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Today is the Beginning of the Autumn Equinox...  
There are several synchronicities that happen when you look for signs and symbols in your internet content--and sometimes they shine so bright you can't believe they are there?!  Auspicious... when you realize that these websites are all pretty independent & have many varying approaches when giving the basic info about your looking for? Although through different informational factoids, blogs, insights, theories, & methods, the diverse digital platforms you prefer or know will give you what you're asking for... seem to "happily" correlate with one another. It also sounds Suspicious, I know!  But that's how...(hint, hint)...those, ..." guides," come thru...!!!
#1.   There are simple, informational blog posts, like:
Cherokee Bill says:

 ..."This is the time to look back, not just on the past year, but also your life, and to plan for the future. Warm autumn days are followed by cold nights, as the Old Sun God returns to the embrace of the Goddess.

We must remember that all things must come to an end. So the Sun God journeys into the lands of winter and into the Goddess’ loving arms, but endings are a good time to celebrate our successes, thank our selves and those who helped us, and take part in the balance of life!"

..."Fall is the time of year that we set up our internal space and make room for what’s to come in the next year. We create fertile soil for our greater visions to grow but not by doing.

It is time to activate our new cycle and allow ourselves time to be silent.  By becoming quiet and listening to what is trying to emerge from within us we will grow to be the Divine Light in this dark world." 

(excerpts from Cherokee Bill's Blog)

#2. Then a digital calendar decoder page (of a Mayan theory)...On
The Mayan Code says:
Galactic Signature
Taking the role of your Galactic Signature is the first step in entering the fourth-dimensional synchronic order. Meditate on the codes and see what insights arise. The next step is to learn the 13 Moon calendar and follow it each day.
9/21/2018- the date today (and also could be your Birthdate)>>226.gif
I empower in order to equalize
Commanding opportunity
I seal the store of death
With the overtone tone of radiance
I am guided by the power of timelessness
9/22/2018  227.gif
I organize in order to know
Balancing healing
I seal the store of accomplishment
With the rhythmic tone of equality
I am guided by my own power doubled.
[Galactic Compass]
Decoder widget created by Andrew Herman 2017.
#3.  The Mayan Zodiac explanation on


Mayan Name: AJPUU / Ahau.

Meaning: Sun, Flower, Light Lord.ahau.jpg?width=90

Element: Fire.

Direction: South.

Compatibility: Sun, Lizard, Star, Road, Vulture.

The Maya horoscope characterizes the man of the Sun sign as a person with a complex character. For all his radiantness, openness, he is prone to bursts of rage, which he does not deem it necessary to hide. He does not like to listen to criticism, he considers himself right in all situations. He wants to recognize and compliment, sincerely rejoices. Moreover, it has a mass of merits that deserve high praise: kindness, honesty, decency. He always keeps his word, fulfills his obligations, but he will not give up the help of a close person, offered in tactful form.


Mayan Name: IMOX / Imix.

Meaning: Crocodile, Dragon, Waterlilly.

Element: Earth.

Direction: East.

Compatibility: Crocodile, Serpent, Water, Reed, Earth.

The sign of Crocodile (Imix) is primitive energy, power, the source of life. The meaning of the sign is water, rain. The patron deity is the Red Dragon. In the representation of the ancient Maya, the Earth rested on the back of a huge two-headed crocodile. According to another version, a completely flat surface was supported by the old Gods, the sky rested on four trees. At the very center of the system was the seiba — the axis of the world, connecting the center of the Earth with the heavens and the underworld. This myth is associated with the second name of the sign — the World Tree. Imix symbolizes fertility, vitality: water is the most important component of the human body. The energy of water embodies the inner forces that are dormant in man.

Crocodile Woman

Woman Crocodile — an airy, unearthly creature, prefers to trust sensations, rarely takes into account the reason’s arguments. She has a great interest in everything mystical, he believes in fortune telling and predictions. Often sees prophetic dreams, which he tries to follow. She often gets into unpleasant stories because of his inclination to trust everyone without exception. Too carelessly rushes into the pool of passions, not thinking about the consequences. Painfully betrayed and betrayed, but still believes in true love. She needs a strong and devoted partner, which will be endlessly taken care of.

