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Introducing the Wavespell as a Creation Cycle

What is the Dreamspell? It is a tool to observe cycles called a synchrometer. A Sychrometer is an instrument for measuring synchronicity and a perfect measure of cosmic time which helps us to attune to those energies. It is a system that is an overlay on the traditional Mayan Tzolkin (an ancient system by the Maya of observing cycles within cycles) that was downloaded by Jose Arguelles via meditation, and based on the mathematics of cycles in the Tzolkin, also called the Mayan Longcount. Through observing the Dreamspell each day and thinking about it helps us move toward the larger galactic cycles into timelessness.

Wikipedia explains the purposes of the Dreamspell as such:

1. To synchronize human beings with our "galactic roots" by tuning us in to the spiritual energy from Hunab Ku, a being Argüelles asserts is the governing deity of the Milky Way Galaxy. (AKA Great Central Sun, the center of our Galaxy.)

2. To convert humanity from thinking that Time is Money to thinking that Time is Art and thus give human beings more scope for their creativity.

Our time becomes something that frees us to be who we are, expressing our lives as art and also experiencing more synchronicity. I see synchronicity as messages from our higher self, or aspects of self, that we are less conscious of, telling us that we are on the path! The whole universe sees us and wants to support us. I have personally notice and experience a lot more synchronicity since I have been following it in relation to whatever the energy signature of the day is.

My friends who know about the Dreamspell know completely different things than I do. It is fun to come together and learn from them, as the Dreamspell is so multilayered and multidimensional, that you can approach in different ways and know different things about what it means and what it means for you. I would like to share what has occurred to me in relation to the Wavespell cycle of 13 days.

The Dreamspell is comprised of cycles within cycles. I tend to follow the daily Dreamspell sign, and think about the affirmation. Today, 3/19/2016 is

9676495882?profile=originalWhite Crystal Dog

I dedicate in order to love

Universalizing loyalty

I seal the process of heart

With the crystal tone of cooperation

I am guided by the power of spirit

A side note: As a beautiful synchronicity, this is Dr. Masaru Emoto's Galactic Signature. Dr. Emoto is a water ambassador. He discovered, researched and proved how Human Consciousness has an effect on water. Today is a day in which lots of water blessing events are happening in honor of World Water Day. Today is World Water Day Global Meditation and also the Equinox. I am sure Dr. Emoto would be pleased to have so many blessing the water all over the globe and his mission coming forward.


To explain the Dreamspell further, and the days within the Dreamspell, there are 13 symbolic constructs which are the 13 Galactic Tones. There are also 20 solar seals or symbols used to describe the movement of space in time. That means that there are 13 x 20 =260 different kin, or galactic signatures such as today's, the White Crystal Dog. That would be a 260 day cycles for 260 of these different kin. Each person is a different kin or Galactic Signature which is one of these 260 kins. You might want to look up your kin to learn more about yourself. “White Dog” is the Solar Seal and the tone is "crystal" for today. We go through cycles of 13 days called Wavespells as we shift through each tone and we also shift through different combinations with the solar seals. There is a sequence to the wavespell tones, the 13, which is what I want to share.

The Wavespell tones, 13 of them, have different flavors and on those days there is a different feel to them. I see the tones, 1 to 13 or Magnetic at number one to Cosmic at number 13 as a creation cycle. It is something for personal creation and collective co-creation. It effect everyone and is something to tune into and align with, or become aware of, so that you can experience the flow of creation and work with it. There can be more sychronicity and more magic. Delving into the Dreamspell material can be daunting at first. There are words that one doesn't know made up by Arguelles and Stephanie South, to explain it, and it seems overwhelming to ever master an understanding of it. I hope to simplify an aspect for your understanding and also those who follow the Dreamspell may relate to what I have to share.


The creation cycle goes in a pattern, and for 13 days, and then it begins again with the Magnetic Tone. The Magnetic Galactic Tone has the essence of purpose, it is to attract and unify. On Tone 1, we identify our purpose and ask “What is my goal?”

People born as Magnetic tend to have good focus on one thing at a time and can get things done. In the cycle of creating something, I like these days as I can more easily get something done with that Magnetic focus energy. I am even envious of others who have this as I myself do not normally have it.

Next, on Day Two of the Wavespell, we have a Lunar day which is Challenge. It is a day to identify a challenge and as “What are my obstacles?” We can use this day for self-inquiry. These are often my most challenging days that seem to bring stuff up for me. Lunar days have the power to Polarize and the can Stabilize.

Electric days can feel electric and are the essence is Service. They activate and are for bonding, bring people together. Imagine the flow of electricity and how it needs connection in order to flow. On an Electric Tone Day, identify service. Ask “How can this goal be attained?”

Tone 4 of Day Four, Self-existing days are next of the Wavespell cycle. Their essence is form, and to define and measure. We identify form and ask “What is the form of action?” on these days. What sort of action will move us forward. This may be for something we are creating or it could be for ourselves.

So let's look at what we have so far for the creation cycle. A story could be that there is an intention to create something, or observe ourselves as creators or “a creation.” The first day, the Magnetic energy brings focus and the frequency of attracting what and whom within the universe is available to create with, which could be seen as the resources of creation. Magnetic attracts and unifies those elements. Then, the next day, along comes Lunar, which challenges the goal or purpose which is a budding creation in the embryotic stages. Lunar polarizes what is of value, and what is not, and then that creates stability. The obstacles are seen and identified.

