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I am betting that the majority of visitors to this site are outsiders, disatisfied with the state of the world as it is, and looking for an alternative vision, something that makes sense in a non-sensical world.What I wonder is how many visitors have actually dropped the Gregorian mind set?I can only look from within my own experience and say that this path is a lonely one, that stepping outside of consensus reality is not supported. Living the 13 Moon way will not bring you money, nor will it bring you happiness or peace, it may in fact bring you exactly the opposite.So why bother?Again, speaking from my own experience, it seems to be the only way I can live in this world with any integrity. I have to live in the technosphere, but I do not have to be driven by its ceaseless momentum. I may be one of the lemmings headed for the cliff, but at least I can delay the plunge by stopping every so often to smell the flowers.
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Synchronicity, CG Jung and 189

9676513454?profile=original“Synchronicity is divine law and order – it is the norm of the universe. The study of synchronicity and the Synchronic Order is so vast that it could use it´s own seven volumes. C.G. Jung first introduced the idea of synchronicity to the masses in 1952, with his famous exposition on the topic. Jung described synchronicity as an “acausal connecting principle”. In other words, the term synchronicity designates the simultaneous occurrence of meaningful coincidences in time, but without sufficient physical evidence to place them in a relationship of cause and effect. His studies were linked to his own experiments and related investigations of the I-Ching.

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Kin 118

I unify in order to reflect
Attracting order
I seal the matrix of endlessness
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I am guided by my own power doubled

While I post this blog on GS many eYes of the world are directed to as usual “Historic Times, Epic Times and 7 Hours of Terror” (because the landing process is so difficult).  The European Space Orginazition ESA is going to land Philae on the Comet 67P/C-G


Discovery: Kin 20 (20.09.1969)

Rosetta launch: Kin 113 (02.03.2004)

Controlled touchdown: Kin 118 (12.11.2014/ Doot  2020)


“The lander is named after Philae Island in the Nile where an obelisk was found and used, along with the Rosetta Stone, to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics.”


What are we searching for on this comet? What is the archetypal and symbolic meaning?

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Pacal Votan

Birth:  23. March  603,   8 Ahaw   13 Pop

Enthronement :  26. July 615,  5 Lamat  1 Mol

Death:  28. August 683,  6 Etz'nab  11 Yax



Kin 101 and 102 is together  203 „Second Mystic Moon“

What I will tell you now sounds certainly a bit  like fantasy stuff and I myself feel at certain times  like the magic-apprentice who called the ghosts/powers and now they are here. I will write this part of the blog in i-phone, i-mac, i-pad, i-watch form even though I don`t like the eYe form, it is easier for me to tell the story which happened to this particular time-space-cube-soul.

It was on Kin 101 and 102 (Sunday 26th. Oct.2014 and following Monday) that some amazing things happened. My partner Nicola Kin 208 wanted to go with our 5 year old daughter Lara Kin 186 (Prophets Conference Cancun/Kin 113 Translator/113 and 222 meet VV) to a special children`s gospel in the protestant Church. As we approach Galactic Culture and leave behind History and Religion during  these special times we don`t raise our child in any way “religious” and certainly Lara who was born on a Full moon Morning  during “Mother`s Day”  is not baptized. But as the community/suburb/country and Kindergarten has a Christian background it is a  good thing for children to hear Story`s about Jesus paint some pictures and meet with their friends.

I was happy to catch an hour in between family responsibilities and dived into the subject of another blog and the Pacal dates of birth and ascension  again. Before some time already I had found two books  on the web which are - thanks to google - partially readable (before purchasing) and both confirmed again the dates of Pacal Votan as mentioned above. The first is from scholar Vera Tiesler published 2006 @ University of Arizona Press  and called: Janaab Pacal of Palenque, Reconstructing the Life and Death of a Mayan Ruler

And the other is called, The Ancient Maya by Robert  J. Sharer, 1946-2006 by Stanford University Press. Both certainly recommended reads to dive into the archeological past of Nah Chan = House of Serpents of ancient Mexico. The Ancient Maya

I flipped through the pages of the partially visible google preview again and was quite amazed to read this on page 109:

Because of the permutations of the calendar only four days could ever occupy the first position of the Haab (365 days) or any of its month ( 18x 20 day Sak + 5 Day Uayeb). In classic times these were the days Akbal, Lamat, Ben and Etznab, known as year bearers  ….. By the time of the Spanish Conquest, the Maya year bearers had shifted forward to the days named Kan, Muluc, Ix and Cauac.” 


This was amazing! Normally the year-bearers don`t shift, they stay constantly the same unless for example  you add a leap day (as does the gregorian calendar with 29th of Feb. every 4th year to keep in pace with the Tropical Solar year of 365,242 days) and count it through the Tzolkin. This is exactly the reason why the 4th Dimensional Dreamspell doesn`t count leap days.

So why did the Mayas change these year-bearers before the Spanish conquest? In the Chilam Balam prophecies from about  the 16th Century the “new” and current year-bearers are mentioned. Contemplating this question, the door opened and my two girls were standing inside the apartment again.

“The church  was closed. There were no people there.” My little beauty Lara reported.

The three of us were wondering what this was about. The pope normaly doesn`t withdraw from his throne and every Sunday there is a Gospel happening! I looked again at the clock and it was only 9.00 o`clock ! Winter time!! They had changed the clock in the night from 3 back to 2, from Summer to Winter time and Nicola had looked at an analogous Watch, which didn`t change the time automatically. They had been one hour early at the church. (Finally we found out that  no Children`s Gospel at all happened on that day because there were also Autumn school holidays.)


Treasures from Space

In the afternoon of that Kin 101 Red Planetary Dragon Sunday we went to the convention area and the Munich Show- Mineral Days which is happening annually. A few days prior I had seen a advertising poster with a Meteorite and Dinosaur on it which caught my attention.



I had in my mind of finding maybe a double terminated crystal and during our Underground train ride to the fair which is on the other side of town I was quite delighted to see in one`s passengers catalogue – who was actually an old Sir dressed in black, sitting opposite me and closing his eyes/meditating – that there were two special side Exhibitions happening- Treasures of the Universe and Godsends from Heaven.

At the Mineral Show we were surrounded by amazing Quartz Crystals, small and big and huge. Beautiful  rainbow colored shimmering Opals from Dreamtime Australia, a lot of human made Crystal Sculls and many other interested people.  We made our way through the fair, me watching out for double terminated  and other Crystal Treasures and my two girls watching for necklaces and bracelets. Slowly but continusly I navigated to the Special Exhibitions as this was the reason I knew at that time that  I was there. 

At the entrance to Treasures of the Universe we met Ina a  friend of us, saying Hello and exchanging the latest News. As girls usually have to exchange a bit more of Information I continued my exploring a few meters alone into the Exhibition, touched a huge 360 kg measuring Meteorite from Africa  and found myself suddenly in front of a Info-board with a map on it.

This Board was about a comet which came down in 2012, new All-Sky- Camera technics which had captured it and an area map where scientists believe fragments of this comet came down. A strange feeling, remembrance and prevision entered me. Somehow I knew this area on the map from before.  Was this? No this is not possible!


My girls catched up and fetched me out of my tunnel view. We continued the Treasures from Space exhibit and yes:  This was Amazing!

