Research Institute is that the noosphere represents a major evolutionary alteration of human consciousness. This is a shift from atomized individual consciousness to the consciousness of a vast single entity, what might be referred to as the collective telepathic field of planet Earth. Given this premise, a fundamental purpose of the Noosphere II Project is to identify the qualities of the new evolutionary consciousness and to identify antecedents for this consciousness in the principles and methods of earlier schools of thought and experimental thinkers. In general, the elaboration of mystical contemplation of every kind, the definitions and explorations of cosmic consciousness, and the techniques of yoga and meditation are all considered as providing clues as to the nature of the forthcoming evolutionary shift, the noosphere. 

When we talk about this shift, the advent of the noosphere, Earth’s mental sheathe or envelope, it is often spoken of as something imminent or inevitable due to various factors of Earth’s evolution and biogeochemical mutations. Thus, we speak of this change as the biosphere-noosphere transition. We can elaborate upon the biosphere-noosphere transition as the mutation of the life system of planet Earth into its next evolutionary stage, the more purely mental level of planetary consciousness. But how are we really to think about the noosphere, a planetary mind, something far beyond each of our little minds? How can we grasp a consciousness greater than the highest consciousness which we can experience? How do we, as humans in our individualized consciousness, make the leap to planetary consciousness? What does it mean, the planetarization of consciousness? 

If we read Teilhard de Chardin or Vernadsky, the noosphere appears to be something that is imminent and toward which our biological and terrestrial evolution is inevitably advancing us. But this may not be the only way to think about it. We might also think of the noosphere as an increase in synchronicity, and as a participation in a divine descent. The very emergence of the word “noosphere” into the vocabulary of world thought occurred in a synchronic nexus of events indicating that the planetary moment was ripe for the appearance of a complex new thought form, noosphere. In other words, the noosphere needed to make itself conscious at this time, and, partaking of synchronicity as a fundamental aspect of its nature, it manifest itself in a multiple synchronic manner - a chronotopology - at a given moment. As we shall see, the notion of the noosphere as an aspect of a divine descent of consciousness was part of this chronotopology or nexus of events. This chronotopology occurring in the Gregorian year 1926, includes the following: 

First of all, it was in this year, 1926, that a scientist from Marxist Russia, Vladimir Vernadsky, a French Jesuit paleontologist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and a Parisian philosopher and student of noted thinker, Henri Bergson, Jules le Roi, were brought together in Paris, France, to coin the word “noosphere”. They needed a word to define the next critical phase toward which the evolution of the biosphere was tending, a phase in which the factors of consciousness would predominate over biological factors to create a greater synthesis of life - hence, noosphere, Earth’s mental sheathe. 

It was in this very same year that South African statesman and philosopher, Jan Smuts, published his book Holism and Human Evolution, the earliest exposition of the principle of holistic philosophy by which life and evolution are defined in terms of a synthesis of whole systems rather than as an analysis of ever more minute parts. While Smuts’ book does not refer to the noosphere as such, it could be stated that without the principle of holism, it is difficult to think about the noosphere. By its very nature the noosphere is a whole system predicated by the holistic perception and philosophy which further states that evolution moves in the direction of greater, all-encompassing whole systems which of necessity embrace an increasingly greater consciousness as well. As the thinking layer of the planet, the noosphere can only reflect the holistic nature of the planet as a whole system. 

Then on November 3, 1926, occurred the death of the French psychomathematician, Charles Henry. Just before he passed away, Henry published a little treatise entitled, “The Post-mortem Survival of consciousness,” anticipating a transcendence of consciousness into a greater whole. Two years before, in 1924. Henry had published the Generalization of the Theory of Radiation, in which he posited the existence of a “psychone,” a “psychic atom” consisting of three mutually coexisting fields. Each of these fields is defined by a resonator: an electromagnetic resonator, a gravitational resonator, and a biopsychic resonator. This is also known as the resonant field model, and is applicable to a description of a planetary system. As such it is not unrelated to the principle of the noosphere, which could be defined as the conscious evolutionary unfolding of the biopsychic resonator. Looking ahead to the future, in his “Post-mortem Survival of Consciousness,” Henry declared, “Death is only a physiochemical change. It is only after death that I shall truly begin to amuse myself.” 

It was on November 24, 1926, exactly three weeks after Henry’s higher consciousness transition, that the Indian philosopher and mystic, Sri Aurobindo experienced what is called “The Day of Siddhi” (day of victory): The descent of Krishna, an unprecedented descent of overmental consciousness, into the physical. From that point he retired into a concentrated sadhana - spiritual practice. This event completed a strategic year for the expression of the possibilities of a more expanded evolutionary consciousness for humanity. In fact, we could say that having been theoretically construed and placed into the world consciousness, the noosphere experienced its divine descent and for the first time precipitated itself as “overmental consciousness” into a human form through Sri Aurobindo. All advances in human consciousness must first be manifest in a living human form, else there would be no way really of knowing what is to come. This expresses the principle of the avatar, a descent of a particular principle into human form so it may be exemplified to humanity at large. 

It matters not that Aurobindo seems to not have been familiar with the word noosphere. He died, December 5, 1950. At that time Vernadsky’s work, most of it in Russian, had been translated into English but little, and mostly in American scholarly journals, so most likely it would never have found its way to Aurobindo’s retreat on an ashram in South India, At the same time, Teilhard de Chardin’s work was not published until after his death in 1955, so there is no way Aurobindo could have known about the word noosphere. Nonetheless, through the “descent of the overmental” which altered his life irrevocably, and his profuse descriptions of consciousness, most specifically of the Supermind, the role of the Overmind, and the principle of supramental descent, Aurobindo gives us some of the best accounts of the noosphere from the higher point of view of the evolution of consciousness. This is a perspective that few other thinkers have been able to provide systematically. 

Unlike Teilhard de Chardin and Vernadsky, who were more concerned with the biological and biogeochemical aspects of our evolution into the noosphere, Aurobindo was a philosopher mystic whose primary interest was in defining the future evolution from the standpoint of a comprehensive system of evolving states of consciousness. Because his focus was on the evolution of the human Mind of Ignorance into the supermental realms, accompanied by a simultaneous descent of the Divine Consciousness, his definitions of the next stages of consciousness are as vivid and descriptive of the actual nature of the noosphere as a state of consciousness as any that exist. For this reason a brief survey of Sri Aurobindo’s thoughts on this issue are most helpful to us at this step of the journey as we approach the noosphere’s imminence. 

Whereas Teilhard de Chardin and Vernadsky saw the noosphere - the planetary mind - as an imminent possibility resulting from inevitable tendencies in biological evolution, for Aurobindo the Overmind - his term most closely approximating the notion of the noosphere - is as much a matter of the descent of the Divine as it is a matter of the rising or aspiring upward of the spirit trapped, as it were, in the lowest stages of material involution. But, as is implicit in Vernadsky’s term for the next geological era, the psychozoic - the psychic spiritualization of life - Aurobindo also foresaw a spiritualization and transformation of matter totally inseparable from the liberation of the spirit into Divine Consciousness. Because of his Catholic training, Teilhard de Chardin as well viewed the noosphere in a spiritualized context, but as a more Christlike form of a descent of divine consciousness. The systematic elaboration of the structure of cosmic consciousness as a vast arena in which the evolution of matter itself is considered as an aspect of the involution and evolution of the soul by the medium of Divine Consciousness is characteristic of the thought of Aurobindo, the breadth of which is really not equaled by any other thinker since his passing in 1950. 

Even in this brief study, we can only give the merest hints of the vastness of his thought, and in focusing on but one aspect of his detailed elaboration of consciousness we only mean to suggest from that in what way he anticipated the nature of noospheric consciousness. As we shall see, it is in Aurobindo’s definition of the Overmind that we have what we could say is his term for the noosphere. But his perception of the Overmind is set within a highly structured description of the nature of consciousness, mind, Supermind, and Divine Consciousness. For that reason, however, it also defines the noosphere from a far more spiritual perspective than even Teilhard de Chardin, and it may be that this description of the noosphere is most necessary as an antidote to the final desacralized nature of historical materialism which now inundates the world with its violence and triviality. 

To understand better the conception of the Overmind as Noosphere, it is wise to consider Sri Aurobindo’s perception of the nature of consciousness. While brought up on traditional Hindu and Vedic thought, the thrust of Aurobindo’s originality was to not be satisfied with the notion of the Absolute as a static phenomenon. His critique of traditional thought was that the yogas or meditation systems did not admit of the possibility of a radical, evolutionary transformation of human consciousness, but rather rest with a state of nirvanic bliss or quietism, beyond which there is no motion. Hence, arose his pursuit of the experience of consciousness as an evolutionary momentum toward a higher supermental condition, which, at the same time, would be experienced as a supramental descent. Aurobindo’s perspective is unique and can be seen as that of a radical evolutionary transformationalist. This is not surprising considering Aurobindo’s early life. 

Born August 15, 1872 (Blue Self-existing Storm), in his early youth Aurobindo was an activist for Indian independence. He was aware of the modern trends of thought, but even more, he was aware that the ferment of the contemporary world was actually a sign of an evolutionary movement toward a new transhistorical state of being and consciousness. Interestingly, India attained Independence on Aurobindo’s 75th birthday, August 15, 1947. 

As he was to write later in his life: “Man is a transitional being; he is not final. For in man and high beyond him ascend the radiant degrees that climb to a divine supermanhood. There lies our destiny and the liberating key to our aspiring but troubled and limited mundane existence.” (Essential Aurobindo, p.54) The “divine supermanhood” we can now say is the quality of life and consciousness as lived by the noosphere, while the ascent by “radiant degrees” is the fulfillment of a realization of the relation of the biopsychic to the electromagnetic fields of the Earth in helping to foster a psychoatmospheric trigger event for noospheric consciousness. 

One of the founders of the Indian Nationalist Party, Aurobindo had been quite a radical and was arrested twice, once in 1907, and again in 1908. It was during his second jail term in Alipore that he began to seriously study the Bhagavad Gita and practice yoga. From here his life was to take a new turn. It was in Alipore jail that Aurobindo experienced the first transformation when his self-awareness gave way to the presence of a divine force. From here his studies, meditation and sadhana enriched him incomparably. In 1914 he met the Mother, Mira Richard. This was a truly transformative encounter, for Mira was to become Aurobindo’s chief disciple and coworker. In 1920, she returned to live with him the rest of his life in Pondicherry. It is to the Mother that the great visionary community of Auroville owes its existence. 

Following his meeting with the Mother, Aurobindo experienced a great creative outburst, and immediately after their first meeting much of his original synthesizing, critical and systematic philosophy of Divine Consciousness and Integral Yoga was written, including the Life Divine and A Synthesis of Yoga, as well as Essays on the Gita, The Secret of the Veda, The ideal of Human Unity and the Human Cycle. This massive body of work was written between 1914-21, when he was between the ages of 44 and 51. If one contemplates, much less gives serious study to just The Life Divine and a Synthesis of Yoga, one will see what a masterful synthesist of human thought Aurobindo was. Though based on the Gita and the Vedas, his thinking transcends altogether the limitations of any tradition. The patriot of Indian independence had become a thorough evolutionary universalist. As he wrote in the Human Cycle

“The coming of a spiritual age must be preceded by appearance of an increasing number of individuals who are no longer satisfied with the normal intellectual, vital, and psychical existence of man, but perceive that a greater evolution is the real goal of humanity and attempt to effect it in themselves, to lead others to it, and to make it the recognized goal of the race. In proportion as they succeed and the degree to which they carry this evolution, the yet unrealized potentiality which they represent will become the actual possibility of the future.” – Essential Aurobindo, p. xii

Of course, the greatest exemplar of this process was Sri Aurobindo himself. The very principle of evolutionary transformation upon which the coming of the noosphere is predicated is at the heart of Aurobindo’s perceptions and life-experience. 