On Day Three, an Electric Tone Day activates through flow of connection with an energy in service to "giving the creation legs" which takes it from the formless to having form. Having form is next on the Self-existing Day. Form is the essence of this day and it defines what it is, and measures how it is coming into existence, whatever is being manifested in the creation cycle, that is.

On Day Five, we experience Overtone Tone. Overtone has the essence of radiance like the sun and is that which illuminates, or brings light to. Light is information and light is awareness. This is greater understanding. Overtone empowers and commands what is being created. Overtone "commanding" reminds us of the power of the word which created the universe, and the power of speaking or asking, with a strong conviction from the heart, of the potential creation. The potential is for all to be empowered and for that which is created to empower. The process of creation and manifestation is empowering in itself. On Overtone Days, we take command and also gather resources, and that could be seen as declaring what we need to the universe so that the resources show up and assist in manifestation.

Rhythmic days bring an Organizing energy, and there is the essence of equality with an action of balancing. Day Six of the Rhythmic Tone is one of commanding equality and administering challenge. I see that as sorting and sifting what is needed, compartmentalizing into organization.

I love Rhythmic days as I am more organized than usual, and can see a big picture for a project and figure out what is important, and how to structure it all into what I am going to do. I can do household organizing. I can get stuff together and get down to action on projects. A challenge on these days is thinking I can do it all! Seeing the overall plan and making it and placing things in an organized way for doing happens easily, plus actually getting things done. Rhythmic days are for putting things into order.

Resonant days have the essence of attunement, so on this day, one might feel the supporting energies of the universe and align with them via feeling or vibration. Attunement could be called at-one-ment, or being at one with all that is. “Commanding attunement and attune service to action,” is how the Resonant Tone is described in The Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity. That would be bringing in the essence of assisting others to the creation and also to ourselves as individuals, in service to the whole. It is a day for meditating, tuning in or reflection, and for channeling and bringing through inspiration. With this inspiration, we can take our creations and co-creations to a higher level that is in greater service and for the greater good. Also we can bring in more beauty, joy, and inspiration into our creation by attuning to the greater galaxy and universe from within.

A Galactic Day is next in the cycle, and Galactic energy is that of Integrity. It is to harmonize. In commanding Integrity, our action takes form. Integrity is about thinking of the whole, the greater whole of what we are creating and all that it effects, including all of creation. Each day we are getting less physical and dense in the tone of the day, and more esoteric. Compare a Magnetic Day to a Galactic Day. A Magnetic Day has us getting down to brass tacks, seeing the details of what we are working on. A Galactic Day has us expressing who we are and creating with the bigger picture in mind, including others and other life forms, as we think and create beyond ourselves as individuals. The tone of thinking about the galaxy and greater universe as a holistic model is prevalent on a Galactic Tone Day as is doing what is aligned with the greater whole. Integrity is doing the right thing. It can mean "the state of being whole and undivided." Galactic people, such as an artist friend of mine, think about oneness and the greater whole and big picture. She creates colorful art about this with galactic and angelic beings. Galactic people want to do right for the greater whole and for the greater whole of the collective to come into harmony. As you can see, the Wavespell creation cycle takes us through creating as a gift to the greater whole and with support of the greater whole, from the energies of the galaxy.

After a Galactic day, we have a Solar day. Solar days have are days of making, setting, and speaking intentions. Solar Tone Days formalize action and are Action set into motion. "I am going to...." is what you hear from a Solar person. Solar energy, like the sun, pulses, and it is to help realization and awareness.

Day Ten of the Wavespell is Planetary, a day of manifestation. These folks bring things into form, they perfect what has been created, and their action is to produce. Planetary Tone manifests challenge, and the action and challenge meet after the day of intention, yesterday's Solar Day that set the Action into form and directed it through intention.

Day Eleven of the Wavespell cycle is Spectral, which is the Liberation of service. Action that dissolves service taking the creation process to a higher level beyond service. The Spectral Tone is the energy of freedom or liberation. It could be said to be purification in my personal opinion. Spectrals dissolve and release, and that which may not be in the highest alignment is let go of. Spectral days give us a letting go energy so that we feel free. As we go through the Wavespell, we can think of creating and manifesting outside of ourselves. However, it is good to think of the Wavespell as a creation cycle for ourselves as ourselves. We are constantly transforming. Our life is our art. Feeling and being aware of the energies of the Dreamspell allow life transformation. Spectral is a transformational tone day.

Day Twelve of the 13 day cycle is Crystal with the essence of cooperation. Crystal Tone is cooperation of form as a round table where we meet as equals. Past actions are formalized and future plans are made. It has the power to Dedicate and also to Universalize. We become as a crystal, and our experience of creation is as a crystal, and also our manifestations are as a crystal which is about cooperation. Crystal brings us into co-creation, the working together that we are dreaming of in the new paradigm. We are in cooperation with others and also seen and unseen aspects of the universe that wish to support us for the greater whole. That assistance is something to tune into, truly.

