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  • https://youtu.be/P7vKQ6d4ecI

    Here is my video, I digged into deep
    researches and also I visited the place , explore the mysterious facts.. ☘️
  • hI lyn..sorry  no reply havnt been on for a while..love to see a photos, im pretty sure I know the gathering you are speaking of and know others whom have some skulls from it as well :)

  • Thank you for creating this group around crystal skulls. I have many and have found them to be most generous in their information. At the center of my Stairbrairy grid I have a grapefruit size clear quarts skull who was energized with a group of skulls at a gathering in Arizona with the Mitchell-Hedges skull. It is a truly wonderful and beautiful crystal skull. Again, I would love to add a picture of it here but cannot figure out how to do that. Sorry.

  • Blessings Shirley, thank you for this post. I had seen and heard the youtube video you referenced, but I did not know the story of the crystal skull that Flora de mayo placed on VV's head. In fact, I did not even recognize it as a skull (couldn't tell really what it was even when I watched it again after reading your post). This is wonderful to know - for me it adds another dimension to this ceremony honoring VV and his work, making it all the more sacred.


    Yellow Self-existing Human



    BACH AIR 432 HZ


  • saludos d epaz, soy de la ona del eblazador,mi psi es enlazador 5 mi analogo ,es enlazador 8 ,y me siento muy relacionada con la tercera semana azul de la transformacion cosmicamg, deseo asistencia  a distancia ,gracias,inlakech

  • Oh. Dear I,accidentally deleted the last comment...could the person who posted it re post please... I was trying t find. Way to translate it..and pressed the s by mistake..apologies.
  • Cool :)
  • Kathleen is a dear friend, I have not met the skeleton yet but I have some interesting connections with her other skulls. I will post more soon
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preparation... the telektonon and hunab ku 21

as momentum seems to gather... I find I am having a morning of synchronicity.. ( as usual but more).. setting up the telektonon in order to discover and hopefully download more understanding..i set my crystal skull upon it ...Sygnus, whom this morning seems to have changed his spelling to Cygnus in order to fully align with the constellation of Cygnus, which he has always shown me his connection to, and sometimes the image of a swan appears in the skull. such a morning.. it is my galactic…

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Newbies to the World of the Dreamspell...;)

adding this into my group , as  a 'newbie' myself and plunging in deep, I thought maybe there are others like me, well I know there are..so thort maybe make a space to ask 'dumb' questions, and lets work it out and share our discoveries.., which seem to come from spirit (vv) and then a little journey and working out , which when it makes sense is amazing. im adding it into the skull group, as , i feel their are my guiding light, and i know from my years of exeperience with them , they are great…

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