"There must first be the psychic change, the conversion of our whole present nature into a soul-instrumentation; on that or along with that there must be the spiritual change, the descent of a higher Light, Knowledge, Power, Force, Bliss into the whole being, even into the darkness of our subconscience; last there must supervene the supramental transmutation - there must take place as the crowning movement the ascent into the supermind and transforming descent of the supramental Consciousness into our entire being and nature." – Srinivas Iyenegar, p. 696, Life of Aurobindo, 1972

This presents an accurate description of both the type of personal transformation necessary to realize the potential of noospheric consciousness, as well as the actual nature of the shift into the noosphere itself as a supramental transmutation which is a simultaneous ascent into the supermind and a transforming descent of the supramental Consciousness. In other words, from the human perspective, the noosphere represents the attainment of the supermind, a singular state of mind and consciousness where the individual and the personal have been totally subsumed into the workings of a higher mind - a superhuman mind. This is a mind and consciousness beyond what can be conceived of if we limit ourselves to descriptions and conceptualizations of consciousness that remain centered on individual self-realization. 

It was precisely this kind of transmutation that occurred in the second transformation of Sri Aurobindo’s consciousness, the descent of the Overmind which occurred on November 24, (3 Dog) 1926. This was the first such descent into human form of the Overmind, which was accomplished on the Day of Siddhi (supernatural power), and hence also known as the day of spiritual victory. Sri Aurobindo announced the third transformation of consciousness immediately after the descent of the Overmind. This third transformation, he explained, would be a supramental transformation, the descent of the Supermind, which, he declared just before his death, would occur through the Mother. On February 29, 1956, the Mother confirmed that this descent had occurred through her. 

The fullest manifestation of the Supermind is through the expression the Mother gave to the conception of Auroville, February 29, 1968. Here is a fully intentional international community where the noospheric design of transcendent human consciousness can experiment and flourish without inhibition or allegiance to any religion or state sanctioned custom, such as marriage. The only prerequisite is a belief in the Divine Consciousness toward which humanity aspires, more often than not, despite itself. “The time of religions is over. We have entered the age of universal spirituality, of spiritual experience in its initial purity” (“The Teaching of Sri Aurobindo,” p. 62). Through the efforts of the Mother, Auroville was able to flourish as the laboratory of human evolution free of conventional social morality. 

"There is therefore no reason to put a limit to evolutionary possibility by taking our present organization or status of existence as final. The animal is a laboratory in which Nature has worked out man; man may very well be a laboratory in which she wills to work out superman, to disclose the soul as a divine being, to evolve the divine nature." – XXVII p.380, Quoted in Essential Aurobindo, p. 45

If such is nature’s design for man, then the noosphere as the Overmind will be no less divine in its nature and place in the supernatural evolutionary scheme of things. What the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother project on to the notion of a noosphere is that it represents a necessary stage in the universalization of humanity toward the One, and at the same time becomes a meeting ground for the supramental descent of the Supermind itself. 

Before going into a more systematic understanding of Sri Aurobindo’s terminology and understanding of consciousness and divine evolution, let us hear him speak on the nature of universalization, for if the noosphere is anything it is the universalization of consciousness, dissolving all barriers that now cause such a painful sense of separation, conflict and disease in the human race. 

"The ordinary man lives in his own personal consciousness knowing things through his mind and senses as they are touched by a word which is outside him, outside his consciousness. When the consciousness subtilizes, it begins to come into contact with things in a much more direct way, not only with their forms and outer impacts but with what is inside them, but still the range may be small. But the consciousness can also widen and begin to be first in direct contact with a universe of range of things in the world, then to contain them as it were - as it is said to see the world in oneself - and to be in a way identified with it. To see all things in the self and the self in all things - to be aware of one being everywhere, aware directly of the different planes, their forces, their beings - that is universalization."
– XXII p.317, quoted in Essential Aurobindo, p. 54

This description defines the stages that move from the personal egoic consciousness where everything is directed outwardly or comprehended only as something coming from outside, as it were; thence comes a shift toward a consideration of the inner meaning of things; and then finally to that great mutation in the consciousness where the distinction between the ego and the other, the subject and the object are erased, and the perceptions become cosmically enlarged as “one being everywhere.” 

Now to better understand Sri Aurobindo’s contribution to our understanding of the nature of the noosphere as a state or condition of evolving consciousness - the Overmind - let us turn to a brief review of his systematization of consciousness and the “Life Divine.” What is significant is that through Sri Aurobindo’s systematic rendering of the nature and evolution of consciousness from Matter and the Mind of Ignorance to supreme Divine supramental consciousness, the noosphere (Overmind) is placed within the context of an evolving spirituality, rather than just as the conclusion to and transformation of a biogeochemical process - which it also is. This the key point of this brief review. In this regard, future studies should be made more closely aligning Sri Aurobindo’s evolutionary schema with the Law of Time and the evolution of time as consciousness as the supramental descent initiating the biosphere-noosphere transition. 

At the simplest and most synthesizing level, Aurobindo speaks of the “Sevenfold Chord of Being.” It is interesting, in light of the Law of Time, that Sri Aurobindo is obedient to the principle of the power of seven which corresponds to the ratio of the primal cosmological fracture in Eternity, and hence is at the root of all cosmic manifestation. An evocation of this primal cosmic fracture in Eternity, the source of the universal drama of the soul in its involution into and evolution out of matter, echoing as well as the primacy of the number seven in its relation to time is reflected in the following passage from the Rig Veda: 

In the ignorance of my mind, I ask these steps of the Gods that are set within. The all-knowing Gods have taken the Infant of a year and they have woven about him seven threads. 

The power of seven extends to the number of chapters in both volumes of The Life Divine. Each volume contains 28 chapters, and each volume has one chapter devoted to the power of Seven. “The Sevenfold Chord of Being,” Chapter XXVII of Volume One (Life Divine, pp. 262-270), and “Out of the Sevenfold Ignorance to the Sevenfold Knowledge,” Chapter XIX of Volume II (Life Divine, pp, 726-741). Regarding the numerology of the two chapters, while 27 represents the power of the Nine Lords of Time, the “Sevenfold” of Chapter XIX (nineteen) - show the two prime numbers (7 and 19) underlying the mathematical code of the Law of Time matrix, the 260-unit Tzolkin/Harmonic Module. *(See: Arguelles, 19 = 260, The Law of Time and the Holy Quran, unpublished manuscript, Foundation for the Law of Time Archives) 

Sri Aurobindo’s conception of the Sevenfold Chord of Being corresponds to the fundamental formulation 4:7::7:13. That is within the Sevenfold Chord of Being, the principle of the four is at the center between two triune principles: A higher, purely divine level, Being, Consciousness and Bliss (corresponding to the Vedic-Hindu concept - Sat-Chit-Ananda), and a purely lower physical sensory plane triad, Matter-Energy-Life. This principle of the four and seven is again reflected in the Rig Veda where it is written, “He found the vast Thought with seven heads that is born of the Truth; he created some fourth world and became universal ...” While the lower triad may be said to have an ascending principle, the higher possesses a descending power. The upper descending trinity would correspond to the primal telepathic quantum - telepathy being supramental - and the lower, ascending triad to the sensory quantum. Between the two is the catalytic middle fourth term, the Supermind. Closely related to the Supermind is the Overmind (noosphere), which could be said to be the Supermind operative on a finite plane of existence. 


With the Sevenfold Chord of being as a kind of armature, we may construct a synthesis of Sri Aurobindo’s vast conceptualization of consciousness. (See graphic: Thinking about the Noosphere) Starting at the top of this graphic rendering, above everything else, is the All-existing Truth-Force or Divine Consciousness. Although Sri Aurobindo speaks of God, in some ways that term is too static for the dynamic perception evolved through Sri Aurobindo’s soul. Thus, the phrase “Divine Consciousness,” is Sri Aurobindo's preferred term for the Supreme Absolute. As an all unifying transcendental cosmic principle, Divine Consciousness is thoroughly supramental, another term used often by Sri Aurobindo. Supramental means “beyond the mind.” That is, there is consciousness dependent upon the mind, and then there is consciousness beyond the mind. For Sri Aurobindo, what we commonly think of as mind is fundamentally a function of ignorance or the lower physical plane of existence. It is the realm where error and illusion work themselves out. What all of Matter, Energy and Life aspire to is the supermental, the egoless higher mind. This aspiration or movement toward the supermental is an inevitable but mostly unconscious process, the trial-and-error of samsaric existence. 

As the supramental principle the Divine Consciousness is the “Mind of God,” coextensive with the higher dimensional as well as the lower dimensional cosmic universe. Its nature is Sat-Chit-Ananda - “Being-Consciousness-Bliss.” These are the qualities that pervade the universe supramentally. This is the realm of Pure Spirit. But, as in Ibn-al-Arabi's theophanic vision, the Pure Spirit of Sat-Chit Ananda cannot be satisfied until it has descended and completely spiritualized the lower realm of existence. The fulfillment of the spiritualization of the lower realms by the principle of Sat-Chit-Ananda is concordant with the final realization of the aspiration of the soul of the lower realms in the complete fulfillment of its impulse toward perfection. This is the human aspiration accompanied by divine revelation known everywhere in every form of spirituality that has ever existed. 

To attain its ends the upper trinity factors into existence an intermediary state of consciousness, Supermind. All Mind ultimately is Supermind, but to complete its descent into matter - involution of the spirit - Supermind must then become mere mind or the Mind of Ignorance. But before this occurs and also independent of it, Supermind is the “Creator” of all that is visible or sensible in the manifest realm. That is because Supermind is a function of the self-existent ocean of knowledge which is the result of the self-illumination of the Divine Consciousness. This ocean of knowledge is the origin of revelatory Gnosis and of all gnostic consciousness, the higher superpersonal realm of consciousness of the evolved being who has is entered into the Overmind or Noosphere. The gnostic type as the mystical personality has always been at the forefront of things. 

"It is possible indeed that it is the mystic or the incipient occultist who was everywhere the creator of religion and imposed his secret discoveries in the form of belief, myth and practice on mass human mind; for it is always the individual who receives the intuitions of Nature and takes the step forward dragging or drawing the rest of humanity behind him." – Life Divine, p. 869

In its ascent the creative individual is drawn always by the Supermind and, through that aspiration, receives “the intuition of nature” from the vast bank of self-existent knowledge which informs the Supermind and which is made available through the Overmind (noosphere) to the finite creature struggling to Return to the Divine Source. This Supermind is the Source of all realities, the universal cosmic mind, the ground of all consciousness, the alaya or storehouse consciousness, tathagatagarbha, the womb of the Buddhas. It is this Supermind that perceives the perceiver who is deep in meditative samadhi. 

The Supermind is what is channeled, as it were, as Overmind (noosphere) on the finite planetary plane of existence, at least on those planets capable of attaining a synthesis of Matter, Energy and Life. For it is only through the attainment of the stage of the Overmind (noosphere) that the ascent to Supermind can be realized. For the Overmind is the resultant descent of the Supermind, and what goes down in consciousness must come back up. The Overmind as noosphere is then that fully intermediate state of consciousness, accommodating at the correct moment the ascent of the Spirit struggling upward through the Mind of Ignorance. 

As we know from our investigations, the noosphere, the supernatural Overmind of Earth, provides a matrix for the reformulation of all realities. This reformulation on the finite plane takes the form of the psi bank, a coded structure of possibilities of thought and being registered as a whole number pattern 2080. This number is critical because it is coded by the number of the DNA codons, 64, and the number of the Law of Time frequency matrix, 260 (1+2+3+ ...+ 64 = 2080; 2080 = 8 x 260; 8 x 8 = 64, the magic square of which has a pulse of 260 that is, all rows add up to 260. 260 = 13x20 fourth dimensional timing matrix).(See: Arguelles, Earth Ascending, 1984, 1996) 

It is through the full realization of the single mind that unifies this matrix, that the noosphere- Overmind attains its enlightenment, making possible the full ascent back into Supermind. However, to attain this state is not simply a matter of evolving into it. 

"The transition to Supermind through Overmind is a passage from nature as we know it into Supernature. it is by that very fact impossible for any effort of the mere Mind to achieve; our unaided personal aspiration and endeavor cannot reach it; our effort belongs to the inferior power of nature; a power of the ignorance cannot achieve by its own strength or characteristic or available methods what is beyond its domain or Nature." – Life Divine, p.921

This returns us to the question raised at the beginning of this set of reflections: “How can we grasp a consciousness greater than the highest consciousness which we can experience? How do we, as humans, in our individualized consciousness make the leap to planetary consciousness?” For if anything, the attainment of the noosphere represents an ascent of consciousness, a liberation from a lower evolutionary state of consciousness to a more all encompassing and unifying higher state. 