There were Meteorites from Mars, Chunks from the huge Russian Meteorite  Chelyabinsk which came down on Kin 3 Blue Electric Night (15.02.2013) and the oldest so far known European  Meteorite which was a 53,8 kg stone and came down on Kin 163 Blue Resonant Night. A great  thing on this Exhibit was  also that you could touch several of those huge sacred Stones.

We continued our exploration also into the next Special Exhibition called Godsends from Heaven which was about the religious meaning  for Cultures and Nations when comets appeared or fell down on Earth. Normally announcing  special times, like the birth of Christ but also immense Changes, Wars and Destiny of Nations.

Certainly here was also referred to the Kabah in Mekka, which according to Quran is housing the Black Stone (some say red) which is a Meteorite and which Adam the first Human - our all ancestor  -had found and placed into a Pagan shrine when he came down on Planet Earth. Read more about  the Quran, the Cube and the Geomantic Power of the Kabah in Chapter 7 of Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. 6  Book of TranceZenDance and in Kin`s 113 great blog Sirius Rising over Mekka linked at the end of this blog.

Coming home in the early evening I immediately opened google maps  and scanned the area. The supposed place where the  Comet came down was actually one mountain valley down from the place I had located Pacal Votan`s ascension. After I had found out that the straight crop circle line which connected  three Bavarian Crop circles was 12,34 km long and Pacal Votan accessed  the Throne 12,34 solar years after birth, I certainly continued the 218,78 degree line on the map and it ended with the ascension of Pacal Votan about 80,75 kilometers/ years later in a mountain Forest.

I remember thinking at that time: “Well, here it will become difficult for a crop circle to manifest, it seems like there is only mountains and forests  at this place on the map”


Then I scanned the Web using the official name of this Comet: EN21022012. There it was, a report by German DLR Air-Space Aviation and Aeronautics:


The Document describes that 4 German and Austrian All-Sky-Cameras captured the Fireball  (#42 Neukirch, #88 Oberreith,  #87 Gernsbach #26 Martinsberg) together with other lucky photographers and some Webcams  on 21.Febr. 2012 which was Carnival Tuesday. Then you have the GPS Positions where EN 21022012 has dived into Earth`s  Atmos - Sphere, a graphic of Light-Intensity and Earth/Sun/Comet Orbit`s, several photos and the Information  that the entering angle was 60 Degrees the trace-track was 80,6 km long and the bright duration was 4.4 seconds.

The assumed origin is the Asteroid Belt – former planet Maldek Serpent/Wizard and it was about 30 kg heavy when it entered V24.3 Noosphere it  fragmented/exploded into several pieces.

Scientists encourage people to search for the Rest-Mass of about 500g even though it is definitely a challenge as they assume it lying in the Austrian Mountains at about 1800 m height close to the peaks Jochumkopf and Rosskarspitze. 

On 21. Feb. 2012 was Kin 164 Yellow Galactic Seed, 2x260 days 520 Kins prior to Galactic Synchronization.



Kin 102 –Paramahansa Yogananda and the Time Bang!

The next day was Monday, and thanks to God I don`t have a 9 to 5 Job. As my two Ladies where out of the house for Jobbing and Kindergarten I had some  time to discover the following things. I will shorten now a bit this report as otherwise it becomes too long:

-          The Date of Comet EN21022012 is the 11th Palindrome date of the 21st Century. “Happy Palindrome Day” is when a date is readable forward and backward.  Our Galactic Seed Comet is readable as >>>>21-02-2012 or 2102-20-12 <<<<.

-          The only second palindrome date of the 2012 year was 02-10-2012 and Kin 127.

-          164+127=291-260=31 Kin 31 Blue Overtone Monkey was Jose`s last year Kin.

From the University of Portland, Oregon published on Kin 203 (28.10.2010) where you will find more interesting Math`s:  https://faculty.up.edu/ainan/PalindromeDay21022012.pdf

Besides this:

21.022.012 /2 is 10.511.006

21.022.012 /4 is   5.255.503

21.022.012 /11 is 1.911.092

21.022.012 /22 is    955.546

21.022.012 /44 is    477.773

                      Sum : 19110920 + 1911092 = 21.022.012

Besides this  the Galactic Seed Kin 164 Comet 21.02.2012 came down  2/3 days before the 25 year Anniversary of the Quetzalcoatl Supernova 1987A on 23/24.02.2012 Kin 166/167 White Planetary World-Bridger/ Blue Spectral Hand – tomb dedication and  ascension Kin of Pacal Votan.


While I write these words now  on Kin 116 Yellow Crystal Warrior (10.11.2014) a new treasure unlocked.



The Title of the Time Magazine from 23.03.1987 was  Time Bang! "Scientists are agog over the brightest exploding star in 383 years!"

 With a photo of the 1987A Supernova and published March 23, 1987. 23.03. is in 13 Moons Solar Moon 17 and is the birth date of Pacal Votan 23.03.603 and the ascension date of Jose Arguelles aka Valum Votan 23.03.2011. While the blogger Stefan who posted this bit of Information did this on 23.02.2007 Kin 161 Red Overtone Dragon gregorian month+day the Supernova obviously appeared on the first screens for  scientists.

23 February 1987,
7:35 UT

Anomalously high neutrino counting rates observed in the Kamiokande, IMB, and Baksan neutrino detectors

23 February 1987,
10:30 UT

Robert McNaught photographs the Large Magellanic Cloud. When he develops the plate, a bright new star shows up.

24 February 1987,
5:30 UT

Astronomer Ian Shelton at the Las Campanas Observatory, Chile, sees with his naked eyes a new star in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

23.02.1987 = Kin 141 Red Spectral Dragon  24.02.1987 = Kin 142 White Crystal Wind


It is exactly 1384 Solar Years  from the birth of Pacal Votan to the Title story of Time`s Magazine and V24 Solar Years from the Title story to the ascension of Jose. 1384 is (5x260=1300+84)  Kin 84 Yellow Rhythmic Seed. And V 24 is Kin 24 Yellow Spectral Seed. 24+84 is 108 GM(x) Galactic Mayan/Mind Stream.



“Four days later, in the morning of Kin 24, I had a dream with Votan who transmitted images of the unfolding of world events. We had a lucid discussion about the 812-day program of Sirian rebirth that we had been engaged in at the time of his passing. Much information was transmitted (most of which was non-conceptual), though he indicated about learning to “ascend” and “descend” simultaneously and now more than ever the importance of anchoring the new frequency to stabilize the dissonant energies on our planet. Upon waking from the dream I reviewed the 144 days of Star Remembrance. Then I noted that it concludes on Kin 28, and of course the next day is Kin 29. 28 x 29 = 812.“ From the Red Queen`s  812 days to Solar Consciousness blog.

How can I not say now that this is a powerful Terma (hidden treasure) which was placed by Pacal Votan through his extraordinary powers in a perfect timing for me to unlock it on Kin 19 and that I shall function as the Terton (treasure finder). Perfectly linked in time and space to other Kins Downloads and to the 812 Days to Solar Consciousness. This is the power of time, the 4th Dimension. There is no boundaries in time, time is the essence of space. This is the Path Beyond Technology.  