#4.  A Youtube Twin Flame Tarot Reading - by Salt Water Heals Tarot
***Notice how Missy picks up on the Energy of both Sept. 21st and 22nd, with the Death card, and the Balance card, she also uses the word "radiance"...??? Right in line with the Galactic compass and the Mayan calendar (& she hates this Galactic/Mayan...SH!@?)
~~~My interesting factoid+__ Last night I was given a copy of Entertainment Weekly with Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper in a remake of "A Star is Born"! NO, it's not "The Way We Were," but it's Another one of those fantastic, musical, sappy "Babs" Streisand movies... that reminds you of Love & Fall ;)
#5.  Take Part in a Global Meditation on 9/22/2018 before the Full Harvest/Nut Moon in Aires @
..."The circumpolar rainbow bridge meditation is geared toward stabilizing our brain hemispheres as well as the Earth’s poles. It is called a “Rainbow Bridge” because it is understood as bridging the Aurora Borealis lights from the North Pole with the Aurora Australis lights of the South Pole, encircling the Earth as a “World Protection Belt.”
Auroras tend to be more frequent and spectacular during high solar sunspot activity, which cycles over approximately eleven years. This current sunspot cycle began in 2013 with the new beam activation and peaks in 2024.
An aurora forms when charged particles from the sun hit atoms in the earth's magnetic field. This causes electrons in the atoms to move to a higher energy state. When the electrons drop back to a lower energy state, they release a photon: light, hence the northern lights.
This process is directly connected to the “turning on the lights” in the cells of our body. Colors and patterns are from the types of ions or atoms being energized as they collide with the atmosphere and are affected by lines of magnetic force.
These charged particles that generate the Auroras originate in the magnetosphere and solar wind and, on Earth, are directed by the Earth’s magnetic field into the atmosphere. The solar wind is actually hot ionized gases or plasma.
Plasmas consist of equal amounts of ions and electrons, being conductors of electricity and affected by magnetic fields. The energetic plasmas are peripheral to the nucleus of the galaxy and are responsible for evolving the solar system, right down to human DNA."
***(Excerpt from
*This brief scientific description also gives insight into how solar flares affect our human bodies and maybe why at this time on the 2018 Calendar, Almanac, and 21st Century why we are also feeling the effects as men (sun, pos ions) & women (moon, neg ions) during this period.  All of this evidence points to Ancient knowledge never taught in school (at least in my town), but important info for a changing Earth...
This is the type of Information you can find on Starsouls Creative Union (Website Under construction).  That can help those who are looking for their Life Purpose using Metaphysical tools and consultations to satisfy one's spiritual journey and needs for their changing Life on Earth!!!
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Tribute to a Planetary Warrior of Peace

NS / (12.05.2013)
KIN 36 Yellow Planetary Warrior

I perfect in order to question

Producing Fearlessness.

I seal the output of Intelligence

with the planetary tone of Manifestation

I am guided by the power of Flowering





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The Raisting crop circle

Decoded in the light of the Law of Time


The Beginning

On 18.07.2014, Kin 1 Red Magnetic Dragon, a crop circle left it`s  impression  in a field close to Raisting, Bavaria, Germany south of  the lake Ammer. The field is right beside several Parabol -antennas which were built in 1964 and served for better communication via satellites across the Atlantic. In 1969 the Apollo 11 Moon landing was broadcasted  over Europe using these antennas. The unit is called Raisting Erdfunkstelle, which can be translated as  Earth-Radio-Station.  Some crop circle visitors translated the EMC Logo of the company which runs the place now apposite  as Earth Meets Cosmos.

The crop circle was  detected by  balloonists on 18.07. by the same balloonists who detected another crop circle in the area close to the  Abbey Andechs about 12 km away in the year 2012. The detection date 18.07. of Raisting  is likely also the “manifestation” date, as a farmer – curiously also the owner of the Andechs field – had to work on another field in Raisting late on the evening of the 17th of July. This other field lies directly beside the Raisting crop circle. He reported that there was nothing in the field on that evening, and he would have seen everything  from his high position on the tractor.

