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Solar Memory, Jupiter's Memory, & ET's

Solar History is the embodiment of experiences that a sun or star experiences during it's lifetime. It has memory of planets, moons, individuals, & beings, that have existed within it's system. The memory of individual conscious beings are also stored within the planetary memory of the respective planet that it belongs to.

Jupiter has a memory of it's beings which reside in it. During a meditation, I retrieved some of Jupiter's memory and realized that life on Jupiter can be likened to the idea of the surviving wizard. Additionally, I perceived that resemblance to an Earthling human on Jupiter was actually a race of wizards that had evolved into highly intelligent lifeforms. In Jupiter's insubstantial atmosphere, these beings could substantiate themselves and their environments altering the course of events and behavior of other beings on the planet, most notably the large eagle-glyphed typed creatures.


During a meditative trance I had an interview-like conversation with one of these wizard-glyphed Jupiterians. He told me that his race of people were facing extinction and that there was a way for humans on Earth to help them, and that was through generosity. The eagles of Jupiter occur as a natural phenomenon within Jupiter's atmosphere. An electro-magnetic pulse is released when large group of the wizard beings are gathered together and out of no where, catastrophe happens as an eagle strikes. Similar to a tornado on our planet Earth, a difference in air pressure causes it to touchdown from upper atmosphere to the ground level. When this eagle/tornado type manifestation touches down amidst of the gathering wizards, their forms are sucked up into the cyclone and their consciousness is altered. Long ago, this would completely wipe their memories, but more recently they have built resistances against the Eagle manifestations. The particular Jupiterian I spoke to said that he/she had entered a vortex and retained it's memory on multiple occasions. and some have even proven to come out with a completely unscathed memory. Generosity on Earth - giving to others who need it without expecting anything in return - causes the storms on Jupiter to cease. Successfully eliminating or finding a work around the 12:60 timing frequency here on Earth allows us to help the Jupiterian Humans in their efforts to maintain their memories through their encounters with the eagle-glyphed creatures.

All of the planets within the Velatropa system combined, form Solar History or the Sun's History. Each planet within the system was born in a unique way. There are different tribes associated with each planet or orbit. On Earth, we carry the human and hand tribe. Earth is the source of wisdom for the entire solar system. It is our job as humans to influence the other tribes to accomplish their tasks.

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