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Aloha Planetary Kin:

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This is a blog of a channelling I experienced on Yellow Crystal Star. I went out there in my meditation and connected with our spiritual benefactors, the Arcturians.

What was different this time was I was hearing Divine Music.

Here's what came through:


I'm getting more in touch with them. Because they are always singing, and I wasn't hearing that before. While they're all connected, they're all singing. Now I'm hearing that song too. Their song is love. I can actually hear it. It's not just a feeling. It's tangible.  In our experience love is intangible. For them it's tangible. It's telepathic. For us love is intangible because we're not telepathic. If we were telepathic, love would be tangible and it would be a song. We could hear it. Hear or not hear, but experience with the sixth sense. The sixth sense is the ability to sense love. 

There's not really a rhythm to it. But it is like a wave. The closest thing I can equate it to is a Tibetan bowl. There is a wave in the Tibetan bowl. But is not just one bowl. It's a symphony of bowls. The same one and they all have the same wave. They just have different frequencies. All were slightly different frequencies. But all completely harmonic. There is no dissonance, only harmony. There is a pulse to it. By the way, that's what I mean by the wave. It's not really slow. It sounds like overtones and harmonics. 

Maybe not just love, maybe beauty too. There's a link between the Star and the Dog in that respect. In the sky, Venus is love and beauty. In the Mayan, Venus is beauty and the Dog is love. But, they are connected this way. Crystal Star connects to Magnetic Dog. So their movement is choreographed telepathically, based on beauty and love. 

That's the point of the Dog wavespell. The Dog wavespell has to do with the reestablishment of telepathy. There is a way that love can reestablish telepathy. Not the other way around. If we had telepathy we could sense love. Love would be a sense. Telepathy is also a sense...Or gives us access to a sixth sense, or more senses. 

We're set up to Evolve in the Earth wavespell. The next step is to restore telepathy through love. The Dog wavespell is about restoring telepathy. Self-Existing Skywalker has something to do with that. Wakefulness is the reestablishment of telepathy, probably through the GAP. Maybe not every Skywalker, but Self-Existing Skywalker. It's the Dog wavespell. I have to see what else is in the Dog wavespell.

First of all; Magnetic Dog, where we can unify in order to love. Then Lunar Monkey, the challenge is to play the illusion with magic. Electric Human, activating free will to influence with wisdom. Self-Existing Skywalker is a GAP, bringing wakefulness into form. Overtone Wizard, empowering the Wizard to enchant timelessness. Rhythmic Eagle, rhythmic vision. There it is right there. It's the RHYTHMIC VISION. Resonant Warrior, channel the intelligence. That's a GAP and a clear sign. Resonant Warrior is another GAP, guided by Star. So there you go. Then it is Resonant Warrior. Self-Existing Skywalker and Resonant Warrior, the GAP,  also a clear sign and guided by the Star, which is where we are today (this Transmission came in on Crystal Star). That's the rhythm of the pulse in the song. Then Galactic Earth, Galactic Earth is telepathy restored. Then Solar Mirror, order is restored. The pulse of the rhythm restores the order, through the Mirror. Planetary Storm, the manifestation of the major transformation for the planet, guided by Hand - to know the healing of accomplishment. Spectral Sun, dissolve in order to enlighten, releasing life, Liberation! It's also a polar kin, I transport the yellow galactic spectrum. The Dog wave is in the Sun season. Transport the yellow galactic spectrum – that's telepathy right there. That transport – that's the reestablishment of telepathy. Crystal Dragon; We cooperate to nurture a birth, guided by Skywalker, and a Magic Turtle Day (the tone of the moon & the tone of the day are the same). Then Cosmic Wind ends the Dog wavespell, Spirit communicates in order for everyone to transcend. 

It just keeps bringing me back to my eyes. Or the eyes, it's a Trinity, two eyes and one antenna. I guess my third eye and crown are in between those two. So it's actually connecting the two. It goes both ways. What I see gives me information. What information I get I'm also able to see. It is as if I'm seeing it with my eyes, not just feeling it or hearing it. I am hearing it though. That is probably the most dramatic thing. It's on top of all the other sounds that I am hearing. I don't know, maybe they're building me up, with all this energy I'm hearing now. Maybe there's more to come. Then all that sound just combines and breaks through to something bigger. Maybe it just breaks through to all of us. I just keep receiving more and receiving more until it just explodes as a breakthrough and encompasses the earth.