Coming back from this Side-Tunnel to the Kin 102 day and the Information which was unlocked then:

-          On that day I surfed again into the preview of the book The Ancient Maya by Robert J. Shearer  and found those dates in the life of Pacal Votan, note LC refers to “Old Tzolkin” and DS to “Dreamspell” Kins:




-   Married Lady Tz’akbu Ajaw          LC 137     DS 260         19.03.626

-   Death of mother Lady Sak Kuk      LC 225     DS 84           09.09.640

-     Kinich Kan Balam II royal heir        LC 243     DS 102         14.06.641

-  Death of father Kan Mo Hix            LC 26       DS 145         29.12.642


Did you notice?  There is an interesting date written: Married Lady Tz’akbu Ajaw

This Marriage between Kinich Janaab Pacal and Lady Tz`akbu Ajaw  started  according to the Pacal Hypothesis on Kin 260. If we suppose that this ceremony started before sunrise on DS Kin 260 literally taking the Cosmic Sun Power into the NEW day which was then Kin 1 Red Magnetic Dragon, we have exactly the symbol of Imix/Dragon in several other Mayan Tribes. The light which comes into the Womb/Water/Alligator and creates the New through Birth. But at that time back in the year 626 the royal pair was following the Mayan Tzolkin and according to which  the ceremony started on Kin 137 Lord Seven Earth –and went into Kin 138 White Galactic Mirror. 7 Earth the Ah Vuc Ti Cab  is the mediator of the Crystal Earth Core who is residing inside his crystal Kingdom in the center of Planet Earth. We can leave our imagination free …. this was certainly a several days lasting big Mayan Party. And if it went until 23.03.626 Pacal`s Solar birthday  it went until DS Kin 4.




-          It was only in the evening of Kin 102 that I then finally found what I had been searching for: An answer to my Question I asked to Kin 34 @ the Pacal Hypothesis Blog: 

"How did the scholars come to announce Pacal`s birthday as 23rd of March 603?.....could it be, that those scholars who promote the 23rd of March for the birth did re-arrange the current used L.C. dates automatically already?”

12.jpg?width=250And then it came, the Answer:  John D. Pratt describes himself on his Webpage: 

“I love puzzles, science, math, calendars, and enjoy connecting ideas from a wide variety of disciplines. I have degrees in physics and math from the U. of Utah, and a Ph.D. in astronomy from the U. of Arizona. I taught astronomy at a state college and keep notes for that class on this web site. I also do computer programming, have three software patents, and host a few websites …. Most of my publications have been about chronology…”


In his Articles A Native American Easter and Venus Resurrects this Easter Sunday John D. Pratt is  referring about  Easter Sunday 15. April 2001, which was Dreamspell Kin 102.

He announces  that this day is very, very special, because it is not only the symbolic resurrection of Christ but also a very rare Venus rising is occurring, and in the Sacred Count, which is nothing but the old Dreamspell, before it was reformulated by Jose Arguelles, this day is 1 Reed. 1 Reed is the old writing what  1 Ben/Skywalker and Kin 53 is in the Dreamspell.

Therefore John D. Pratt viewed this 15.04.2001 as very important and rare and used not only the Sacred Calendar Count of the Mayas/Aztecs, but also the Jewish Calendar, the Venus Count 584+1 Days, and the Mercury Spin 116+1 Days.

Those two counts Venus 584 Synodic Spin + 1 day and Mercury 116 Synodic Spin + 1 day make 585 and 117 and were very important for the Mayas too. Remember that they used up to 17 different calendars/counts.  You will find the Number 585 as frequency of Enlightenment on page 216 6x6x6 Cube power of the Cube book CHC Vol.7 and on page 117 you will find Valum Votan`s Galactic Navigator Frequency Crystal.


14.jpg?width=300What those two Articles also uncover are the birth and resurrection dates of Jesus Christ, which certainly happened during Venus rising , and  1 Reed  in the Long Count and during several other most important Jewish Calendar dates.

I can only recommend reading John D. Pratt`s two Articles (and more) as they are a refreshing new sight on the Calendar subject. Note that the Sacred Round is nothing else as the 20 Wavespells of 13 Days with slightly different Symbols, which you will find also on the Aztec Calendar Sun Stone.



Published Mar. 28, 2001 Kin 84: A Native American Easter  



Published Feb.  27, 2001 Kin 55:  Venus Resurrects this Easter Sunday   



I came across this information on Kin 102 in the evening, and it was my missing Puzzle peace. Jesus can resurrect on 1 Reed and Quetzalcoatl can fly on 1 Reed…. I was struck by reading this passage of  John D. Pratt, because it confirms the Pacal Hypothesis and the Hypothesis got  a Name: Julian Day Number  584282:


The so called Julian Day Number not to confound  with the Julian Calendar before it`s reformulation into the Gregorian Calendar, is a Starting Point at 01.01.4713 B.C. for Astronomers and Chronographers to track and synchronize different Calendars:  

“The Julian Day Number (JDN) is the integer assigned to a whole solar day in the Julian day count starting from noon Greenwich Mean Time, with Julian day number 0 assigned to the day starting at noon on January 1, 4713 BC, proleptic Julian calendar (November 24, 4714 BC, in the proleptic Gregorian calendar). [1] For example, the Julian day number for January 1, 2000, was 2,451,545” Source Wiki           http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julian_day


4.1 The Correlation Constant by John D. Pratt


What day of the Sacred Round was April 6, 1 BC? The almost universally accepted correlation of the Mayan Calendar, which includes the Sacred Round, affirms that April 6, 1 BC, was indeed 1 Reed. That fact has been pointed out by others, who have also accepted it as evidence that the Feathered Serpent was Jesus Christ.[21] But before we celebrate that coincidence, we must look carefully at how certain it is. That usual correlation is called the GMT correlation for three scholars (Goodman, Martinez, and Thompson ) who each proposed a correlation which all fell within a six-day interval. The GMT represents a compromise between the three, and is not equal to any of the three separate proposals. It is generally thought to be close enough for most purposes and it does agree with that still used by some tribes. However, for the chronology of sacred events, accuracy of a few days is not sufficient. Even if it is correct for the Aztecs, what if they had lost track of a day or so during the 1500 years since Christ? As will be seen in this paper, many religious events are determined to within a quarter-day, so accuracy is imperative.


In the case of the Savior's birth, the evidence is that he was born during the night preceding April 6, 1 BC, but according to the GMT correlation 1 Reed began at dawn that day.[22] Not only does the Savior's birthday appear to be off by one day, but in a collection of about two hundred dates, many of the correlations to the Sacred Round become significant if the GMT correlation is adjusted by exactly one day. Thus, I propose that the dawn beginning April 5, 1 BC began the day 1 Reed on the Sacred Round and that the Savior was born during the following night. All dates in this paper refer to that correlation. It falls within the 6 day GMT range, but does not equal any of the other four correlations.[23] Using this correlation date, any Sacred Round date can then be easily calculated by simply counting days around the Sacred Round's fixed 260-day cycle, or by using the calendar conversion program on my web site.[24]

"The so-called correlation constant is the Julian Day number of the beginning of the Mayan long count. Goodman proposed Julian Day 584,280; Martinez 584,281; Thompson proposed 584,285. The GMT value is 584,283. I propose 584,282.“


John D. Pratt also offers a Day Calculator. By opening the dates of the life of Jesus are already calculated. Note that Dreamspell Kin of the Birth of Jesus is Kin 67 Blue Lunar Hand, the name of the Comet 67P/C–G which gets a visit from Rosetta and it`s Lander Philae today on Kin 118. While the Resurrection day is Kin 149 Red Rhythmic Moon in the Dreamspell which is according to 584282 the Dreamspell Start of the Long Count. (Note in Pratt Spreadsheet am* refer to - before sunrise-  and therefore 02.04.33 B.C. in Dreamspell Calculator) 67+149=216 6x6x6 Cube Power.




