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Kin 200 Sol Entonado Amarillo

Hoy tenemos la oposición del Sol y Plutón, ambos a 16″ grados de signos zodiacales contrarios, Cáncer y Capricornio.

Pluto, es el regente del infra mundo, de lo subterráneo. Dueño de la oscuridad y relacionado con el poder, la intensidad y las transformaciones.

El Sol, la estrella que nos ilumina. Padre Sol, el que nos da la vida.

Enfrentados, en oposición, es la iluminación directa y sin posibilidad de esconderse de todas las cosas ocultas del mundo y de nuestro interior. Como es afuera es adentro.

Para leer el artículo completo...

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Que necesidad de viajar!

Viviendo en Tandil hace ya dos años. Con mia hija y su padre. Cansados ya de este lugar. Quisieramos renovar el aire.¿Quien quiere intercambiar vivienda? jiji o quien nos acepta en su comunidad?....

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Aloha Planetary Kin: 

I just uploaded to YouTube a new installment of It's About Time.

In this installment we continue our exploration of how the planets in the solar system are moving in a direction that heralds the Return of the Goddess. We examine how the current Venus cycle relates to the sacred calendar of the Galactic Maya. Then we look forward and explore the Goddess aspects of the next Full Moon on the Summer Solstice, 6-20-16.

Here's the Link:

Enjoy and pass it on!

Cosmic Hand

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Crystal Star Message

Aloha Planetary Kin:

I have renewed my It's About Time show in a video format on YouTube. If you'd like more on the astrology and galactic perspective of recent events you can access my shows there.

This is a blog of a channelling I experienced on Yellow Crystal Star. I went out there in my meditation and connected with our spiritual benefactors, the Arcturians.

What was different this time was I was hearing Divine Music.

Here's what came through:


I'm getting more in touch with them. Because they are always singing, and I wasn't hearing that before. While they're all connected, they're all singing. Now I'm hearing that song too. Their song is love. I can actually hear it. It's not just a feeling. It's tangible.  In our experience love is intangible. For them it's tangible. It's telepathic. For us love is intangible because we're not telepathic. If we were telepathic, love would be tangible and it would be a song. We could hear it. Hear or not hear, but experience with the sixth sense. The sixth sense is the ability to sense love. 

There's not really a rhythm to it. But it is like a wave. The closest thing I can equate it to is a Tibetan bowl. There is a wave in the Tibetan bowl. But is not just one bowl. It's a symphony of bowls. The same one and they all have the same wave. They just have different frequencies. All were slightly different frequencies. But all completely harmonic. There is no dissonance, only harmony. There is a pulse to it. By the way, that's what I mean by the wave. It's not really slow. It sounds like overtones and harmonics. 

Maybe not just love, maybe beauty too. There's a link between the Star and the Dog in that respect. In the sky, Venus is love and beauty. In the Mayan, Venus is beauty and the Dog is love. But, they are connected this way. Crystal Star connects to Magnetic Dog. So their movement is choreographed telepathically, based on beauty and love. 

That's the point of the Dog wavespell. The Dog wavespell has to do with the reestablishment of telepathy. There is a way that love can reestablish telepathy. Not the other way around. If we had telepathy we could sense love. Love would be a sense. Telepathy is also a sense...Or gives us access to a sixth sense, or more senses. 

We're set up to Evolve in the Earth wavespell. The next step is to restore telepathy through love. The Dog wavespell is about restoring telepathy. Self-Existing Skywalker has something to do with that. Wakefulness is the reestablishment of telepathy, probably through the GAP. Maybe not every Skywalker, but Self-Existing Skywalker. It's the Dog wavespell. I have to see what else is in the Dog wavespell.

First of all; Magnetic Dog, where we can unify in order to love. Then Lunar Monkey, the challenge is to play the illusion with magic. Electric Human, activating free will to influence with wisdom. Self-Existing Skywalker is a GAP, bringing wakefulness into form. Overtone Wizard, empowering the Wizard to enchant timelessness. Rhythmic Eagle, rhythmic vision. There it is right there. It's the RHYTHMIC VISION. Resonant Warrior, channel the intelligence. That's a GAP and a clear sign. Resonant Warrior is another GAP, guided by Star. So there you go. Then it is Resonant Warrior. Self-Existing Skywalker and Resonant Warrior, the GAP,  also a clear sign and guided by the Star, which is where we are today (this Transmission came in on Crystal Star). That's the rhythm of the pulse in the song. Then Galactic Earth, Galactic Earth is telepathy restored. Then Solar Mirror, order is restored. The pulse of the rhythm restores the order, through the Mirror. Planetary Storm, the manifestation of the major transformation for the planet, guided by Hand - to know the healing of accomplishment. Spectral Sun, dissolve in order to enlighten, releasing life, Liberation! It's also a polar kin, I transport the yellow galactic spectrum. The Dog wave is in the Sun season. Transport the yellow galactic spectrum – that's telepathy right there. That transport – that's the reestablishment of telepathy. Crystal Dragon; We cooperate to nurture a birth, guided by Skywalker, and a Magic Turtle Day (the tone of the moon & the tone of the day are the same). Then Cosmic Wind ends the Dog wavespell, Spirit communicates in order for everyone to transcend. 

It just keeps bringing me back to my eyes. Or the eyes, it's a Trinity, two eyes and one antenna. I guess my third eye and crown are in between those two. So it's actually connecting the two. It goes both ways. What I see gives me information. What information I get I'm also able to see. It is as if I'm seeing it with my eyes, not just feeling it or hearing it. I am hearing it though. That is probably the most dramatic thing. It's on top of all the other sounds that I am hearing. I don't know, maybe they're building me up, with all this energy I'm hearing now. Maybe there's more to come. Then all that sound just combines and breaks through to something bigger. Maybe it just breaks through to all of us. I just keep receiving more and receiving more until it just explodes as a breakthrough and encompasses the earth.

Because I am Cosmic, not just Galactic. It allows me to connect up all the way through. So it's not just Planetary, Solar system, Pleiades, Galaxy. it's Universal. It's all connected. Hunab Ku is the galaxy. It's beyond Hunab Ku. Hunab Ku is a piece of everything. That's possible...I hadn't considered that. I always thought of Hunab Ku as coming from the center of the galaxy. But the center of the universe could also be Hunab Ku. You know, another frequency of Hunab Ku. Maybe it's all just frequencies. Maybe the heart is Hunab Ku. The heart of everything. It's the heart of the galaxy. It's the heart of the Pleiades. It's the heart of the Sun. It's the heart of the Earth. It's the heart of the humans. It's the heart of the universe. It could be that Hunab Ku is the heart. OK, that's what's coming in. I thought Hunab Ku was a thing. You know, the galaxy, the giver of movement and measure. It's what keeps the galaxy moving. But, that's not what's coming through! That it is the heart of each one of us. This is why not having telepathy is so bad. It keeps the heart from being Hunab Ku. Telepathy connects the heart up as Hunab Ku. It makes the heart Hunab Ku. It's not just a connection. It makes the heart Hunab Ku. Wow...

What can we do to reestablish telepathy? Love! Love is what reestablishes telepathy. That was just as clear as it can be! That's why the Dog wavespell is so important. Not just Dog days, but the Dog wavespell. We are set up to evolve in the Earth wavespell. Then the Dog wavespell brings the love that allows telepathy to be reestablished. Which then allows us to birth the new beingness. Then the Cosmic Wind allows Spirit to communicate all away from the Cosmos, meaning the Universe. The spirit of the universe communicates through our hearts – love, once we reestablish telepathy.

There was a battle going on over the new moon - Grand Cross. We couldn't get that at the new moon because there was a battle going on. The Grand Cross was a battle between the light and the dark. And the dark pulled out all the stops. They hit with everything they got. They wanted the new moon. They didn't realize that the new moon wasn't it. Niether did they count on the power of the Grand Trine in Earth over the Mutable (able to change) Grand Cross. They didn't realize the new moon isn't it.  

Today, Crystal Star, is it. But Magnetic Dog is really it. Venus is going behind the sun, Venus goes into the sun. Venus dives into the underworld to bring back telepathy through the power of love. The astrology sets things up, but the sacred calendar is the key. Here we are on the GAP day to create beauty. Setting us up for the Dog (love) wavespell. Magnetic Dog is the day, not the new moon. Because on Magnetic Dog Venus dives into the sun. Venus goes into the underworld to retrieve telepathy through the power of love. So, while Venus is in the dark we have the opportunity to reclaim telepathy. Venus is in the dark throughout the whole Dog wavespell. In fact, I think Venus is in the dark all the way past the summer solstice. Summer solstice is the next wavespell, the Night wavespell. So after the wavespell of love, we get the wavespell of the dream. We get to live the dream. If we can reestablish telepathy within the wavespell of the Dog, the wavespell of love. Then the full moon/summer solstice sets up the wavespell where we get to live the dream, the Night wavespell.

So, it is playing out in the sky, as well as playing out in the sacred calendar. It's that the dark are focused on the system of 12, which makes them use the cross to hold their system in place. We are using the cross to break their system. But, in truth, we can't break their system. We can only move beyond it...If we take the power away from it. It is our energy that holds their paradigm in place. As long as they keep us living in fear, they win. When we live in love and reestablish telepathy, everyone will know it's a scam. Then everybody will just walk away and take their energy away from it. The patriarchal paradigm cannot survive in the face of telepathy and love. The power of love causes the patriarchy to collapse. That's all it is. There is no battle. There is no war. There is no facing them, no backing them down. There is nothing. All we have to do is take away fear and live in love, and the patriarchy falls. That's the Divine Plan. It's laid out in the sacred calendar and it's playing out in the sky.

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We began our journey, our descent into the underworld via the ten days Galactic Activation Portals on KIN 146: White Electric World-Bridger (Death to all that no longer serves us.) Death is where the Lord of the Underworld has stored all His hidden treasures...for us His Children. We are PURE of HEART and UNIFIED, therefor we have made this journey... TOGETHER.

Today KIN 156 we have reached the bottom of the Rabbit Hole...the second of two, Ten Day Galactic Activation Portals...We arrive WITH and AS "The Yellow Cosmic Warrior" We lead the way through five days journey to the bottom of the underworld... we are in the Golden Fields of Elysium.

And this is the Root of the Body...Elysium...

Review the Crop Circles...

"There will be signs in the Heavens and signs on the Earth below..."


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K149 Red Rhythmic Moon

I organize in order to purify
Balancing flow
I seal the process of universal water
With the rhythmic tone of equality
I am guided by my own power doubled



Scientists and researchers are mystified  by the amazing Mayan Super Number 1366560 which appears in the Dresden Codex and which is exhibited in the Treasure Room of the Book Museum in Dresden, Germany.   (One of only three preserved  ancient Mayan Codices)

This number 1366560 represents a most harmonic and  powerful TimePortal and the synchronization of all major Mayan calendar cycles  and is divisible by all together 144 whole Numbers. Kin 144 was the day Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan was struck by the Telektonon prophecy, the mother of all prophecies which he also called the “shipwreck experience”.  See previous posts on our Facebook page Galactic Synchronization.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18, 20, 24, 26, 30, 32, 36, 39, 40, 45, 48, 52, 60, 65, 72, 73, 78, 80, 90, 96, 104, 117, 120, 130, 144, 146, 156, 160, 180, 195, 208, 219, 234, 240, 260, 288, 292, 312, 360, 365, 390, 416, 438, 468, 480, 520, 584, 585, 624, 657, 720, 730, 780, 876, 936, 949, 1040, 1095, 1168, 1170, 1248, 1314, 1440, 1460, 1560, 1752, 1872, 1898, 2080, 2190, 2336, 2340, 2628, 2847, 2920, 3120, 3285, 3504, 3744, 3796, 4380, 4680, 4745, 5256, 5694, 5840, 6240, 6570, 7008, 7592, 8541, 8760, 9360, 9490, 10512, 11388, 11680, 13140, 14235, 15184, 17082, 17520, 18720, 18980, 21024, 22776, 26280, 28470, 30368, 34164, 35040, 37960, 42705, 45552, 52560, 56940, 68328, 75920, 85410, 91104, 105120, 113880, 136656, 151840, 170820, 227760, 273312, 341640, 455520, 683280 and 1366560.


In The Mayan Factor Jose writes:


The principle of the harmonic number, as stated in Appendix B, is that larger whole

numbers are considered more or less harmonic according to the diversity of the factoral

and fractal possibilities which they represent. 936,000, representing the midpoint of the

Great Cycle, is an example. Marking as it does the passage of six-and-one-half cycles of

144,000 kin or days each, the number denotes harmonic 936, the passing of

936,000 (6.5x144,000) days or kin from the initiation of the cycle in 3113 B.C. In addition,

936,000 accommodates the key fractal 26 in that 936,000 = 2,600 tun of 360 days each.

Numerologically, the date 936,000 kin (9+3+6=18-1+8) equals 9, as do all factors of 9.


The greatest harmonic number, however, is 13 66 560:


13 66 560 divided by 360 = 3796 Tun (tun = 360 kin).

13 66 560 divided by 365 = 3744 Haab (365 kin = Haab, or solar year).

The difference between 3796 Tun and 3744 Haab = 52 (13x4). 52 = a "calendar

round" of 52 solar years synchronized with 73 sacred calendar cycles of 260 days


13 66 560 divided by 72 = 18980, the number of days in a 52-year "calendar round."

A 52-year calendar round = 52x365 or 260x73.

13 66 560 divided by 73 - 18720 = 52x360 or 260x72. (Note Super Nova Assassin, the brightest SN ever was recently detected on K73)

13 66 560 divided by 9, number of the Lords of Time = 15 18 40.

151,840 kin divided by 365 = 416 vague solar years (Haab).

13 66 560 divided by 260 = 5256 Tzolkin or sacred calendar cycles.

13 66 560 divided by 584, apparent days in Venus cycle = 2340 Venus years.

13 66 560 divided by 780 apparent days in a Martian cycle = 1752 Mars years.