The gregorian date 18.07.2014 was  in the 13 Moon 28 Day calendar Cosmic Moon 22, that means the 13th Moon of the year and day 22. What falls first into the eye when you see this Crop circle is the picture of 3 Circles and one in the middle which breaks  the geometry and reverses it. To draw this you have to use 13 Circles, which  create 22 areas. (3 times 4 Circles + 1 in the Middle, 3 times 7 areas + 1 in the middle )

The three diamond patterns in between the circles make the impression of a three dimensional sphere.  They come in a sequence of  3x16 (48) patterns or  1+2+3+4+5+6+7 is 28 areas. 28 (7x4) is the number of days in the 13 Moon 28 Day calendar for one month (Moon).  Besides this it is the number of days in the female menstruation cycle and so called Bode Number of the lost Planet Maldek, which is now the Asteroid Belt.

In the sacred Tzolkin calendar of the Maya this date 18.07.2014 falls on the first day of a new 260 Kin Spin. (Kin = Mayan word for Day or Person) With 1 Imix or Red Magnetic Dragon (Glyph Dragon, Tone 1) the Tzolkin Matrix starts a new round.

One outer circle is connecting all these geometries  to one beautiful  PEACE of ART.  As the Law of Time states T(E) = ART , Time is Art – Evolution is a function of time and time is Art. Or have you ever seen an ugly sunset?




Banner of Peace

"Where there is peace, there is culture
Where there is culture, there is peace."
(Nicholas Roerich, 1874-1947)

The Banner of Peace is a powerful universal symbol which was adapted by the visionary artist Nicholas Roerich to serve as an emblem for the desire of human culture to rise above war. This flag has been flown globally, as a sign of peace and culture, since the 1930's.

Roerich described the sign thus:

"[the] proposed banner is the symbol of whole world, not a country, but the whole civilized world. The Banner proposed has on the white background three united amaranth spheres as a symbol of Eternity and Unity. Although we don't know when this Banner will fly over all cultural monuments but undoubtedly the seed has been sprouted. Already it attracts the attention of great intellects and is directed from one heart to another, awaking the idea of Peace and Benevolence among peoples."

"We are asked to collect where the signs of our Banner of Peace are. The sign of trinity is found scattered around the whole world. Now anybody can explain it by various ways. One says that it is the past, present and future united by the circle of eternity. Others explain it as a religion, knowledge and art in the circle of culture.”

The Roerich Pact and Banner of Peace is an international treaty signed by India, the Baltic States, and 22 nations of the Americas including the United States. The Roerich Peace Pact established an international agreement allowing any nation to protect its cultural or artistic heritage with a symbolic banner, the Banner of Peace. Signed in 1935, this treaty is international law today.

The atmosphere at the Raisting crop circle has been reported very peaceful. Many people from close and far away came to visit the place. Some only because they are curious, others because they believe in extraterrestrials, or a higher force which created this Peace of Art. Many people would sit or lie down to feel something special. Others would even sleep in the circle. But all of them behaved very disciplined, respectful  and also thankful to the farmer who allowed them to visit the place. In one Video you can even see a flute player and meditating people.


Dr. Jose Arguelles also known under his  spiritual Name as  Valum Votan, founder of the Law of Time studied for a lifetime the sacred mayan and in general  time science  and dedicated  his life to the promotion of  the Calendar Change Peace Plan. His hundreds or maybe thousands of lectures  he began with playing on a flute.  He adopted the Banner of Peace for his non-profit organization and  according to this plan humanity should immediately change the Gregorian calendar to the 13 Moon 28 Day calendar, as it was planned already once in 1933 by the League of Nations. 13 Month with exactly 28 Days each create a perfect harmony of 364 Days Plus 1 Day - Out of Time as a global Peace “Holiday”.  Four  perfect weeks in one month. Weekdays f.e. Monday  would fall on the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22rd. No one would ask anymore “Hey what day is today?” Because the days of the week would match perfectly the days of the month.  An harmonious calendar creates a harmonious mind. A crooked calendar creates a crooked mind.


3 Crop Circles in 7 years all on one line.


Though crop circles have been reported all over the globe, they don`t appear very often in the Bavarian countryside as for example they do  in South- England. As there has been two other ones in this area close to the lake  Ammersee during the last 7 years  it is worth looking closer at them.


