Help the Red Queen

Not long after JA ascended I was inspired to write the following, in the form of a conversation with VV. 

VV said,

You weren’t listening closely enough. The static around my Jose Arguelles persona had become too intense and you were becoming distracted by the soap opera. This is better, you are actually paying attention.

Help the Red Queen complete her mission. 

Only those who are utilizing the Law of Time technology of the mind will be able to access this information. This is the way it works. This is your post graduate course in synchrogalactic yoga. Welcome to the circus of the mind. 

This is what I have been doing all these years, preparing a transdimensional speaking tube. This is the law of time. These are the schematics of telepathy. Each wavespell is a mini-trance that, if understood correctly, will enable you to experience the leading edge of a collective wave of consciousness that comes to you from the epicenter - Hunab Ku. The more powerful the wave is, and the less prepared you are for its intensity, the more chaotic and destructive will be its impact.

This is the lesson of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. 

The intergalatic Maya have been tracking the effects of this particular wave since its creation. They experienced its beginning as a universe-quake. The leading edge of the wave is its most destructive aspect. The waves are in all forms.

Prepare yourself for a big change. Imagine the most impossible scenario and then double and triple, square and cube it. This is still not big enough. Everything is going to change, everything is going to be different.

(Cosmic History: pg 99) Cosmic thoughts are referred to as ‘mentation waves’ formulated as the correct laws of thought, and are a function of the holomind perceiver. A mentation wave is a configuration of telepathic potentialities, independent of language, and based on whole orders of supermental percepts, intrinsic to non-egoic knowing. The mentation waves are a function of the holomind perceiver and operate at the central core, radiating out to the different mental spheres as is needed. This is how the noosphere is established.

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  • Thanks very much, it was nice to read over it again.
  • Just going over old posts i may have missed from this portals beginnings and enjoyed your post very much, felt to share that WB Paul.

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