13 66 560 divided by 2920 days = 468 Venus-solar cycles.

2920 divided by 365 = 8; divided by 584 = 5.

13 66 560 divided by 37 960 = 36 cycles of 104 years; 104 years corresponds to one conjunction of the Venus, sacred calendar, and solar cycles.

13 66 560 divided by 52 = 26 280 or 72 vague solar years.

13 66 560 divided by 12 = 113 880 or 312 vague solar years.

13 66 560 divided by 13 = 105 120 or 288 vague solar years.

13 66 560 divided by 8 = 170 820 or 468 vague solar years.


While we will go into detail later regarding the significance of some of these abovementioned

cycles—the calendar round and the Venus cycles in particular—it is sufficient

here to merely contemplate the amazing capacity of the harmonic 136656 to accommodate

so many different factors and cyclic figures.

If we are to take the number 13 66 560 as the number of days from starting point 3113

B.C., we arrive at or A.D. 631. This date is the equivalent of 3796-tun cycles of 360 days each or 3744-haab or solar cycles of 365 days each. The difference between the

3796-tun and 3744-solar cycles from the date 3113 B.C. is 52.

If we add 52 years, the number of years in a "calendar round," to the date, A.D. 631, we arrive at the date, or A.D. 683. The number of days elapsed from 3113 B.C., the commencement of the Great Cycle, to A.D. 683, is 1385540, or the equivalent of 3796 vague solar y e a r s - vague because leap-year days are not included.


The number 13 85 540 also corresponds to 73 52-year calendar round cycles. 73 is the number of 260-day Tzolkin cycles that synchronize with 52 solar years to comprise a calendar round (52x365=260x73). Thus the date A.D. 683 would correspond to a calendar round fractal overtone. On the other hand, 13 66 560 or A.D. 631 also corresponds to 73-tun cycles of 52x360 units. Small wonder that Pacal Votan would be associated with the magnificent number 13 66 560!

Finally, 13 66 560 corresponds to the completion of the 36th solar-Venus cycle (each

of 104 years—104x36=3744 solar years) since the commencement of the Great Cycle,

3113 B.C. As both the morning and the evening star, Venus is the planet especially

associated with Quetzalcoatl-Kukulkan. For Quetzalcoatl was both Lord of Dawn, bringer

of light, the morning star, and Guide of the Dead, presider over the mysteries of the dead,

the evening star.

Page 208/209 The Mayan Factor

Note that the closing of the 73rd 52 year calendar round 1385540 or LC corresponds to DS K9 Red Solar Moon and Gregorian Feb. 01 681.


 “Another proof concerned the harmonic number 13 66 56 (0), in that in my 54th year, the beginning of my messengership, my birthday fell on the day 13 Dragon, on my 55th birthday, my birthday fell on Kin 66, and this was followed by my 56th birthday, the third year of my trial as a messenger of the prophecy, Telektonon of Pacal Votan.”  Valum Votan


We further see that SNN Super Nova Number 1366560 is:

22776x 60 Pacal Votan Signatures

17520x 78 Sum of tones on tomb lid and Pacal Votan`s special number

11680x 117 Mercury Synodic +1

4745x 288 Harmonics of Polar Light

2336x 585 Venus Synodic +1 “Frequency of Enlightenment”

1752x 780 Martian Synodic or triple Tzolkin

1095x 1248 Sum of Kin numbers on tomb lid

1440x949 Baktun fraktal x 584+365 Venus+Haab

While 144.000 “Time Wizards”  x 949 = 136.656.000 Super Nova Number 1366560 x 100


Porsche Cayenne Turbo with 949 No plate and “diplomatic status”

When 1366560 Kin (days)  elapsed from the start of the Long Count Aug.  10 -3113 BC this also starts the 73rd 52 year Sirian Cycle, the time of Pacal Votan´s power. 72x52=3744 Soular Rings x 365 Haab = 1366560. Remember that Supernova Assassin 15lh,  the brightest Supernova ever – 570 Mio times brighter than our own SUN – was detected on the 63rd anniversary of the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan, June 15 2015 on Kin 73.  Also in the unpublished Book 19=260 Jose proves the intimate connection of the number 73 with Pacal Votan. Here it is Sura 73 comprising of 20 verses which he links to PV “The Cloaked” one.


“keep in mind that Lord Pacal was the rebirth of Venus, the metaphorical rebirth of Jesus, predicted to occur 1,366,040 (+520 1 Wisdom Cycle = 1366560) days after Venus was born on 10th August 3113 BC, the start of their calendar.”

“Apart from the calendrical periods of time already mentioned, the Maya used a 260-day ceremonial ‘astrological calendar’ and revered a special ‘super-number’ of 1,366,560 days that they referred to as the ‘Rebirth of Venus’. No orthodox researcher understands why the Maya calendar should have started on 10th August 3113 BC—more than 3,000 years before the Maya appeared on the planet—or why they chose to revere the 3113 BC date as the ‘birth of Venus’. However, in The Mayan Prophecies [Element Books Ltd, Shaftesbury, 1995] I showed how the Sun’s magnetic field shifted direction in 3113 BC causing the planet Venus to turn upside down on its axis—Venus now spins on its axis backwards and its rate of spin has slowed to 243 Earth days (i.e. one day on Venus now takes 243 Earth-days to subsist). The planet Earth, being more distant from the Sun, did not topple on its axis at that time. The magnetic reversal though did affect life on Earth; I showed how the 28-day revolving Sun showers the Earth with charged particles that regulate the menstrual cycle and hence fertility on Earth;

Maurice CotterellThe Mayan Prophecies

This day 1366040 - the rebirth of Venus, the metaphorical re-birth of Jesus – is LC and 4 Ahau 13 Yax K160 signature of the L:O:R:D Lord of Resurrection Day  in the 7:7:7:7 Baktun map of His-story. Carved into stone 4 Ahau K160 (8 Kumku) appears also as the start of the Long Count 3113 BC and certainly as LC “old Tzolkin” place holder of  Super Nova Number 1366560.

What is the rebirth of Venus 1366040 and the Super Nova Number 1366560 then in Dreamspell?

The date 1366040 – rebirth of Venus – when calculated with GMT (Goodman, Martinez, Thompson, the currently used Long Count Marker) corresponds to Gregorian  Sept. 14 627. When we translate this gregorian date into the Dreamspell it is K24 Yellow Spectral Seed.

"On the 136th day of this 144 day cycle, after 602 days of travel, I was given the Key for “housing the mystery” (Kin 20, 7 Sun). This was on the 69th anniversary of Hiroshima and 1 year after releasing Valum Votan’s ashes at the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico where he had had his first vision in 1953.Four days later, in the morning of Kin 24, I had a dream with Votan who transmitted images of the  unfolding of world events. We had a lucid discussion about the 812-day program of Sirian rebirth that we had been engaged in at the time of his passing. Much information was transmitted (most of which was non-conceptual), though he indicated about learning to “ascend” and “descend” simultaneously and now more than ever the importance of anchoring the new frequency to stabilize the dissonant energies on our planet. Upon waking from the dream I reviewed the 144 days of Star Remembrance. Then I noted that it concludes on Kin 28, and of course the next day is Kin 29. 28 x 29 = 812

Then I counted 812 days and saw that it concludes on Kin 60, Yellow Galactic Sun, of 11 Storm year  (Self-Existing 18/November 4, 2016)"   Red Queen 812 days to Soular Consciousness

Further reflections on SNN 1366560 by Jose from the Mayan Factor:

 “Mayan number of synthesis as recorded in the Dresden Codex and re-discovered by Ernst Foerstermann is 13 66 560, a phenomenal number, divisible or capable of being factored by all the key numbers corresponding to all of the harmonic cycles. (See Appendix D. 1366 56 and the Mayan Harmonic Numbers.) As the number of kin elapsed since 3113 B.C, 13 66 560 corresponds to a date in the year A.D. 631. While 1,366,560 kin, A.D. 631, is also the equivalent of 3,796 tun or 360 day cycles completed since the initiation date, A.D. 683 corresponds to 3,796 solar years elapsed from the same beginning date. It is interesting that both of these dates—A.D. 631 and A.D. 683—have corresponding number harmonics of 3,796, the former as tun, the latter as solar years. It is also most significant that the 52-year span between these dates corresponds to the span of the earthly life of Pacal Votan. If there were to be a significant galactic phase according to the Mayan harmonics, it would occur in the 52-year calendar-round period between A.D. 631 and 683, or between harmonics 13 66 560 and 13 85 540. Indeed, these are the precise dates of the avataric incarnation known as Pacal Votan of Palenque. His "tomb," the only one like it in all of Mesoamarica and the only one comparable to the tomb in the Great Pyramid of Giza, is dated A.D. 683. It lies within the nine-storied Temple of the Inscriptions at Palenque. In the Chamber in which the tomb is found are sculpted representations of the Nine Lords of Time. Only discovered in 1952, the tomb of Pacal Votan has recently become one of the most celebrated and sensational wonders of the mysterious Maya. The sculpture on the tomb lid, which we mentioned at the end of the last chapter, has been variously interpreted as an astronaut in a space capsule or the representation of a dynastic king being "lowered" at his death into the jaws of the Earth monster. Here, however, is the legend of Pacal Votan, galactic master, who declared himself to be a serpent, an initiate, a possessor of knowledge. By decree of those above him, Pacal Votan was ordered to leave his "homeland," the mysterious Valum Chivim, and to proceed to the Yucatan, the land of the Maya on Earth. Departing from Valum Chivim and going by means of the "Dwelling of the Thirteen Serpents," Pacal Votan arrived at Valum Votan, on the Usuamacinta River not far from Palenque, which Pacal Votan supposedly then founded. Through making several visits back to his "homeland," Pacal Votan discovered a tower, which came to be destroyed because of a confusion of tongues among its builders. By means of a subterranean passage from the tower, however, Votan was allowed to reach the "Rock of Heaven."

What are we to make of this story?

Valum Chivim is a reference to one of the Mayan star-bases, perhaps in the Pleiades, perhaps in Arcturus. These bases, of course, had been monitoring the Mayan mission since the first wave of galactic masters, the Nine Lords ofTime among them, had originally seeded planet Earth. Galactic master, Pacal Votan, assigned by his superiors to oversee the initiation of the final phase of the Mayan terrestrial project, would also be known as Galactic Agent 13 66 56, corresponding to the harmonic equivalent date, A.D. 631, of his incarnation/manifestation on this planet. Numerologically, 13 66 56, like all factors of 9, also adds up to 9 (1+3+6+6+5+6=27=2+7-9). Pacal Votan's travel by means of the "Dwelling of the Thirteen Serpents" refers to intergalactic passage by means of the Kuxan Suum. As the galactic life-fiber, it would be natural to represent the Kuxan Suum by a serpent or serpent forms. 13, number of movement, is also the number of the highest, most exalted of the heavens or levels of being beyond our solar system, the one closest to central information—the galactic hub, Hunab Ku. Sculpted serpent beings in transformation, similar to those at Quirigua, adorn the Temple of the Inscriptions at Palenque, a plastic record of the Kuxan Suum transport of Pacal Votan, Galactic Agent 13 66 56. Arrival at Vaium Votan near present-day Palenque would signify the place of arrival and/or birth of Pacal Votan in A.D. 631, Harmonic 13 66 56 0. The timing of his arrival would also coincide with the expectation of the next Kukulkan avatar, whose role Pacal Votan would assume. In this role, it would only be natural to found a city—corresponding to the mythic Tollan—to be called Xibalanque, or in modern form, Palenque. In the Popul Vuh, Xibalanque would correspond to the mythic Xibalba, the place of the underworld, or the world of manifestation and the heroic testing of mortality. This would refer to the taking of a "mortal" human form by Galactic Agent 13 66 56, to be marked and commemorated by the underworld "tomb" within the nine-storied Temple of the Inscriptions. Maintaining his powers after the founding of Palenque, Pacal Votan had communication with, if not actual travel back via the Kuxan Suum to, Valum Chivim. At Palenque there is another structure unique among Mayan architecture, the so-called Tower of the Winds or Observatory. Facing the Pyramid of the Inscriptions, this tower refers to the tower encountered by Pacal Votan in the legend. Since the tomb of Pacal Votan is the only one that can be compared to the tomb within the Great Pyramid of Egypt, it is most significant that, architecturally, the Tower facing the Pyramid enclosing the tomb bears a strong formal resemblance to the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid. Both the Tower and the King's Chamber possess four levels rising above a high foundation or coffer. In any case, the tower represents the aspiration enclosing mortality, while the confusion concerning it is our failure to understand our inherent deathlessness or immortality. Finally, the reference to the underground passage leading to the rock of heaven signifies the tomb itself, located within the Temple of the Inscriptions. Concluding the 52-year cycle of Pacal Votan's terrestrial manifestation in A.D. 683, harmonic 13 85 54, the tomb is only one in name. From the temple atop the pyramid, which is itself 52 feet high, 26 steps lead down, taking a sharp turn, descending another 22 steps, and then arriving at the chamber. The 26 steps refer to the number 26 (13x2), the fractal of the galactic constant, 260. The 22 steps refer to the number representing the sum of 13—the thirteen dwelling serpent or the Oxlahuntiku, the thirteen divinities of the higher heavens—and 9—the Nine Lords of Time, the Bolontiku, the nine divinities or original galactic masters who preceded Votan on his mission to planet Earth. The total number of steps, 48, is the equivalent of 6 octaves (8x6).”