The GMT value is 584,283. I propose 584,282


584 is the Venus Synodic Cycle

282-283 you will find on page 31 (VV last year) of the 13 Moon Almanac 9 Moon Year

The Annual Oracle Read Out signed by the Red Queen on Kin 160, is also this year`s 24.12.2014 Christmas Eve. Kin 160 is 4 Ahau, the 7:7:7:7 sign of Jesus.


“ In the Gnostic perception Christ was viewed as the personification of Nous (divine mind). In other words the Divine Mind descended into Christ. Nous can never ultimately suffer death – it is immortal and is associated with our indestructible fifth-dimensional electrical light body.

Of course Nous is the Greek word for “mind” and root of the word noosphere. Gnostic Christians believed that the redemption of humanity was assured through the descent of nous (universal mind).

“When the uncreated, unnamed Father saw the corruption of mankind, he sent His firstborn, Nous, into the world, in the form of Christ, for the redemption of all who believe in him, and of the power of those that have fabricated the world (the demigurges). He appeared amongst the men as the Man Jesus, and wrought miracles.” — Irenaeus

Jesuit priest and mystic, Pierre de Chardin viewed the return of Christ as the fulfillment of the noosphere as well as the consummation of the universe. According to the Law of Time, the end of linear time begins the time of the noosphere and the return of Christ consciousness.

When Christ was put in the grave,  a stone was placed upon it. At his resurrection the stone was lifted away. So the stone is related with resurrection. In Mark 16:4 the stone is rolled away (Note Kin 164 is Yellow Galactic Seed/Galactic Synchronization).

The stone is also key to the 20 Tablets which declares: “The crystal prophecy is yours to own, by these great powers undo the mystery of the stone!”  The Stone and Sun are symbolic keys of resurrection.

“All of life here on Velatropa 24.3 is from the Sun, and so is all thought by the Sun spun out and projected, but only according to the ratios of time capable of receiving such thoughts.”  —Valum Votan/Mystery of the Stone

The Telektonon is known as the Inner Sun. Sun worship of the ancients was actually recognition of higher knowledge of the pure light being transmitted through the golden rays of the sun.”    

Red Queen, Christ, Pacal Votan and Solar Resurrection of Noosphere



So Kin 101 and 102 were very powerful, releasing a lot of Information.

Let`s examine the power frequency of those two days a bit deeper: 


Kin 101

I perfect in order to nurture
Producing being
I seal the input of birth
With the planetary tone of manifestation
I am guided by the power of universal water

In the Fifth Force Oracle Kin 101 the Red Planetary Dragon has Kin 218 Planetary Mirror and Kin of Opening of Tomb of P.V. as Analog. The Guide corresponding to the Second Watch between Sunrise and Midday was Kin 49 Red Planetary Moon and the Strengthening/Antipode power in the Afternoon ( during Meteorite Visitation) was Kin 231 Blue Planetary Monkey, literally manifesting its power of Magic. while the Occult power of the Evening corresponded to Kin 160, this year’s Christmas 24.12 and sign of Christ 4 Ahau  and the Kin the Red Queen  finished the foreword to the 13 Moon Almanac of the 9 Moon Ring


Kin 102  

I dissolve in order to communicate
Releasing breath
I seal the input of spirit
With the spectral tone of liberation
I am guided by my own power doubled

Spectral Earth Kin 37 was during the Analog Night watch while Kin 102 coded again the Guide and Second watch " I'm guided by my own power doubled" Kin 232 was in the afternoon Spectral Zone of Free Will and Wisdom and the Electric Storm Kin 159 In the Evening. 

In the Hunab Ku 21 Journey of the Galactic Archetypes Dragon is Primal Force and Ik the High Priestess they form the two magnetic Poles of the Tree of Life and Knowledge, existing at a purely 5 th Dimensional Level. The BMU for the Primal Force is 108 and the one for The High Priestess 144. Forming the polar Axis of the 4 Light Gates.

In the Telektonon Board those 2 Kins are directly above the Karmic "Tower of Babel" ( Akbal, Kan, Chiccan and Cimi) and linked to Ahau code 20/0 Power of Enlightenment. 

Imix/ Dragon:  planet Neptune, Memory/ Birth Opens portal to Meditation/Endlessness.

Bode Nr 300

Ik/ Wind: Planet Uranus, Spirit Opens Portal to Navigation/ Synchronicity

Bode Nr 196 (185+11)


While the actual days of the Self Existing Moon of Form 9 and 10 happened in the Telektonon 16 Day Cube Journey on day 3 Abundance -Hall of Night: 3 Dream transforms clarity of Mind and 4 Flowering: Hall of the Seed -Awareness ripens clarity of mind.

Standing inside this Meteorite Exhibition I felt really deeply attached and literally as if inside the - Hall of the Night. ( Note that Ruben Kin 113  Synchronistically went the same day to a  Meteorite Exhibition in Oregon Portland) 

The PSI Chrono Units of those two days corresponded to the Long Count Kins 59 and 60.The Mystic middle between Death Kin 58 and Resurrection Kin 60 of Pacal Votan and the perfect Antipode of his Dreamspell Destiny Kin 189.

The Plasmas of that Sunday and Monday connected to the Muladhara Root Chakra. Tone "HRAM" Seli and the affirmation of Phadmasambava: My mother is the ultimate Sphere. I see the light.  

And to the Ajna Third Eye, with the Tone: HRAHA and the affirmation: My lineage is the union of intrinsic awareness and the ultimate sphere. I attain the power of peace

It was during the 4th watch of the Kin 110 (power of feminine frequency) day that I was “messaging“ with Kin 222 and Kin 113, sharing information, syncs and insights.

222+113+189= Kin 4


Shortly before we finished our little Facebook  Messengers I went again on the 812 Days to Solar  Consciousness blog. Reading  it for the third or fourth  time but just now Seeing this, which I packed then into an E-Mail:


To: 113

CC: 222

Subject:  Super Hyper Plasma

Date: Nov.4 .2014

From RQ 812 Day Blog

“This 812-day cycle concludes two years from this date, Self-Existing Moon 18 (Nov. 4, 2016). The final day of this cycle is Kin 60, Yellow Galactic Sun, birth signature of Pacal Votan from whose tomb all of this knowledge was derived. Pacal means “solar shield.” This day lands on the 102 nd day of the Spectral Storm Year. Kin 102 is the liberation of Spirit and signature of Paramahansa Yogananda.”

“Background Information: The initial 812-day program of Radiance began on Kin 69, 4 Moon, Magnetic 16,  2 Wizard Year (Aug. 10, 2007). It completed on Kin 101, 10 Dragon, Self-Existing 14, 4 Seed Year (Oct. 31, 2009). This first 812-day program was oriented toward cultivating psychophysical radiance of the subtle body as a principle quality of the noosphere.”