First of all, these altogether  three crop circles lie exactly on one line with the distance of 12,34 kilometers. More to this distance, the number 12,34 and Pacal Votan in the next blog. The exact location of all these Crop circles can be accurately confirmed. Choose Google Maps or Google Earth to fly to the places:


Andechs Abbey  47°59'06.2"N 11°12'34.5"E

Fischen 47°55'31.1"N 11°08'11.6"E

Raisting Erdfunkstelle 47°53'54.5"N 11°06'21.1"E


The first crop circle has been detected on 28.07.2007 Kin 56 Yellow Self-Existing Warrior by the farmer Mr. Pentenrieder. It depicts three  Spheres, one big and two smaller ones. The picture could be interpreted  as a star with two planets in front of it. 3000 qm crop had been accurately bent down around 3 circles. In a Video of German TV sender  RTL the farmer  Mr. Pentenrieder is interviewed. The report discredits a spiritual meaning and an “Expert” shows how to create a Crop circle with a wooden plank. The superficial  female voice of the TV Report says: “Until now nobody knows how the circles came into the corn but yes  it is  a bit spooky when here even Nuns leave “The right path”  and find themselves inside  the crop cirlce.” Two Nuns appear on bicycles and ask: “How do we get to Raisting, please?  Can somebody tell us the way to Raisting!” This is remarkable because the village Raisting is the place where the - until now -  third circle appeared 7 years later.


The second crop circle close to the Andechs Abbey was detected on 29.07.2012 (Note 29.07 is one day later as 28.) on Kin 62 White Planetary Wind by balloonists, as mentioned above,  the same who detected Raisting also. This Crop circle depicts a sort of wheel with 12 pointed Triangles.  The 12 Triangles  are made out of altogether 60 areas and seem to turn around a Wheel in the middle. Note that the artificial Timing Frequency is called 12:60.  It is framed by one big circle and a geometry of three lines where the crop is bent down in an amazing way in 90 degree angels like it was weaved. Andechs Abbey lies on a hill close to the lake Ammer. It is “officially” the oldest Christian pilgrimage place in Bavaria. It is also called the “Sacred Mountain.” (Note that on Kin 62 White Planetary Wind the Red Queen aka Stephanie South posted her blog “Who is Votan” on the last day of the year 2013 :: 520 or 2x260 Kin after the AA- CC appeared)


It is remarkable that the Tzolkin Dreamspell  dates of the year bearer and detection dates of Fischen 2007  and Andechs  2012 all fall into the 5th Skywalker Wavespell of Space and Prophecy.  This Wavespell  starts with Kin 53, Kin of Quetzalcoatl ancient culture bringer and flute player of Mexico.  While the last “manifestation” date of the Raisting Circle is Kin 1 during the first year after Galactic Synchronization , the first day of the 260 Day Tzolkin count. All detection dates fall close to the 13 Moon 28 Day Calendar  New Year date of  26th July. 



 Synchronicity in time and space, and in the center of the timespace-cube is the eYe

 “Synchronicity follows a set of universal principles based on a mathematical matrix. This matrix is the primary structure that connects all events, people and reality as we know it. The more we tune into this matrix, the more we experience the synchronic order. This is the purpose of the 13 Moon, 28-day calendar.“


As we have seen the three crop circles are linked to each other in a time and even earth line. Every event -  all of reality -  is interwoven into a vast set of kaleidoscopic synchronicity.  This  word was first coined by the Swiss Psychologist and Mysticism Carl Gustav Jung who - synchronistically - was born on the 26th July the first day of the 13 Moon Year.


Synchronicity can better be experienced, than described. Everybody knows the moment when he meets suddenly and unexpected a good friend he had thought about the minute before  or when somebody calls  whom we just had thought about the minute before.  Telepathy and Synchronicity are like two sides of a coin. Both are increased when you start living your own, true time, with the use of the 13 Moon 28 Day Syncronometer. Using the tools of the Law of Time means that a divinely Galactic Order gets visible to the eYe. 


This is a short report of the authors personal experience:

On Kin 9, Red Solar Moon, the first day of the New Year I had to do some things in Fischen at lake Ammersee, as my Grandmother Kin 260 Yellow Cosmic Sun lived there in here beautiful architecture house and inherited a plot of land when she died in 2010 to my mother, my brothers and sisters, and me. My grandmother had bought the plot where here house is standing in 1965 from the father  of Mr. Pentenrieder, the farmer in who`s field the first Fischen crop circle appeared. The property is quite close to the crop circle line, and I know the whole area since I was a young child. Also the Raisting-Radom – the white Globe -  is a quite remarkable landmark whenever you go to this area. This valley was formed Millions of years ago, when a glacier was melting back into the close Alps and left lake Ammersee and other  lakes – called Five Lakes Country - there.

The weather was not the best, so finally after visiting grandmother`s grave and sitting awhile at the lake we drove back home to Munich. It was only there in the evening then, that my partner Kin 208 mentioned an article in the Newspaper about the Raisting crop circle. I immediately perceived this Geometry as the Banner of Peace, which had shown up in the last Blog of Red Queen, Stephany South in the article of “Matias walk to Rome” and his Amor Mission. I was electrified and had been without knowing „so close already“ This was the first crop circle I would visit the day later, but first I had to post these News on „Social Platforms“. Also I decided to send a short E-Mail to the RQ. Only 4 minutes later an answer appeared on my computer screen. The RQ was synchronistically „online“. Little did I know at that time, that this crop circle would contain such amazing  information and was linked to other Coordinates and Story’s in Space and Time.

Our visitation the next day on Kin 10 was  - to mention in advance - without Ufo`s, levitation and other paranormal phenomena. The first thing we saw  at the field when we arrived  was only people, but no crop circle. You simply see  the perfect geometry of a crop circle only from above. From an aerial „Eagle“ view. The crop was bent down amazingly accurate. In between those 16 x 3 = 48  Diamond- Patterns which surround the 3 main Circles it was swirled to the ground in circles! Like if 48 small tornados  had bent it down.  We walked around, made some photos and finally sat down on one of those diamond-pattern -circles, ate some corn and made jokes: „Would certainly be a good business, crop circle Bread, available via the Internet  all around the Globe.“

Many people, especially females closed their eyes, lied down and tried to „feel“ something different, while mostly men „explained“ and discussed  their theories about the creation. It`s all ways the same game, the human does not except that it cannot explain something. Even though everybody “reads” what he personally has to, the message was more or less clear to all: Earth Meets Cosmos.


White Lunar Wizard 2007 starts 6+1  Years of an imploding Cube

When we say, that this crop circle Trinity started at the beginning of the White Lunar Wizard Year 2007, we should also investigate this a bit more. According to the Law of Time the White  Lunar Wizard year 2007 Kin 54 marked  the entrance into the 6 Cubes of the Interdimensional Shift. The measure of the first six Cubes define the interdimensional shift:

6³  6x6x6 = 216 = 2 Wizard Year   2007-2008
5³  5x5x5 = 125 = 3 Storm Year     2008-2009
4³  4x4x4 =   64 = 4 Seed Year       2009-2010
3³  3x3x3 =   27 = 5 Moon Year     2010-2011
2³  2x2x2 =     8 = 6 Wizard Year   2011-2012
1³  1x1x1 =     1 = 7 Storm Year     2012-2013


Valum Votan RINRI Vol. 4 Nr.1


“Time is running down,” you hear it said, or, just as often, “We are running out of time.” What time is running down? What time is running out? We mean here the time of the third-dimensional 12:60 mind. We can all feel it. It is like being inside a pressure cooker where the water is just about to boil. Only in this case the pressure cooker is a cube, and the water is the unconscious ferment of history. The end result is the dimensional shift. With the passage into the Ring of the White Lunar Wizard, 26 July 2007, the world slipped imperceptibly into the incipient stages of the dimensional shift to be climaxed between Rhythmic Moon 9, Blue Resonant Storm year (2012) and 26 July 2013, Kin 164, first day of the Ring of the Yellow Galactic Seed. Between the beginning of the Kin 54 year, AD 2007, and the galactic synchronization, 2013, are exactly six Rings—the number of years encompassing the dimensional shift is the same number as there are sides to a cube: six. This, as we shall see, is a sign that the dimensional  shift describes the process of an exponentially diminishing timespace cube. From the perspective of the system of the cube, timespace  is a cube. Third-dimensional mind thinks that “time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future.” But this time that is slipping is only the linear perception of time. In the near future we will experience the convergence of many “time lines”—the dimensional shift. From the higher, fourth-dimensional perspective, time and space are an inseparable unity that together create a cube. The three dimensions of space—height, width and depth—are bound by the invisible cube of time, which is the fourth dimension.”