(Note at this point  that according to Valum Votan´s affirmation of his retURn in the year 4772 this will happen on the 90th (89+1) day of the K219 Blue Spectral Storm year. This 90th day of any K219 year – 4772 or next Ring - is curiously enough not K46 but K48 9 Lamat, the total number of steps leading down into the tomb of Pacal Votan and also code of the 48 UR Harmonics of the Second Creation. K48, 800/812 is 12 Kin before K60 day 812 of 812 to SOULAR consciousness. While K148 5 Lamat is the LC signature of the retURn, 48:148. See also Cube Book CHC Vol 7 page 199/200


“In actuality, the symbolism of the Nine Lords within the crypt and the "tree of life" adorning the Iid of the sarcophagus give the clue: Pacal Votan, Galactic Agent 13 66 56, though appearing mortal, had actually "returned" to his starry homeland, Valum Chivim. There, he was able to report that the terrestrial Maya were ready to receive select numbers of their galactic kin and finish in earnest the harmonic activity concerning planet Earth in its passage through the 5,200-tun galactic synchronization beam begun August 3113 B.C. Interestingly, a "speaking tube" goes from the crypt to the temple atop the Pyramid of the Inscriptions. - Clearly a manifestation of Kukulkan/Quetzalcoatl, the coming of Pacal Votan in A.D. 631 was indicated by the completion of the 36th Venus great cycle from the initiation date, 3113, B.C. The Venus great cycle represents the conjunction of 104 solar years of 365 days each, with 146 sacred calendar cycles of 260 days each and 65 Venus cycles of 584 days each. The total number of days or kin in such a cycle is 37,960. The fractal 3796 represents the number of tun elapsed between 3113 B.C. and A.D. 631, and the number of solar years elapsed between 3113 B.C. and A.D. 683. The 52-year cycle—A.D. 631-683—representing the duration of Votan's life activity on the planet corresponds, of course, to the "calendar round:" the conjunction of 52 solar years with 73 sacred calendar cycles. The next significant Quetzalcoatl avatar, 1 Reed Quetzalcoatl, also lived 52 years, from A.D. 947 to 999.”

Jose used Mayan Haab 18x20+5=365 or whole number Soular years of 365 days to arrive at AD Arcturus Dominion 631 as a time-portal marker – 631+52 Sirius Number = 683 ascension year Pacal Votan. 3744 years x 365 Haab  = 1366560; -3113 BC + 3744 = 631. Also at the time of writing the Mayan Factor the exact birth and death years of Pacal Votan 603-683 AD were not certain, but Jose brilliant as ever wrote: “Arrival at Vaium Votan near present-day Palenque would signify the place of arrival and/or birth of Pacal Votan in A.D. 631, Harmonic 13 66 56 0.”


Fitting the actual -  SNN 1366560 days elapsed since the start of the Long Count - into the gregorian calendar and from there into the Dreamspell we are confronted with some obstacles. Why first into the Gregorian calendar? - the reader might ask. The paradox here is that you can´t switch from any old LC Tzolkin date immediately to Dreamspell. In between is always the Gregorian calendar, as the Dreamspell is locked to the starting point @ July 26 1987 Kin 34 White Galactic Wizard. Besides this nowadays the “official” LC does count leap days, while the Dreamspell does not. This makes currently a  46 Kin difference between LC  and Dreamspell.

Certainly the indigenous Maya 1400 years ago from today and 1000 years before the Spanish Conquest 1519 AD did not count leap days! At that time not even the Julian calendar, progenitor of the Gregorian calendar had leap days, even though counting leap days is a method to keep the tropical solar year fixed to the seasons. As a proof of higher dimensional Galactic origins  and to redeem karmic holographic ghost vibrations which “The Conquest” of the 12:60 timing standard left behind in the Atmos-Sphere of planet Earth, the Dreamspell redeems leap days on every Feb. 29 through HunabKu 0.0 days .

Note that inside the harmonic 13 Moon count of 13x 28 =364 +1 Day out of Time. The 13th missing Moon of the currently used 12 month calendar  is comprised of all extra days counted beyond 28 in the previous 12 Moons/Month.

If we use 365,2425 – the gregorian solar year code – with SNN 1366560  we arrive at a date in the year 629. The Gregorian calendar counts every 4th year a leap day and every 100th not, and then again if the year is dvisibleby  400. This sums up to the factor 365,2425 for a solar year in the gregorian calendar.

“It takes the Earth approximately 365.242189 days – or 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 45 seconds – to circle once around the Sun. This is called a tropical year, and is measured from the March equinox. However, the Gregorian calendar has only 365 days in a year, so if we didn't add a leap day on February 29 nearly every four years, we would lose almost six hours off our calendar every year. After only 100 years, our calendar would be off by around 24 days!”

Side Tunnel Time Fact, is there a perfect Soular calendar? Interestingly enough the most accurate Soular calendar is the Persian lunar calendar with only 1 day off in 110.000 years.


Note here that Day 218 of the 13 Moon year is always Feb 28 and Day 219 is March 01. In between every 4th year comes Feb 29 as HunabKu 0.0. This year DOOT Day out of time falls on K218 and K219 is the start of the next 13 Moon year.




The Dreamspell  Syncronometer of the Law of Time is a 4th dimensional  tool and linked directly to the prophetic stream of the Chilam Balam prophecies! The purpose of the Dreamspell is to redeem certain morphogenetic karmic Vibrations which trace back to the destroyed planets Maldek and Mars – see also: The Arcturus Probe by Jose Arguelles, and to make conscious what was previously unconscious.

The count of leap days in the Dreamspell would throw off the year bearers Seed, Moon, Wizard and Storm and therefore disrupt the Chilam Balam prophetic stream, also called GM 108X. The Dreamspell Tzolkin 260 Kin Syncronometer together with the harmonic 13 Moon 28 day  +1 SOULAR  calendar  is by constant use lifting the “veil” of the Maya.   In Vedic /Hindu terminology Maya is actually the “Great Illusion”  which covers and numbs all of Earthly 3- dimensional existence. 

If we use the 13:20 App we arrive for SNN 1366560 Kin elapsed since start of Long Count @ Feb. 15 629 LC Kin 23 Blue Planetary Night. (K23 sign. of current pope Francis)

In recent blogs we presented our Pacal Hypothesis  also called Long Count Pratt or LCP which states that the Long Count actually started on Aug. 10 -3113 BC (instead of Aug. 11 -3113 BC as GMT does) corresponding to Julian Day Number 584282,  note  the Venus factor 584  inside.  Confirming this Hypothesis were Maurice Cotterell and Mormon John D. Pratt:

 “What day of the Sacred Round was April 6, 1 BC? The almost universally accepted correlation of the Mayan Calendar, which includes the Sacred Round, affirms that April 6, 1 BC, was indeed 1 Reed. That fact has been pointed out by others, who have also accepted it as evidence that the Feathered Serpent was Jesus Christ. But before we celebrate that coincidence, we must look carefully at how certain it is. That usual correlation is called the GMT correlation for three scholars (Goodman, Martinez, and Thompson ) who each proposed a correlation which all fell within a six-day interval. The GMT represents a compromise between the three, and is not equal to any of the three separate proposals. It is generally thought to be close enough for most purposes and it does agree with that still used by some tribes. However, for the chronology of sacred events, accuracy of a few days is not sufficient. Even if it is correct for the Aztecs, what if they had lost track of a day or so during the 1500 years since Christ? As will be seen in this paper, many religious events are determined to within a quarter-day, so accuracy is imperative.


In the case of the Savior's birth, the evidence is that he was born during the night preceding April 6, 1 BC, but according to the GMT correlation 1 Reed = 1 Skywalker  K53 began at dawn that day. Not only does the Savior's birthday appear to be off by one day, but in a collection of about two hundred dates, many of the correlations to the Sacred Round become significant if the GMT correlation is adjusted by exactly one day. Thus, I propose that the dawn beginning April 5, 1 BC began the day 1 Reed = 1 Skywalker  K53 on the Sacred Round and that the Savior was born during the following night. All dates in this paper refer to that correlation. It falls within the 6 day GMT range, but does not equal any of the other four correlations. Using this correlation date, any Sacred Round date can then be easily calculated by simply counting days around the Sacred Round's fixed 260-day cycle, or by using the calendar conversion program on my web site.

The so-called correlation constant is the Julian Day number of the beginning of the Mayan long count. Goodman proposed Julian Day 584,280; Martinez 584,281; Thompson proposed 584,285. The GMT value is 584,283. I propose 584,282.“ John D. Pratt


“John D. Pratt also offers a Day Calculator. By opening it the dates of the life of Jesus L:O:R:D Christ  are already calculated. Note that Dreamspell Kin of the Birth of Jesus is Kin 67 Blue Lunar Hand, the name of the Comet 67P/C–G which gets a visit from Rosetta and it`s Lander Philae today on Kin 118. While the Resurrection day is Kin 149 Red Rhythmic Moon in the Dreamspell which is according to 584282 the Dreamspell Start of the Long Count.  67+149=216 6x6x6 Cube Power.” From Time Bang and the Noosphere by Agent 189.


A Native American Easter by J.T.Pratt

One day before the Red Queen was given the “key for housing the mystery” on K20 and five days before her lucid dream occurred on K24 triggering the 812 days to Soular Consciousness the  K19 “God Command” - InShallah “Pacal Terma” started to be revealed to this scribe:

“On Magnetic Moon Day 11, Kin 19, 19.6, Red Solar Moon year (05.08.2014)(Happy Birthday Agent 34)  I wanted to check  the correct birth and death years of Pacal Votan 603-683 which I wrote into the Raisting Crop Circle blog, when I stumbled upon the German Wikipedia page for Kinich Janaab Pacal I, the mayan name of the mystic  ruler of Palenque. There I was really astonished to read this:

Birth:  23. March  603,   8 Ahaw   13 Pop

Enthronement :  26. July 615,  5 Lamat  1 Mol

Death:  28. August 683,  6 Etz'nab  11 Yax

The dates are written in the sequence: Gregorian Calendar, Long Count , Tzolkin Date and Haab Calendar.

What immediately jumps into the eye is the 23rd of March for the  birth date, as this is the death or lets better say  ascension date of Jose Arguelles in 2011 (23.03.) and 26th of July for the enthronement , as this is of course the starting point of the 13 Moon 28 Day calendar. Which is correlated  to the heliacal rising of the Star Sirius. This can be traced back to the Egyptian calendar and to several other old world calendars and the so called Sothic year.” The Pacal Hypothesis by Agent 189

These Pacal Votan dates above in relation to the Gregorian calendar Time Portals – March 23, July 26 and Aug. 28 work only if you use the LCP re-arranged Long Count. Therefore we continue with this previously “hidden/occult” Chilam Balam count-stream and translate the most harmonic time-travel-portal SNN Super Nova Number 1366560 into Dreamspell:

Long Count  in the gregorian year 629 – note tomb dedication 692:

SNN 1366560 Samadhi: Gregorian 14.02.629

Planet: Uranus

13 Moon date: Galactic Moon Day 8 or 8.8

Old Tzolkin: Kin 160, 4 Ahau, signature of L:O:R:D in 7:7:7:7 Baktun map.


Kin 22 White Solar Wind

I pulse in order to communicate
Realizing breath
I seal the input of spirit
With the solar tone of intention
I am guided by the power of endlessness

13 Oxlahuntiku+9 Bolontiku

the inner sun
the mother of all prophecy
message of the star witness, Bolon Ik,
received and repeated by her servant in love,
Pacal Votan

Nah Chan: The Palace of Bolon Ik

5. O children of the people of the dawn, o children of the people of the book, I come as the special witness of time to remind you, especially on the day of truth, that in your origin you are one, and on the day of truth you are to make yourselves one again. For this I remind you of the Cube of the Law, Telektonon, and the 28-day, thirteen moon way which is the path of the righteous.

6. Nah Chan, Palenque, Xibalbay, Tollan, Xochicalco, Tepozteco, Amatlan: in these signs dwell my special agents, the witnesses of truth, 13.66.56 and Bolon Ik, Daughter of Job.

7. For those with eyes, with open mind and sincere heart, this teaching is complete in every stone alignment and marking of the star command base now called Palenque.

8. New Jerusalem is the Palace of Bolon Ik, whose number is 17 28 (144 X 12), Cube of the Law. Seventeen is the power of Heaven, "solar Uranus," which is Earth in Heaven. Twenty-eight is the power of Telektonon, the Spirit Tower of the power of 7 times 4. (Note VV asc. Solar Moon Day 17)

9. Never forget, children of the day of truth: All is number. God is a number. God is in all.

10. And everything there in the palace is laid out foursquare from the cord of Heaven which is the command of the Telektonon. Divine word never uttered until the Day of Truth. And in that palace foursquare is the tower of the Cube of the Law.

31. In my body of time, thirteen star histories rehearse themselves for the day of truth. Each star history possesses its own knowledge keeper appointed by the Nine Great Lords of Galactic Destiny. Thirteen Wisdom Holders, Nine Great Lords, 22 in all, to each of whom I am bound by a luminous thread of knowing, sealed by oath to Bolon Ik, White Solar Wind, Kin 22 in the Book of Destiny, the Book of Kin.

59. One special voice did this Jesus have, a man named Saint John of Patmos, in whom the gift of prophecy was fulfilled. From my ark of universal time, Earth's special lodestone of truth, rock of Heaven, attained by thirteen tones, I guided Saint John's hand by the mystic power of seven. And so was sent to the world the Book of Dark Prophecies, Revelations, the Apocalypse, 22 mystic chapters, the first thirteen mirroring my thirteen great Baktuns, nine more for the Lords of Time, seven of these for each of Seven Years of Prophecy, and the last two to complete the visionary power of the righteous of the Cube: 144,000 times thirteen.

60. To those who can read they will find Iblis's numbers 1260 and 666, well-known on the day of truth, for 12:60 is the ratio of the false time which makes martyrs of the righteous, and 666 the number of the beast who captures my thirteenth Baktun.

61. Children of the day of truth, children of the dawn, people of the book, all this can you hear in the stones of Palenque where in the tenth Baktun I took pure human form. Of the 27 books of the New Testament, the 27th is Revelations. 27 steps ascend to the Palace of Bolon Ik. This palace, New Jerusalem, is the mystic power of Telektonon, the 28th step, the power of seven sanctified foursquare.


62. Twenty-two chapters of Revelations are the 22 kin complete in Bolon Ik: thirteen for the power of time, nine for the Nine Lords of Time, whose forms still guard my ark of stone deep within the ninefold temple of the Cube of the Law. Perfect was the time of my coming, kin 1,366,560. Perfect was the time of my going, kin 1,385,540.