“The next 812-day program of Sirian Rebirth began on Kin 102, 11 Wind, Self-Existing 15, 4 Seed Year (November 1, 2009–Mevlana Day). For this cycle we were focused on the integration of the 441 Holomind Perceiver into conscious functioning for noogenesis through activation of the red and blue vulom force field circuits  (method of synchronotron). The program would have taken us through to Resonant Moon 12, Kin 133, Red Electric Skywalker (which is the GUIDE for the Red Electric Moon, Kin 29 – the day that begins the current 812-day cycle to Solar Consciousness).”

I have  seen syncs and super syncs but this is Second Creation Hyper - Plasma stuff …

End of Message


17.jpg?width=500Author Long Count signature Kin 133 visiting Nah Chan - The house of the Serpent on Kin 4 (07.01.2001)

The author read Yogananda`s great Autobiography of a Yogi in his youth bout 22 years ago and felt deeply attached. A few years later he got Initiation into Yogananda’s Kriya Yoga on Kin 31 Blue Overtone Monkey in Puri India at the Ashram of Sri Yukteshwar, who was the Guru of Yogananda. Later it turned out that 189 was a lazy practitioner  of Yoga and the big Maya (Hindu terminology for “Great Illusion”) had other plans with him.

 Paramahansa Yogananda :: Autobiography of a Yogi


There is an earthly sun, which is the cause of all heat, and all who are able to see may see the Sun; and those who are blind and cannot see him may feel his heat. There is an Eternal Sun, which is the source of all wisdom, and whose spiritual sense have awakened to life will see that Sun and be conscious of His existence; but those who have not attained spiritual consciousness may yet feel His power by an inner faculty which is called Intuition.



189 on 118

For all people of Planet Earth, may Christ and Quetzalcoatl return as the Planetary Manitou: 


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"What is occurring on the planet now is a final battle of frequencies or time wars — the final battle between light and dark. We are being called to face our shadow head on, shed our third-dimensional conditionings and become the Rainbow. How? Through Love, Art, Play, Humor and Creative Imagination!  These are the magic keys that transcend historic dualism, and transform lower forces into creative light."

- Stephanie South/Red Queen

"Becoming the Rainbow: Palenque — the Interdimensional Jumping off Place"



I polarize in order to enchant
stabilizing receptivity
I seal the output of Timelessness

with the Lunar tone of Challenge
I am guided by the power of Death.

TIME WARS: Aggressive movement to claim Kinich Ahau system on behalf of Lucifer through use of techniques intended to deprive third-dimensionals of their own time. Sourced on sixth and seventh planets of Velatropa system (Jupiter and Saturn), home of the Luciferian projections responsible for devising 12:60 artificial time beam.

-The Arcturus Probe-



I woke up this morning ready to write part 2 of the "Quetzalcoatl bites his/her Tail""series", when the daily global news revealed (once again) with audacity the elegant and artful power of the Synchronic Order (4th Dimensional Order of Reality)  to uncover the Truth behind the mechanized illusions of artificial time... As background context for those new to the words "Synchronic Order" this is Google's definition when you search the key words:


In simpler words, we can say then that the Synchronic Order describes a higher order of reality that is coordinating and informing this 3rd dimensional order of reality as an all-encompassing envelope or matrix. This envelope is called the The Noosphere ("the mental sphere of the Earth" or "Planetary Mind") and is registering all impulses from this reality first on its invisible Divine Matrix... Let's see this Matrix at play in REAL TIME:


On yesterday's report (published only a few mechanical hours ago) just while we were re-introducing, re-membering or re-calling the BolonTiku, the 9 Lords of Time and Destiny, the 9 Lords of the Underworld (Unconscious Time), the rulers of the 12:60 artificial time world were about to "unveil" their latest 2 JEWELS:

  • The Apple "i"Watch...



If you read the side note to the article, notice that the name of the new watch is nothing other than "Space Explorer". Perfect match for the Skywalker archetypal attributes. Notice also the word "EXCALIBUR" on the space-ship replica. So, let's refresh our memory on the symbolical value of this word within the context of the Time Wars... According to the Arcturus Probe:

EXCALIBUR. Male engram of knowing embedded in female matrix. Sword of knowing. Name of telepathically created sister timeship of Uranus waiting to be released from Earth’s core (CSR) with reawakening of Timeship 2013.

In similar fashion, the numbers 1919 on the box are evoking of the 0-19 code structure behind the vigesimal mathematics that operates and governs Natural Time. 19 is the vigesimal analog of 9, and in vigesimal code all multiples of 19 = 19

In the 441 dictionary of number", the number 19 is also defined as "the divine prime" or "Command of God".


With these 2 parallel global announcements filling headlines all around the cybersphere, introduced on gregorian 9.9.2014, we could say that the "Unconscious 12:60 Time Lords" who want to keep humanity enslaved to artificial time are fighting their last battle to keep their artificial timing frequency alive by unveiling to the world their latest, sexiest, smallest, lightest, fastest, multifunctional ALL-IN-ONE artificial time machine...  The iWatch: (i=I=me)... Symbollically the "I", your "I", our "I" or personal/collective identitity ("being"/"consciousness") is being now bounded to a watch. The 12:60 Matrix is reaching a new "climax" today 9/9 analog of KIN 9, galactic signature of this (Natural Time) year.

9676500277?profile=originalTIMELESSNESS CHALLENGED... AND STABILIZED...

Ironically, today carries the energy of the White Lunar Wizard: the Challenge of Timelessness. The occult power (4th NET Time watch of the day) of KIN 54 is KIN 207 Blue Crystal Hand... Galactic Signature of December 21st, 2012, Closing of the Cycle of History and End of 13 Baktun Cycle of the Mayan Calendar... The last day of 13 cycles of 144,000 days each. The "End" of Time

Were the Time Earth Wizards then challenged today by the "wizards behind the curtain"? Maybe... but thanks to the 13:20 Time-Magic toolkit, ALL artificial time-spells can now be uncovered, "exposed", neutralized and dissolved in perfect synchronic timing with the elegance of pure (Solar) Intent.. Their "energetic imprint" can now be removed with the "Sword" of Truth of the Law of Time, that cuts through the illusion of artificial time...



In the meanwhile, on the "Natural Time" "news front", just while we were also re-calling on last report the archetypal energy of White Solar Wind / Bolon Ik KIN 22, the Sun was simultaneously "unveiling" a powerful earth-directed M4 Flare (4=2+2) emitted from Solar Sunspot AR 2158. (2158 is also a quite  symbolic clue, since its KIN EQUIVALENT is 78. 2158-260x8=78 )

78 is the sum of the tones of the clear signs on the tomb of Pacal Votan...


Scientists usually read this sunspot number in 2 sets of 2 codes each as "AR 21-58". Under that lense:

21=Number of Hunab Ku. Magus of the Infinite. Number of Galactic Archetypes. Unified Totality (20+1)

58= Kin 58-White Rhythmic Mirror-is the excarnation date on the tomb lid of Pacal Votan

The explosion occurred at 00:30 UTC,  right at the threshold between KIN 53 and KIN 54...