The Cube Crop Circle – 1000 km and 7 years in distance

But also another most amazing  crop circle appeared on 01.08.2007,  Kin 54 Year close to Aldbourne, Upper Upham, Wiltshire, UK. 51°30'16.4”N  1°39'51.8”W  This date in the 13 Moon Calendar was Magnetic Moon 7, that is first Moon Day 7,  while the Tzolkin Kin was Kin 60 Yellow Galactic Sun. Kin 60 falls again into the 5th Skywalker Wavespell of Prophecy and is the Kin Number  of the mythic Mayan King Pacal Votan 603-683 who`s mortal remains  where buried in the Palace of Inscriptions, a nine storied Pyramid in Palenque, Yucatan, Mexico. The temple  was dedicated in the year 692 and exactly 1260 years later in 1952 the most exquisite Kings chamber was detected by the archeologist Albert Ruiz. While it was 1320 years from the dedication of Pacal`s temple in 692 to the date of the time shift 2012 and the end of the 13th Baktun of the Mayan Long Count calendar written as Note that 12:60 is called the artificial time frequency (12 Month, 60 Minutes) while 13:20 is the natural timing frequency (13 Moons, 20 fingers and toes).

The Aldoubourn Crop Circle contains 18 Cubes arranged into one Big Cube and a six pointed Star in the middle while 144 Triangles in three rows surround it. It is described together with the purpose of the Kin 54 year  26.07. 2007 in the RINRI Newsletter Vol. 4.No. 1. by the messenger of Time and an Emanation of Pacal Votan,  Captain Number Jose Arguelles (aka Valum Votan).

The „Cube“ crop circle appeared 7 years prior to the Raisting „Peace“ Circle near the Earth-Radio-Station. In the 13 Moon Calendar the dates of these two Crop Circles:  „Cube“  Magnetic Moon 7 and „Peace“  Cosmic Moon 22 build a perfect symmetry. Seven days after the beginning and 7 days before the end of the 13 Moon year.

In the Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan which is a living prophecy and  contains all previous prophecy’s and messengers as ONE LIVING MESSAGE ….. the days 7 and 22 of every 28 day Moon form the entry into „Heaven Walk“ and the „16 Days Journey of the Warrior“.  Telektonon means Earth-Spirit-Speaking-Tube:

„Telektonon, Earth Spirit Speaking Tube, knowledge of the supreme law of time, is a revelation of the Cube of the Law. Time has the power to reduce mountains to dust. The fourth dimension of time is greater than and includes the three dimensions of space.

The Cube of the Law is the cosmology of time. The Cube of the Law is self-existing and springs from its own intersection. This divine intersection consists of three simultaneious planes.

  1. The all foundation plane of mind. Mind is the root of time which originates , moves and dissolves all things.
  2. The plane of spirit. Spirit is the root of telepathy. Telepathy is the instantaneous order of mind as number.
  3. The plane of will. Will resonates order and is the root of atomic structure, both molecular and cellular.


From the divine intersection, the three planes of mind, spirit and will create the internal order of the Cube of the Law. In its prophetic form, the Cube of the Law is also known as the Heptagonon of Mind. Heptagonon refers to the formal power of seven, the six sides of the cube and its seventh internal point, the divine intersection.

Telektonon, the prophecy of time, demonstrates that the recovery of lost time and power is accomplished during days 7-22 of every 28-day moon. The corresponding 16 cards for days 7-22 narrate the overcoming of the Tower of Babel, the cleansing of the karma of history, and the restoration of true time as the original Cube of the Law.  Excerpt from the Telektonon: The real time game that could save your planet.”

Calculations regarding the distance amazed the scribe of this text. Taking the Longitude and Latitude of the exact location it is 1000 km from the Cube to the Peace crop circle.

Prophetic Mayan Tradition by Jose Arguelles

“Among the contemporary Lacandon Maya, the person found in the tomb of Palenque recalled the mythic "halach uinich" or "true man" known as the Great Pacal, or Pacal Votan. Precisely 1000 years after the tomb-dedication, in the year 1692, a book was published in which two Jesuits priests living in Chiapas had a correspondence in which they referred to a now lost text entitled, "The Trials of Votan " mythic accounts of a legendary king of the Maya known as Pacal Votan, whose life extended back to the time of Noah and the Tower of Babel, whose home was in the stars of Valum Chivim, whose adventures included four journeys to the "Rock of Heaven" via the ladder of 13 serpents, and whose incarnation near Nah Chan (Palenque) occurred at a mysterious site known as Valum Votan. Having built a Tower (of the Winds) at Palenque, he had constructed his fabulous tomb, and buried with himself all knowledge of that tomb, except for a few odd marks in the stone floor and a set of enigmatic glyphs in the temple atop the edifice that came to be known as the Pyramid of the Inscriptions. Had it not been for the tile speaking tube (Telektonon)

