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Help the Red Queen

Not long after JA ascended I was inspired to write the following, in the form of a conversation with VV. 

VV said,

You weren’t listening closely enough. The static around my Jose Arguelles persona had become too intense and you were becoming distracted by the soap opera. This is better, you are actually paying attention.

Help the Red Queen complete her mission. 

Only those who are utilizing the Law of Time technology of the mind will be able to access this information. This is the way it works. This is your post graduate course in synchrogalactic yoga. Welcome to the circus of the mind. 

This is what I have been doing all these years, preparing a transdimensional speaking tube. This is the law of time. These are the schematics of telepathy. Each wavespell is a mini-trance that, if understood correctly, will enable you to experience the leading edge of a collective wave of consciousness that comes to you from the epicenter - Hunab Ku. The more powerful the wave is, and the less prepared you are for its intensity, the more chaotic and destructive will be its impact.

This is the lesson of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. 

The intergalatic Maya have been tracking the effects of this particular wave since its creation. They experienced its beginning as a universe-quake. The leading edge of the wave is its most destructive aspect. The waves are in all forms.

Prepare yourself for a big change. Imagine the most impossible scenario and then double and triple, square and cube it. This is still not big enough. Everything is going to change, everything is going to be different.

(Cosmic History: pg 99) Cosmic thoughts are referred to as ‘mentation waves’ formulated as the correct laws of thought, and are a function of the holomind perceiver. A mentation wave is a configuration of telepathic potentialities, independent of language, and based on whole orders of supermental percepts, intrinsic to non-egoic knowing. The mentation waves are a function of the holomind perceiver and operate at the central core, radiating out to the different mental spheres as is needed. This is how the noosphere is established.

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Mental Spheres

Part of the synchrogalactic yoga practice is week three where the seven mental spheres are visualized as being associated with certain parts of the brain.

For example: MS (mental sphere) 1 is located in and covering the right rear lobe and cerebellum; MS2 is centred in the optic nerve, encompassing the pineal gland and corpus callosum; MS3 in the anterior portion of the right cerebral hemisphere above the right eye; MS4 above the left eye in the left cerebral hemisphere; MS5 above the left ear in the left cerebral hemisphere; MS6 above the right ear in the right cerebral hemisphere; MS7 in the central corpus callosum.

What I have never been able to do is visualize or sense these spheres as spherical, since they appear to cover such disparate areas of the brain, and overlap at times (see MS2 and MS7).

But while I was meditating today and visualizing MS6 as a point of awareness over my right ear, I sudden had the idea that a more accurate description would be mental domain. A domain can be described as an estate or territory, or the scope or range of any subject or sphere of knowledge.

Thus the center of the mental domain located in my brain above my right ear, governs the left lateral hemisphere. (I am using today, Limi 20 as an example). This enables me to perceive this consciousness as the operator of a cosmic antenna that connects to higher intelligence.

Suddenly it all begins to make sense. Thus the MD (mental domain) associate with Dali is the area of the brain associated with the right rear lobe and the cerebellum and is experienced as profound samadhi. The experience of samadhi is the essence of this domain. The second MD is experienced as peripheral awareness as associated with one's peripheral vision. And so on.

It works for me, what do you think?

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Opening the seventh heptad gate (441)


The Sirius B52 Element 113 is a specially designed antenna to connect you to the Sirius star system. This activates the central column of your etheric body, to the degree that you are safely anchored in the center of the earth (in contact with the earth’s flux tube). In this way your two flux tubes are joined in an harmonic arc.

What is today’s message?

At the end of every moon, when you are practicing synchrogalactic yoga, you are given a package that you open for the next 28 days. This process is repeated thirteen times in a year.

Each package relates to the theme of the coming moon and is designed to be apportioned to the area of concentration described in the Practices. Each single piece of information (smaller packages in themselves, that actually contain the entire message) is one day out of phase - one day in the future. To understand how this works just think of yesterday. The events of the day are already fading but still retrievable with a little concentration. In the same way, but mirrored, the events of tomorrow are emerging and growing stronger and this too is retrievable with a little concentration.

Start with the feeling, try to get a general sense of how the day feels. Think back to yesterday - what is the general feeling that you are left with? For tomorrow, are you filled with a feeling that you want it to come or do you have a feeling of reluctance? Most people do not realize but you can alter, to a certain degree, the fine details of any day in the future.

For instance, if you knew that a tsunami was on its way you could not do anything to stop the tsunami, but you could try to get to high ground. So if you identify a feeling of reluctance or low energy about the day to come, concentrate on this feeling, do not shy away from it, try to find out as much detail as you can. Then you can make a decision, if you wish to change the feeling.


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