Day Thirteen, the final day of the creation cycle, is Cosmic. Cosmic Tone has the essence of Presence, something that is hard to pinpoint or define. People who are Cosmic are hard to get details from, or define, and have far out there with cosmic perspectives. Cosmic people transcend. They are above the nitty gritty details of creation, without the focus that the Magnetic has. Yet all of the tones together, in this thirteen day cycle, are each equally and uniquely valued for what they bring to the human experience. The human experience aligns more the cosmic and multidimensional, galactic and universal energies in more connection with all life instead of separation. Cosmic Tone is a day of taking a magic flight, the transcendence that is Comic. It is a day to return to the Magnetic as the cycle makes a complete circle with the next day after a Cosmic Day being a Magnetic Day. The Omega end day of the cycle meets the Alpha day, or beginning of the next cycle of 13 days. Be sure to feel the difference between these days. A cosmic day can feel transcendent and like being in a space that is above details and physical matters on earth. A Magnetic day is very single minded, focused and purposeful. A Magnetic Tone Day makes us want to have a goal and reach a goal.

How is this useful to our lives? Like I mentioned, knowing about the Dreamspell allows more synchronicity and awareness of synchronicity. Each of us are a tone of the 13 and also one of the 20 solar seals that I didn't really talk about in this article. We have a certain filter and a way of being that is us. On our Galactic Signature Kin Day, we are the sign we were born on which is an energy most like us. This happens every 260 days that we have this kin day, or Galactic Birthday you could call it. On our 52nd birthday at 52 years old we have completed a larger cycle and come back to the kin of our day of birth, which is being an elder in the Mayan culture.

Observing and feeling the other signatures each day help us as we feel different than the way we are naturally. It allows us to become everyone by feeling how they feel on those other days. It brings in a quality we may need for our own creations, and also a perspective. The Dreamspell signs represent the different fractals of creation and our own kin day is a fractal, we are a fractal representation of the universe experiencing itself as creation/creator. Ultimately the Dreamspell reminds us that we are all one working for the greater good of the whole as the whole is working for our highest good too. The Dreamspell allows us to see through the eyes of other fractals, our fellow human beings, each day we experience the energies of a day and pay attention to them.

You can find great value of leveraging the energy of a day's tone by noticing it. There is value in learning about these cycles plus experiencing them. To do so is an ongoing exercise of continued learning and mostly experiencing what the day brings. To amplify it, take notes in a journal what the day is like in comparison to the Galactic Signature. Also, it is suggested that one meditates each day and tunes into the energies, and allows the information of that day to present itself in relation to the Galactic Signature or kin. Knowing about the Wavespell as a creation cycle is a place to start in your understanding of the Dreamspell as it changes and moves through each of these tones every 13 days. I wish you delight in discovery of the Dreamspell. Feel free to contact me and tell me what you experience with the Dreamspell. Ultimately, it is all about awareness.

With love and support on this White Crystal Dog Day,



Learn more about the Dreamspell Calendar here at the Foundation for the Law of Time


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The Art of Gratitude

9676472078?profile=originalThe most important aspect of creating the life and reality you wish (therefore are destined) to experience, is to obtain a real and genuine understanding of what gratitude is.  Gratitude is a simple ‘thank you’ or smile given to someone who holds a door for you or does some other small favor.  Small acts of kindness and appreciate are important, but the aspect of gratitude I wish to draw you towards exists within the very essence of who you are.  It is a deep connection and appreciation for all you have in this moment, without a thought about what you perceive you don’t have.  If you only allow yourself to notice how much you do have, you cannot help but to attract more to yourself.  Feeling a genuine sense of gratitude tells the Universe you are well blessed and you are open to receiving all gifts the Universe wishes to bestow upon you.  The more grateful you feel, the more loving you naturally become.  And, with elevating yourself to a continuous state of love, further enlightenment naturally unfolds within you.

Allow yourself to open up to feeling a sense of appreciation and honor for everything that ignites happiness within you.  Happiness is a frequency.  Experiencing happiness invokes more happiness.  You will realize that just by finding gratitude in what you’ve been blessed with will literally change your entire reality. Gratitude is just the first step, but it is a quit powerful one. It creates so many outlets of possibility, happiness and surprises you had previously kept yourself closed from receiving.  No matter what your situation is, you can create a list of at least ten things you have to be grateful for.  The more you practice seeking out what you are grateful for, the more you open yourself to see the beauty and majesty that is woven into the reality of all things. There are many blessings you experience every day as common practice and you don’t even realize they are blessings and gifts.

When you get into the shower in the morning, feel thankful that you can have a hot shower.  Really enjoy how nice the hot water feels on your skin.  Think about your clean towel and that you can have a hot shower in privacy.  This is a luxury you are gifted every day.  Aside from that, someone else built your shower, and a hot water heater heats the water for your shower.  Someone had to create the water system that brings water to your house/apartment, so all you have to do is turn on a faucet.  Think of all the products you use in the shower and after the shower.  Feel a great sense of appreciation that you have all of these products to cleanse yourself, but also find honor and appreciation for the product itself. Be thankful you have a toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash to keep your teeth healthy and clean. Consider the bed you sleep in each night, even if you are living in someone else’s home.  Be grateful you have a safe place to rest your head and that you have a bed to sleep in that is warm.  Every meal you consume is a gift.  Whether is a plant based or animal based food product, it has sacrificed its life to sustain your life.  Feel honor and gratitude for this gift.  No matter what you are eating, it is a gift because it is sustaining your ability to live and experience life.