This is just a "small" dose of all the action that is going on during this last stage of the "Time Wars"... More details on this on a second parallel report... It's ALL HAPPENING...





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Kin 206 / PSI 148 — "Hidden Challenge"


This story was already in the air for some time, and so it has been told for a few times. Today however, it was the perfect occasion to write the story down. Why? It is not only the 144th day in the Gregorian year, 24th of May 2014, it is also the 23rd day in the 11th Spectral Moon, with has the PSI Chrono Unit Kin 148, Yellow Overtone Star. Today it is in the Dreamspell Kin 206, White Spectral World-Bridger, how are these two Kin connected within this story?

The story started in America on Kin 148. On this day, 10th of July 2013, I was in Oregon to visit Akasha, Kin 137. In his Ubuntu Garden, a peace-garden aborning, I was a guest for some time. Directly after my arrival in Portland I visited with him the Professor, Master of Nothingness. You see, this mysterieus man has also a kind of mystical place of residence on the backside of the mountain where Akasha lives.

So it was on Kin 148 that we visited this unbelievable beautiful place, where we found, besides the magnificent nature of plants, flowers and trees, also an dazzling waterfall. On this utmost remote and special place the Professor had builded an impressive platform, a plateau in the form of an octagon within it the eight trigrams of the I Ching manufactured.

For sure this was for me an impressive synchronicity, a miracle, because four days before my presence on this platform I had presented in Bolsward (on Kin 144, 6th of July 2013) the U Ching Code Book for the first time. In this book a numerical interpretation of the 64 I Ching hexagrams is explained, which are, just like in the I Ching composed out of the 8 different trigrams.

9676481087?profile=originalThe fact that I was here, in the beautiful nature of the mountains in Oregon, sitting on a I Ching platform like this with my book, still hot from the press, was a kind of imposing experience for me at that moment. On top of this I clearly recognised the place with the waterfall of many dreams that I had about it before. In this synchronic moment my dreamworld merged with the so called “reality." This experience was quite overwhelming, I felt clearly the Great Spirit again, something that was exactly the same as in the summer of 2007.

In these six years in between the U Ching Code Book had came into existence, and during this extraordinary intimate experience on the platform I realised that this place, on that moment, including the experience Self, was precisely that what I came for in America. So it was this apparently small happening in the outer world, that holded a tremendous meaning inside. This contradiction can be “understood” by a follower of the Tao (His Path) in the experience of the Self.

Later that summer, already returned to the Netherlands, I resided in the night of tuesday 13 to wednesday 14 of august 2013 on my retreat place at a lake in the Frisian country (North of the Netherlands). In the morning of this Blue Magnetic Night I woke up from a crystal-clear dream. What kept repeating from that moment was clearly the number 148 and the experience on the platform. As often before I woke up continuing calculations, and I kept calculating to find the insight of what the dream told me.

During the morning this became completely obvious, because doing the calculations lead to a superb numerical insight, a twist in the oracle of the Dreamspell itself, not seen before. This was completely synchronised with the wavespell (period of 13 days or Kin) of this Blue Night, in which the dream took place. With this miraculeus insight and this bright dream I felt that there would be a gathering in the upcoming times. Actually, I thought that it would be in the next summer on that same spot near the lake in my Frisian country..

This dream came true, but as it goes most of the time, it happened in a slightly different way as it had been interpreted by yourself. So the question is now, what did I discover this day by the trigger of 148? And how did this take care, later in time, for a gathering of Earth Wizards?

The discovery that I did is about a hidden connection that all 260 Kin in the Dreamspell have with each other, a kind of "super occult." The occult relation that we know about is the Kin with whom you are 261 together, the Kin that makes you together a Red Magnetic Dragon. This is your radial relationship, in which the start and the end are one. This means that the first Kin and the last are connected with each other as occult, the same for the second Kin and the last but one, etcetera, etcetera, until this reaches the center of the Tzolkin.

Your occult relation is one of the four relationships that we can find in the Fifth Force Oracle of each Kin. In this oracle there is one Kin centred  each day, with around it the Analog in the West (in the night before dawn), the Guide in the North (in the morning), the Antipode in the East (in the afternoon) and the Occult in the South (in the evening).

The discovery that I did during the dawn of Kin 183, which was in the “watch" of Magnetic Warrior, was a clear connection in the fifth force oracle of my own Kin (243, Blue Solar Night) with Kin 148, Yellow Overtone Star. To explain, the perfect antipode of Kin 243 is the perfect occult of Kin 148, and vice versa the perfect occult of 148 is the perfect antipode of 243! It turns out that all Kin have a relationship like this, which is simply to find by calculating the Kin that makes yours together 131 (of 391, which is minus 260 again 131).

We can name this Kin relationship the Buddha connection, because if we use the 20 x 13 (260) units of the Tzolkin or Dreamspell matrix to map the entire history of almost 5200 years, then we discover that exactly in the middle of this, Kin 131, was the periode in time that the Buddha manifested himself in India.

If we follow the logic of this further, then we reach the discovery that this changing antipode / occult relationship interchange positions from Kin 195 to Kin 196. This means that the antipode of Kin 195 is the occult of Kin 196 and that the occult of Kin 196 is the antipode of Kin 195. This takes place 64 / 65 positions before the end of the Tzolkin.

This 64 / 65 interval has an important meaning in the U Ching, because the U Ching contains one chapter more than the I Ching. This forms the basis of “How I Became U,” the 65th chapter is mystical, because it is the chapter 64 itself. In history this chapter was only passed on verbally from master to student, or by means of an initiation. In this way the chapters in the U Ching are numbered from 0 up and till 64, in which 64 itself is the so called missing chapter of the I Ching, which contains in numbers only the chapters 0-63. Chapter 64 is the hub of the Wheel of Time, and without this hub that wheel can not turn!

This missing chapter is entitled “Karma or Redemption,” a chapter which describes the choice that you make or not. On certain moments in time we get a chance to make again that choice, a choice to have a clear vision on what is true and what is not. This is necessary to contribute to the salvation, which is actually the only reason why we are here. That not everybody is recognising this, can be understood, but on the way that we go we become more and more conscious about truth and illusions. In fact, this is the understanding of the chapter of karma or redemption.

On the day of the discovery dream of this hidden challenge story, in the summer of 2013 on Blue Magnetic Night, it continued in a daydream about a kind of gathering of Earth Wizards in the summer of 2014. This meeting, that I was literally dreaming of, came exactly true on the 13th of May 2014 on Kin 195, which is the Kin position where those antipode and occult Kin switch in the oracle of the Dreamspell. So this was now at the end of the same wavespell, one Galactic Round of 260 days after the dream itself, Blue Cosmic Eagle, and I was in Barcelona.

It was tuesday the 13th of May 2014 that we came together with 12 people in a round circle in the Green House (Casa Verde) in Barcelona. The Red Queen (Kin 185) was here with Ishram (Kin 187) and we were with Stef (Kin 191), Rietje (Kin 255), Sieger (Kin 73), Araygua (Kin 224) and her 3 and half year old daughter Nayagua (Kin 229). Besides that, our hostess Isabel (Kin 197) was there with her caretaker Beatrice (Kin 61) and of course the inhabitant of the Green House itself, Lwx (Kin 170). Kundalini teacher HewanJi (Kin 256) was also with us, and of course I was there myself (Kin 243).