K11 and K22 Bolon Ik, Galactic Mayan Avatar and fractal time-traveler at the side of Valum Votan.

Lloydine Burris/Bolon Ik  K22

May 15 1943 DS K22/LCP 218 – May 16 2015 DS K198/LCP K152

Note the LCP Kin of Bolon Ik, 218 White Planetary Mirror and ascension 152 Yellow Solar Human “Homo Noosphericus.”


-         Tomb opening of Pacal Votan

-         LCP Lloydine Burris

-         Man on the Moon

-         DOOT 2016

-         Combined Dreamspell Kin Valum Votan, Red Queen & Bolon Ik



17.jpg?width=750SNN 1366560 days elapsed since start of Long Count corresponds to GMT K23 and LCP K22 in Dreamspell Syncronometer.


"Using an unprecedented technique of matching stars to the locations of temples on Earth, a 15-year-old Canadian student says he’s discovered a forgotten Maya city in Mexico. Images from space suggest he may actually be onto something—but experts say it’s something much simpler.

William Gadoury, a teen from Saint-Jean-de-Matha in Lanaudière, developed an interest in archaeology after the publication of the Maya calendar announcing the end of the world in 2012. After spending hours poring over diagrams of constellations and maps of known Maya cities, he noticed that the two appeared to be linked; the brightest stars of the constellations overlaid perfectly with the locations of the largest Maya cities. As reported in The Telegraph, no other scientist had ever discovered such a correlation.

Here’s how he discovered the lost city: After studying 22 different constellations, Gadoury noticed that they neatly corresponded to the locations of 117 Mayan cities located in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. When looking at a 23 rd constellation, he was able to match two stars to known cities—but a third star remained unmatched. Using transparent overlays, Gadoury pinpointed a location deep in the thick jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.”



Carved into stone like the birth  Kin of Pacal Votan K60 this SNN 1366560 corresponds to “old Tzolkin” 4 Ahau K160, this is the exact same Kin as the start of the Long Count Aug 10 -3113 BC and the metaphorical re-birth of Venus 1366040.  When 1366560 is exactly 5256 Tzolkin and 1366040 is 5254 Tzolkin since start of Long Count they must be the same Kin 160 4 Ahau. The Yellow Self-Existing Sun K160, K148 “old Tzolkin” LC retURn in 4772 + 12 Kin.



The circle closes, the Ouroborus bite his/her tail once again. Agent 113 probably ignited this blog with his e-mail on K148:

“Today while meditating on the relevance of KIN 148 some mathemagical insights arrived:

According to the dates carved in stone at the Temple of Inscriptions, PV was enthroned on 7.26.615 K148 EXACTLY 1378 years before VV received the Telektonon Prophecy on 7.26.1993 K144.

Since the LC Return Date of October 21, 4772 is also K148 and we are on 4D Pulsar of 144 WS, I was guided to calculate the interval between the Enthronement (K148 PAST) and the Return (K148 FUTURE).

To my own surprise the interval is 1'518.400 days equivalent to 58400 spins or 584 x 100.

584 is the frequency of Venus Synodic Cycle!

Therefore we can also say that the interval between his enthronement to his return is

260x100x584 or 26000 Venus Synodic Cycles! :-o!”














For those interested in further Mayan Mathemagick´s I recommend the 66 pages link below on the 819 and 949 count of Synchro-Galactic Mayan Star-Harmonics. 73x13=949 63x13=819

“Remember that Supernova Assassin 15lh,  the brightest Supernova ever – 570 Mio times brighter than our own SUN – was detected on the 63rd anniversary of the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan, June 15 2015 on Kin 73.”


In lak ´ech  Agent DS 189:133 LCP




May 18 2016, I study once again the above recommended document on Mayan Mathemagick´s which contains  the SNN 1366560, the Dresden Codex Venus cycles,  the 819 day count related to Saturn and Jupiter, Chan Bhalum (Valum) 12th King of Palenque – son of Pacal Votan, and the 949 count related to Venus and Haab. Marking endless numbers with a pen it is like they speak to me in  the form of a new language. I stop at Chan Bhalum´s  “Rites to the Palenque god´s” K222 1Ik 10 Tzek, to decode the date into Dreamspell. My 1320 App shows me it is K70, May 18 688

LCP re-arranged Long Count or not May 18 688 is on the day exactly 1328 SOULAR RINGS to May 18 2016.  May this blog function as a modern rite to the gods of the Synchronic Order of the 1328 realm, harmonizing the structure of the crystalline matrix spiralling us into ever greater peace and synchronicity of the invinite ALL.


Chan Bhalum (Valum)

May 20 635 LC 106 DS  227 to Feb 18 702 LC 46 DS 151




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At the end of Gregorian November, a University of Colorado research team announced the surprising existence of a "sort of glass wall", a barrier surrounding the Earth, protecting it from "killer" electrons called ultrarelativistic electrons. The team and other scientists verifying the discovery are completely puzzled as to how it was created. It is a very sharp dividing line at 7,200 miles from the Earth's surface that deflects deadly cosmic radiation, deflecting the particles' paths around and away from the planet.

The team announced that they had been studying this phenomenon for nearly 2 years from data retrieved by the two Van Allen Probes launched by NASA in 2012 to discover a third, transient “storage ring” between the inner and outer Van Allen radiation belts that seems to come and go with the intensity of space weather...“It’s almost like these electrons are running into a glass wall in space,” said Prof. Daniel Baker, the study’s lead author. “Somewhat like the shields created by force fields on Star Trek that were used to repel alien weapons, we are seeing an invisible shield blocking these electrons. It’s an extremely puzzling phenomenon.”

Color maps of our planet's electromagnetic field produce a rainbow-colored ring around the globe! People--we did it! The Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge is a reality! It is manifest and doing exactly what we intended it to do. 7,200 = Yellow Resonant Human. It's done! Now let's take that success and make even more changes.

Congratulate ourselves, Earth Wizards, spread the news! Aho!

Greg, UcAhau, Sun7

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La llegada del inicio del ciclo 8 Ahau Katun señalada en el libro maya Chilam Balam, sucede en el Kin 13, en la luna 11, día 5, (6 de mayo 2016), y está señalado en la mitad perfecta dentro del Ciclo 23 de 28 días a la Consciencia Solar. Hoy nos acercamos a cerrar el viejo ciclo 10 ahau Katun (1992-2016) y dar la bienvenida a la Guacamaya de Fuego.
El 8 Ahau Katun comienza en la luna 11 Espectral de la serpiente, está codificada por si misma, es decir por el Kin 245 : Serpiente Espectral Roja, nos indica la cuenta atrás hacia la Matriz Cósmica kin 260. Es el día 5, Kin 138 (6 de mayo 2016) cerrando 24 años dentro de la Armónica 35 de la Matriz Planetaria . Este cambio de ciclo contiene múltiples sincronías que vamos a explorar, primero navegando por la memoria de la cosmovisión maya y en la segunda parte con el orden sincrónico de la realidad. Buen viaje !
Datos del ciclo actual : 812 días hacia la Consciencia Solar, Año Mago 10 : Vigésimo tercer Ciclo de 28 días. Días 617 – 644, Kin 125, Serpiente 8, Planetaria 20 (23 de Abril del 2016) – Kin 152, Humano 9, Espectral 19 (20 de Mayo del 2016). 644 días completos de 812 días hacia la Consciencia Solar.
El salto al ciclo 23 y la entrada en el 8 Ahau Katum de los Mayas que interpreté como un salto interdimensional de la mente colectiva a dentro del túnel del tiempo que conecta Urano con la Tierra, es decir una comunión telepática o intercambio de energía e información, una vez que el tubo de flujo han sido restaurados en los casi 20 años del Quinto Anillo Solar, momento inicial del proceso de intercambio dimensional o pulso de la onda de la convergencia armónica supernova 1987 A . Esta es la onda de tiempo que navegamos, 28 años, dos ciclos de 13 y 3 años cruzando el portal o puente arco iris circumpolar.
Ha la última parte de las 260 lunas del ciclo de 20 años lo llamamos caminata del cielo desde la Torre de Navegación Planetaria (23) a la Torre del Espíritu del viento Urano (28), un camino que nos lleva al Primer Contacto con Urano y el comando Antares-Arturus. Miren al cielo, practiquen la práctica de la Mente natural es el portal de acceso a la quinta dimensión.
Mente Natural : Experimento Telepático de acceso a la Quinta Dimensión. V 1.5 :
La armónica celeste del ciclo 22 de 28 días a la consciencia solar que cierra 616 días de meditación en total, justo ese día el ciclo de la consciencia solar se ha sincronizado con la luna llena y el ciclo 23 se cierra abriendo el 24 con luna llena. En el ciclo 22 la señal del cielo se presento. Un objeto celeste nuevo en el sistema solar, que llamamos Kinich Katmon, el alma gemela del Sol y que relata el Chilam Balam ( Mago Jaguar). Hemos logrado captar su paso por el sol 20 días antes que mercurio.
Nota: Anomalía paranormal ( luna 10, día 20 – 23 de abril de 2016 – en la madrugada, primera mirada: 5:57 horas).
Al comenzar el Ciclo 24 a la Consciencia solar, simultáneamente la magnetosfera terrestre sufrió un evento paranormal magnético, en el día sincronico NS. Kin 125 Serpiente Galáctica Roja , (23 de abril de 2016) , justo cuando entramos en el Ciclo 23 de ascenso a la Consciencia Solar. La unidad Crono Psi del día es 202 , Viento Resonante Blanco, el Poder del Espíritu místico es activado por la Kundalini Galáctica.


En nuestra meditación este proceso de pausa en la interacción magnética por una hora y 44 minutos, es una señal del salto al ciclo 23 y la entrada en el 8 Ahau Katum de los Mayas que se inicia con un salto interdimensional a dentro del túnel del tiempo que conecta Urano con la Tierra, y que llamamos caminata del cielo desde la Torre de navegación planetaria a la torre del Espíritu del viento Urano, un camino que nos lleva a la intervención Uraniana del comando Antares-Arturus y las acciones de los Magos de la Tierra.
El Ciclo 23 esta codificado por la activación de la Unidad 23 del Telektonon, y claro, se ha completado la unidad 22 que es llamada la Unidad del Cubo Completo 1872, código del viaje entre las dimensiones del tiempo del universo Espejo hacia la Matriz Original (O.M.A) que fue llamada en su día Nueva Jerusalén en el capitulo ultimo ( capitulo 22) en el final del Apocalipsis. Hace referencia al nuevo programa de la Red de comunicación de la tierra.

La profecía del Chilam balam describen los ciclos de la historia como un conjunto de desgracias y justo en la llegada del 8 ahau Katun la situación cambia y el pueblo despierta uniéndose en la creación de un nuevo mundo gracias al poder espiritual, este es el significado de la Guacamaya. Kinich Kakmó “El Sol rostro Guacamaya de fuego” donde la Guacamaya Roja simboliza la comunicación espiritual. la_reina_roja_kinich_kakmo_by_klaustrofovia-d7muu6s
Relatan los códices Mayas que cuando sucedieron los anteriores ciclos 8 Ahau Katun se fundó Mayapan y Palenque, aseguran que con Kinich Kakmó llega una fuente de inspiración poderosa en belleza, arte, ciencia y espiritualidad .
Kinich KakmóGuacamaya del Fuego Solar es análogo en la cosmovisión azteca a  Xochipilli que es el alma gemela en el mítico regreso de  Quetzalcóalt  . Deidades solares que está relacionado con la actividad y los Ciclos de Manchas Solares y con lasTormentas Solares que bien afectan a la atmósfera  tal como ya estamos observando y muy bien afecta a la mente entera del planeta. Al ser el tiempo de la convergencia armónica de toda profecía todo misterio será resuelto, toda la civilización transformada en un entero de Arte Galactico.  
Gracias a la Red de Arte Planetaria y los poderes de Meditación de los Kines planetarios estamos abriendo los tubos de flujo interplanetarios de tal forma que la transformación de la Tierra tendrá lugar.

El Chilam Balam  señala que en el próximo ciclo de 24 años comienza  el viaje espiritual colectivo de la humanidad, si bien en el viejo tiempo era individual el camino del peregrino y el ermitaño, y muy peligroso ser hechicera o maga, el tiempo ha cambiado, el hechizo de la historia se ha roto.

El vuelo mágico a través de la iniciación del Sexto Sol de la consciencia, la consciencia solar que es la telepatía y la comunicación con la Civilización Galáctica es un proceso extenso que estamos relatando en esta Bitácora 4D.


El nuevo ciclo Katun, 8 Ahau  que podemos llamar Uaxak Katún  está señalado en el Chilam Balam como una advertencia profética de la Transformación o del cambio de situación:
 Llegará Ah Kinich Kakmó, El-guacamaya-de-fuego-de-rostro-solar, en el Katun 8 Ahau.Despoblamiento de las ciudades será lo que haga venir Ah Kinich Kakmó, EI-guacamaya-de-fuego-de-rostro-solar. Se volteará el ciclo y dará vuelta la tierra. Cuando ocurra este cambio se hará manifiesto el pecado de los Halach Uiniques (Jefes de los pueblos)...
Kinich Kakmó, (también se escribe Kinich-Kak-Moo) tiene dedicada una Pirámide que se encuentra en la complejo arqueológico de Izamal, (=rocío del cielo) en Yucatán, México, a unos 60 kilómetros al noroeste de Chichén Itzá. Los Abuelos Mayas Saben la cuenta del Katun y recuerdan historias de las estrellas.
La representación Maya de Kinich Kakmó, El Sol rostro Guacamaya de fuego :
sol rostro guacamaya de fuego

 Kinich Kakmó: El nombre se descompone en maya de la siguiente forma: Kin, que significa sol; Ich, que quiere decir cara o rostro; Kaak, fuego; y Moo, guacamaya. Esto esto es guacamaya de fuego con rostro solar. En el Códice de Dresden (Dresde) aparece Kinich Kakmó con cabeza de guacamaya y cuerpo humano portando una antorcha encendida en cada mano, que podemos interpretar como las dos estrellas del sistema solar. En el códice citado se interpreta que la antorcha es símbolo de sequía o de calor abrasador, aunque nosotros lo interpretamos que se refiere a la conciencia solar.