Clean clothes, transportation, central heating and being able to just go through a drive-thru to buy a meal are all luxuries.  One hundred years ago no one experienced life with the luxuries we do today.  Most of the world does not experience a lot of the luxuries that anyone reading this does.  Also consider you were born into a free country, where you are free to do things you love and you do not have to grow your own food to eat.  Though, growing a garden and being self sufficient is important, you were born in a country where you are blessed enough to not have to worry about basic survival needs.  You need food, you go to the store.  Start focusing on these things and you will uncover many blessings that you had previously overlooked.  When every moment you experience is perceived as a blessed gift, there is no room for unhappiness or feelings of lack.  This leads to feelings of abundance.  Abundance attracts abundance.  I don’t just mean on a physical and material level, but true abundance that flowers from within.  This is ignited by finding gratitude for everything that is currently in your reality, in this moment.

Gratitude isn’t just for your material comforts, or having your survival needs met for you.  Gratitude also needs to be focused on all relationships in your life.  Whether the relationship is challenging, or flows in harmony, both are gifts.  They only offer different experiences.  Situations or people are only experiences to help awaken us and help grow us. We tend to feel defeated by situations and people that leave us feeling less than wonderful.  Anytime you feel you have been deceived, used, cheated on or taken advantage of, you have the option to view yourself as a victim, or choose to view the situation as a learning tool.  What hurts you, release back to the Universe with gratitude because it taught you something.  You choose whether people and situations tear you down, or teach you and make you stronger. You choose how long you give any person or situation energy, focus and thought. Within every wound, there is a beautiful lesson and gift.  There is an opportunity to grow yourself and expand beyond the current boundaries of how you experience life.  What challenges us is what brings us to our own attention.  Instead of thinking “Why did this happen to me” consider the thought “what is this trying to teach me”.  Everything you experience was created by your own imagination. Find gratitude for your current experiences, and focus your energy solely on creating the experiences you really desire.

Gratitude is an ethereal fire that feeds your soul with a frequency that can only expand you.  Feel gratitude for the food you consume.  Consider that everything that exists within creation is a form of energy.  You consume this energy in an organic manner to sustain your physical existence when you eat anything.  Without food, you could not live.  Without the warmth and energy from the Sun, you could not live.  Without the protective atmosphere of the Earth (Gaia) you could not live.  Without water from the Rain, you could not live.  Fill your heart with gratitude that all of these energy sources are infinitely available to you, to support your physical existence every day. There is so much to be grateful for in every breath.  Do you feel grateful upon waking in the morning?  Do you feel blessed that you have another day to experience life?  Do you view your job as gift and acknowledge all of the aspects of your life it sustains and provides for you?  The more you choose to focus your energy on being grateful for all you have, down to having toilet paper, being able to watch a butterfly flutter about, feeling  the warm Sun on your face, the more fuel you add to the ethereal flame that exists within you.

Look inward and discover what it is you really wish for.  Allow your entire being to be engulfed in gratitude for anything and everything you can imagine.  The more energy and focus you put into it the faster you will begin to alter your perception, and begin to create anew.  Allow every beautiful surprise that unfolds in your life to add to the things you are grateful for.  Allow every challenge or obstacle to add to the things you are grateful for, not because it hurt you, but because it helped grow you.  Though making lists of what you are grateful for can be beneficial, I believe all you really need to do is put an honest conscious effort into focusing your thoughts, energy and emotions on what you are grateful for each day.  Think about it as often as you wish.  Find a way to feel gratitude that is comfortable to you.  Create your own personal word for giving thanks.  It can also serve as an acknowledgement to the Universe when you feel the tingle of gratitude overflowing within.  Seeing the world through the eyes of gratitude will illuminate a shade of beautiful you’ve never experienced before.  It’s your choice to focus your energy in a positive way upon all the things you do have, discarding what you feel is lacking and making you feel incomplete. 

Feeling gracious and content with your situation doesn’t mean you don’t hold big dreams in your heart and you stop trying to achieve your goals.  Having gratitude is the wind that carries you towards achieving your dreams.  To get where you want to go you must have an awareness and appreciation for where you currently are, and how you got there.  Life unfolds in the direction of your observation, so observe through gratitude.  If it is something you don’t often think about it may take some effort when you first try.  I can honestly say when I made a choice to give gratitude where it was due it felt like a full time job.  I had to constantly remind myself to be happy and grateful for everything.  I didn’t have a job or money at the time.  Anytime I’d find loose change around the house or outside somewhere, I’d feel excited and grateful as if it were $100 I just stumbled upon opposed to it really being a penny or a quarter.  This gratitude and excitement eventually led to several job offers and many random sources of money making their way into my life.  This set the stage to creating a new life that I am absolutely in love with today.

The gratitude, appreciate and honor I allowed to flow through me created many positive outlets of possibility to change my situation into what I truly wanted it to be.  In the moments I had very few physical possessions, along with no car or job, I felt the happiest and most grateful I’d ever been.  There was something quite freeing to having no obligations or possessions to weigh me down.  I had always thought of myself as a thoughtful and appreciative person, in fact, most people would have described me as such.  My problem was that I was always looking at what I didn’t have and thinking negatively about my life and myself because I didn’t have honest appreciation in my heart. When it came to the point where I had almost nothing and nothing but time on my hands, I fell in love with just being alive.  I discovered a level of gratitude and honor for all of life and creation. Sometimes you do need to shed every part of yourself to expand into the best possible you.