The gathering was initiated a few weeks before by Stef, and so it was not a coincidence that all these 12 people in the circle together formed as “time vector potential” Kin 191, which is the Blue Solar Monkey, Kin of Stef himself. A "time vector potential” you can calculate by counting all the Kin numbers of the people together and subtract the multiple of 260 from this. In this example it is 2271 - (8x260) = 191. Stef had initiated this gathering, because it was about time to get some clarity about some important issues, for a consensus to keep the foundation of trust solid.

The gathering was quite successful, and it confirmed again the importance of coming together in time and space, something that is still irreplaceable in spite of all the forms of communication that are possible nowadays. It was the Red Queen that opened the circle, and almost uninterrupted she spoke about that what had to be discussed. The telepathic connection had been so clear, that the questions that we wanted to ask, had no need to be asked in words! The Red Queen gave us directly very clear the answers to the issues that we had.

This gave me the chance, when it was my turn to speak in the circle, to share the story of this dream. This dream came literally true at that moment, Blue Cosmic Eagle, and so it was clear, without a preconceived plan, on a self-explanatory and natural spontaneous way, what my contribution is and what role I play in this story, not an unimportant acknowledgement for myself!

After the gathering we enjoyed a lunch together, and while I was sitting across the Red Queen, who was by the way that day completely in blue, all of sudden she spoke about the little angel she had received from my mother, and which I had given to her on White Spectral Worldbridger, exactly the day before the 21st of December 2012 in Palenque, Mexico. She told me that she carried this little angel with her since that time, and on the exact moment she told this, Beatrice took (without listening to what Red Queen said) the letter that my mother had send to Isabel after her car accident. So on the moment that Red Queen spoke out the name of my mother, Marian is also her middle name, I only needed to turn the envelope for a synchronic confirmation, because on the backside of this the name of my mother was written, in the handwriting of herself. Very clear, this was again a confirmation of the telepathic connection!

Why is this part of the story today? This is so because today is not only day 144 in the Gregorian year, it is also White Spectral Worldbridger, the Kin (206) of my mother Marian. The synchronistic issue of this is the new learned “Buddha connection” or “Hidden Challenge” of Kin 206, which is equal to (391-206) Kin 185, Red Electric Serpent, the Kin of Red Queen! This means that today the antipode is the occult of Kin 185, and that the antipode of Kin 185 is the occult of today! Now, what is the hidden challenge of your story??

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Day Out of Time 2014

I've been celebrating the day out of time since 1995 and this morning while I sat waiting for the sun to rise over the mountain I thought about all the different DOTs and how they have played out.I live in Roberts Creek, BC, near the ocean and there is a perfect place near where they paint the community mandala for watching the sun rise. In the past there used to be a small group of us who would greet the sun but these days it's just me. The neo-hippies have gone, the ravers have come and gone, and the various neo-shamanic practitioners have also gone.What is left is a community art project that is organized around the day out of time but calls itself a Manna Festival and no longer speaks of the day out of time except in hushed tones. They used to make an effort to complete the mandala before the day out of time so that there could be dancing and music on that day but the Gregorian calendar with its creeping creepy influence and it's weekend exerts its influence like a 900 pound gorilla. So the mandala art project, which used to be a brilliant moment when it was aligned with the correct timing is now like a dancer who can no longer hear the beat of the music.But I'm still there and I'm witnessing if nothing else. I feel like I am the conscience of the coast and this morning as the sun appeared through the clouds I felt the wonder and the majesty and the shining heart filled goodness of all the people who know the meaning of this day.So to those of you who celebrate the day out of time I say carry on, you are the ones we have been waiting for!
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Whose got the right calendar?

A lot of people, when first presented with the concept of calendar change, step back stunned as if a bedrock beneath them had just shifted. If they are able to weather this seismic event then the next step is often the question, "So which calendar is the official one?"

In the early days of the Dreamspell a huge debate arose around the long count calendar vs the Dreamspell, and many  'experts' emerged to trumpet their views, not realizing that the 13 moon peace plan calendar was not a calendar at all but a synchronometer. 

Missing the point.

So I'm hoping the the galactic space book crowd does not get caught up in the same confusion. Try thinking of the synchronometer as a measuring device to track synchronicity on at least three dimensions (3, 4 and 5) and use it to stretch your mind and free you from the Gregorian entrancement of 'time is money.'

Throw away the old Gregorian ruler (think about what that means - who 'rules' your thinking?) and take up the new measure of 'time is art.'

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Ervin Laszlo, twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, is editor of the international periodical World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution and Chancellor-Designate of the newly formed GlobalShift University. He is the founder and president of the international think tanks the Club of Budapest and the General Evolution Research Group and the author of 83 books translated into 21 languages. He lives in Italy.

Which ones resonate with you?

Are you ready to change your life ?/ WorldShift 2012/Blogs

Planet Art Network



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Part 1

Written down on 7 Imix and 8 Wind edited and posted on 7 Eagle

Greetings of Love and Light all Kins,

my name is Jannis which is the Greek  version of John ( :-) not Janis Joplin still have to laugh when I think about this Kin 177) and I`m a crew member of the G-Force,  The Galactic Federation Team, sector V24.3 planet Earth. Today 7 Imix (24th Jan.2013) I had the most depressed day of my life. First I wrote down what I called “A message from Red Queen - she with the Jade Skin- the awakening of the Mayan Goddess Quetzal-Coatl “  and then I wrote an e-mail to a person that we couldn't take part at an ART award on 24th January but would love to come back next year to participate.

After that I felt confused, depressed and weak. Then I became so weak like never before. I felt a sort of " War of the heavens" going on inside of me.  

 Today`s Kin 7 Imix is also my Guide,  Kin 7 Storm our current year is my Challenge and I'm still 7 Moon during this 7th Resonant Moon which is at the same time the First Mystic Moon Day 15. Half of a circle is 182 days is 13 Moon date 7.14/15 is Jose`s birthday is 14x13. While Cosmic Wizard is also 14.13 is C.G. Jung – a man who was deeply studying the (collective)unconscious, was born on the first day of the first moon and introduced  the word and meaning of synchronicity for the first time to humanity.

But back to the Eagle Wavespell. Power of Vision...

In my experience  I felt  as if all those Kins of the 5th Force Oracle would  pull in another direction. This exhausted me then totally. At the occult watch after sunset  then came - silence- release. At the same time I was aware of energy’s that came directly from Eagle WS back in 1999 July when I went through the darkest times of life in Down Under but at the same time channeled a most precious peace of art.


I had no Idea at that time what it was. I knew only about the 13 Tones 20 Glyphs and I had studied Books like Humbatz Men – Secrets of Mayan Science and Religion. And John Major Jenkins - Cosmogenesis 2012. I ordered Jose`s Earth Ascending to a bookshop in Byron Bay where I had traveled to at that time, but found it most difficult to read and so I studied the Graphics.  At that time not even the Plasma Symbols where introduced into the calendars- at least in Germany. Actually there was so little available in German language. I didn`t knew about the Telektonon and  the Mystery of the Stone.  July 1999 when I had finished the matrix  I thought:  What is this stupid Cube doing in my graphic? But I found out that the squares around the Tzolkin are 182 units/days, which is  14x13 or 13x14 And the 13 Moon day it was finished  is 13.14. Cosmic Moon Day 14. So I thought, that this is maybe a sort of calendar.   