Los observadores del cielo (astrónomos) han comprobado que la mayoría de los sistemas estelares son binarios, de hecho es más complejo porque grupos de estrellas giran alrededor de otras. Kinich Kakmó (Kinich Kak Moo)  danza con Kinich Ahau (nuestro sol) o más precisamente son Almas Gemelas en la cosmovisión Maya, un indicio que los mayas sabian que nuestro sistema solar es binario. Esta visión trae a la consciencia algo que estaba inconsciente: la existencia de una estrella Alma Gemela del Sol.

Por lo escuchado en la internet un cuerpo celeste sin identificar anda por nuestro sistema solar. El visitante es un objeto celeste misterioso, una especie de estrella enana roja o una singularidad desconocida. Algo desconocido está en nuestro sistema solar, gente que ve “dos soles” o vemos que algo pasar por delante del Sol.    


Feliz y próspero Katún Guacamaya de Fuego Rojo 8 Ahau

Parte del texto extracto de : La magnetosfera terrestre da la señal del salto Interdimensional: La reversión completa de los flujos magnéticos
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Introducing the Wavespell as a Creation Cycle

What is the Dreamspell? It is a tool to observe cycles called a synchrometer. A Sychrometer is an instrument for measuring synchronicity and a perfect measure of cosmic time which helps us to attune to those energies. It is a system that is an overlay on the traditional Mayan Tzolkin (an ancient system by the Maya of observing cycles within cycles) that was downloaded by Jose Arguelles via meditation, and based on the mathematics of cycles in the Tzolkin, also called the Mayan Longcount. Through observing the Dreamspell each day and thinking about it helps us move toward the larger galactic cycles into timelessness.

Wikipedia explains the purposes of the Dreamspell as such:

1. To synchronize human beings with our "galactic roots" by tuning us in to the spiritual energy from Hunab Ku, a being Argüelles asserts is the governing deity of the Milky Way Galaxy. (AKA Great Central Sun, the center of our Galaxy.)

2. To convert humanity from thinking that Time is Money to thinking that Time is Art and thus give human beings more scope for their creativity.

Our time becomes something that frees us to be who we are, expressing our lives as art and also experiencing more synchronicity. I see synchronicity as messages from our higher self, or aspects of self, that we are less conscious of, telling us that we are on the path! The whole universe sees us and wants to support us. I have personally notice and experience a lot more synchronicity since I have been following it in relation to whatever the energy signature of the day is.

My friends who know about the Dreamspell know completely different things than I do. It is fun to come together and learn from them, as the Dreamspell is so multilayered and multidimensional, that you can approach in different ways and know different things about what it means and what it means for you. I would like to share what has occurred to me in relation to the Wavespell cycle of 13 days.

The Dreamspell is comprised of cycles within cycles. I tend to follow the daily Dreamspell sign, and think about the affirmation. Today, 3/19/2016 is

9676495882?profile=originalWhite Crystal Dog

I dedicate in order to love

Universalizing loyalty

I seal the process of heart

With the crystal tone of cooperation

I am guided by the power of spirit

A side note: As a beautiful synchronicity, this is Dr. Masaru Emoto's Galactic Signature. Dr. Emoto is a water ambassador. He discovered, researched and proved how Human Consciousness has an effect on water. Today is a day in which lots of water blessing events are happening in honor of World Water Day. Today is World Water Day Global Meditation and also the Equinox. I am sure Dr. Emoto would be pleased to have so many blessing the water all over the globe and his mission coming forward.


To explain the Dreamspell further, and the days within the Dreamspell, there are 13 symbolic constructs which are the 13 Galactic Tones. There are also 20 solar seals or symbols used to describe the movement of space in time. That means that there are 13 x 20 =260 different kin, or galactic signatures such as today's, the White Crystal Dog. That would be a 260 day cycles for 260 of these different kin. Each person is a different kin or Galactic Signature which is one of these 260 kins. You might want to look up your kin to learn more about yourself. “White Dog” is the Solar Seal and the tone is "crystal" for today. We go through cycles of 13 days called Wavespells as we shift through each tone and we also shift through different combinations with the solar seals. There is a sequence to the wavespell tones, the 13, which is what I want to share.

The Wavespell tones, 13 of them, have different flavors and on those days there is a different feel to them. I see the tones, 1 to 13 or Magnetic at number one to Cosmic at number 13 as a creation cycle. It is something for personal creation and collective co-creation. It effect everyone and is something to tune into and align with, or become aware of, so that you can experience the flow of creation and work with it. There can be more sychronicity and more magic. Delving into the Dreamspell material can be daunting at first. There are words that one doesn't know made up by Arguelles and Stephanie South, to explain it, and it seems overwhelming to ever master an understanding of it. I hope to simplify an aspect for your understanding and also those who follow the Dreamspell may relate to what I have to share.


The creation cycle goes in a pattern, and for 13 days, and then it begins again with the Magnetic Tone. The Magnetic Galactic Tone has the essence of purpose, it is to attract and unify. On Tone 1, we identify our purpose and ask “What is my goal?”

People born as Magnetic tend to have good focus on one thing at a time and can get things done. In the cycle of creating something, I like these days as I can more easily get something done with that Magnetic focus energy. I am even envious of others who have this as I myself do not normally have it.

Next, on Day Two of the Wavespell, we have a Lunar day which is Challenge. It is a day to identify a challenge and as “What are my obstacles?” We can use this day for self-inquiry. These are often my most challenging days that seem to bring stuff up for me. Lunar days have the power to Polarize and the can Stabilize.

Electric days can feel electric and are the essence is Service. They activate and are for bonding, bring people together. Imagine the flow of electricity and how it needs connection in order to flow. On an Electric Tone Day, identify service. Ask “How can this goal be attained?”

Tone 4 of Day Four, Self-existing days are next of the Wavespell cycle. Their essence is form, and to define and measure. We identify form and ask “What is the form of action?” on these days. What sort of action will move us forward. This may be for something we are creating or it could be for ourselves.

So let's look at what we have so far for the creation cycle. A story could be that there is an intention to create something, or observe ourselves as creators or “a creation.” The first day, the Magnetic energy brings focus and the frequency of attracting what and whom within the universe is available to create with, which could be seen as the resources of creation. Magnetic attracts and unifies those elements. Then, the next day, along comes Lunar, which challenges the goal or purpose which is a budding creation in the embryotic stages. Lunar polarizes what is of value, and what is not, and then that creates stability. The obstacles are seen and identified.

On Day Three, an Electric Tone Day activates through flow of connection with an energy in service to "giving the creation legs" which takes it from the formless to having form. Having form is next on the Self-existing Day. Form is the essence of this day and it defines what it is, and measures how it is coming into existence, whatever is being manifested in the creation cycle, that is.

On Day Five, we experience Overtone Tone. Overtone has the essence of radiance like the sun and is that which illuminates, or brings light to. Light is information and light is awareness. This is greater understanding. Overtone empowers and commands what is being created. Overtone "commanding" reminds us of the power of the word which created the universe, and the power of speaking or asking, with a strong conviction from the heart, of the potential creation. The potential is for all to be empowered and for that which is created to empower. The process of creation and manifestation is empowering in itself. On Overtone Days, we take command and also gather resources, and that could be seen as declaring what we need to the universe so that the resources show up and assist in manifestation.

Rhythmic days bring an Organizing energy, and there is the essence of equality with an action of balancing. Day Six of the Rhythmic Tone is one of commanding equality and administering challenge. I see that as sorting and sifting what is needed, compartmentalizing into organization.

I love Rhythmic days as I am more organized than usual, and can see a big picture for a project and figure out what is important, and how to structure it all into what I am going to do. I can do household organizing. I can get stuff together and get down to action on projects. A challenge on these days is thinking I can do it all! Seeing the overall plan and making it and placing things in an organized way for doing happens easily, plus actually getting things done. Rhythmic days are for putting things into order.

Resonant days have the essence of attunement, so on this day, one might feel the supporting energies of the universe and align with them via feeling or vibration. Attunement could be called at-one-ment, or being at one with all that is. “Commanding attunement and attune service to action,” is how the Resonant Tone is described in The Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity. That would be bringing in the essence of assisting others to the creation and also to ourselves as individuals, in service to the whole. It is a day for meditating, tuning in or reflection, and for channeling and bringing through inspiration. With this inspiration, we can take our creations and co-creations to a higher level that is in greater service and for the greater good. Also we can bring in more beauty, joy, and inspiration into our creation by attuning to the greater galaxy and universe from within.

A Galactic Day is next in the cycle, and Galactic energy is that of Integrity. It is to harmonize. In commanding Integrity, our action takes form. Integrity is about thinking of the whole, the greater whole of what we are creating and all that it effects, including all of creation. Each day we are getting less physical and dense in the tone of the day, and more esoteric. Compare a Magnetic Day to a Galactic Day. A Magnetic Day has us getting down to brass tacks, seeing the details of what we are working on. A Galactic Day has us expressing who we are and creating with the bigger picture in mind, including others and other life forms, as we think and create beyond ourselves as individuals. The tone of thinking about the galaxy and greater universe as a holistic model is prevalent on a Galactic Tone Day as is doing what is aligned with the greater whole. Integrity is doing the right thing. It can mean "the state of being whole and undivided." Galactic people, such as an artist friend of mine, think about oneness and the greater whole and big picture. She creates colorful art about this with galactic and angelic beings. Galactic people want to do right for the greater whole and for the greater whole of the collective to come into harmony. As you can see, the Wavespell creation cycle takes us through creating as a gift to the greater whole and with support of the greater whole, from the energies of the galaxy.

After a Galactic day, we have a Solar day. Solar days have are days of making, setting, and speaking intentions. Solar Tone Days formalize action and are Action set into motion. "I am going to...." is what you hear from a Solar person. Solar energy, like the sun, pulses, and it is to help realization and awareness.

Day Ten of the Wavespell is Planetary, a day of manifestation. These folks bring things into form, they perfect what has been created, and their action is to produce. Planetary Tone manifests challenge, and the action and challenge meet after the day of intention, yesterday's Solar Day that set the Action into form and directed it through intention.

Day Eleven of the Wavespell cycle is Spectral, which is the Liberation of service. Action that dissolves service taking the creation process to a higher level beyond service. The Spectral Tone is the energy of freedom or liberation. It could be said to be purification in my personal opinion. Spectrals dissolve and release, and that which may not be in the highest alignment is let go of. Spectral days give us a letting go energy so that we feel free. As we go through the Wavespell, we can think of creating and manifesting outside of ourselves. However, it is good to think of the Wavespell as a creation cycle for ourselves as ourselves. We are constantly transforming. Our life is our art. Feeling and being aware of the energies of the Dreamspell allow life transformation. Spectral is a transformational tone day.

Day Twelve of the 13 day cycle is Crystal with the essence of cooperation. Crystal Tone is cooperation of form as a round table where we meet as equals. Past actions are formalized and future plans are made. It has the power to Dedicate and also to Universalize. We become as a crystal, and our experience of creation is as a crystal, and also our manifestations are as a crystal which is about cooperation. Crystal brings us into co-creation, the working together that we are dreaming of in the new paradigm. We are in cooperation with others and also seen and unseen aspects of the universe that wish to support us for the greater whole. That assistance is something to tune into, truly.

Day Thirteen, the final day of the creation cycle, is Cosmic. Cosmic Tone has the essence of Presence, something that is hard to pinpoint or define. People who are Cosmic are hard to get details from, or define, and have far out there with cosmic perspectives. Cosmic people transcend. They are above the nitty gritty details of creation, without the focus that the Magnetic has. Yet all of the tones together, in this thirteen day cycle, are each equally and uniquely valued for what they bring to the human experience. The human experience aligns more the cosmic and multidimensional, galactic and universal energies in more connection with all life instead of separation. Cosmic Tone is a day of taking a magic flight, the transcendence that is Comic. It is a day to return to the Magnetic as the cycle makes a complete circle with the next day after a Cosmic Day being a Magnetic Day. The Omega end day of the cycle meets the Alpha day, or beginning of the next cycle of 13 days. Be sure to feel the difference between these days. A cosmic day can feel transcendent and like being in a space that is above details and physical matters on earth. A Magnetic day is very single minded, focused and purposeful. A Magnetic Tone Day makes us want to have a goal and reach a goal.

How is this useful to our lives? Like I mentioned, knowing about the Dreamspell allows more synchronicity and awareness of synchronicity. Each of us are a tone of the 13 and also one of the 20 solar seals that I didn't really talk about in this article. We have a certain filter and a way of being that is us. On our Galactic Signature Kin Day, we are the sign we were born on which is an energy most like us. This happens every 260 days that we have this kin day, or Galactic Birthday you could call it. On our 52nd birthday at 52 years old we have completed a larger cycle and come back to the kin of our day of birth, which is being an elder in the Mayan culture.

Observing and feeling the other signatures each day help us as we feel different than the way we are naturally. It allows us to become everyone by feeling how they feel on those other days. It brings in a quality we may need for our own creations, and also a perspective. The Dreamspell signs represent the different fractals of creation and our own kin day is a fractal, we are a fractal representation of the universe experiencing itself as creation/creator. Ultimately the Dreamspell reminds us that we are all one working for the greater good of the whole as the whole is working for our highest good too. The Dreamspell allows us to see through the eyes of other fractals, our fellow human beings, each day we experience the energies of a day and pay attention to them.