After I started my new job I wrote ‘Thank you for this money’ on the back of my first paycheck, and continued on every paycheck thereafter.  I’d also write blessings on the back of money in anticipation of those who would encounter my bill after I spent it.  I made it a point to always be thankful for every meal and I would enjoy it as if I were eating at a fine restaurant. I was grateful for having a safe home (I actually lived with someone at the time) and that I had a warm bed every night to sleep in.  No matter how oppressive my living conditions felt at times, I would find gratitude for the fact that I did have a home.  I had a hot shower and hot coffee every morning when I didn’t have a job.  Within two months of getting a job, I was able to move into my own place, with pretty much everything I needed to feel comfortable and abundant.  It all literally just came to me for free or through amazing bargains.  I had put an amazing amount of energy each day into feeling grateful for anything and everything.  I would feel honor to the Sun for giving me life.  I would think about people who have really hard jobs, working in harsh conditions and I felt an overwhelming sense of respect, honor and gratitude for all of the hard workers in the world. I didn’t focus on being grateful for my comforts in my personal awareness only, I thought about the bigger picture.

You can change your entire life just by utilizing this one Key.  Aside from the beautiful color conscious gratitude brings into your awareness, it also makes you feel amazing within.  When you allow yourself to be content with all you have, without a thought of what you perceive you don’t have, you fill full within.  Your ethereal fire blazes and you pull a new frequency of awareness into your reality.  You create new possibilities for yourself and you open your heart to receiving.  Discover your own way of experiencing and expressing gratitude.  Though, you need to recognize when trying to incorporate a new practice into your current and comfortable thought and life patterns, you will experience some resistance from within. Give yourself time to adjust to focusing on what you do have and feeling gratitude for that. Changing old thought processes takes effort and discipline.  If it is your will to open yourself to the new, it will be.  Gratitude is a layer that should be incorporated into everything you wish to create for yourself. Gratitude is a Key that unlocks your heart on many levels, and allows you to receive.

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How to have an amazing day, every day.

9676468096?profile=originalWhen you wake up in the morning what are your first thoughts?  Do you wake up early to allow yourself enough time to casually ease through your morning as you getting ready for the day?  Do you feel relaxed and rejuvenated upon opening your eyes on a new day?  Do you take a moment to feel appreciation and gratitude for all that you have?  Do you enjoy your shower and delight in the way the warm water caresses your skin and the way all of your cleaning products tantalize your senses while cleaning your skin and hair?  Do you excitedly anticipate a delicious hot cup of coffee and allow yourself to relish in the sweet abundance of such a simple daily pleasure?  Do you prepare lunches and get yourself organized for the day the night before, whether you are preparing just for you or your family?  Do you take a moment to notice how beautiful the day is before you get into your car?  Do you feel grateful to your car and the gas in its tank that you have a way to get where you need to go?  Are you excited as you head into work because you love your job, the people you work with and the good money you make?  Is your mind filled with expectations of a wonderful day abundant in subtle surprises and everything working out for you?  From the moment you open your eyes to the moment you arrive at work, have you felt good and anticipated you would have a good day?

The truth is, most people do not have mornings like the one I’ve just described.  They may experience bits and pieces, but as a general whole a typical morning is not experienced anything like the picture I’ve painted.  Most people are rushing through their mornings with no conscious thought to the emotions and thoughts they are having.  They are consumed with what they have to do during the day and how much time they have to do it.  They assume the way their day goes has very little to do with them and the predominant way in which they chaotically start each morning.  Their day being good or bad is contingent upon traffic, their partner or children, their co-workers and how events unfold throughout the day.  They believe the co-worker they can’t stand is the person with the problem.  They don’t realize the troublesome co-worker is just being who he/she is and the problem that exists only exists within the person who is feeling it.  Everything is truly a matter of perception and where we choose to consistently place our focus mentally dictates how we experience each and every moment.  As you drive into work do you have a list of ‘To Dos’ you run through in your mind about your work day?  Do you feel overwhelmed or unhappy thinking about your work day?  Or, do you feel good and satisfied as you drive, excitedly anticipating your work day?

The pattern you wake up to everyday is a huge indicator as to how your days will consistently play out.  If you aren’t consciously creating what kind of days you are going to experience, you will receive everything by default.  You’ll have good days and bad days.  Depending on how you’ve mostly been feeling is how your scale will tip towards more good days or more bad days.  There is much more to having amazing days than just being more aware of how your mornings are flowing and how you are feeling about it.  But, this is the first place to truly begin.  If you sleep until the last minute and are constantly always rushing every morning to not be late, you are inviting so many small frustrations and irritations into your daily life.  Every morning your focus is on the fact that you don’t have a lot of time and you are operating from a fear-based state.  You think about how there just isn’t enough time in the day and if the short hour you have in the morning while getting ready could actually be as long as that last grueling hour of the work day life would be great!  Even our perception and focus on time is what makes it zip by in a flash or feel like long and drawn out agony. You may find yourself getting frustrated in traffic and thinking surely you wouldn’t be late if everyone truly knew how to drive.  And, you’re not entirely excited about work because there is that one guy who is such a jerk to deal with, and that other one who is lazy, and oh, that one you just can’t stand.  This affects your work day and this affects your entire life.  The way you wake up and start your day is essentially the platform you are mostly creating from.

