Mental Spheres

Part of the synchrogalactic yoga practice is week three where the seven mental spheres are visualized as being associated with certain parts of the brain.

For example: MS (mental sphere) 1 is located in and covering the right rear lobe and cerebellum; MS2 is centred in the optic nerve, encompassing the pineal gland and corpus callosum; MS3 in the anterior portion of the right cerebral hemisphere above the right eye; MS4 above the left eye in the left cerebral hemisphere; MS5 above the left ear in the left cerebral hemisphere; MS6 above the right ear in the right cerebral hemisphere; MS7 in the central corpus callosum.

What I have never been able to do is visualize or sense these spheres as spherical, since they appear to cover such disparate areas of the brain, and overlap at times (see MS2 and MS7).

But while I was meditating today and visualizing MS6 as a point of awareness over my right ear, I sudden had the idea that a more accurate description would be mental domain. A domain can be described as an estate or territory, or the scope or range of any subject or sphere of knowledge.

Thus the center of the mental domain located in my brain above my right ear, governs the left lateral hemisphere. (I am using today, Limi 20 as an example). This enables me to perceive this consciousness as the operator of a cosmic antenna that connects to higher intelligence.

Suddenly it all begins to make sense. Thus the MD (mental domain) associate with Dali is the area of the brain associated with the right rear lobe and the cerebellum and is experienced as profound samadhi. The experience of samadhi is the essence of this domain. The second MD is experienced as peripheral awareness as associated with one's peripheral vision. And so on.

It works for me, what do you think?

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