All the previous ascensions have been effectuated by a secret Consciousness-Force operating first in the Inconscience and then in the Ignorance: it has worked by an emergence of its involved powers to the surface, powers concealed behind the veil and superior to the past formulations of Nature, but even so there is needed a pressure of the same superior powers already formulated in their full natural force on their own planes; these superior planes create their own foundation in our subliminal parts and from there are able to influence the evolutionary process on the surface. Overmind and Supermind are also involved and occult in earth-nature ... 

"In order that the involved principles of Overmind and Supermind should emerge from their veiled secrecy, the being and powers of the Superconscience must descend into us and uplift us and formulate themselves in our being and powers; this descent is a sine qua non of the transition and transformation." ibid. 

This movement of the Superconscience into the plane of the Mind of Ignorance in 1926, is precisely what brought the noosphere from the previously occulted realms into formations accessible in the subliminal inner consciousness of humanity. The actual descent of the Overmind, not just as the concept “noosphere” but as a full embodiment within a single human, then occurred within Sri Aurobindo. It takes but a single match to start a fire whose light can be seen for a thousand miles. In actuality the movement of the superior pressures from higher planes of existence has always been active within the dormant condition of the human race. This is the meaning of revelatory gnosis, the impulses not just of nature but of Supernature which have guided all religious, spiritual, mystical and, indeed, even scientific perceptions of humanity as it has struggled and toiled in its long night of unconscious testing. 

Following the descent of the Supermind into the Mother in 1956, the third Transformation, and the subsequent founding of Auroville, in 1968, the quickening of the noosphere was inevitable. Already in 1955, Teilhard de Chardin’s Phenomenon of Man appeared (English edition, 1959), placing the concept of the noosphere into the consciousness of a small awakening minority of humans. In Russia, too, following Vernadsky's death in 1945, the noosphere slowly gained greater currency in scientific and philosophical circles. With the work of Oliver Reiser, Cosmic Humanism, 1966, and Dane Rudhyar, Planetarization of Consciousness, 1970, the way was cleared for a beginning comprehension of a higher planetary consciousness - the Overmind as the next inevitable step in the ascent toward the Supermind. 

In 1969 occurred an event that finally placed the Earth as a whole system in the mind and consciousness of humanity as a whole, and that was the view of Earth from outer space beamed live on the television. This collectively perceived image would make the possibility of the next step something realizable and tangible at last. But this next step would of necessity involve the psychic transformation of a few more individuals to act as the ignition of a collective psychic transformation of at least a critical minority of the human race. This also defines one of the goals of the Noosphere II Project. 

Now it becomes possible to speak of the Overmind as the noosphere, but the Overmind as both the stepping down of and the stepping up back into the Supermind. As such the Overmind is the “representative” of the Supermind, formulated as single mind or plane of consciousness. We can think of the Overmind-noosphere as the One Mind of planet Earth, of which we are the entities intended to animate it. But first we need to dissolve our separatist fictions so that we can be the One mind that we actually already are. In this way the Overmind constitutes the Upper Planetary hemisphere of Consciousness, the Lower planetary hemisphere of consciousness being the Mind of Ignorance. 

Within the Overmind-noosphere all contradictions coexist and are harmonically resolved. Because it really is just one mind as of a single entity, a unitary being, there is a maximum unity. This is only logical because Earth itself is living unitary system. All subsystems of Earth cooperate as one grand synthesizing order. There are not two minds or two biospheres, but only One. And as One single mind, when it is fully conscious, as the representative of Supermind, the Overmind will experience full cosmic consciousness. 

Finally, in order to understand even more clearly the necessity of the role the Overmind has to play in our continuing evolution toward the Divine Source, it is important to consider the bottommost stage of the spectrum of consciousness, the lower Planetary Hemisphere or the Mind of Ignorance. This is the realm of what we usually refer to as Mind but as Sri Aurobindo makes clear, this mind is really the playground of Maya as illusion, and hence is actually the Mind of Ignorance. Here what predominates is the struggle of mind subdivided into separatist egos which create the various dualistic fictions or thought layers of nationalism, tribalism, religious sectarianism, and conflicting ideological and political world views of every kind. Here we experience Consciousness atomized into six billion units of egoic selfhood, a maximum disunity of mind, a total experience of the MANY as opposed to the distinct experience of the ONE. 

Of these six billion, there are many who strive for the One, a return to the source. This is so, because, as has already been observed, it is really the mystics who are the forerunners of every major change in consciousness - and among six billion there are many closet mystics. Nonetheless, virtually all of the literature that exists regarding human aspiration toward enlightenment, liberation, realization of the Godhead, is written in a language that must begin with the Mind of ignorance, as if working one’s way out of a paper bag, the paper bag of the Mind of ignorance. All enlightened views see ignorance as an enmeshment in illusion, the play of Maya. If it were not for this Mind of Ignorance arising from the ocean of the cosmic unconscious, there would be no techniques and methods for penetrating the veil and glimpsing the light on the other side. This veil marks the Threshold of Light which separates the Upper Hemisphere of the Overmind from Lower Hemisphere of the Mind of Ignorance. 

Within the context of the lower triad, the Mind of Ignorance is the characteristic of Life as it proceeds upward from Matter and Energy, remembering but dimly its origins and point of return. So over the eons its mystics develop methods and techniques for penetrating the veil of illusion, of defining the source and how to attain unity with it once again. The highest of these teachings would declare that this unity was never even lost. For what is one can never be separated from itself. The main point, however, is that these teachings exist to assist the human not to merely escape, for that is really impossible, but instead to realize that he/she is a link in an evolutionary chain of consciousness. Therefore, what is important is defining and preparing for the next stage in the evolution of consciousness. 

To this end meditation and yoga techniques - raj yoga, karma yoga, Tibetan yoga, shamatha vipassana meditation, zen and dzogchen, tantric practices and the various forms of meditative theophanic prayer - dhikr, remembrance of God - all exist merely to point us toward the Supermind. We are, as Aurobindo puts it, only a transitional being. Enlightenment is not the last stop of human potential, it is but the waking up from the ignorance to our true nature. But that is only on an individual level. There is no such thing as ultimate enlightenment like some absolute rest stop on the freeway of evolution, because we are all in flux whether we are enlightened or not. That is why the Dalai Lama is a peripatetic globe-trotter. In reality, the next stop is the Overmind, which in planetary terms, is the advent of the noosphere. In the noosphere you don’t have to free Tibet, because Tibet will already be free. 

Through the singular efforts of people like Vernadsky, de Chardin, Reiser and Rudhyar, the territory has been sighted. Through the instruments of people like Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the actuality of the next stage of conscious evolution has been experientially embodied. The discovery of the Law of Time further defines the approaching moment of the ascent into the Overmind-noosphere, and the next simultaneous descent of the Supramental. This Supramental descent is actually the full range of the synchronic order as the “map” of the territory of the Overmind. The synchronic order describes and makes available the entire range of the possibilities of all realities on Earth as they are all connected in time. 

Here again, in his vast and comprehensive survey of the reaches of consciousness beyond our limited individual range, Sri Aurobindo has prefigured the discovery of the Law of Time. The very last chapter of his monumental Synthesis of Yoga is entitled “Towards the Supramental Time Vision.” In the opening paragraph to this chapter, Sri Aurobindo states the primal polarity regarding the nature of time, a perception which is also synthesized into the Law of Time: 

"All being, consciousness, knowledge moves, secretly for our present surface awareness, openly when we rise beyond it, to the spiritual and supramental ranges, between two states and powers of existence, that of the timeless Infinite and that of the infinite deploying in itself and organizing all things in time. These two states are opposed to and incompatible with each other only for our mental logic with its constant embarrassed stumbling around a false conception of contradictions and a confronting of eternal opposites. In reality, as we find when we see things with a knowledge founded on the supramental identity and vision and think with the great, profound and flexible logic proper to that knowledge, the two are only coexistent and concurrent status and movement of the same truth of the Infinite. The timeless Infinite holds in itself, in its eternal truth of being, beyond this manifestation, all that it manifests in Time. Its time consciousness too is itself infinite and maintains in itself at once a vision of totalities and of particularities, of mobile succession or moment sight and of total stabilizing vision or abiding whole sight what appears to us as the past of things, their present and their future." – Synthesis of Yoga p. 853. 

Just such a perception is necessary if we are to understand the principle and nature of the psi bank as the time consciousness regulator of the infinite possibilities occurring in the noosphere or Overmind. For as the dynamism of the evolutionary stages move through their various mutations and permutations both of form and consciousness, the psi bank which regulates these changes remains constant in its 2080-unit structure, nonetheless maintaining a “whole sight” of what appears to us as the past, present and future of things. Such a description of the two polarities of time as coexistent in some sense summarizes the nature of the Overmind or noospheric consciousness. For as the stepping down of the Supermind into a finite planetary plane there must be an orderly manner in which all of the possible realities comprehended by the Supermind may be coordinated within the Overmind (function of the psi bank), while simultaneously holding all possibilities in an instantaneity of timelessness. 

As we evolve into the noosphere-Overmind we will inevitably discover that we are each a divine perceiver, or as Ibn al-Arabi understood it, we will discover that our souls are the sense organs of the Divine. 

"If we regard the Powers of Reality as so many Godheads, we can say that the Overmind (noosphere) releases a million Godheads into action, each empowered to create its own world, each world capable of relation, communication, and interplay with the others." – Life Divine, p. 280 

The Godheads are the divine potentials in each individual human. Yet all are manifestations of but a single God. Many know this, but few have really experienced what this means, and as a result humanity remains mired in the Mind of ignorance. The remedy is to actually experience that each Godhead is at the same time a manifestation of the One God or Divine Consciousness. This is analogous to the experience of time as the Infinite Timelessness and at the same moment the organizing of everything in time by the Infinite. This is the essence of the experience of Synchronicity, in which we apprehend a simultaneity of the particular event, and a wholeness of being connected to a larger web of events at the same time. Such experiences prepare us for a holistic whole body perception in which we experience the unity even of contradictory states. 

"Overmind (noospheric) consciousness is global in its cognition and can hold any number of seemingly fundamental differences together in a reconciling vision ... To the Overmind (noospheric) intelligence these are separable Powers of the one Existence which can pursue their independent self-affirmation and can also unite together in their independence and in their union of different states of consciousness and being which can be all of them valid and all capable of coexistence.” ibid., p. 281 

This is the supreme expression of world peace as a state of consciousness. Meditation practices such as Dzogchen prepare one for this at an individual level, but for it to be a common collective expedience mutually shared in a telepathic knowing in the moment is another matter. That is again one of the characteristics of the noospheric mind. As we know, one of the functions of the Law of Time is to make conscious what was unconscious and to elevate to the forefront of human conscious activity the latent powers of telepathy and other paranormal capacities. Sri Aurobindo, of course, in his way also foresaw this in his comprehension of the Supramental Sense. 

For when the mind is tranquilized and purified the pure psyche liberated from the insistence of the desire soul ... there is then a pure action of true psychical consciousness and its powers, a reception of psychical experience pure in itself ... and capable of a high spiritualization and light. The complete power and truth, however, can come only by the opening of the supermind and the supermentalising of the mental and psychical expedience.

"The range of the psychic consciousness and its experiences is almost illimitable and the variety and complexity of its phenomena almost infinite ... but the psychical sense has also the power of putting us in a more direct communication with earthly or supra-terrestrial beings through their psychical selves or their psychical bodies or even with things, for things also have a psychical reality and souls or presences supporting them which can communicate with our psychical consciousness."
– Synthesis of Yoga pp. 844-45 

According to the Law of Time, the freeing up and harmonization of the human energy by being in the correct timing frequency, the universal natural 13:20 and not the artificial 12:60, will open the psyche to the field of universal telepathy. This field is the quality of the noosphere itself, for in no other way can the planetary sphere of Earth - the Overmind - be understood as a single-minded possibility except for its being a function of universal telepathy, and its attendant paranormal or psychical phenomena. Indeed the noosphere as a plane of consciousness will be as thoroughly psychic in its texture and operations as our third-dimensional existence in this final stage of the historical cycle has been drenched in an all-pervasive despiritualized and materialist level of consciousness. This seems to be what is implied in Sri Aurobindo’s sense of the psychical as constituting a plane of consciousness, “attached to and dependent on the earth plane.” 