You can find great value of leveraging the energy of a day's tone by noticing it. There is value in learning about these cycles plus experiencing them. To do so is an ongoing exercise of continued learning and mostly experiencing what the day brings. To amplify it, take notes in a journal what the day is like in comparison to the Galactic Signature. Also, it is suggested that one meditates each day and tunes into the energies, and allows the information of that day to present itself in relation to the Galactic Signature or kin. Knowing about the Wavespell as a creation cycle is a place to start in your understanding of the Dreamspell as it changes and moves through each of these tones every 13 days. I wish you delight in discovery of the Dreamspell. Feel free to contact me and tell me what you experience with the Dreamspell. Ultimately, it is all about awareness.

With love and support on this White Crystal Dog Day,



Learn more about the Dreamspell Calendar here at the Foundation for the Law of Time


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become cleansed and purified...start and get through 7 days of letting go of what is unclean for you...let go of negative thinking patterns....avoid negative people...and if your attracting negativity tell it to go away...if they become angry tell them to think clearly and to respect your peace and space and tell them that they can go away the easy way or the hard way...then they will decide that it is better to leave you alone and work on their level of strife and limitations until they decide to change or remain in groups of suffering..they have to go a level above their suffering so they wont become stuck in suffering and helped met the right person at the right time....keep over coming evil and this material physical order....focus on your solutions to your needs and galactic signature...the universe is lawful and intelligent in all things...keep trying your best daily...then another 7 days it will get better....and another....and another....this group called cultivating inner resonance....path of the Galactic Masters...a 28 day mini course is a great way to get that structure...this is the time to build your foundation within the law of will purify you and cleanse you and you will overcome all evil and material disorder....every one is on a pilgrimage right now...guided by the power of free deep is your it like the ocean? go sky walker go...turtle dove love...turn it up :D

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En los días del Equinoccio Eléctrico del presente año Mago Planetario Blanco  (20-9-2015) la Asamblea del 10º Circulo Sagrado de Abuelos y Abuelas Sabias del Planeta reunida en Tetlán – México acuerdan y convocan el próximo 11º Circulo Sagrado en Estados Unidos, como siempre en las mismas entrañables fechas, celebrando el Retorno Solar ( aniversario) de este evento sincronizado con los 13 años del ciclo de la Onda Encantada de la Luna Magnética Roja, kin 209 (2006-7). Once anillos se cumplen con el firme propósito del vuelo mágico al Nuevo Tiempo simbolizado en kin 209, donde comenzó el llamado ancestral mítico a resonar con fuerza otra vez desde el corazón de cada cual.


En la luna rítmica (enero-febrero)  se suele realizar el pre-encuentro del 11º Circulo donde la Asamblea confirma esta decisión. Por tanto Manos a la Obra, es un proceso abierto a la cooperación de toda la Humanidad.

Con la finalidad de  fortalecer nuestra identidad y de retomar nuestras raíces culturales, así como el respeto  a nuestra madre tierra que es la casa común de todos los seres vivos, la convivencia con la naturaleza y el medio ambiente, se propone la realización de un evento multicultural denominado  Círculo Sagrado de Abuelas y Abuelos  Sabios del Planeta.

Invitación al Décimo Circulo Sagrado Planetario

Círculos del Planeta

Concejos de los Pueblos

La Reunión en Concejos y Asambleas locales es un evento social pulsado por los pueblos originarios de la tierra guardianes de la cultura natural, ellos mismos usan de este formula en la transmisión de la Sabiduría Ancestral.
En Europa se esta abriendo la posibilidad de realizar un evento análogo al Circulo  de Abuel@s Sabi@s con la recuperación de los concejos y asambleas de los Pueblos, dada que es una tradición arraigada en todos los pueblos del mediterráneo en la Memoria.
Concejo es la asamblea de los habitantes de las aldeas y pueblos, donde se reunía la gente en la Península Ibérica en una tradición que intento suplantar el sistema político actual, primero con Roma y  Iglesia y ahora con la televisión y la prensa, la ilusión de la Gente del Libro, ahora despertamos.
Antes las campanas sonaban a Concejo en los pueblos del la vieja europa…  Ahora su sonido esta bajo en dominio del falso tiempo del Vaticano-babilonico, la base del sistema materialista que nos consume, es tiempo del sonido original de la creación !
Campana del Concejo-Buron_18421251
Una llamada a generar y celebrar este evento social de la cultura tradicional que unifica todas las culturas :  el circulo de la Palabra, el concejo, la asamblea,… son las celebraciones de la cultura de paz que manifestó su esplendor en el tiempo ancestral y ahora recuperamos a favor de la liberación de la tierra. El concejo es un sistema ancestral de organización de los pueblos.
guerrero solar dia activacion baston
Organizar las asambleas de gente sabia, y de abuelos y abuelas sabias en Europa, es el  mensaje que nos dejaron los Abuelos y Abuelas Sabias del Planeta y la labor que toma propósito en la Red de Arte Planetaria. El próximo encuentro necesita el apoyo de l@s Kines Planetarios.
Asamblea, Circulo de la Palabra, Consejo de Visiones Ibérico
El Abuelito  o la Abuelita  Sabia, significa que son como “Bancos de energía e información”, el Chaman Anciano, la Abuela Medicina,son  arquetipos de las cosmovisiones ancestrales, son personas reconocidas en sus pueblos originarios, tienen más de 52 años aseguran los mayas y están iniciados en la sabiduría mística, conectados a los linajes originales.
Alrededor de este circulo de ancianos se reúnen todos los demás, esto sucede de forma natural. Alrededor de los círculos esta la esfera de la quinta dimensión de todo nuestro linaje Ancestral y Estelar.
La recuperación de los concejos y asambleas de los Pueblos e la Bioregion 16, zona nodo Xochipilli de la Red de arte Planetaria, las juntas vecinales en léon:

 Proyecto Arte Sana Pachamama

Pedimos la Cooperación a todas la personas, Asociaciones, Asambleas, Redes Sociales, boca a boca, para:
  • Divulgar la información y generar la Red de Concejos de los pueblos de Europa.
  • Mover el Bastón de la Oca hacia México y Estados Unidos (21 países).
  • Que las Juntas Vecinales sigan existiendo en la Bioregión 16.
Pedimos cooperación para realizar difusión de esta llamado y que la sabiduría Ancestral este viva en nuestros los corazones.

El proyecto Arte Sana Pachamama necesita recursos económicos para el viaje del Bastón del Oca, nos estamos organizando desde esta dirección :

A las que sientan el llamado animarlas a celebrar el solsticio y el equinoccio unidos en el propósito Espiritual de Sanación Planetaria junto a los demás Círculos Sagrado de la Tierra que simultáneamente se conectan a mismos propósitos de sanación.
Gracias por la atención.
Fuente : Chaskis 8ª Circulo Planetario
 El Bastón de la Oca : el vuelo hacia la Libertad
Con el Bastón de la Oca, comienza la Aventura Chaski del Pachakuti, abrir el nuevo ciclo, el Baktun de Mago del Cristal. Es esta la llamada a la acción de la Red de Arte Planetaria
Una llamada a todas las islas de amor, estamos conectados con el corazón. Con Plumas construimos nuestro nido, unidos en propósito de amor en acción. Con las plumas de los bastones sagrados de pueblos originarios del Cóndor,  Águila, Quetzal,  Colibrí … aves del paraiso nos guía con su vuelo.
En esta Hoja del cuaderno de Navegación hemos reportado el símbolo final, el encuentro del Bastones del Cóndor y del Águila en la bioregión 16, un acto que da inicio a la profecía arco iris de la convergencia armónica 1987-2013-2039, abriendo el próximo periodo de los primeros 26 años del Nuevo tiempo del Gran ciclo de 26.000 años con el símbolo de Gente del Amanecer: El palo de la Palabra, El circulo de la Magia, el Árbol del Tiempo.


Llamada Ancestral del Tiempo del Sueño

El llamado Ancestral de los Abuelos y Abuelas Sabias del Planeta nos convoca a juntarnos en Círculos de Creación, Círculos de Palabra, Círculos de Visión, Asambleas a mano alzada en las Plazas, con el clan, la familia, …  Re-Unión entre la gente afín  y de esta forma establecer los Concejos bioregionales del planeta, asambleas que sean las fuentes comunicación de la gente, del pueblo, entre los pueblos, que sea un eje dinámico de la cultura social, evento normalizado del Arte Planetario, es tiempo de actuar todas las personas de corazón juntas por la liberación del Planeta Tierra de la usura y la corrupción del egoísmo.

Este es el llamado que hacen las Abuelas y Abuelos Sabios de la Tierra, y lo hacen haciendo, es decir, juntándose en asamblea, en circulo alrededor del Fuego, símbolo del Sol interior que nos da claridad en nuestro actuar, cada día.

Imaginar, pulsar el Circulo de Magia Blanca alrededor del Sol, “Aquelarres Druídicos” alrededor del Árbol de la Vida, en el Bosque de la Imaginación, comunión con la Naturaleza Universal es la sabiduría de la Consciencia Solar/Lunar. La comunión con la Inteligencia extraterrestre es la Telepatía con la civilización galáctica, aun que no patentado, es el sistema diseñado por los pueblos originarios de navegar con el “cuerpo de sueño” a las otras dimensiones del Tiempo-espacio e inter-actuar o mediar entre las dimensiones. Es la Sabiduría de la Gente del amanecer.

¿ Que es un Circulo Sagrado?

El Circulo es una palabra del Poder Ancestral de la Igualdad y Protección. Es un símbolo Mágico de unidad y apoyo mutuo, su centro es la comunicación y otras virtudes del amor:  Unidad, Amistad, Hermandad, Solidaridad…  Es es también un acto social central los pueblos originarios y estamos seguros que de las comunidades libres en el Universo. El circulo Druida en los Bosques se hacia debajo del Árbol del Tiempo, en el claro, el Árbol es el centro de la cosmovisión Druida, un árbol existe en el centro del universo.
La idea del Circulo nace en estas celebraciones de la cultura de paz que convergen en todos los Pueblos Originarios:
  • el circulo de la Palabra o Visión,
  • el concejo del Pueblo
  • la reunión espiritual
  • encuentro de Arte en la Naturaleza ( Magia Blanca)
  • la asamblea de la cultura Planetaria 15 M

Esta estructura social Arquetipica del circulo sagrado :

  • Poder de la creación universal
  • Mesa Redonda de Arturo, en el reino mítico de la Imaginacion
  • Corte Cristal, en el arte Planetario
  • Forma de la Organización Galáctica de las Estrellas
  • Orden ceremonial de comunicación de los sistemas de mundos.
  • El circulo de Fuego de los Ancestros Estelares de la Humanidad (Tollan)

Matemática social:

  • Tres es un circulo de creación colectiva, es conocido como el poder electrico del Plasma, que surge de la unión de la polaridad del uno y del dos. 3 o el poder triangular estable un circulo familiar: padre madre hijo.

Sagrado es la connotación que se refiere al aspecto espiritual o intelectual donde imaginar la cultura de la Paz y actuar, circulo sagrado donde es posible la vida en armonía y amor con la Madre Tierra y todas las creaciones.  Lo espiritual, es lo intangible, es el  intelecto, es el reino abstracto de las creencias, el mundo subjetivo de cada cual, el humilde punto de vista interior que se reconoce en la belleza de la Naturaleza y en su fin todo conecta.

El Circulo Sagrado de Abuelos y Abuelas Sabios del Planeta es el evento de punto de encuentro entre las Culturas Ancestrales y las Actuales. Es un llamado a la acción local del Auto-gobierno Natural de la Sociedad que comienza su expansión.

El Circulo Planetario de reunión una vez al año, es una Asamblea Simbólica de Abuelos y Abuelas donde están vinculados todos los círculos y asambleas de los pueblos, que están presentes en nuestros corazones, los círculos sagrados de los pueblos ancestrales y futuros, donde todos están conectados, es la Utopía que la Internet nos esta ofreciendo. 

 Es un circulo planetario de arte dijeron los Mayas, es un evento donde celebrar la unidad de las culturas ancestrales de todo el Planeta y reflejar la federación de las Bioregiones del Planeta. Es un evento multi-cultural de actividades propuestas desde los Pueblos Originarios, donde se juntan alrededor del “fuego del hogar” todo todas las edades a celebrar la amistad y la alegría.

8 circulo árbol sagrado

Se realizan actividades culturales tradicionales, Celebraciones, Asambleas y Ceremonias, Actos de Sanación por el la Madre Tierra. El arte Planetario abre cada circulo con la Mente Natural, el silencio que nos permite escuchar de verdad es la clave del circulo de la palabra.

Círculos de los Pueblos Originarios en acción simultanea sincronizada están tejiendo la Red Telepática del Gobierno Natural del Planeta. De esta forma la Cultura galáctica sera recibida y transmitida. Significa que los eventos del arte planetario son formas de re-educación Magnética.

Las culturas ancestrales, las Abuelas Sabias de Guatemaya definieron el encuentro vivido en Montserrat, España, el 8ª Circulo Sagrado como el evento del Primer Circulo Planetario dada la convergencia de tantos linajes ancestrales y se alegraron mucho al final de Asamblea de celebrar el noveno el guatemaya. este es el numero sagrado de Bolon Ik ! , Esta fue su propuesta al cierre : La asamblea del 9º Circulo Sagrado en Guatemaya pulso por la visión de generar el próximo evento como un acto planetario en México, perfeccionando la integración del Circulo 8º Circulo Sagrado que organizo por primera vez un evento aplicando el orden ceremonial del Arte Planetario, justo celebrando el 26 aniversario de la convergencia armónica 2013, gracias a la Gente, a la que escucha el llamado de los abuelos y abuelas, que llaman Chaskis. Desde el 8º Circulo Sagrado, el Bastón de la Oca esta caminado, es un símbolo de la decisión de dicha Asamblea Espiritual.