Because I am Cosmic, not just Galactic. It allows me to connect up all the way through. So it's not just Planetary, Solar system, Pleiades, Galaxy. it's Universal. It's all connected. Hunab Ku is the galaxy. It's beyond Hunab Ku. Hunab Ku is a piece of everything. That's possible...I hadn't considered that. I always thought of Hunab Ku as coming from the center of the galaxy. But the center of the universe could also be Hunab Ku. You know, another frequency of Hunab Ku. Maybe it's all just frequencies. Maybe the heart is Hunab Ku. The heart of everything. It's the heart of the galaxy. It's the heart of the Pleiades. It's the heart of the Sun. It's the heart of the Earth. It's the heart of the humans. It's the heart of the universe. It could be that Hunab Ku is the heart. OK, that's what's coming in. I thought Hunab Ku was a thing. You know, the galaxy, the giver of movement and measure. It's what keeps the galaxy moving. But, that's not what's coming through! That it is the heart of each one of us. This is why not having telepathy is so bad. It keeps the heart from being Hunab Ku. Telepathy connects the heart up as Hunab Ku. It makes the heart Hunab Ku. It's not just a connection. It makes the heart Hunab Ku. Wow...

What can we do to reestablish telepathy? Love! Love is what reestablishes telepathy. That was just as clear as it can be! That's why the Dog wavespell is so important. Not just Dog days, but the Dog wavespell. We are set up to evolve in the Earth wavespell. Then the Dog wavespell brings the love that allows telepathy to be reestablished. Which then allows us to birth the new beingness. Then the Cosmic Wind allows Spirit to communicate all away from the Cosmos, meaning the Universe. The spirit of the universe communicates through our hearts – love, once we reestablish telepathy.

There was a battle going on over the new moon - Grand Cross. We couldn't get that at the new moon because there was a battle going on. The Grand Cross was a battle between the light and the dark. And the dark pulled out all the stops. They hit with everything they got. They wanted the new moon. They didn't realize that the new moon wasn't it. Niether did they count on the power of the Grand Trine in Earth over the Mutable (able to change) Grand Cross. They didn't realize the new moon isn't it.  

Today, Crystal Star, is it. But Magnetic Dog is really it. Venus is going behind the sun, Venus goes into the sun. Venus dives into the underworld to bring back telepathy through the power of love. The astrology sets things up, but the sacred calendar is the key. Here we are on the GAP day to create beauty. Setting us up for the Dog (love) wavespell. Magnetic Dog is the day, not the new moon. Because on Magnetic Dog Venus dives into the sun. Venus goes into the underworld to retrieve telepathy through the power of love. So, while Venus is in the dark we have the opportunity to reclaim telepathy. Venus is in the dark throughout the whole Dog wavespell. In fact, I think Venus is in the dark all the way past the summer solstice. Summer solstice is the next wavespell, the Night wavespell. So after the wavespell of love, we get the wavespell of the dream. We get to live the dream. If we can reestablish telepathy within the wavespell of the Dog, the wavespell of love. Then the full moon/summer solstice sets up the wavespell where we get to live the dream, the Night wavespell.

So, it is playing out in the sky, as well as playing out in the sacred calendar. It's that the dark are focused on the system of 12, which makes them use the cross to hold their system in place. We are using the cross to break their system. But, in truth, we can't break their system. We can only move beyond it...If we take the power away from it. It is our energy that holds their paradigm in place. As long as they keep us living in fear, they win. When we live in love and reestablish telepathy, everyone will know it's a scam. Then everybody will just walk away and take their energy away from it. The patriarchal paradigm cannot survive in the face of telepathy and love. The power of love causes the patriarchy to collapse. That's all it is. There is no battle. There is no war. There is no facing them, no backing them down. There is nothing. All we have to do is take away fear and live in love, and the patriarchy falls. That's the Divine Plan. It's laid out in the sacred calendar and it's playing out in the sky.

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  • I agree with this hold that this number 12 keeps people under the truth just enough to not get free. Also that harmonies are very interesting when you have multiple instruments together of the same.  I like your example with the singing bowls I had heard some interesting resonances crossing each other when people in a store were trying to figure out the notes of the bowls and so they ended up playing a lot at the same time.

    I have had always arcturus in my head as a word that flashed in my mental field more than once.  I wasn't too into delving in as any cosmic traveller must do their best to balance in the earth plane as to make sense to others.

    I had another friend tell me the other day the same thing about arcturus being a musical place.

    Being that I am wind breathe of spirit.  I have chosen song as my healer modality.  As much as I am energetic and work with many energies I feel akin to your multi cosmos perspective.

    I find music of divine origins is the big healer that needs to start playing more and more to help people remember the truth of their incarnation and their purpose.

    More people with divine purpose in song.  The lighter!

    Originally I felt there is no point to pursue music as the hold is so grand.  But now as you say this I think I am with you.  As even on the earth plane trees and their spirits have been singing to us for ages.  And in many cultures the tree.  The great connector.  The fractal that binds us together.

    I find we must hold steady as the patriarchy is already collapsing but with that comes a lot of not so many happy campers:)  

    But song will soften and re-align the blow.

    Thank you for this insight.

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