"For there is a continuous scale of the planes of consciousness, beginning with the psychical and other belts attached to and dependent on the earth plane and proceeding through the true independent vital and psychical worlds to the worlds of the gods and the highest supermental and spiritual planes of existence. And these are in fact always acting upon our subliminal selves unknown to our waking mind and with considerable effect on our life and nature ... The awakening of the psychical consciousness enables us to become aware of these powers, presences and influences in and around us; and while in the impure or yet ignorant and imperfect mind this unveiled contact has its dangers, it enables us too, if rightly used and directed, to be no longer their subject but their master and to come into conscious and self-controlled possession of the inner secrets of our nature. ... The awakening of the psychical consciousness liberates in us the direct use of the mind as a sixth sense, and this power may be made constant and normal ..." – Synthesis of Yoga, pp. 846-847 

The noosphere-Overmind is precisely the making constant and normal the mind as a sixth sense. Much as we use our eyes and ears to orient ourselves, which can only give physical sense impressions from which we must hazard emotional or psychical information, what a great difference it will make when our mind as the psychical sense organ will give us direct information which we must now infer, and that without much precision. The manner in which it will alter our entire modus operandi as humans will elevate us from the imprecision of six billion individual minds trying to figure it out, to the monumental grandeur of a single mind properly orientating the direction of the six billion units - or however many units actually make it to this next plane of consciousness. 

In its power of origination and in the process of its executive dynamis Overmind (noosphere) is an organiser of many potentialities of existence, each affirming its separate reality, but all capable of linking themselves together in many different but simultaneous ways, a magician craftsman empowered to weave the multicolored warp and woof (See Earth Ascending, Map 42 “Psi bank warp and Holonomic woof”) of manifestation of a single entity in a complex universe.” Life Divine, p.282 

It is the emphasis on the Overmind-noosphere being the dynamic of a single entity in a complex universe that is most important. Such a mind, as a reflection of the Supermind, cannot be divided against itself. Only the little minds operating within the Mind of Ignorance can experience schizophrenia, precisely for not being able to realize their wholeness within the guiding context of a larger comprehending mind. There is only one ground of consciousness, and only one planetary field, hence there can ultimately be but a single unified consciousness. 

When we see a map of the world or a globe, though there are many distinct parts, there is really only one ocean from which the land masses protrude in various areas, and ultimately there is only one land mass, here submerged, elsewhere rising above sea level. But it is all one. The island of Ceylon as a geological feature isn’t at war with the island of Madagascar. Each remains content in its geographical setting. They coexist in a condition of sublime indifference. So it will be when the noosphere-Overmind as a single entity is the conscious operating force of the next stage of the evolution of consciousness - no parts of the mind will be feeling a need to compete with or be at war with any other parts of the mind or its various conceptualizations. 

"There is no exclusiveness ... each god knows all the gods and their place in existence; each idea admits all other ideas and their right to be ... To the Overmind (noosphere) ... all religions would be true as developments of the one Eternal religion, all philosophies would be valid each in its own field as a statement of its own universe-view, all political theories with their practice would be the legitimate working out of an Idea-Force with its right to application and practical development in the play of energies of Nature.” Ibid., p. 283 

When we contemplate such a world, or rather planetary mental field, in which the autonomy of each psychic unit is guaranteed its right to be and manifest as it needs to, knowing that the operating field of the whole will provide all the right buffers and feedback, we will most certainly realize that we have entered a true age of harmony - psychoplanetary oneness. As Sri Aurobindo comments, “An Overmind world (noosphere) would be a world of harmony; the world of Ignorance in which we live is a world of disharmony and struggle.” (Ibid., p.284). 

Yet, within the Overmind-noosphere which embraces all and everything as complementary polarities constituting the single whole, “The principle of separation must also be allowed its complete course and arrive at its absolute consequences ...” (Ibid., p.284). In fact, it would seem that this principle of separation running its complete course on a world scale is an exact description of our embattled world today - what Dane Rudhyar referred to as the “civil war of man.” For it is not, as we have indicated, the world that is in conflict, but the human in the world who is at war with himself. At the same time this stage of the separation arriving at its “absolute consequences” is a prerequisite for the next descent of the Supramental as the advent of the noosphere (Overmind). For it is only when the human species is at such a point of mortal self-wounding and self-dividing that the aspiration of the spirit must be met by the compassionate inclination downward of the Divine Consciousness to our plane of superphyscial ignorance. As Aurobindo has made clear, such a descent at this point in time has already been prepared for in some mysterious occult way from deep within ourselves, for it is we who call it forth. 

"But it is only by the evolution in us of the concealed superconscient powers of Cosmic Truth and of the reality in which they are One that the harmony and unity we strive for can be dynamically realized in the very fibre of our being ...The Overmind (noosphere) and Supermind, too, must in the end fulfill themselves in this apparently opposite organization from a dark infinite ... Overmind, intuition even Supermind ... are secretly present, occult actively with flashes of intuitive emergence in the cosmic activity of mind, life and matter ..." Ibid., 285, 288 

So we arrive at this very moment of understanding. The noosphere is a stage, a plane of consciousness within a continuum or spectrum of consciousness in which there is movement both ways - aspiration, for if we do not aspire, there is nothing to heed from Above - and descent - for only by divine compassion has the soul been moved ever upward in its journey back to Source. 

"A supramental change of the whole substance of the being and therefore necessarily of its characters, powers, movements takes place when the involved Supermind in nature emerges to meet and join with the supramental light and power descending from Supernature.... A supermental principle and its cosmic operation once established permanently on its own basis, the intervening powers of Overmind (noosphere) and spiritual Mind could found themselves securely upon it and reach their own perfection; they would become in the earth-existence a hierarchy of states of consciousness rising out of Mind and physical life to the supreme spiritual level. Mind and mental humanity would remain as one step in the spiritual evolution; but other degrees above it would be there formed and accessible by which the embodied mental being as it became ready, could climb into the gnosis and change into an embodied supermental and spiritual being." – Life Divine, 962-63

With such a description one can readily contemplate the function and purpose of the noosphere as a thoroughly spiritual stage in the evolution of the individual soul into its capacity to participate in the manifestation of a single world soul, and thence to continue in its collective evolutionary trajectory toward the One - in what the Law of Time describes as a “collective radiosonic mass.” In the advent of the noosphere we see the Overmind intervention - the descent of light co-emergent with the aspiring manifestation of the concealed Godhead within. Unimaginable to the lens of the materialist world-view, but to those whose hearts have been opened by one of the infinite pathways of the eternal religion of love, this is the next step. And we will take the world with us. Omega point 2012 is right before us. Let us aspire with purified heart and soul and be ready to meet the Divine descent when it enters us. 

These reflections on some aspects of the work of Sri Aurobindo within the context of the Law of Time are written as part of the research of Noosphere II. In no way do I pretend to have a thorough comprehension of the whole of Sri Aurobindo’s work, and if I have distorted or mistakenly viewed any of it, the witness to the purity of my intentions is the Supreme One. On behalf of all beings laboring in this dark hour of the passage of the world through the shadowy depths of the Mind of Ignorance, may these reflections better prepare and inspire us for the joyous experience that awaits us.   

Director of Research, Galactic Research Institute
Foundation for the Law of Time
Kin 131, Blue Magnetic Monkey, Silio 21, Overtone Moon
Blue Crystal Storm Year (Gregorian: December 5, 2004
54th anniversary of Sri Aurobindo’s death, December 5, 1950)
A Noosphere II Project Research Paper     

Main Texts Consulted: Sri Aurobindo, The Essential Aurobindo. Edited by Robert McDermott. (Schocken Books, New York. 1973) 

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine.(Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. Tenth edition, 1977) 

Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga.(Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, Sixth edition 1976)

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by José Argüelles/Valum Votan

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The biosphere-noosphere transition is the function of a crisis engendered by a single planetary species, the human. For all of its technological prowess, the human has been unable to see beyond the limitations of its own unexamined consciousness. Instead it views itself as a conglomerate of seven billion particles in pursuit of a vast array of individualistic, sectarian, corporate, nationalistic, religious and ideological concerns that keep it incapable of coming to any unified decision or agreement about anything.

“... ironically, it is the shallowness of the view of humankind as a mass of particles with no higher destiny that is the cause today of increased ecological, ideological and moral problems that block a greater flowering of life. How could a limited conception of ourselves be the cause of far-ranging cultural and socio-economic troubles? The answer is this: our beliefs about ourselves in relation to the world around us are at the roots of our consciousness, and our values determine not only our immediate actions, but also how our conceptual belief structures consciously and unconsciously support our society and our inner evaluation of who we are. Our beliefs are increasingly determined by science and technology. At the same time human beings have an intuitive feeling their bodies are moved by their thoughts...”

– Prof. J. J. Hurtak, “The Importance of Kaznacheev’s Monumental Work for the Post-Modern World,” Introduction to Reflections on Life and Intelligence on Planet Earth: Problems of Cosmo-Planetary Anthropoecology, The Academy for Future Science, 2004, p. 5

If the noosphere is the mental sheathe accommodating the planetary intelligence, then it has everything to do with the quality and nature of our thoughts, not just individually but about ourselves as a species. If we do not change our consciousness, our inability to change will bring on the change that is necessary, however destructive that may be to our present day beliefs. In other words, the biosphere-noosphere transition is inevitable. In fact, we are hastening the change through our parochial, third-dimensional materialistic values and thinking about things. The question is: how well prepared are we to deal with such a radical evolutionary shift, a cosmic mind-shift, as it were? It is in the interest of educating ourselves about this coming event, that we pursue a deeper elucidation of the meaning of the noosphere.

First of all, even to grasp the idea of the noosphere – planetary mental layer – we must elevate our consciousness and open ourselves to the most general, elemental and cosmic principles of our life on Earth.

We, as a species, constitute a single organism woven into the fabric of the biosphere, “the place of the transformation of cosmic energy on Earth.” (Vernadsky) As living substance, the biosphere maintains its balance as a biomass constant consisting of the symmetry of two forms of life: autotrophic and heterotrophic. Autotrophs are those forms of living substance that are self-sustaining, thriving on mineral, water, atmosphere and solar-cosmic radiation – this is the green world, the plant kingdom in general, including the plankton and algae of the sea. Heterotrophs are the animals – from insects to humans – that live off other forms of life. Some heterotrophs are herbivores, some carnivores, and some both. The point is that the biomass constant is maintained as an equilibrium of the two kinds of life.

When we look at the crisis of the present day from this perspective, we see that the balance of the biomass constant has been greatly disturbed. The heterotrophic human species is consuming more autotrophic life than it is able to replace. This affects the biospheric balance in innumerable ways. But in addition to the two types of life, there is the factor of intelligence; in other words, living substance does not develop apart from an evolving intelligence, which is cosmophsycical in nature and not merely confined to life on Earth. As Russian scientists V.P. Kaznacheev and A.V. Trofimov describe it:

The human tendency to heterotrophy and its lack of compensation for the autotrophic world has become threatening. The living substance and the planetary intelligence came into existence as integral parts of the evolution of the universe’s intelligence. This Intelligence or Mind emerges as the observer, as a Subject in the objective world of the universe in order to reflect upon its own evolution and realize new energy/information processes. However, an abnormal cosmic phenomenon is taking place in our world today. Mankind’s propensity for aggressive heterotrophy has the potential to destroy the historical auto-heterotrophic balance on Earth. – Reflections on Life and Intelligence on Earth, pp. 20-21

In this context, “intelligence” is the noospheric dynamic in the evolution of life in the universe. We would also suggest that both the imbalance of the autotrophic-heterotrophic relationship as well as the contemporary default of planetary intelligence may well be corrected by the manifestation of the noosphere as a conscious regulating mechanism of the totality of life on Earth. The appearance of the noosphere as a conscious evolutionary phenomenon is undoubtedly a precisely timed factor – the meaning, again, of the 2012 date. It is, therefore, imperative to comprehend the total nature and meaning of the noosphere as the expression of a consciously directed intelligence (as distinct from a haphazard unconscious intelligence).