Por tanto la unión entre los hemisferios Norte y Sur es un proceso creativo señalado que el Circulo Sagrado Planetario hace el llamado a manifestar los eventos y reuniones descentralizados o simultáneas, sincronizadas en el tiempo que puedan generar y Activar las Asambleas de Abuelos y Abuelas Sabias en cada vez más lugares de la Tierra.
La integración del Circulo Sagrado es una función del Arte Planetario de la Profecía del Telektonon: unión de  la Gente del Amanecer y la Gente del Libro,hemos escuchado el llamado de abuelos y abuelas como la Asamblea Ancestral de la Humanidad en la Quinta Dimensión.
Por tanto la unión entre los hemisferios Norte y Sur es un proceso creativo señalado que El Circulo Sagrado Planetario hace el llamado a manifestar los eventos y reuniones descentralizados o simultáneas, sincronizadas en el tiempo que puedan generar y Activar las Asambleas de Abuelos y Abuelas Sabias en cada vez más lugares de la Tierra.

En la profecía arco iris, al volar juntos el Cóndor y el Águila hacen un llamado, cantan de alegría y se despiertan las otras aves del paraíso. El Bastón sagrado de las Abuelas y Abuelos Sabios como el de la Oca en Iberia nace con el fin de unificar la visión planetaria y acabar con todas las fronteras y limites que la ignorancia a creado en el espacio y en el tiempo, la sanación de las heridas del conquistador y el conquistado. Y poder realizar el encuentro profético y el intercambio natural entre las culturas ancestrales de los pueblos originarios y civilización industrial. De esta forma alcanzar el equilibrio orgánico del planeta tierra, al aplicar sistemáticamente la sabiduría que guarda la diversidad cultural de la humanidad somos como un arco iris radiante de información y energía, somos amor en acción.

Hilo de Memoria Xochipilli :

La recuperación de los concejos y asambleas de los Pueblos e la Bioregion 16:  las juntas vecinales en léon, origen de la Cosmovisión de la “Cortes de Cristal”, Tierra del Grial, Castillos del Tiempo de la Magia del Amor, Consejo Druida, Hechicería Planetaria de Merlin y la Dama del Lago, Wotan y Bolon Ik Jesús y María.    

Entrevista a Xochiquetzal (Alizbeth Camacho), respecto a la experiencia del X Circulo Sagrado de Sabios del Planeta realizado en Tetlán – México en setiembre del 2015. Realizado por el Poeta Gerson Paredes en la secuencia “Raices Culturales” del Programa “Caras de la Cultura” que dirige el poeta Manuel López Rodriguez. Participan los niños músicos Atik Paredes y Arturo Flores.


Asamblea kin 25

Notas Orden sincrónico de la creación del  reporte :

  • Escrito por A.M.G. 138, Red de Arte Planetaria, Bioregion 16 del Guerrero.

NS. Kin 30 Perro Auto-Existente Blanco

Trece anillos solares llevamos en el Arte Planetario de la Liberación que comenzaron lo Magos y Magas de la Tierra durante 13 Baktunes ( ciclo 5.113 a.c. al 2012), un fractal de los trece últimos años del ciclos sagrado del tiempo, gente del amanecer telepaticamente conectadas en el ahora telecosmico, circulo de fuego de los ancianas estrellas, presentando a Tollan.

Luna 7, 9 – Es importante, aprender a pensar, salirse de la estructura de los constructos teóricos y permitirte ver las cosas desde todas las direcciones sin apego.

( Nota: faltan imágenes del reporte y Correcciones: )

El Bastón de la Oca comienza el vuelo hacia la Libertad, disolviendo las fronteras | 8º Circulo Planetario de Abuelos y Abuelas Sabias

8º Círculo Sagrado de Abuelos y Abuelas Sabias del Planeta, 2013 en Montserrat | Aventura Chaski : Xochipilli – Red de Arte Planetaria –

El Círculo Sagrado de Abuelas y Abuelos Sabios del Planeta, un antiguo mensaje y más información del evento en Montserrat

Foto – Crónica del 8º Circulo Sagrado de Abuelas y Abuelos Sabios del Planeta. Primera Parte


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KIN 53
Red Magnetic Skywalker

I unify in order to explore
Attracting Wakefulness
I seal the output of Space
with the magnetic tone of Purpose
I am guided by my own power doubled

"The mystery was that of Quetzalcoatl the Plumed or Feathered Serpent, called by the Maya KukulKan, "Place Where the Serpent Dwells." From reading Sejourne's synthesizing work on Quetzalcoatl, it was clear that she was not just a god, but multiple gods not just a man but many men, not just a religion but a mythic complex, a mental structure. And it was also clear that this constellation of features this multiple presence informed almost every aspect of ancient Mexican and even Mayan civilization not just the arts but astronomy and the calendar where affected by him. Quetzalcoatl was strongly associated with the morning and evening star, the planet Venus. Astronomical celestial associations as much as his role as a religious figure of the stature of a Moses or a Christ, brought Quetzalcoatl into prophetic prominence. So it was the 10th century 1Reed [KIN53] Quetzalcoatl presumed founder of the city of Tula and revitalizer of ChichenItza and Yucatán, having prophesied his return on the day 1Reed in the year1Reed was vindicated by the arrival of Cortez on that very day, Good Friday on the Christian calendar A.D. 1519." ~Jose Arguelles - "The Mayan Factor"Today is 2.10.2016 (NS1.28.8.4) and corresponds to KIN 53 Red Magnetic Skywalker ~ 1 Reed in the Sacred Tzolkin/Harmonic Module Count of 260 (52x5) days, the "Galactic Calendar" synchronized/calibrated with the star Sirius and its 52-Year Solar-Galactic Cycle:

“It is evident, that the 13 Moon/28 day synchronometer is the perfect instrument for synchronizing the 52-year cycles, because it synchronizes perfectly with the 260 day fourth- dimensional timing gauge to create a 52-year permutation cycle. 73 x 260 days = 52 x 365 days = 8980 days = 52 years = one Sirius B rotation around Sirius A. The 52-year Solar-Galactic cycle is actually the Sirian cycle. This has many implications, as it sheds light on why the Galactic Maya introduced the 52-year cycle—as a means for attuning the human consciousness to the higher vibrational frequency and channel of the Sirius Council.”

~ Rinri Project Newsletter III, Mystery of the Stone Edition, Volume 3, No. 1 Special Issue: Dreamspell: The Sirius Code Revealed

"Day Out of Time 2007. Red Magnetic Skywalker, Kin 53. One perfect Heptad of Sirius Beta complete, seven perfect castles of 52 days each, 52 perfect weeks of 7 days each—364 days in all. Then comes the 365th day, the Day Out of Time. 52 (weeks) + 1 = 53, the number of the frequency of Sirian rebirth. That is, 52, the frequency number of one cycle of Sirius, plus 1 day gives birth to the new, hence 53, the frequency of Sirian rebirth."~ Rinri Project Newsletter III - Volume 3, No. 4Sirian Rebirth of Quetzalcoatl
52 is now well known as the frequency that coordinates the entire Galactic Maya Science of Time, therefore it is really interesting to observe that yesterday, gregorian date February 9, written 2.09 (in the US), corresponded to KIN 52 in the Dreamspell Count, as the occult position of KIN 52 in the destiny oracle corresponds to KIN 209, 1Moon: Galactic Signature of the Moon Genesis and the “Theft of Time” within the Dreamspell Cosmology: 

“When we look at this Theft of Time, this moment is what split the previous Dreamspell Genesis. It split the mythic order, so that we have what is called the fall from the sacred into the profane. We have a split in these hemispheres {showing the brain}. We have the dominance of one-half of the brain over the other, and the dominance of one-half of the globe over the other, which first goes from Eastern hemisphere to Western hemisphere. Then, once that is done, it goes from Northern hemisphere to Southern hemisphere. This is the path of dominance. When we talk about entering into the Dreamspell of History, this is what is meant to be at 3113 B.C. (or in Dreamspell years - 3187). But instead of that (Moon Genesis) we had to have the Maya giving us the Thirteen Baktun Map–because the Theft of Time occurred. 

When we talk about the Theft of Time, we are actually describing what we call an interplanetary event, an interplanetary intervention, which we can describe as the Jupiter [Bode #52] / Maldek [Bode # 28] effect. In some way all of this was already destined to occur. This goes back to understanding the Great Arcturus cycle of 104,000 years was like the creation of a large protectorate in time. We call it the "Arcturus Protectorate." Arcturus is called the "Shepherd Star" because the shepherd watches the sheep. So Arcturus watches the Velatropa system, which is filled with lost sheep straying this way and that. They want to make sure those sheep stay in one place and find the correct pasture. Why was this so? Because right here - we can just look at the Journey Board, the Solar Galactic 0-19 of the Journey Board - we see that at the bottom here is the Midway Transfer Unit. We have five planets to this point. Those are the five outer planets, and here we have the five inner planets. On this side is Jupiter, on the other is Maldek. As we know today Maldek is nothing but an asteroid belt. It is very interesting that even though the planet was destroyed, or blown up, its fragments maintain the orbit. In maintaining the orbit, they maintain the memory of what occurred on Maldek.”

~ Jose Arguelles ~ 28 Meditations of the Law of Time ~ Meditation 9

Since the Tzolkin constitutes a radial Time Matrix where the Daily/Destiny KIN corresponds to the Cycle of Becoming and the occult position corresponds to the Cycle of Return, therefore we can conclude that 2.09:209 and that this synchronization marks the start of the Planetary Redemption Program 2016. (We will expand on this KEY subject later…)


The 3rd dimensional fractal reflection/manifestation of this 4th dimensional Cosmology of the “Lost Worlds” is represented as the “Theft of Time on Earth” via THE GREGORIAN CALANDAR REFORM OF 1582 and the Papal Bull Intergravissimas signed into law by pope gregory XIII on 2.24.1582 (KIN257), enacted on 10.04.1582 and enforced by the Doctrine of Discovery during the years of the invasion and colonization of America by the Spanish “Conquistadors”. It was during this time that not only the Mayan Codices with all historical records were either stolen or burned by the catholic church priesthood, but also the time when the mayan priests and astronomers were also brutally persecuted and burned at the stake under the blanket of the institution of Spanish Inquisition... A climatic episode of this persecution ended in the “memory loss” of the “Auto de Fe” of 1562 perpetrated by Franciscan bishop Diego De Landa (KIN 148):

“After hearing of Roman Catholic Maya who continued to practice idol worship, he (De Landa) ordered an Inquisition in Mani ending with a ceremony called auto de fé. During the ceremony on July 12, 1562 [KIN 115 11Eagle], a disputed number of Maya codices (according to Landa, 27 books) and approximately 5,000 Maya cult images were burned. The actions of Landa passed into the Black Legend of the Spanish in the Americas.

Only three pre-Columbian books of Maya hieroglyphics (also known as a codex) and, perhaps, fragments of a fourth are known to have survived. Collectively, these works are known as the Maya codices.

Landa's Inquisition showered a level of physical abuse upon the indigenous Maya that many viewed as excessive, and was at the very least unusual. Scores of Maya nobles were jailed pending interrogation, and large numbers of Maya nobles and commoners were subjected to examination under "hoisting".[2] During hoisting, a victim's hands were bound and looped over an extended line that was then raised until the victim's entire body was suspended in the air. Often, stone weights were added to the ankles or lashes applied to the back during interrogation.

Some contemporary observers were troubled by this widespread use of torture. Crown fiat had earlier exempted indigenous peoples from the authority of the Inquisition, on the grounds that their understanding of Christianity was "too childish"[citation needed] to be held culpable for heresies. Additionally, Landa dispensed with much of the extensive formal procedure and documentation that accompanied Spanish torture and interrogation.”

In reference to the years of the suppression and persecution of the knowledge and the Mayan Time Science, Jose Arguelles made also many profound and revelatory observations based on his long-life studies and historical research:

“I also knew from other researches that five years after the prophecy of Antonio Martinez, in the year 1697 - this was the year, incidentally, when the final conquest of the Maya as a nation or a political sovereign people occurred - at this time, in the city of San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas, there had been a correspondence between two Christian monks. In this correspondence they referred to a certain text that they had heard of. This text is called "La Probanza de Votan," or the "Trials or the Testing of Votan." They speak about some mythic type of person called Votan, who had been a king or a ruler or a wise man who lived in a very special city in the jungles. This Votan had been a supernormal type of person. He seemed to be descended from Noah; he witnessed the building of the Tower of Babel; and he finally made his way to the New World, where he founded his city which was known as Nah Chan, the House of the Serpent - which we know today as Palenque. 

Before he came to Nah Chan he incarnated, or emanated, or came out of the Earth. He came out of the Earth at a place near Nah Chan called Valum Votan. Valum Votan was the place of the entry and the exit of Pacal Votan. This Pacal Votan, or the great Votan, as he was known, built a tower, which we know is the Tower of Bolon Ik, or the Tower of the Winds. Beneath this tower there was a rock and four times did the great Votan go, by means of this rock, on a ladder made out of 13 serpents. He went and visited the interior of the Earth, and then went to Heaven. These were some of the things that were noted by these Christian monks, supposedly written in the text called La Probanza de Votan. As I said, this was in 1697." 

~ Jose Arguelles ~ 28 Meditations of the Law of Time ~ Meditation 9


These revelations related to these 2 monks and the mysterious text called “The Trials of Votan” are now proving to be quite prophetic and of an even more revelatory nature, as the story unfolded in San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas: the SAME place where Pope Francis will attend a Holy Mass and a lunch with the indigenous communities this coming February 15, 2016 ~KIN 57 5Earth, clear sign of prophecy on the tomb lid of Pacal Votan (

Notice that Francis 23 visit to Mexico will synchronize with several prophetic events:

• Today KIN 53, sign of Quetzalcoatl and beginning of the Wavespell of Prophecy is the start day of lent in the catholic church. “Lent is known as the season of penance and prayer before Easter, and was originally referred to as Quadragesima, which is the Latin word for forty. According to catechism of the Roman Catholic Church, the Lenten season lasts 40 days to symbolize the 40 days Jesus Christ spent in the desert confronting Iblis/Satan after he was baptized by John the Baptist. (Keep in mind that EXACTLY 13 days ago we were starting the Wavespell of Enlightenment on KIN 40 1Sun, one of the 13 clear signs of prophecy inscribed on the lid of Pacal Votan.)