Take a moment to consider how your mornings play out most of the time.  How many times have you thought to yourself that you needed to do something different?  What are you doing that seems to work well?  I know for a fact that you can get to a point where a ‘normal’ day is your ‘bad’ day, because what used to be your normal days have transitioned into ‘good’ days, because most of your days are amazing days.  You truly can get to a place where you having amazing days most of the time, good days sometimes and ok days just occasionally.  Try to incorporate what you receive from reading this into your life for twenty to thirty days.  You will notice bigger changes within seven days, and subtle changes immediately.  Anything you incorporate into your daily routine for thirty days becomes your habit.  It’s more challenging to slow down and start noticing all of the abundance and peace around you at first if you are used to rushing through your daily life.  After thirty days, there is no challenge in doing this.  It is felt with ease because it has become your new routine.

Keep in mind, no matter how well anyone can get at consciously creating, experiences will still occasionally occur that are not great.  I like to think of things, people or experiences we consider bad as just a little a contrast.  There came a point where every day I was having such amazing days that I didn’t even realize it anymore.  I was used to every day being great with the majority of everything seemingly going my way.  One night I asked the Universe to show me a new perspective so that I could feel an even greater sense of gratitude then I had been feeling.  The next morning I woke up feeling a little grumpy and off.  I was clumsy.  Traffic wasn’t great.  I found myself annoyed and irritated with my co-workers whom I genuinely enjoy.  I smacked my knee on my desk really hard.  I got called out on something really stupid by my manager.  I found myself insecure and frustrated with my lover and our situation.  Nothing bad or serious had happened, but I just felt in a funk.  Little joys and bouts of laughter did also spring up for me, but I wasn’t as touched and focused on these joys as I’d normally be. I wasn’t even sure how I arrived at such an icky state of being.  As the day worn on the request I put out to the Universe the night before resurfaced into my awareness.  I realized I was having just a normal and ok day.  I was having a day that used to be a good day in my long ago past.  I was given a new perspective just as I had asked for.  And, I felt immense gratitude for the fact that my life was filled with amazing and good days most of the time.  I could not believe that what I considered an ‘ok’ day in this moment used to be what I considered a ‘good’ day in my past.  Sometimes contrast pops up just to show us how far we’ve come.

Ask, trust, believe and you will most certainly receive.  For most of my adult life there was a stressed out and rushed version of me that experienced life.  I didn’t even realize how tense and uptight and worried I was most of the time.  Sometimes we get so used to things just being hard, traffic being slow, people being jerks, co-workers being inept or hard to deal with, not having enough money or enough love, or things consistently not working out in our favor that we don’t even know we are unhappy and lacking so much joy.  We exist in a stressed out, anxiety filled state of being and don’t even realize it. We drink coffee in the morning to wake up and we can’t drink the beer or wine fast enough in the evening to bring us way down.  We don’t even realize we are no longer living or thriving.  Having a life filled with these expectations and focuses is at best an experience of endurance and survival.  We believe this is how life is supposed to be because it is what we were born into.  We’ve watched our parents and those around us have mostly ok days with some good ones here and there, and a couple of amazing days once in a great while.  We think life happens by default and some people were born to be stars or are naturally lucky, while others are not.

The basis of having mostly amazing days is having a true desire to make that your reality.  Let that desire be your motivation when you want to slip back into your current patterns.  Remind yourself that the way you’ve been thinking and feeling hasn’t served you well and you know you deserve a happy life.  Believe you can achieve this just by adjusting your morning routine and what you allow yourself to focus on mentally.  What you are thinking about is what prompts your emotion. Your emotions are frequencies that instruct your vibration.  Your vibration is your point of attraction.  You are always two steps behind your point of attraction.  These steps could be a matter of minutes, or days.  The speed in which things begin to change for you has a lot to do with what your point of attraction has been and how well you can begin consciously controlling your emotions and feeling good.  The point of all of this is to pull you into consistent alignment , on an emotional level, to that which you are seeking.  The focus of this paper is on having an amazing day most of the time.  The routine you wake up to is your platform for the day.  What you are feeling as you go about your day in any moment is your point of attraction.  Your point of attraction affects how others and experiences interact in your reality in this moment and how things will manifest in the near future.

I used to be one of those people that would sleep until the last minute and was often five to ten minutes late every day.  I was frustrated in traffic and had a very stressful life on all levels.  Do to the massive chaotic nature of my life, it took me quite some time to really get this down and get things moving in the direction I wanted.  Because I know what my life used to be I can confidently share this information with you now so that you can have a happier life too.  It is really choice.  I used to think of life as horribly unfair and hard.  I was often depressed and spoke of and thought of myself as a victim.  Not getting my way or the bad behavior of another person seemed to have the power to steal all of my joy and ruin my day.  I didn’t necessarily enjoy the pitfall of others, but I was willing to listen in on the gossip and was always happy to share my opinion.  Yet, I’d oddly find myself with hurt feelings when I’d learn that others were gossiping about me.  Through my excuses and justifications because I had my reasons, I never was able to see my true self and how I was the cause for everything that was playing out in my life.  I came to a point where I just wanted to have good days where I was laughing and feeling delighted more than anything else.  From that sole desire, other things sprang forth that I never imagined.  That’s the beauty of this, the Universe already knows everything you want that would make you delight. 