RINRI Vol. 1. No. 7”

“The prophecy cycle of Pacal Votan includes: The Lost Book of the Seven Generations or The Telektonon of Pacal Votan; the Nine Hells-Thirteen Heavens of Quetzalcoatl, and the Prophecies of the Book of Chilam Balam. The Book of Seven Generations is the key which is found in the Chilam Balam, and particularly the prophecy of Antonio Martinez, AD 1692, 1000 years after the dedication of Pacal Votan's tomb. Science and revelation support each other and my purpose has been to fulfill the question asked in the Chilam Balam, "Who will be the prophet who will be the priest to interpret truly the Word of the Book?" This question concludes the "Prophecy of the New Religion." The new religion is not Christianity, but the religion of UR which comes at the end time after the fulfillment of all of the prophecies.” Jose Arguelles

As everything is done in seven steps, the 7th year Kin 164, 2013-2014 after the 6 Years of the Interdimensional Shift 6x6x6 was the entry into a new  timespace cube. Seven solar rings, 91, 7x13 Moons altogether.

„This dimensional shift is a „quantum jump“ into an altogether new timespace cube, the second creation, the new heaven and new earth, the galactic synchronization into a new mental-evolutionary order called Noosphere.“ 

 In the 13 Moon Calendar the dates of these two Crop Circles:  „Cube“  Magnetic Moon 7 and „Peace“  Cosmic Moon 22 build a perfect symmetry. 7 Rings, 91 Moons, Minus 5 Days and 7 Days Out of Time. 2543 Days from the „Cube circle to the Peace Circle.“

Or as it is written in the last sentence of the RINRI Newsletter Vol. 4.No.1.

May the Power of the Cube Prevail as the Power of Indestructible Peace


Back onto the ground of “Reality”.

Yesterday on Kin 49 (04.09.2014) an article appeared in a local Munich newspaper with the headline: A special attraction – even for Extraterrestrials. A local  activist and lawyer Bernhard Fricke founder of the social club “David against Goliath” wrote a letter to the Bavarian State Chancellor Horst Seehofer asking him several questions on the Raisting crop circle. Questions like which Bavarian State resort is responsible for crop circles and if Seehofer definitely thinks it is impossible that Extraterrestrials made the circle. The answer from one of the secretaries was sarcastic: “Bavaria is beautiful, it`s landscapes extraordinary. Bavaria draws attention to people from all over the world. Therefore it wouldn`t be surprising if Bavaria had a certain  attraction even for Extraterrestrials.”  Further on the newspaper interviewed again the farmer Mr. Huttner who in the meantime cut down the crop. He is happy that the hurly-burly is over now, as on the weekends thousands of people visited the crop circle. And he picked up our joke when we visited the circle: He now sells the about 500 kg corn  of the circle separately to people. He reported: "Some wanted to make liqueur out of it, others bread." 

In lak ech (I am another yourself)

Jannis 7 Moon on Moon 2 Day 14, Kin 50, Red Solar Moon Year.

Note: This is only one explanation or “reading” of hundreds or maybe thousands. There is certainly more. There is not one truth, it is many.

Further Information on the subject:

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It's simple really ...

Sometimes, with all of the numerical complexity I think we lose track of the essence of the 13 Moon Peace Plan, which is basically to turn on the synchronometer by using the 13 Moon calendar as your daily method of keeping time, tune in by using the glyphs, tones, cube position plasmas and whatever else you like to supplement your galactic yoga practice, and finally to drop out of the Gregorian nightmare.Nobody ever asks the question, what does Monday mean, or what significance is October in relation to January, but everybody uses the Gregorian calendar to make appointments, celebrate birthdays and remember deaths and significant events in the past.If more people simply used the 13 Moon calendar, then a stronger field would automatically form and this stronger field would feed into the awakening of the noosphere.So if you come to this site and you wonder why it all sounds like gobbledygook, don't fret, just get yourself a pocket calendar and start using the synchronometer on a daily basis. It's as easy as that.
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