During the initial presentation of the Congress entitled, “A brief history of time and the crisis of the biosphere,” a graphic exposition was made of “The Place of the Noosphere in Cosmic Evolution.” The synthesizing image of this graphic was drawn from a description of the history of the noosphere in Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s Man’s Place in Nature (1955), pp. 81-82:

Supposing we imagine, inside a solid comparable to our terrestrial globe, a wave starting from the South Pole and rising up towards the North Pole. Taken over its whole course the wave in question advances in a curved and therefore “converging” medium: and yet, at the same time, during the first half of its passage (as far, that is, as the Equator) it is spreading outwards; beyond that point, however, it begins to contract upon itself. Well, then: if we follow the historical development of the noosphere, we may truthfully say that it seems to conform to an exactly similar rhythm.

From its origin until our own time, mankind, while gathering itself together and already in the first stages of organization centered upon itself certainly went through a period of geographical expansion during which its first concern was to multiply and inhabit the earth. And it is only quite recently that “once the frontier was crossed,” the first symptoms appeared in the world of a definitive, global, folding back upon itself of the thinking mass within a higher hemisphere: and once that has been entered, it can, under the influence of time, advance only by contracting and concentrating upon itself.

The graphic implementation of this fertile description – an elucidation of the hypothesis of the biosphere-noosphere transition – presupposes a planetary whole system design science. This is a branch of cosmic science comprehensively integrating studies in aesthetics, art and cultural history, comparative and interdisciplinary studies in whole systems thinking, inclusive of studies in cosmology, astrophysics, geology, the biosphere, and the history of science in general.

The hypothesis of the biosphere-noosphere transition may simply be stated: When in the process of the complexification of matter the biosphere reaches a point of maximum crisis – biogeochemical combustion – it converts or mutates into a new condition, the noosphere. This climactic stage of complexification of the biosphere is crowned by the acceleration of life and intelligence, culminating in the construction of the artificial structure of the technosphere. But this planetary structure – globalization or the sphere of material technology and its economic means – is only preliminary or antecedent to the noosphere.

Noosphere refers to the planetarization of consciousness. Therefore, a critical point in the transition to the noosphere is the consciousness of a critical minority sufficient to engender, by their awareness and subsequent actions, the actual passage of the noosphere going from the individualized unconscious chaos of the technosphere to the incipient cosmic order of the noosphere as a conscious regulating mechanism. At the same time, since biosphere and noosphere are functions of cosmophysical laws governing planetary whole system design science, the precise moment of transition and its contributing factors can be elucidated and mapped out, hence “The Place of the Noosphere in Cosmic Evolution.”

Before describing and commenting on the principle image of the graphic, (clearly divided into an unconscious, pre-2012 lower half and conscious, post-2012 upper half) it is important to define key factors in the planetary whole system design format. According to levels of generalization and complexity, these factors include:

I. Universal planetary sphere and its processes. (lower left hand corner)

a. Planet, cosmic sphere accommodating

b. Hominization, the horizon of vitalized matter capable of evolving

c. Noosphere, the advanced state of the planetarization of consciousness

The point is that there is no hominization without a planetary sphere and no noosphere without a planetary species capable of supporting cosmophysical properties of intelligence and the consequent emergence of consciousness. The bipolar nature of the planetary (cosmic) sphere defines both the psychoevolutionary trajectory of “man” (representing the hominization of matter attaining consciousness – “living intellectual matter”) and the psychogeographic description of the noosphere in its evolutionary trajectory through its two phases: radiation and divergence (unconscious), and compression and convergence (conscious).

II. The interdisciplinary science of planetary whole system design is predicated on the perception of the Earth as an evolving whole system, consisting of five major subsystems:

  1. Lithosphere, from the crystal-magma iron core and the various mantles, up to and including the tectonic plates and land masses.
  2. The hydrosphere, the unified ocean as well as the lakes and river systems.
  3. The atmosphere – the electrodynamic systems and cycles that determine and control the weather patterns, inclusive of the ionosphere and the electromagnetic fields.
  4. Biosphere – life as a unitary phenomenon, the vitalization of matter, inclusive of the inorganic cycles and systems which support it.
  5. The noosphere – the planetary thinking layer – largely a function of the most recent biological stratum of the biosphere, the human. As such, the noosphere includes a conscious human and a superconscious superhuman evolutionary phase, and involves an artificial middle term known as the technosphere, which is itself concluded by the information sheathe known as the cybersphere.

The planet itself, as a condensation of stellar matter placed into a particular orbit around a host star, is a medium for the evolution of consciousness, and represents a vehicle for the intelligent unfoldment of the cosmic evolution of matter.

III. Stages of Intelligent unfoldment in the Cosmic Evolution of Matter capacitated by the planetary sphere. The tendency of matter is to develop in the direction of irreversible complexification and to ultimately evolve into the condition of cosmic consciousness. Within the planetary sphere, these stages or horizons of matter include:

a. Crystallization. Molecular compounds self-organized into strict sets of generally symmetrical/geometrical form structures – cubes, octahedrons, hexagons, or combinations and clusters thereof, etc.

b. Vitalization. Stage at which the complexification of matter experiences the capacity for autogenesis and self-replication. Engenders biospheric horizon.

c. Hominization. Stage at which vitalized matter becomes vehicle of intelligence capable of sustaining consciousness. Beginning of noosphere as unconscious planetary medium.

d. Superhomization. Stage at which consciousness and intelligence attain planetarization or full noospheric consciousness and functioning

While the science of planetary whole system design is concerned, in general, with the interaction of all the systems upon each other, its specific focus is the transitional role played by the human in what is referred to as the biosphere-noosphere transition. The hypothesis of the biosphere-noosphere transition defines the present moment as the apex of the planetary evolutionary design process, as it is everywhere evident that the thinking element has attained a geologically impactful status, e.g., global warming/climate change. According to the biosphere-noosphere hypothesis, this effect of human thought on the planetary whole system is a sign of the commencement of the next major evolutionary shift, from the biosphere to the noosphere. The focus of the Galactic Research Institute (GRI), originator of the Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights and of this graphic description of the history of the noosphere, is to define the precise timing of this transition, and, in advance of this shift, to predicate “noospheric states of mind or consciousness.”

To this end, we may turn our attention to the main image of this graphic, following the global description provided by Teilhard de Chardin. The graphic is largely self-evident and is meant to be studied and contemplated on its own terms. Nonetheless, we offer some descriptive comments and definitions to assist in the study of this illustration.

Description of the History of the Noosphere
from Pole of Psychic Generation “A” to Pole of Psychic Convergence “Ω”

This graphic represents a geography of consciousness as distinct from a time space topography. The main image occurs between the horizon of hominization and the post-noospheric horizon. Two smaller spheres, above and below these two horizons, represent the “luminous self-existing God-Source” which is both the origin and destiny of the evolution of matter and consciousness. An axial column divides the main sphere vertically, connecting the noospheric Alpha of the South Psychic Pole, and the noospheric Omega of the North Psychic Pole.

It is immediately evident that the equatorial line – the date 2012 – represents the demarcation between the two phases of the evolution of the noosphere – Phase I Hominization, and Phase II Superhominization. The time scale is relative and, in general, more compressed the closer one is to the poles.

Noosphere Phase I: Socialization of Expansion – Civilization, Individuation, Hominization
Increasing Divergence – Unconscious Noosphere.

Arising from the Alpha South Pole of Psychic Generation and within the radiative, divergent phase of Noosphere I, there are three horizons:

  1. Fanning upward from the South Pole of Psychic Generation is the populating-tribal horizon. This represents the primary radiation of man over a period of many thousands of years across the geography of the Earth, from the early hominoid phase of the Pliocene to the Holocene era and the emergence of the homo sapiens type. Here, all the basics – fire, art, tool-making – are manifest, signifying the triumph of “living intellectual matter” on Earth. Here the psychosocial life is still tightly integrated with the natural forces and elements into tribal units that remain relatively constant and unvarying. Within this horizon the noosphere exists as a deeply woven, collectively shared dream.
  2. Horizon of the emergence of organized expanding socialization – the streams of civilization. 3113 BC (Mayan Long count, This horizon represents the first twelve baktuns (to AD 1618), and the expansion of the different forms of civilizations and empires dominated by the rise of dynastic monarchies, whether in Egypt, China or Peru. At the center are the names of the three worldly or cosmopolitan religions that, appealing to the individual soul, cut across civilizational and cultural boundaries. In order of appearance from bottom up, they are: Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. Though there is a diverse complexity of agriculture, artifacts and architecture, (hence, artifactualization), the intellectual life and consciousness of this cycle of over 4500 years is still pre-technological, that is pre-mechanistic, and held together by celestial-agrarian values. The noosphere exists as a collectively shared epic and heroic mythos of kings, wise men and saints, priests, culture bringers, messengers and spiritual heroes and heroines. This is the phase where the living intellectual matter attains an amazingly colorful cultural biodiversity, at the same time run through and flawed by an increasing tendency to war and aggressive heterotrophism.
  3. Horizon of Western European World Dominance and the Rise of Scientific Materialism (12:60 mechanistic timing frequency). Baktun 13 – AD 1618-2012. Thogh this is the briefest phase in time, it is also the one in which the most activity occurs; it is the time of exponential increase due to the mechanization of time, and the consequent industrialization of all life values. Here divergence reaches its maximum effect with the atomization of consciousness into forms of individuation and individualistic egotism, an effect mirrored by the rise of the Nation State, and the consequent breakdown of traditional empires and societies. In 1945 with the formation of the United Nations, there were some 50 member nations – sixty years later there are over 190 – China, the largest, has over 1.1 billion people, compared with Tonga, which has only 104,000 inhabitants. Though global consciousness is attained with the view of Earth from space, 1969, the tendencies toward divergence continue to dominate. In actuality this entire phase – the climax of matter – represents the final complexification of matter, known as industrial materialism and its philosophy of globalization – a type of divergent convergence in which an invisible empire of transnational corporations actually control the economy of the nations. The tension between the unbridled power of the corporate empire and its league of controlling nation states and the unresolved internal contradictions of more-or less traditional and mostly Muslim societies creates one limiting force of globalization, terrorism, which daily erodes the very fabric of “civilization.” The other limiting factor is global warming/climate change, brought on by the profit motive which drives the economic engine of globalization at the expense of natural resources and the biosphere as a whole. Today (2006) both of these counter-active forces have effectively circumscribed globalization. Noosphere is virtual with the internet, but consciousness is still maintained through privatization of values into 7 billion bubbles. Simultaneous increase of science, consciousness and radius of human activity are preparatory for the actual emergence of the noosphere. The aggressive human-technospheric heterotrophy combined with the relentless commodification of matter and the consequent socio-environmental reactions constitute a cosmophysical event: the creation of a mutative alteration of consciousness and intelligence known as the biosphere-noosphere transition.

The Biosphere-Noosphere Transition – 2012-2013
The final Climax of Matter and transformation into Cosmic Consciousness

“Within this {cosmosphere}, the human represents the transformative evolutive medium and pivot point for spirit to acquire its necessary self-reflective knowledge to complete its universal character. It is this spiritual purpose that endows the human its enduring inner truth.” – Cosmic History Chronicles Volume II, Book of the Avatar, p.240

The 2012 equatorial line of the noospheric globe defines the limit of divergence, radiation and the socialization of expansion. Civilization is on a collision course with its environment; it is devouring the biosphere with advanced technospheric acquisitiveness (heterotrophy of artificial means), while within itself, it is committing suicide by means of war, terrorism and the accelerating inability to psychically integrate and socially accommodate the rate of change generated by the technosphere.

The exponentially accelerated pace represents the extreme of mechanization and artificial time – the driving force behind the monetary politics that converts matter into the commodified substance of addictive consumerism. “Economics, as an organism, is destroying the Earth’s face and threatening the existence of the human being.” (Kaznacheev & Trofimov, Reflections ... p. 31) The seeming inconvertibility of the present technospheric order of globalization – the complex of dominating nation-state structures, corporate organizations and supporting economic system, taken as a whole – constitutes a type of unconsciously generated holographic field fractal, a collective belief so pervasive it is assumed to be a bedrock reality, yet it is in the nature of a mass hallucination.

Threatened on all sides by climate change, terrorism, war, crime, and social degeneration, the globally dominating holographic field fractal is on the verge of collapsing, imploding, splintering apart. This is what is portended by the 2012 line of demarcation between Noosphere I and Noosphere II, the Phase of Hominization is about to end. The stage of Superhominization is about to begin. It is important to bear in mind that the noosphere is a cosmic horizon that represents a shift to the predominance of the role of consciousness and intelligence in the evolution of matter and life in the universe.