Before you go to bed each night, allow yourself at least five minutes to devote your thoughts completely and solely for what you feel grateful for and good about.  Make it your intention that for five moments all the things you’re worried about be swept aside.  You not focusing on these things for five minutes isn’t going to mean the world ends, so just allow yourself to have five minutes of focus on what you love.  Feel love for your bed, pillows and blanket.  Feel the comfort on your body as you lay contently in your bed.  Feel gratitude for the meal you ate last and all the little moments of your day that were joyful and fun.  The feeling of gratitude and the feeling of love tune your vibration.  When you are in a state of gratitude and love it feels good.  The feeling good of these emotions are the best tuners of your vibration.  This is why writing or saying affirmations is also beneficial.  But, the affirmation is only as beneficial as the emotion it is expressed through.  When you are first starting this, really reach for the best feelings and thoughts you are capable of.  As you focus each day, the reaching will become less and the knowing will become more.  That is your goal.  As challenge begins to feel like ease you will know that you’ve begun to shift yourself vibrationally.

After you’ve allowed yourself to relish in the things you love and that feel good, make it your intention that you are going to have an amazing day tomorrow.  Imagine it.  Remind yourself that you love your job (even if you don’t) and how much you adore your co-workers (even if you don’t).  This intention alone, especially amplified each day, will shift your perception to what you are intending your reality to be.  Your intention is vibrationally constructed and manifested based upon how you felt about it – not what you said or thought about, but how you truly felt about it.  That is why really being in touch with how you feel is important.  It’s the only real way to know what your point of attraction is.  After you’ve completed your intention and your gratitude for the day, try to allow yourself to drift off to sleep in the least worrisome frame of mind possible.  The vibrational state of beingness you fall asleep in is most the likely the vibrational state of beingness you are going to wake up to.  Just like it is a good idea to pack your lunch and get everything in order for yourself the night before on a physical level, it is more important to have yourself vibrationally prepared with good intentions to help create a smooth and amazing day as it unfolds.

Start waking up earlier than you do now.  Give yourself anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes of extra time to gracefully wake up and unfold yourself into your new day.  Allow your body to be fully aware of the softness and comfort of your bed and praise it profusely because you feel as if you’ve woken up in a bed of the softest feathers you’ve ever felt.  Hear the birds chirping outside of your window and notice the sun shining, lighting and warming the world another day.  Look at the blue sky and breathe in the morning.  Start thinking of all the things you feel grateful for.  Let nothing that you love go unnoticed or unpraised by you.  This must extend further than your loved ones and pets.  Look at a single petal of a flower.  Really study it and notice the amazing detail in construction and color that goes into the making of just one petal, on one flower.  If endless beauty and perfection can be captured in one single petal, on one single flower, how amazing is the Universe in its entirety?  Allow yourself to be enveloped by the magic in the genius and perfection of the creation that is all around you.  Look at the buildings, art, gadgets and every other man made item and realize at your core that everything you see was just once an idea inside of someone just like you.  The more you can slow yourself down and really begin to feel appreciation for the world you live in the more beautiful it seems to become.

Think about all the people you know.  Some friends seem to be able to have fun anywhere they go and you love to be around them.  Other friends don’t emit the same energy and you find yourself wanting to be around them less.  Who you are with the most is who you are most like.  Look around you and really observe your friends, family and children.  What you see and feel about those closest to you are indicators to what you are thinking and feeling the most about in general.  I would bet my life on it.  As you change, and you surely will, you will notice a shifting in your friends and who you find yourself with the most.  The better and happier you feel, the more you are going to attract those people and experiences to yourself.  Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, but not everyone at Disneyland is having fun.  I personally believe Las Vegas is the happiest and funest place on earth, but I’ve been there and not been having fun.  If you or someone you know is standing in Las Vegas or Disneyland and is not having a good time, what does that really tell you?  Is there anything wrong with Las Vegas or Disneyland?  I mean, the other millions of people there, with you in that moment, seem to be having a great time.  Whenever you are not having a good time, it is because of you and your point of attraction. Do you ever want to find yourself at Disneyland or in Las Vegas and not be having the time of your life?

As you relish each morning in the time you’ve allotted yourself, really let it encompass you externally and also let it to ooze from the inside out.  Think about all of the things that make you happy and all of the things you love.  Allow yourself to feel gratitude for everything in your life that makes it easier.  Feel love and appreciation for your cell phone, you car, you coffee maker, your shower, all of your bodily products that make you smell and feel so good, your clothes, your breakfast and lunch, fresh clean water to drink, a job that pays you good money, an abundance of food in your refrigerator, the flowers you see every day as your dive out of your neighborhood, the unexpected coffee given to by a friend, the list goes on and on.  I could write volumes of books on all of the things in this world to be grateful for.  We live in an abundant and prosperous world.  If that is what you believe every day, that is what you will see and experience every day.  If you believe that you live in a fair and just world, and the natural laws of the Universe balance all things, then you will see this belief reflected back to you in every moment.  If you wake up every day excited and eager and grateful, what do you think the Universe is going to reflect back to you?  The bottom line is you have to believe it.  You know you believe it when you feel it so strongly that believing becomes knowing.

