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Dream the Future Awake
Calling Forth a New Planetary Narrative
Beginning Now

The dream that we dream is shaped by the time that we keep.

—José Argüelles/Valum Votan

The moment is NOW. We stand between two worlds—one, a luminous realm of magic, synchronicity, and wholeness, and the other, a fragmented time loop of shattered worlds and forgotten dreams.

This is a call to form a Noosphere Node and actively engage in “dreaming the future awake.” 

This planetary experiment officially commences Kin 1, Self-Existing Moon 4/October 21, 2023. This Day begins a 2080-day psi bank cycle that concludes July 2, 2029. 2080 = 260 x 8. This, plus one 23-day biotelepathic cycle, concludes the 9-year vision map on the Day out of Time 2029: Blue Planetary Night.


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  • Deb 113 here- This is a great spot to connect with others in your area to form a Dream node. I will do my best to help people connect as well.
    • Kin 227 Peace and Blessings I was looking to connect with someone in Alabama to form a Dream node.
    • Hello Melinda! I am sorry ... just seeing this now. Can you send me an email at and I will try my best to help you find someone in your region.
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