So when we speak of the advent of the noosphere we are referring to the mental disclosure of a new cosmically generated holographic field fractal – one that will replace the old one. All it would take for this to occur is a momentary break in the planetary electromagnetic field brought about, say, by an immense Coronal Mass Ejection, or even a shift in the sun’s polar magnetism. In that momentary rupture of the terrestrial electromagnetic field, many negative conditioned beliefs (memories) could be erased or severely scrambled, and, more significantly, a new operating holographic field fractal might be instantaneously set in place. In this way the next wave of cosmic evolutionary intelligence would reveal itself. Because of their tendencies to endure and transcend, universally positive thought-forms would withstand the electromagnetic rupture to be retained in the fresh perceptual context or anticipation of something wondrous and new about to unfold. The new collective hologram would seem like a fairy tale come true. In some such manner can we envision the coming of cosmic consciousness – the planetary noosphere.

However this unprecedented event is to occur, it is generally agreed that something has got to give. With the exponential curves of carbon dioxide, global warming, population increase, species extinction, war, drought or any combination thereof, some rupture in the apparatus of civilization and its psychosocial consequences is inevitable. The potential for the biosphere to be transformed into a necrosphere is there. But this is only if we ignore the spiritual dimension and assume that all that exists are the interactions occurring in the third dimension physical reality. This is not the case – we live in a multidimensional universe.

Virtual reality shows that we are starved for release into a parallel world, an imaginal realm that is not just a reflection of our worst nightmares, but of our highest, most sublime aspirations. In the time allotted before 2012, we can exert in the construction of a planetary telepathic matrix to capacitate the disclosure of the new cosmic holographic field fractal – the supermental model of the conscious noosphere (CREST13 Project). We can bring our best parallel world into phase with where we are. “We assume that only the interaction with the cosmophysical parallel world we live in and its assimilation can be the ‘demiurge’ that will saturate and change the atomic/molecular field structures so that we may survive in this new planetary environment.” (Kaznacheev & Trofimov, Reflections … p. 33)

Noosphere Phase II: Socialization of Compression – Psychic Totalization – Superhominization
Increasing Convergence – Conscious Noosphere

63. The Universal Laws and Programs prepared Centuries ago had been prepared in accordance with the Time Units of the World. At the moment, Time has gained Speed. Dates are approaching.
64. The Scarcity of Time is being mentioned as a result of the Time Period which will be accelerated even more.
65. You are faced with a change of Age. Do not forget this. Everything will settle in its course silently and profoundly.
66. Your Planet, which will go through a Cosmic Age for three centuries, will reach the GOLDEN AGE only afterwards.

– “General Information,” The Golden Age, Passages from The Book of Knowledge, Mevlana Foundation, Istanbul, 2000, p.61

The highest and the best in us assumes that we make it through the eye of the needle, December 21, 2012, participating in the greatest adventure we have ever encountered – a planetary mutation of consciousness called the advent of the noosphere. This is Noosphere II, the superhuman phase of increasing convergence, the conscious noosphere. In the new post-2012 reality the world has changed in every way – for the better. History has definitively ended. A new cycle has begun. With clarified perceptions and fresh mind, the incredible vista of entry into cosmic civilization lies ahead of us. All will be felt, perceived or known according to each one’s capacity.

In this cycle of Noosphere Phase II, there are three complementary horizons:

  1. Planetary Noospheric Horizon. 2013 +300(?). Here the biosphere has changed condition. The new holographic field fractal has been mentally received as a planetary phenomenon. A radical change in consciousness has occurred. The old holographic field fractal held in place by the frequency of mechanized (12:60) time has been dissipated. That time is no more. Instead, there is a restoration in natural time, known as 13:20 frequency. This is the value of the 13 Moon/28 day calendar. It universally normalizes this time as a datum of the human mental sphere, placing it in resonance with the 52-year cycles of Sirius B in its rotation around Sirius A. This cosmification of time sense enhances the “Socialization of Compression,” experienced as the sensation of being a single planetary organism. War will no longer be possible. “Psychic Totalization” is the expansion of the mind into a field of universal telepathy, a complement to the socialization of compression. There is an awareness of cosmic reconnectedness, in which the isolation of the ego in its individuation is replaced by conscious immersion in the Deep Self, the universal soul essence. Needless to say, this results in a dramatic reorganization of self-perceptions and values, as well as a greatly enhanced experience of personal power. This is the beginning of the inborn knowledge of superhominization. Internally received perceptions and “messages” from higher cosmic orders of reality abound. New group formations naturally occur for the exploration of the new psychic perceptions and powers. Economic needs are reorganized accordingly. The recognition of the need to redress the autotrophic-heterotrophic balance results in a far more sedentary society, operated by a highly efficient technology running on clean forms of energy, complemented by diminished material desires, but of heightened quality and a deepened aesthetic concern. Indeed, the human will be aspiring to a new cosmic autotrophy. Fabulous new artistic perceptions and norms are evolved for integrating the human mental dimension into the cosmoplanetary environment. This gives rise to a collectively perceived vision of the Cosmoplanetary Art Whole, which will provide the exciting central focus of pan-human activity, facilitating the “planetarization of consciousness.” Scientifically, it will be understood that we have entered a new geological era, the psychozoic. This represents, among other things, the phase of the interiorization of consciousness into matter, epitomized by the psychic interiorization of the Earth – we will feel the whole Earth within us as a new kind of knowing. This is a consequence of the cosmic tendency toward Increasing Convergence – of matter, time, space, mind and consciousness. Government and states will be replaced by the autonomous self- definition of bioregions each governed by its own council, convening a Noospheric Planetary Congress whenever it is deemed necessary. Religion will be a thing of the past, as everybody will commonly know from within the meaning of God, Nature and Reality. In some such manner will the first stage of the Conscious Noosphere be realized. Homo noosphericus will have mastered him/herself.
  2. Horizon of Full Participation in Cosmic Civilization. Realized as a Planetary Art Whole, the cosmoplanetary civilization of noospheric Earth will easily be absorbed into the higher stages of Cosmic Civilization. This will be the dawning of the Golden Age. The superhuman will experience the full flowering of its supermental potential through the final evolution of its brain – the holomind perceiver, the cosmic sense organ embedded in the corpus callosum, synergistically unifying the two hemispheres. Multidimensional experiences will now become the norm. This will complete the process of psychic totalization and the entirety of the cosmic order will be as an image held by the holomind perceiver. The psi bank of the noosphere will become the single organ of all human thought. Luxuriating in the ever changing wonder of the Planetary Art Whole, it will truly be paradise on Earth. The realization of the human as a cosmic autotroph – a biosolar telepath – will be in the ascendance, as the human will learn to synthesize its own sustenance from the atmosphere and solar-cosmic radiation, augmented by “communions” of fruit and water. Facile at dimensional displacement, the human will easily travel to other worlds, gaining new knowledge and information in this way.
  3. Superluminous Horizon of Total Holonomic Convergence. Here we are almost beyond our imaginative capabilities, as we have entered the suprahuman stage. The highest forms of Cosmic Civilization have been attained. The condition of galactic communion allows the suprahuman to shed its body at will. Engineering and monitoring new planetary life forms in this and other universes becomes an option. But in essence, the intermediate phases of hominization and superhominization by which matter is transmuted into cosmic consciousness will have been fulfilled at this point. The human has become so utterly transcendent it is no more, but something so totally other in its magnificently luminous conclusion as to be unrecognizable.
  4. Omega North Pole of Psychic Convergence. Here the journey returns to Source. Consciousness merges into light and light ascends, light upon light, into other universes.

In 1944 Vernadsky wrote, “Statesmen should be aware of the present elemental process of transition of the Biosphere into the Noosphere. The fundamental property of biogeochemical energy is clearly revealed in the growth of the free energy of the biosphere with geological time, especially in relation to the transition into the noosphere … only man transgresses the established order … upsets the equilibrium, though whether he materially cripples the transforming mechanism or merely redistributes it, we cannot at the moment be sure.”

We now know the changes are irreversible. The role of civilization has been accomplished. The cosmophysical force of mind working through the human organism has reshaped the Earth and the future. The transition to a new geological era is now inevitable. What had been taken to be a side-attribute of the complexification of matter – human thought and consciousness – has proven to be an indisputable force of nature, reshaping the environment and Earth’s geology. However, it is not the Earth that shall be destroyed, but merely the outer casings of civilization that will be shut down or swept aside – and very soon. This is what Vernadsky warned about. What we can do is prepare. To change our way of life now is the best preparation. To simplify our diet and life style, to cease violence to ourselves and the Earth, to support positive change, to purify body and mind, to establish new communities, to exert in telepathic exploration (CREST13 Project), and to reach out in compassion and skillful means wherever we can. For this transition is but a passing moment. The Dawn is about to break – and with it, a new world, a new heaven, a new Earth. Those who are ready will be renewed with it. Let us have no doubt: Noosphere is the only future.

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Geoasthetics and the Noosphere

by José Argüelles/Valum Votan

A reversal of world values, a spiritual concept of the Earth as God-created and sacred is in order before we two leggeds can be environmentally effective on a global basis.
Ed McGaa, Eagleman, Mother Earth Spirituality. (1990)

The acceleration of Earth changes ... is intimately connected to the fact that we live in a prevailing world-view that is anything but sacred. A sacred world-view is one that views things as a whole, where every part or detail of nature in some way is a manifestation of a divine presence or a divine law. In such a world-view respect for all that exists is the supreme guiding principle.

The rape of nature, the degradation of the biosphere, the deterioration of social and moral values of the predominant global civilization can all be attributed to the loss of sacred view. Instead of a wholeness – holiness – of vision, there is a separation, a secular divisiveness that propagates itself into ever more finite, analytical bits of information, until we arrive at the present situation, where, decapitated of a hierarchy of values, chaos and anarchy reign in every aspect of human endeavor. Not the least of this atomization of the whole is the rise and dominance of the individual ego, aided and exacerbated by the ultimate cyber-technologies of social networking.

The rise of secular, materialist science since the 17th century has been the principle factor and driving force underlying this state of affairs. In establishing a thoroughly profane world-view and world order, modern science is also at the root of the consumer-oriented society of profligate values and a profound disconnection from nature – resulting in a disordering of the sacred whole.

If modern science is the engine driving the creation of a sacred disorder planetary in scope, art is its reflective medium. Since the scientific revolution the course of art has spiraled into its own devolution of disassociation and devaluation of any clear, socially coherent vision. Modernist and post-modernist art side by side with a pop-culture that, for the most part, relentlessly descends into ever-greater depths of vulgarity, vividly mirror the schizophrenic loss of sacred view.

This degeneration of values owes much to the notion that art and science are separate disciplines and value systems. In a whole system or sacred view this is not the case – science as knowing and art as doing are mutually interactive.

... it is clear that the evolutionary pendulum is swinging. The reversal of world values toward a spiritual concept of the Earth as God-created and sacred is inevitable. There is a dialectic higher than that of materialism – a cosmic evolutionary dialectic that operates by principles of self-transcendence.

When an organism reaches a state of irreducible complexity and whole system crisis, in order to survive, it advances to a new level of simplicity and experiences a radical re-organization of its functions to encompass an expanded world-view. In the evolutionary cycle of the planet, of which we are integral members, this new order is referred to as the noosphere – the great awakening of mind and spirit that beckons ...

The momentousness of the noospheric shift cannot be under-estimated. It is the greatest event in Earth’s history since the transition from Matter to Life 500 million years ago. Now Life gives way to the world of Mind. Life is but the intermediate term between Matter and Mind. As Earth once evolved from the Proterozoic to Paleozoic eras, it now advances from the Cenozoic to the Psychozoic – the noosphere, the unified mind of the Earth and the consequent spiritualization of Life and Matter.

This magnificent mutational shift will advance our perceptions into a whole and sacred way once again. This whole order perception is the natural condition of the universal mind. Cosmos proceeds from the Universal One, the source of sacred being, the breath of the universe, endowing everything with a sacred wholeness, from the atoms to the human being, the two-legged treading upon the Earth. And as everything is interconnected, the human is but an expression of the Earth, the bearer and transmitter of Earth’s mind, the noosphere.