Set your intention of an amazing day the night before by preparing physically and vibrationally.  Allow yourself to fall asleep in a state of ease and comfort, so that you wake up in a state of ease and comfort. Start waking up earlier to give yourself time to relish in gratitude and love, but also give yourself more time in the morning so that you do not feel rushed or stressed because you are worrying about not having enough time.  Making it a conscious effort to be more organized and prepared, along with making love and gratitude your focus upon waking and sleeping will really start changing the flow of your day.  As you begin to notice this, allow the physical manifestations of your good feelings to become your motivation in bringing love and gratitude into all things you do.  The more you can come from a perception and state of beingness that is grateful, relaxed and happy the more you perpetuate your vibration of wellbeing.  Your predominant state of being creates the largest brush strokes on your canvas.  Choosing to focus your thoughts and emotions in the best state of love you are capable before sleeping and upon waking will not only make you feel better in general, you will find yourself delighted in ways you’ve never imagined as you watch your physical reality unfold in correspondence to the song of your heart.

If you look around yourself right now and you do not feel that anything is the way you want it to be, you cannot let that deflate you from giving this a try.  Not being in a consistent state of good feelings is what has constructed the reality you do not desire.  Feeling even worse about that fact isn’t going to make it better for you.  Choosing to feel worse about anything is not going to make you feel better. You may find relief in your venting and complaining of how you feel, but it is temporary and you will have not solved what it is that you trying to accomplish. It may feel easier or more appropriate to blame others for how we feel, but there is only disempowerment in believing we have no control over how we feel.  How we feel is how we create.  If you are constantly blaming others for how you feel about them or a situation, you are handing over your creator ability to them.  What you put your focus on is what you are telling the Universe you want more of.  Our focus creates thoughts and you know thoughts create our emotions.  And our beautiful emotions color our vibration and create our point of attraction.  Do you want a point of attraction of disempowerment, blame, stress and chaos? Or, do you want to stand in a place of gratitude, love and complete empowerment?  Where you stand is because you’ve told the Universe through your focus and feelings that is what you want.

The Universe doesn’t hear words and doesn’t understand the difference between what we want and what we don’t want.  It is our job as creators to decide for ourselves what we want and what we don’t want.  We express what we want to the Universe by where we are putting our focus.  We express what we want to the Universe solely and entirely on how we are feeling.  When we visualize something, this is only an exercise to help tune our vibration to that which we are seeking.  In visualizing what we want it feels good and our focus in that moment is on feeling good.  If you keep focusing on the things that you think are lacking from your life, you will continue to encounter situations that perpetuate that feeling.  If your focus is on gratitude for what you have right now and feeling as good as you can possibly feel, you will start encountering the situations and people to perpetuate your good feelings and help you get closer to where you want to be.  Putting intention and deliberate focus on love and gratitude in the evening before falling asleep and upon waking in the morning is a good place to start as you are establishing your new point of attraction.  A goal of having amazing days is the only goal worth having if you want to achieve your dreams.  Feeling good is truly the building block to all things you think you want to experience or have.  You have to feel good first.

If you don’t feel in this moment you have a whole lot to focus on and be grateful for, here is are some general things for you to think about and feel good about.  If you have direct access to running water that is temperature controlled and safe for drinking you are doing pretty good.  If you have electricity to power all of your appliances and a furnace to warm your home in the winter you are doing pretty good.  If you eat at least two meals a day and feel full and satisfied you are doing pretty good.  If you have a job and you earn enough money to sustain your basic needs you are doing pretty good.  If you have a transportation to get to your job or other places you’d like to go you are doing pretty good.  If you have friends and family you love you are doing pretty good.  If you have a computer and the internet and a fancy cell phone you are doing pretty good.  If you have health insurance you are doing pretty good.  If you can afford to eat out even once a month you are doing pretty good.  If you have a roof over your head and clean clothes to wear you are doing pretty good.  More people in this world do not have the luxuries developed counties do, yet, they are somehow happier.  More stuff doesn’t equal happiness.  Happiness is state of being that comes from appreciating what you have and noticing and praising all of the beauty and abundance that is constantly around you.

In closing, I want to add one more thing.  It’s probably the most important thing when you want to create amazing days for yourself.   The most important thing you can do for yourself is to love and adore yourself as you would all of the other things that make you feel good.  You are just as important as anyone else.  You are unlimited potential as much as anyone else.  You are a master creator as much as anyone else.  As you start focusing before bed and upon waking, you will see a change start unfolding in your life.  Try not to get caught up in all the big things you want right away.  Start with a goal of wanting to experience more amazing days than you have been.  This goal will continually keep your focus on yourself and how you are feeling.  This is the basis of becoming consciously aware of your ability to construct your reality.  The better you feel the more you allow yourself to receive good feeling things.  You will find yourself surprised and delighted in all of the unlikely ways the Universe seems to unfold just for you.  The more synchronicities you start experiencing and noticing, the more you can feel assured you that you are connected to the Universe and all things.  This connection is the lifeforce energy that brings forth all of your dreams and desires into physical form….including having amazing days, everyday.

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