Only 12 years later with the Book of the Cube and the Synchronotron (chronos=greek:time)I would know that this “number information” is  similar to the information channeled to Valum Votan from Sirius 52 as the matrix consists of 17x26 =442 units. And note the mystic column is on 9 in a row of 1-17. Jose ascended on the 13 Moon date 9.17. Certainly it would have been great to show it to Jose at his 3D Lifetime.  But some mysteries maybe have to remain uncovered. All that I learned until now out of it is that time is really radial. But we are so limited in our perception, we are so numbed by the artificial  12:60 time frequency that we only run after floating daily wishes and solve our little karmic problems.

But back to the most depressing day of life in 24th Jan. 2013. Even though it felt depressed, sad and tired I experienced the first time a glimpse of what is radial  time and not linear. During the silence occult watch then in the evening I looked into an old box of photos as I wanted to check the date I was introduced to the 13 Moons and the Tzolkin, which was on a Rainbow Gathering in Australia by a girl called "Feather" around full moon May 1998. Then I stumbled over a picture from my Mexico travels in Dez.2000.


It shows the pyramid of the sun from the pyramid of the moon  in Teotihuacan. At that time on top of the pyramid I felt in comparison with Jose`s vision -  just  nothing. I was astonished about the architecture and art and thought: If Aliens once landed somewhere or will return, it will be certainly here. (A most precise description of the meaning of Te ol ti hu a can – you find in Humbatz Men`s great book Secrets of Mayan Science and Religion.)  I fetched my cellphone to calculate the date the pic was taken with the 13:20 App,  which was printed on the backside of the photo. 16th Dez. 2000 .... Is 8 Wind Kin 242  which is Eagle WS  and  …Now …as we passed 24 o`clock when I write down these words. …SYNC….  

Just when I had calculated the date, my cellphone zipped and on the yahoo account was the message of a new blog from Red Queen.  It was the article of Jose about the 24th Jan. his birthday and the British psychologist who had calculated the “Most depressed day of the year as 24th Jan. http://1320frequencyshift.wordpress.com/2013/01/24/january-24-most-depressing-day-of-the-year/

Booomm. I felt like thunderstruck. That was the reason -  and especially I do study the Law of Time intense  and work with gregorian calendars. I`m in the middle of this “War of the Heavens”  I channel in order to purify

But now in this mystical alchemical moment when the tomb becomes the cube and the cross becomes the tree I tell you dear Kins and Earth Wizards this:  

I simply love being in the mountains high above the world and out of this I came to panorama-photography:


and out of this - maybe a joke of history or a higher mission- I became a  calendar publisher with my partner 13 Star. Yes gregorian Calendars. We started in 2008 with a little Mountain-Panorama-Calendar. To make some money besides me driving a cab through the Munich nights. Until today we created a  little or big program – depends on the view - all by ourselves,  we still don`t make money with it and I still drive a cab through the Munich nights.  a bit like  in the film  Night on Earth by Jim Jarmusch.  Have a look I uploaded our program for 2014 just on 6 Ahau Eagle WS.


So today on 24th Jan 2013, José’s birthday, …SYNC…. the Gregor International Calendar Award was happening in Stuttgart Germany. We had an invitation for this event as one of our Flower Art calendars had been  awarded. But I decided not to participate for some reason.  And the e-mail mentioned at the beginning of this article was to the organizer that we thanked them very much and cannot participate at the award, and so on.  Besides that it is most curious and synchronistic that the Gregor Award  happened  on 24th Jan. on Jose`s birthday,  the awarded “Best of the Best” calendars 2012 and 2013 are “mind blowing” too.



The last year’s 2012Best of the Best”  calendars was one called "Perfection".



Perfection is what you can reach if you divide a circle 360° into 12 units. This is good for example architecture and technical inventions but not for time.

It depicts several circle-graphics. One month depicts  the moon and one the earth. And between the moon, the earth and the sun comes the “Wurst” – German word for sausage.  And month 12 is - What else -  a clock. What more clear sign for 20:12 or 12:60 does it need !


Those of you Kin`s who speak  German can read the descriptions of the single calendar month  of Perfection as a proof of the Non-knowledge of the Laws of Time. (September: The production of sausage, though not in the modern sense, already was known by  the ancient Greeks and Romans. There are countless different types of sausages. In Germany alone there are over 1,500 types of sausage…. Since sausage is usually placed in an artificial gut, cutted the discs are round.)

Wow what great nonsense information.

If you consider time spiritual and radial this is really sad.

But let`s continue with 2013.

The winning calendar 2013 was just announced right now during the occult watch of 7 Imix Jose`s birthday.  It is called “Energy”  Have a look:  


It was produced by an advertising company for the Stadtwerke Witten an energy/electricity supplier and displays the “Energy loaded daily life” of selected clients.

Please click on the right button > to view a photo stream of it:


Electricity is what shaped our so called Modern Civilization for the last about 150 years. Envision a planet Earth where electricity doesn`t work and our Modern Civilization based on the machine will vanish. No electric power, no computer, no machines, no cellphones, no satellites, no television, no radio, no ships, no cars, no airplanes, nothing works … Back to the roots. And this would be not comfortable  for all of us.  By the way Thomas Edison got his patent for the light bulb on 27th Jan. 1880, Kin 59 Resonant Storm.

But more important the calendar Energy was also made of some sort of shifting picture-art, several pictures are layed over each other and it looks as if the things are vibrating. This reminded me of a passage in Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change by Stephanie South/Red Queen. There  Jose says on page 388 about what he envisions for  2012-2013 (Resonant Storm year Kin 59):

…when I try to envision 2012-2013 all that comes to mind is a resonant frequency phase shift, a vision that occurred to me in Basel in 1984- a shift in the molecular frequency of the third-dimensional reality combined with solar storms and melting of the electromagnetic grid – many structures will collapse or dissolve – many people will not be able to withstand it- during which this entire reality  will be revealed as a shimmering mirage – everything artificial collapsing and dissolving – the ending of the fifth sun – the day of Purification.” ….but really go read Quran Sura …7:187


George Orwell 1984, the NSA affair, Obama exposed, the Arabic world in flames, stock market madness, the Euro and Greek money brake down, Fukushima Disaster still not under control, Syria, Chemical Weapons, the catholic church crumbling and always 9/11…it is still Apocalypse Now. In slow motion.

At the end of times all prophecy merges into one. “ Jose Arguelles

Make Time a peace of Art. 

Om Ah Yum Hunab Ku Eva Maya E’ Ma Ho

In the direct lineage of the Chilam Balam.

7 Muluc on

Resonant Moon 16

8 Wind

Day 16 of Seven Mystic Moons

First Mystic Moon Coded by Kin 202 Resonant Wind

Long Count

Mayan Tzolkin 13 Eagle

The Galactic Federation will come in peace

All is perfect

Edited and posted on Resonant Eagle Kin 215, Lunar Moon Day 24, Galactic Seed Year.

I channel in order to create

Inspiring mind

I seal the output of vision

With the resonant tone of attunement

I am guided by the power of accomplishment

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