The universe never stopped being sacred; it is only humanity that lost its sacred view. Restored to intrinsic wholeness, the noospheric human will discover that art is the principle medium of the evolution of consciousness throughout the cosmos, and that underlying this artistic intent is a sacred science that proceeds from the whole to embrace the multi-dimensional universe by a single unifying law.

As the perceptual organs of the Earth, humans will innately operate with sacred view. We will not separate and divide as we once did, but realize reality as sets of mutually complementary functions within a whole – the sacred round. We will understand quite simply: Art is how we do things; science is how we know. We cannot do something properly without a way of knowing, while knowing without doing is useless. All knowing is of a whole system; all doing advances the order of the whole.

The consequence of the emerging consciousness of the noosphere will be the spiritualization of art and science as well as their fusion into a new quality of perception: geoaesthesis, the intrinsic perception that the Earthly environment as a whole is organized according to cosmic laws and harmonic aesthetic principles. Geoaesthesis will be the perceptual mode, geoaesthetics the guiding principles of a spiritually unified planetary art and science.

Geoaesthetics will provide the organizational design of the new planetary social order. Informed by the synchronistic and simultaneous knowing of the noosphere, the new discipline will also provide the means of higher mental or paranormal technologies for cleaning up the environment and transforming waste into art.

The noospherically attuned human will learn by these new principles to function as terrestrial antennae to moderate the electromagnetic field directly and establish communication with cosmic civilization throughout the universe. Liberated from the linear concept of time rooted in an arbitrary point in history, and returned to living by the great cycles of the universe, the human will realize time as the principle medium of both art and telepathy. New undreamed of vistas will be opened for the practice of geoaesthetics: Earth will be transformed into a radiant work of art.

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Excerpt from "Galactic Culture and the Coming of Cosmic Civilization" by José Argüelles/Valum Votan

"The social structures mandated by the Law of Time are telepathic structures of knowing as well. The integration of biological living patterns in the correct timing frequency with the pursuit of the creation of mental structures of prolonged duration will endow the species with a collective telepathic awareness presently unknown." –Dynamics of Time, Postulate 1.11

We recognize that evolution is mental-spiritual in nature because the cosmos is fundamentally an event of evolving consciousness. The cosmos of our present-day cosmologists is but a thin horizontal slice across the third dimensional plane of reality. Inexhaustible reaches of an infinite universe yield galactic cluster after galactic cluster.

Hundreds of millions of galaxies. Billions and billions of stars and star systems. Every conceivable kind of world system supporting every conceivable kind of life form. And yet this is only the dazzling display of the third-dimensional order. How much grander is the perspective of the higher dimension of which the third-dimensional plane is merely the foundation, the platform, the basis for the evolution and the expression of the higher states of consciousness? And all of this fantastic display is the purposeful manifestation of the Mind of an omniscient and omnipresent Intelligence so vast and supreme as to be virtually inconceivable. 

If we view the visible universe as a divinely inspired construct of our own limited consciousness, how much more infinitely powerful and splendid must be the multidimensional universe of the less limited consciousness, the consciousness of the supermind, or the supramental consciousness evolved beyond mind? When we consider the intelligence that animates this consciousness that ascends and evolves in ever vaster planes of cosmic order, what can we imagine or conceive that such a civilization of this order might be like? 

The Galactic Culture that we have described is but the most minute point of inception of an order of reality that is so extensive and supermental in nature that it would appear from our vantage point today to be the dwelling place and construct of the gods. Indeed, those of ancient myths who often appear as gods may in reality be the anthropomorphized perceptions of such “visitors” from Cosmic Civilization.

Given the immensity of the universe we can imagine that each galaxy or galaxy cluster is but a single “entity” constituting the entire order of Cosmic Civilization. What then can we say of the part to be played by our little planet in its solitary star system in the far flung Orion Arm of our local galaxy? 

For us to even entertain the notion of Cosmic Civilization on Earth, much less the nature of a universal Cosmic Civilization that is liberated of all the petty concerns that drag us down today we must clear our mind. In fact only a clear light mind can even begin to comprehend the real nature of Cosmic Civilization. Such a civilization will first and foremost be one in which the highest attainment of enlightened mind conceivable to us will be but the foundation for socio-communicative constructs of a parapsychological and telepathic nature beyond conception. Yet once we arrive at the noospheric mind - the Earth plane of unified consciousness - then Cosmic Civilization will become an attainable reality. 

The purest teaching on the direct perception of the nature of mind is probably the Dzog Chen school. Though we can say that it is a feature of Tibetan Buddhism that is too limiting. This teaching merely found a place within the system of Tibetan Buddhism - and even in the shamanic Bon religion which preceded Buddhism - in which it could flourish. “We find, for example, in one of the tantras of Zogqen (Dzog Chen), it is said that the Zogqen teaching is found in thirteen different solar systems. How then can we possibly think that Zogqen originated in a given country and is the result of happenings in that particular location?” (Namkhai Norbu, Dzog Chen and Zen, p.17.) From such a consideration it follows that, “There exist many, many ways for realized beings to manifest themselves and for the teaching to arise.” (Ibid., 18) 

These two statements point to the fact that Dzog Chen as a mind teaching is a feature of a self-existing Cosmic Civilization - accounting for its existence on thirteen solar systems - and that as a higher mind teaching its transmission is not bound in the least by the laws of causality that govern mere third dimensional processes of transmission. This description of transmission explains, for instance, the manifestation of the Law of Time as a supramental descent that is connected with Pacal Votan who lived thirteen hundred years ago. 

To illustrate further the notion that transmission of mind may take many different forms, let us consider a passage from the greatest of the Mahayana Buddhist Sutras, the Avatamsaka or Flower Ornament Scripture,

"All buddhas ... are able to do buddha-work for the benefit of sentient beings - whether looking, examining, moving, stretching, walking or standing still, sitting or reclining, silent or speaking, whether manifesting occult powers, or explaining principles ... All buddhas may do buddha-work while dwelling in forest retreats, or in quiet places, or in desolate places, or in buddha’s dwelling places; or they may do buddha-work while in trance, or while alone in a grove, or while concealing themselves from view, or while abiding in knowledge of the ultimate profundity, or while dwelling in the incomparable realm of the buddhas, or they may do buddha-work while carrying on imperceptible physical actions, adapting to sentient beings’ mentalities ... or they may do buddha work seeking omniscience in the form of water spirits, goblins, cherubim, titans, birds, serpents, humans, subhumans and so on ..." (Volume II, pp. 234-235)

The Flower Ornament Sutra is filled with countless examples of nonlocal consciousness as a normal faculty of all of the cosmic buddhas. Being in not only two different places but in different dimensions at once is accountable by the teaching of the Law of Time regarding the universality of mind, synchronicity and the telepathic nature of time itself. As for the nature of Cosmic Civilization, the hyperdimensionally enlightened mind of the cosmic buddhas also provides descriptions which we may take as metaphors of the supersensory nature of the Cosmic Civilization:

"Within that ocean of worlds was a central world-system called Array of Markers of Doors Facing All Directions, in which there was a world called ubiquitous light the Color of All jewels. The borders of that world were arrayed with jewels reflecting images of the enlightenment sites of all buddhas; it rested on an ocean of flowers made of all kinds of jewels, it was composed of jewels showing the appearances of the emanations of all buddhas; it was shaped like a celestial palace, and it was pure with an admixture of defilement. Furthermore, in that world there are as many world regions with four continents as atoms in the polar mountain; at the center was a set of four continents called Mountain Peak of All jewels, whose four continents were innumerable hundreds of thousands of leagues in extent. On each continent were ten thousand great cities. In the middle of the Southern Continent was a great metropolis called Light of Myriad Arrays of Jewel Trees, surrounded by ten thousand cities. On that continent furthermore, the life span of the people was ten thousand years. The king of that metropolis was named Encompassing Sound of the Proclamation of All Laws, a sovereign ruler. ... The whole continent was under the protection of that king and he had no enemies or opponents.” Ibid., Volume III, p. 230

Though the language and imagery are medieval, the vastness and scope of the description gives us a glimpse of the clarity and vastness of mind characterizing Cosmic Civilization. 

Such visions of a Cosmic Civilization on Earth we find echoed in the memory of Tollan of ancient Mexico. Place of cosmic origin, its mythic splendor was recapitulated in an Earthly Tollan, ruled by the great prophet Quetzalcoatl, for but a brief cycle of time. So it is written, Tollan was the capital of the empire of empires. Seldom if ever, rivaled in the world.

"Tollan was the heart of all that had ever been good and pure. In this ancient land it was the essence of grandeur, the apex of prosperity. Tollan was pure spirit manifested in works of stone and feather, gold and jade. it was a world of religious splendor and godly fulfillment. A sample of what man could do with peace." –Tony Shearer Lord of the Dawn, pp. 106-07.

The vision of the coming Cosmic Civilization on Earth is the vision of Tollan of the Starborn Elders. Those are the ancient Ones whose life is in the future of a past we forgot to live. But the purpose of a divine descent, the nature of which is the noosphere itself, is to give humankind the opportunity to start anew. It is the Second Creation that brings about the Cosmic Civilization on Earth.

Like the previous Earthly Tollan and the enlightened world systems of the buddhas, the future Tollan of the Starborn Elders will be a civilization of Peace. For the mind that knows itself, can only know peace, for peace is the quality of the all-abiding awareness which permeates all the universe and world systems in indestructible simplicity. It is the all-abiding awareness which is the basis of the One mind that will be the Foundation of the Cosmic Civilization on Earth.

It is this mind that will be able to construct with the templates of the Law of Time a Galactic Culture of the synchronic order which will be as harmoniously splendid as it is telepathically interwoven with the interdimensional reality of cosmic consciousness. And through this Galactic Culture, the noosphere of Earth will expand into its place in the great and ever-evolving Cosmic Civilization. 

The Cosmic Civilization will mean a total renewal of the Earth through telepathic magnetic resonant field mind technologies. If history was the era dominated by literacy, in the noosphere of the Cosmic Civilization, a post-literate hypersensory consciousness will arise. We will discover that nature is not democratic. It is cosmocratic. The ruling order comes not from fiats imposed by kings or elected officials, but through the very nature of cosmic organization itself. This will be intuitively understood and telepathically communicated.

A genuine hierarchy will be perceived as already existing throughout the universe, that of the hierarchy of ascending orders of consciousness which, by their nature, are totally spiritual. History will be seen as a fever of the Earth in her preparation to attain full consciousness. Religious boundaries will melt. In the spiritualized perception of everyday life, religion will no longer exist. In its place will be the Universal Recollection - UR.

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by José Argüelles/Valum Votan

from Part 3 the Cuckoo of Awareness, Ornament for Acquiring Realization Known as the Six Diamond Stanzas

(Translation of commentary to the Tun Huang Cave Manuscript)

Dzogchen and the Self-replicating Cosmology of Enlightenment Meditation.
Svasti! Holy of Holies! Homage to the Body-Speech-Mind of the All-Beneficent Lord,
The Diamond of Great Bliss!

Even though that which is usually called “mind” is widely esteemed and much discussed,
Still it is not understood or it is wrongly understood or it is understood in a one-sided manner only.
Since it is not understood correctly just as it is in itself,
There come into existence inconceivable numbers of philosophical ideas and assertions.
Furthermore, since ordinary individuals do not understand it, they do not recognize their own nature.

Padmasambhava, ‘Self -Liberation through Seeing with Naked Awareness, sec. 5

Dzogchen, also called Maha Ati, means the Great Perfection. It is a teaching first presented on this Earth by Pramodavajra ca. 665- 730 AD, of Uddiyan. According to Namkhai Norbu (The Crystal and the Way of Light), this planet is the thirteenth to receive this teaching. Born as Akasavajra - Thunderbolt Fallen from Space - at age seven, Pramodavajra sought out the masters of wisdom of Uddiyan, who were so impressed by his knowledge that he was immediately recognized as a skilled master and a special divine emanation (avatar). He was then named Prajnabhava, “One who is the Source of Peerless Wisdom.” After ordination as a Buddhist monk he became known as Pramodavajra or in Tibetan, Garab Dorje - Regent of the Divine. Note that his birth occurred when Pacal Votan was 62, and that Pramodavajra was 18 in AD 683 when the Great Pacal disincarnated.