• Lent season 2016 ends immediately before the Mass of the Lord's Supper on Holy Thursday (when the Easter Triduum begins), March 24, 2016, the day right after March 23: Birth of Pacal Votan in 603 and Ascension of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan in 2011.

• Orthodox Christians, begin observing Lent this year on March 14, EXACTLY 3 years/Solar rings since pope francis enthronement. 

• Easter Sunday for Orthodox Christians will fall this year on May 1st (May-Day), KIN 133 (OMEGA point of the planetary moon of manifestation, encompassing a perfect 28-day fractal of the Retrieval of the Divine Plan: KIN106~KIN133) This synchronization adds one more prophetic layer to the triple sign of planetary redemption elucidated above. 

• Keep in mind that Orthodox Christians stayed more connected to the original teachings of Christ and split never agreed with the institutionalization of the Gregorian Calendar, follow a different calendar,

• Francis “redemption” pilgrimage through Mayan lands starts on February 12, 2016, EXACTLY 3 solar rings after the lighting bolt that stroke ST. Peter’s Basilica, following the announcement of his predecessor of stepping down from the throne.

• February 12, 2016 corresponds to KIN 55 3Eagle, EXACTLY 99 Galactic Spins of 260 days (+15 leap days) from Hiroshima atomic bomb (August 6, 1945) and 40 Galactic Spins of 260 days or 10400 DAYS (+ 7 leap days) since its redemption via the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 (August 16, 1987).

• 10400 is a fractal of 104 and of 104.000: Arcturus Cycle:Pacal Votan's Samadhi.

Will the pope and the church redeem themselves for their unconscious actions of the past? 

Will they return to the indigenous communities the codices that are still held in the Vatican’s Library? 

Will they ask for sincere forgiveness for the cultural and human holocaust they perpetrated in the New World? 

Probably not yet… But there is a deeper and larger story of redemption in time unfolding, and it is occurring at the 4th dimensional telepathic level: A level that is characterized by its INVIOLABILITY as it is woven by the harmony, synchronicity and prophecy embedded in the SupraMental field of the perfection of the vigesimal mathematics of the Codes of Time left by the Galactic Maya.


Last 1.11.2015 (NS1.28.7.2) was KIN 23 Blue Planetary Night, galactic signature of Jorge Bergoglio~pope Francis, who was completing on that day his 111th Galactic Spin since birth. 

The prophecy of the great reformer Bishop St. Malachy (1094-1148), predicted the final 112 popes beginning with Pope Celestine II (elected in 1143), not by name, but by a short epithet, or motto, for each, leading us to the final pope before the Apocalypse, who is none other than current Pope Francis, "Petrus Romanus" the 112th on the list...

Last verse of the prophecy reads: 

Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End."

>>> 2016.1.11 ~ pope #111+1 ~ 111 galactic spins... 

The numbers don't lie…


Francis was appointed as new "pontiff" of catholic church on 3.13.2013 (KIN 29) and assumed the throne the next day: 3.14 “Pi Day” 2013 (corresponding to KIN 30 4DOG:GOD). The “unveiling” of the new pope’s identity coincided with another historic announcement: the Discovery of the God Particle by western scienctist at CERN; and it occurred after the unprecedented and unexpected announcement by Joseph Ratzinger (KIN 133 - 3Skywalker) of stepping down from the "throne" on February 12, 2013. (KIN259- 12Storm). The historic announcement was followed by a lightning bolt striking the top of the Vatican's St Peter's Basilica, just hours after his surprise resignation . The pontiff's decision came as a bolt from the blue that shocked the Catholic community worldwide, as the departure made Ratzinger/Benedict the first pope to resign since the middle ages… 

Please also notice that:

• The announcement of Francis to replace Ratzinger KIN 133 occurred on 3.13 (written as 13.3 in most parts of the world). In the meanwhile, since KIN 133, Red Electric (3) Skywalker(13) (written in vigesimal notation as 13.3) is the Galactic Signature of the Retrieval of the Divine Plan (20 Tablets of the Law of Time), this can be interpreted as a powerful TRIPLE SIGN that a new stage of the Planetary Redemption Program was completed, specially considering that Ratzinger's decision was preceded by multiple allegations of the involvement of his brother Georg Ratzinger KIN 247 in child abuse scandals at the boys choir Regensburger Domspatzen. 


• Let’s also re-member that Ratzinger last day as pope was February 28, 2013 (KIN, the last day of the only month in the gregorian count that holds the 28-day harmonic of the 13 Moon Calendar/Synchronometer, and that this current month of February 2016, after we complete 3 perfect Solar rings from Ratzinger’s “fall from the throne”, will be extended 1 day known as “leap” or “intercalary” day. This “leap day” consititutes one of the most noticeable aberrations of our current calendar as its inclusion perpetuates the “Theft of Time” and the fallacy of the “Error in Time”:

“Living in ignorance of the Law of Time and of the true nature of time, the human species constructed its own concept of time which is based on the clock with its 60-minute hour and the Gregorian calendar with its maddening array of un- evenly numbered months. Hence, the paradigm of the artificial timing frequency is defined by the ratio 12:60 (twelve-month calendar, 60-minute hour) -in contrast to the 13:20 ratio of natural time. If the artificial mechanistic and irregularly measured time sets the human race apart from true or natural time, does this not also establish the fact that the human race is living an error in time? Only by living such an unconsciously assumed error could the human race arrive at such an apocalyptic moment as The Inevitable Event [9.11.2001] -inevitable because any deviation from the truth has an in- evitable moment when the truth rebounds in some dramatic or even apocalyptic way. Is it possible that the entire construct of modern civilization, so devastating to the biosphere, is a function of this error in time? Is modern civilization like a time warp, a bubble of artificial time that suddenly got popped on the 9-11?” 


“When you went to bed on October 5,1582 [KIN 219 11Storm] you woke up on October 16. In this way Pope Gregory XIII promulgated his reform of the Julian calendar, from which the Gregorian calendar differs not one whit, except for the precise working out of the formula for leap year. When this "reform" occurred, the time sensibility of historical man was already crippled and disabled. The Gregorian calendar, by its moment of historicity, bound that crippled time disorder into its final institutional form, assuring that not only European man, but eventually all cultures and races dominated by European thought and conventions would assume and accept this deformed and deforming standard of time. 

The mechanical clock, though evolved over many centuries, was perfected just after the Gregorian Calendar Reform of 1582 and promoted by Europeans as an example of the human triumph over nature. So it was that the human mind assumed as second nature its own invented time, encoded as a frequency that we have identified as the 12:60, an unconscious mental ratio determined by the irregular twelve- month calendar and artificial sixty-minute hour. The combination of these two factors in this one timing frequency have consigned historical man to a hopelessly debilitating mental disorder that is referred to as modern civilization, or nowadays, postmodern. But postmodern is not yet post-historical. Postmodernism is just the final convulsion of the time disorder that afflicts the human race as a virulent mental disease and encapsulates man in the technospheric cocoon of his own making. The only cure for such a profound and pervasive disorder is absolute harmony, the very harmony from which historical man so recoils." 

“Because the calendar is a macro-organizing principle, when accepted over time it establishes in the mind, individually and collectively, a set of perceptions that are automatically taken for granted as being "real" and "indisputable." These sets of perceptions define the paradigm by which a people, culture, or even an entire civilization operates. The Gregorian calendar, the current global civil standard, is the paradigmatic macro-organizing principle in which are embedded all the laws, cus- toms, institutions, and scientific principles governing the present global civilization- not to mention all the holidays of the Vatican-ordained Catholic Church. According to the Law of Time, the current calendar is an irregular standard of measure; its units of measure do not correspond. This calendar represents, therefore, the institionalization of disorder and entropy. Because it has existed for a sufficiently long duration in the human historical cycle-2,OOO years, including its predecessor, the Julian calendar-the perceptions fostered by the unconscious acceptance of the Gregorian calendar are taken as the unshakable bedrock of nature and reality. All current beliefs-economic, political, and scientific, from democratic neo-liberalism to the special theory of relativity-are actually products of the underlying percep- tions promoted by this calendar, and have no reality apart from the beliefs about time that the calendar engenders. Change the macro-organizing principle and you change the paradigm.”

Jose Arguelles ~ Time and the Technosphere


"Prophecy confirms the existence of natural time. If we examine the different prophecies, they all seem to have similar themes. There is an original time, there is a time of corruption, there is a time of prophecy to end the corruption, then there is a return to the original time, or to natural time, or to the Golden Age. We see that very often there is a theme of Four Ages, and the final moment is the entry into a Fifth Age. This is the general theme of prophecy. The general theme of prophecy also confirms that there must be some genetic error. So we see that in all the great prophetic traditions there is also obviously a moral quality - because the genetic failure produces increasing levels of moral failure. These increases in moral failure create a situation that usually is referred to as Judgement Day. This Judgement Day is the time when we are to wake up and to remember. All the true teachers talk about remembering. What we re-member is the original time and the return of the original time." 

~ José Argüelles ~ 28 Meditations of the Law of Time

Today, the memory from lost worlds and the false power of artificial time has been redeemed ONCE AGAIN in perfect synchronic timing and a New Moon Genesis is being declared. Since we already established February 9, 2016 as the starting point of the Planetary Redemption Program 2016 via the Time Magic Equation 2.09=209, on PART 2 of this report we will expand on the impact of Leap Day 2016 (2.29) and the multiple fractal synchronic qualities of this incredible window of opportunity to re-collect and redeem once again the negative karmic remnants and scattered unconscious memories of the “Lost Worlds” during the remaining 6 moons of this Year of Planetary Wizardry 114. Numbers don´t lie. Judgement Day IS STILL IN PROGRESS and the catholic church know this very well... May the Divine Plan keep redeeming everything which “holy men” were not capable/courageous enough to redeem by themselves. May ART, PEACE, LOVE, SYNCHRONICITY and BEAUTY prevail on Earth!


If you feel ready to learn much more about the “Theft of Time” and the Planetary Redemption Program 2016, please check this pdf with expanded information:

or simply start follow the redemption route presented on this 19-Year fractal map of the Time Tunnel of the Retrieval of the Divine Plan:

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"During these 13 days we are bringing back into focus of our expanding consciousness the powerful energies of Quetzalcoatl (KIN 53), the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 (KIN 55&56) and Pacal Votan (KIN 58 -Death & KIN 60-Birth). So this is probably the best “season” to follow the Skywalker energy inviting us on a time-travel adventure  to “explore” time as 4D space! But before setting sails off it is important to let you now that this may be a long journey, so bring with you tea or coffee and read this entire report… In order to find your way through this vast ocean of Prophecy is recommended to “bring on board” a 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity as your 4-D Navigational Guide. It will help to understand more easily the signposts and syncs along the way. Also bring on board with you an open mind (and Heart too)… We are sailing into the psycho-mythic realm of Prophecy to establish a bridge with an imaginal world, where a higher reality is operating, everything is possible and is occurring in perfect timing with utopian synchronic and prophetic elegance. Welcome to Syntropia…" 

Assignment filed and completed by 
Galactic Agent 
113 Red Solar Skywalker 
as a part of the Quetzalcoatl Project.

Year of the White Planetary Wizard

Lunar Moon, Silio 28 (2.28)

KIN169  Red Cosmic Moon

Summoning Power of 4 Blood Moons
(Gregorian Calendar: 9.19.2015)



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Quetzalcoatl and Jose Arguelles


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Today, on the 214th anniversary of the discovery of the Asteroid Belt(January 1st, 1801) and an entire week coded with DaVinci's Ascension and the Theft of Time, the memory from lost worlds and the false power of artificial time is NOW neutralized and redeemed in perfect synchronic timing and a New Moon Genesis is being declared.May ARTPEACELOVE, SYNCHRONICITY and BEAUTY prevail on Earth!


Blood Moons & Planetary Redemption: A Galactic Master Peace of ART
 pART I  + pART II 


GA 113  

[Banner of Peace and Galactic Shield Hunab Ku]

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Crossing the Court of Death

Merging Our Wills With the Divine

Perhaps one can always find extraordinary examples of coincidence and synchronicity with the Divine Plan?

On the 10th Feb. the Mayan Calendar indicates a transition of emerging from "Cosmic Human" (influence, free will and wisdom) to "Magnetic Skywalker" (Explore, wakefulness and prophecy).

At this moment, Berny Sanders will be contemplating the real possibility of becoming the next US President, while Juliane Assange contemplates the real possibility of leaving the Ecuadorian Embassy now that the UN Court has ruled that the excessive lockdown of the Embassy was unwarranted and he should be compensated for his "deprivation of liberty".


Whilst Sanders appears to be capturing the popular support of ordinary people, Jeremy Corbyn is doing the same in the UK, since both of them are, refreshingly, relating to the people as people.

Assange is not free yet and it could be said that in providing a messenger service for others to reveal corporate, central banking, military and government secrets he has done more to maintain our liberty, along with Snowden and Mannering, whilst journalists risk death the world over for merely doing their job and essential constitutional laws such as Freedom of Information and Human Rights are under threat.

Resolving the conflict between the mindset of self-preservation at the cost of our humanity can only benefit from more authentic and empathic political leadership alongside the courage of citizens everywhere.

Magnetic Skywalker

"I unify in order to explore
Attracting wakefulness.

I seal the output of space
With the magnetic tone of purpose."

During the coming 7 day period, "Hunab Ku transmits navigation", said to be Alcyone of the Pleiades, the Central Sun or Cosmic Heart that has assumed significance amongst the world´s consciousness community. "Navigation" is synonymous for "synchronicity", or cosmic synthesis in relation to Hunab Ku.

The coming 52 days are said to be sacred to Quetzalcoatl (the Christed One of South American legend) who comes forth into light of day whilst "crossing the Court of Death".

The world over we are witnessing the dying back of old structures and dogmas, the movement of consciousness emerging through death into a greater more inclusive wholeness of Life, essentially our humanity rising to the fore.

May our thoughts be in merging our wills with the Divine.


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