This group was created so that those who attended the Becoming Your Galactic Archetype Retreat could stay in touch and continue exploring together. This group is open to anyone else as well who is interested!

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  • Hi all, hope everyone is well.  Just wanted to share some pictures that I took while me and Teo were on our magic journey with all of you in Mt Shasta and Stewart Mineral Springs. I couldn't find anything to share the album with this specific group but i figure a simple link to the album should do the trick if anyone would like to see them.

  • as this morning  I ponder on so many people who don't seem to be able to have a sense of humour be what they call 'spiritual' at the same time. I personally don't separate spirituality from my everyday life..its all one.. have to take out the garbage and meditate both equally important, I was writing to a friend discussing the lack of .. humour that often prevails, and people taking themselves too seriously, when I remembered Red Queens words... as Jose Said.. laugh its all a cosmic joke.. so true ;) bless  ..

  • Very.nice Shirley :-)
  • the banner of shamballah is the object de art, on the left..

    on the front of it the 3 circles are aligned as the banner of peace.

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  • today , as my 'mojo' quietly and calmly returns, from wherever it went to in outer space..perhaps it got sucked into the No-o-sphere, , and is just returning, hopefully in better shape than it left me, I have had some ideas about delegation, and where we all are, .. doing what we do best, following the gift that is within, mine is synchronicity , psychic awareness, and crystal skulls, all of these have come to be part of this journey for me.

    part of the synchronicity during the journey has been reading time , synchronicity and calender change, it opened me up some more to jose's consciousness ,and ws like a synchronic circle of my life.. on a smaller and not so worldly scale as his own, but my small circle in the centre, was amazingly filled with similar ,... I think I have been pulled to the places, the people and experiences very similar.. Hawaii and oregan seemed to be important, ..a trail of jose.

    re Mongolia.. part of the larger synch for me was and is the banner of peace, as I have been interested in Nicholas Roerich and his work for quite some time, before discovering the dream spell.

    I am the caretaker of 2 timeless ( don't us the word ancient as it cannot be proven at this time), skulls.. Made from golden calcite, Om mani padme hum, and Blue lotus. these skulls are part of a larger family that are situated around planet Earth, and have drawn me to meet people and be in places, that so far have linked me to theh dreamspell also.

    during this journey, which has been over several years now, they led us to Nicholas roerich, and the banner of shamballah, which is an artefact that was apparently at one time in roerichs collection, and ended up with a friend of mine that resides in Glastonbury. it is a funny little object, and I have been able to spend time in meditation with it, and handle it., in Glastonbury.

    I was offered purchase of it, but did not have the means, and it went elsewhere, it is in the usa, with someone, I think I know whom, but not my place to reveal at this time, and in synchronicity I do know it was actallly visiting mt Shasta not that long before we did for the retreat.

    I have a photo I will dig up and post, it has the circle symbols on it as banner of peace does. ... apart from that we don't actually know what it is or does, but I felt that it was synchronic for me to say , yes follow arguelles work , you are on track.

    the Mongolian skulls are timeless in their energy and seem to have many layers of eonic history within their form, .. they have large round eyes, and protruding 3rd eye, and all are similar but not same.

    there is teeth carved , and teeth carved missing, and different in all, we feel it is a code of somesort, but not sure what.. ashani , on seeing them felt the same, we wondered if it was connected to the kin or tone or something.

    I will work on this I feel drawn to do so , my focus perhaps for some things to unfold.

    roerich became evident showing me his energy and his book fell off the shelf so to speak..shamballa, ... so off on a tangent maybe for this, but see where it takes me as, what is inivisible shall soon be revealed , some way I believe. .bless..

  • thankyou Elizabeth,  I don't think I have watched this episode.

  • ..alittle more, I couldn't fit it all on the last post, ...

    the skull, star rainbow serpent, that is with RQ, was always the skull of the heart, and the energy pouring forth from her on the morning of the 24th , last day of retreat kin 162 rhythmic wind, was a wonderful confirmation to me that all has happened to the most minute detail of perfection, that skull was meant for that day ,it was her true awakening, by which time I was so full of her heartlight that had been pouring out to me I was choked up, it was a while before I get myself to speak and request the skulls be put togegeher, , I was shown the dove would occur, the unification of male and female energy as one... a dove can fly when it is in balance only 2 wings, in equal motion,  .. I could see clearly arguelles, beside RQ, he had one had outward to ward all of us sitting, and rainbow light was pouring out from his palm, and it was his great love of kin ,  that was streaming thru the skull, a serpent of love sharing rainbow light to all.

    bless to all, and thankyou for your kinship :) in Lak ech"..

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