When he was 32 (AD 697) Pramodavajra came face to face with the divine presence (Vajrasattva - Indestructible Diamond Lord) and attained complete enlightenment. In his mind Pramodavajra contained all of of the wisdom of the Dzogchen teaching - 6,400,000 lines of sanskrit verse. Note: That number is a fractal of 64 - the life code. Word that Pramodavajra was presenting a new, heretical teaching, a non-causal doctrine in which everything is declared divinely pure from the outset of things, and that therefore mind and phenomena, creature and Creator are always indivisibly One, brought about an effort to assassinate him. He gave up the robes of a monk and took on the white garb of the yogi and wandered into India south of Uddiyan. On Mount Malaya, he was assisted by three enlightenment women (dakini) disciples in transcribing the complete teachings of Dzogchen. The text was then left for safekeeping in a cave known as the “Dakini’s Source of Manifestation.”

He then departed for Bodh-gaya, site of Buddha’s enlightenment, with his mystic consort Lady Suryakirana. At Bodh-gaya they both settled at the cremation ground known as the “Cool Grove.” Here Pramodavajra essentially spent the rest of his life giving teachings. It was also here that he met his chief disciple, Manjusrimitra, to whom he passed on his lineage. Before his disincarnation, Pramodavajra left Manjusrimitra his final teaching, three brief lines which summarize the essence of Dzogchen:

Three Statements Pointing to Intrinsic Awareness

1. Direct introduction to one’s own nature.

2. Direct discrimination of that unique state.

3. Direct continuation with confidence in liberation.

Generally, the first statement means that a skilled teacher or guru must introduce you to the nature of your own mind, and that without the skilled presence of such a master you might not be able to see the nature of mind itself which is nothing that can be grasped and which is already self-enlightened. The second statement refers to developing skillful means in applying the practice of seeing the mind as intrinsic awareness and simultaneously experiencing everyday reality as no different than the nature of your own mind. The third statement refers to the effortless effort at maintaining this practice, knowing that liberation does not come from the ego but from divine grace.

This teaching was transmitted to Padmasambhava through Sri Simha. After a long and adventurous life which led him to Tibet, Padmasambhava transmitted all of his teachings including the Dzogchen to his consort and spiritual heir, the Princess of Karchen, Yeshe Tsogyal  It was Yeshe Tsogyal who then  transmitted the Dzogchen teachings as well as concealed the hidden teachings (terma) in numerous locations, both in Tibet and around the world. It is said that Padmasambhava  implanted into the “psychic continuum” of 108 especially great disciples the mystical keys for the revelation of all the hidden treasure texts. The finders of these texts are referred to as tertons.

The essence of Padmasambhava’s Dzogchen teaching is to be found in a terma, the “Self-Liberation through Seeing with Naked Awareness,” a text of 28 stanzas. The tenth line to the fourth stanza reads, “Yet with respect to the real meaning, there are three statements that will introduce you to your own intrinsic awareness.” These are the three Statements of Pramodavajra listed above, but which are not explicit in Padmasambhava's text.

Suffice it that in the Tibetan Vajrayana tradition, Dzogchen - the Great Perfection, Maha Ati - is considered the ninth and highest “vehicle” of the Buddhist teachings. In recent years its knowledge has flourished greatly, thanks to the popularizing efforts of lamas like Namkhai Norbu, Tulku Thondrup Rinpoche, or Gyatrul Rinpoche. Nowadays, you can even find specialized sections on Dzogchen in larger New Age bookstores.

For us the value of Dzogchen is that it is a perspective that greatly enhances meditation practice, that is Zen-style sitting meditation without an object. While the purpose of this form of meditation can be said to enable one to enter into a state of samadhi - a prolonged state of no concept in mind -the Dzogchen teaching is that the Absolute is already complete in itself. Enlightenment is the nature of intrinsic awareness and intrinsic awareness is the nature of your own mind. In some ways, the Zen teaching is no different, but in Zen there is more emphasis on the form of the practice, while Dzogchen the emphasis is on the enlightened view of doing the practice. Both go together.

However we presenting these teachings in the context of Closing the cycle and the coming of UR - the Universal Recollection - and not in the context of a Buddhist meditation hall or Zen monastery. The tendency in traditional Buddhist teachings, even Dzogchen, is that you don't have to worry about changing your karmic stream or the world - which maybe true in an absolute sense, but which may also tend to contribute to an apathetic or even cynical view about the world.

We are concerned with developing a kind of being who is engaged in the ongoing transformation of the world through the codes of the Law of Time, but who must know her or his own mind to be truly effective. The fact is that the world is changing -dramatically- and  that evolution is occurring. Global Warming is already changing the face of the earth. We must be ready for what is soon to come. The teachings of the Buddha or Pramodavajra are universal teachings. They cannot really be confined to particular traditions, but must be universalized, especially now at the Closing of the Cycle. We can be thankful for the purpose of tradition in having maintained these teachings in their purity until the present moment. But now we are going into the UR - a new evolutionary human is being evolved. That evolutionary human will not necessarily be a Buddhist monk, a Muslim Sufi, or a even a Hare Krishna - but as a universal noospheric chip, all of them and none.

In this context we seek to present the highest and the best of what has been transmitted through tradition, and to present it in its pure form, but without the trappings of tradition, so that it may be accessible to a greater number of humans in order that they might be brought up the evolutionary ladder with all due speed. The Closing of the Cycle is a time of enlightenment, and in the light of 2012, Dzogchen experienced as a Self-replicating Cosmology of Enlightenment Meditation may be of great usefulness, especially if we are to pursue a yogic discipline based on a transformation of self-and-world.

Seen in this way, we herein present a commentary to a six lined text found in the Tun Huang Caves of far Western China, and which is doubtless an early Dzogchen text. This translation and much of the information in the foregoing text comes from or is based on the efforts of lama Kunzang Palden Rinpoche.

Here, first, are the “Six Diamond Stanzas of the Cuckoo of Awareness, an Ornament for acquiring Realization.”

  1. The intrinsic nature of diversity is non dual, since
  2. Singularity is unintelligible, i.e. reality is irreducible and there is nothing you can ultimately say about it.
  3. Facticity (that-which-is) is non-conceptual, since
  4. the totality of created appearance is all-beneficent.
  5. Already having abandoned the disease of striving,
  6. just remain in effortless abiding.

While these six points could be elaborated on endlessly, it is far better to view them as points upon which to meditate. In essence, what this text  communicates is that all of reality in its diversity is inseparable from the mind that perceives, hence non duality. The root of all reality is One. Inseparable from the mind of the perceiver, the perceiver is also one with the root or ground of reality. Whatever one has to say about this reality is unintelligible in the sense that a rock is called a rock, but to itself the rock has no name. Names are merely a diversion of our mind. At the same time the totality of all that exists - the phenomenal world of appearances - is all-beneficent; it is not bad, it is not striking out to hurt or kill you or anything like that, but is actively manifesting as a basic, ever-changing goodness. You will find in it no ego or self, so therefore, there is no point in striving with your ego for anything. So abandoning ego-striving, remain in effortless abiding, which is the true nature of your self and mind. Then you will have insight, and divine grace, with waves of bliss, will give you your next message or script to follow.

The point is not to placidly accept what might be an ultimate relativity, but to realize a return of the Absolute. Non duality is absolute. And a monistic or monotheistic world view is Absolute. Evolution of the soul is absolute, and the transformation of matter is absolute. We need to see the nature of mind as an absolute truth of all-abiding awareness so we can embody this Absolute and become standard bearers of a new reality, one that redeems the present world order and is in line with the revelation of the Second Creation. In the new creation the degree to which we know our true selves, while our minds are realized in their essential nature as intrinsic awareness, that is the degree to which we are able to experience a creative transformation of our selves and our world. In this transformation we are the actual agents or embodiments of a divine command to evolve and transcend, reshaping our environment as we do so.

In the interest of assisting the embodiment of the Absolute, in the traditional commentary to the third point of the Tun Huang text - “Facticity (that-which-is) is non-conceptual” - there is a list of 20 categories of “Absolute that is already complete in itself.”  We here present this “already-ness” of the Absolute according to the Law of Time as a Self-replicating Cosmology of Enlightenment Meditation that utilizes the 0-19 code or 20 solar seals as a means of comprehending these enlightenment teachings in a new light. The value of seeing the Absolute as already complete is that it reorients our perceptions to the already existing perfection of the Second Creation.

Self-replicating Cosmology of Enlightenment Meditation 20 categories of the Absolute Already Complete in itself.

1. Dragon: The Compassion for sentient beings has “already been performed since the beginning.” Dragon nurtures compassion for all beings. 

2. Wind: The Mandala has “already been laid out since the beginning.” Wind communicates spirit, the essence of which is the mandala of the original cosmic order. 

3. Night: The Offering (puja) has “already been made since the beginning.” Night dreams abundance heaped up as the limitless offering to the Divine One. 

4. Seed: The Spiritual Conduct has “already been done since the beginning.” Seed targets the flowering of intrinsic awareness as the basis of  Spiritual Conduct. 

5. Serpent: The Dzogchen View has “already been realized.” Serpent manifests the view of cosmic life force as the self-realized instinct of original mind. 

6. Worldbridger: The Meditation has “already been developed.” World-bridger equalizes perception of self and other into the meditation that need not be created. 

7. Hand: The Covenant has “already been kept.” Hand accomplishes the self-existing covenant binding all knowledge for the healing of the World Soul.  

8. Star: The Spiritual Practice (sadhana) has “already been accomplished.” Star Beautifies the spiritual practice as the Elegance of Enlightenment. 

9. Moon: The Attainment (siddhi) has “already been acquired.” Moon purifies the universal water of all the siddhis placing them in the flow of all mind-streams. 

10. Dog: The twofold Accumulation of Merit has “already been completed.” Dog shares love universally as the accumulation of merit, both for himself and for all beings. 

11. Monkey: The Attainment (siddhi) has “already been granted.” Monkey’s magic is in your being as all of the siddhis ready to dispel lower illusion whenever necessary. 

12. Human: The highest Degree (bhumi) has “already been ascended to.” Human, uplifted to the highest Degree, dispenses wisdom impartially from atop the ladder of free will. 

13. Skywalker: The Empowerment (abisheka) has “already been received.” Skywalker explores space as the empowerment of all-abiding wakefulness. 

14. Wizard: The Obscuration has “already been cleared.” Wizard, enchanted by timelessness, is incapable of being obscured by anything. 

15. Eagle: The Mahamudra (Great Symbol) meditation has “already been accomplished.” Eagle sees all reality as a sign of enlightenment. 

16. Warrior: The Mantra has “already been recited.” Warrior’s intelligence is in the sacred syllables that are recited through him. 

17. Earth: The Union-Practice has “already been done.” Earth, the indivisibility of all-evolving time and consciousness, is the Synchronicity (union-practice) of knower and known. 

18. Mirror: The Distraction has “already been overcome.” Mirror reflects reality perfectly without distortion or distraction. 

19. Storm: The Sign of Success has “already appeared.” Storm catalyzing energy is the success of the field needing the rain. 

20. Sun: The Heat of meditation “has already been generated.” Sun enlightens life as the universal fire of self-generating meditation. 

Since the 20 solar seals repeat continuously thirteen times every 260 day cycle ad infinitum, to follow this practice on a daily basis is to participate in a self-replicating cosmology of enlightenment meditation. The practice has already been perfected, but without practice you will not know that.

The foregoing text has been presented for the benefit of all beings at the Closing of the Cycle. It is one of a series of documents dealing with the nature of mind and consciousness which constitutes ongoing research of the Noosphere II Project of the Galactic Research Institute of the Foundation for the Law of Time.

Many thanks to lama Kunzang Palden Rinpoche of Santa Cruz, for his Texts, The Golden Tradition, A History of the ancient Lineage of the masters of Wisdom, the Holders of the Supreme Yoga Tradition, in Continuous Succession from the Seventh Century down to the Present (1995), and for his translation and commentary of the Cuckoo of Awareness, an ornament for Acquiring Realization known as the Six Diamond Stanzas.

Galactic Research Institute
Self-existing Owl Moon of Form, Alpha 5, Kin 87, Blue Solar Hand
Blue Crystal Storm Year

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