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Welcome to Galactic Spacebook – Where Time is a Frequency and Space is a Holographic Unity!

The Mission of Galactic Spacebook is to evolve Galactic Culture on Earth.

As an evolving network, Galactic Spacebook was created to help us Unify in Time on the Return Journey to our Greater Universal Nature – a New Mind, a New Consciousness, a New Way of Life in universal attunement with the Earth and the Cosmos.

This site is a space for positive co-creation based on the Law of Time; and a place of mutual encouragement and support for Star Travelers, Time Beings and Planetary Artists to recover our cosmic memory and unite in a new frequency: 13:20.

The 13:20 frequency is a bridge to assist our emergence from the dense space of linear time to the magnificent simplicity and cosmic magic of natural time.

The 13 Moon calendar (synchronometer) is the key we use on Earth to access the vast realm of the synchronic order.

The positive unification of our minds and hearts on behalf of Galactic Culture sends a powerful ripple through the galaxy and into the noosphere.

It is up to us to create the positive/parallel alternative universe based on Love, Art and Synchronicity!

Vision Prayer of the Seven Galactic Directions Intergalactic Premise

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Uninscribed: Initiation into the Heart of Time - by Stephanie South


Grand Prize Winner of The Independent Spiritual Book Awards 2015 - Accessing Your Multidimensional Self by Stephanie South


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13:20:frequency:shift blog by stephanie south/red queen

Ceremony of Light: 260 Days of Vision

The outer self we present to the world is but a mirror of an internal psychic process. The real learning occurs in the inner academy of the soul, where all the mysteries of creation lie dormant until their appointed time of discovery. The synchronic… Continue

Pandora’s Box and the Magic Dance

“It’s time to fold up Pandora’s box.” These were the words that awakened me from a deep dream on the morning of White Planetary Worldbridger, Kin 166/February 13, 2022.  In the dream vision, I heard much noise and clamor; then I saw all the world… Continue

Noosphere: Spiritual Dimension of Reality

Resonant Moon 15: White Electric Worldbridger In honor of the 83rd solar return of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan, here is an excerpt from his Noosphere II document: https://lawoftime.org/noosphere/nooarticles/noosphere-two-prospectus.html “To be deeply… Continue

9 Years: Pacal Votan and the Order of Thieves

Everything has already happened. We are just re-experiencing it.  Four years ago, I posted a writing, noting the nine-year zuvuya window between Solstice 2012 and 2021 – a cycle of supreme acceleration and opportunity to cultivate our inner… Continue

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