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Today is the Beginning of the Autumn Equinox...  
There are several synchronicities that happen when you look for signs and symbols in your internet content--and sometimes they shine so bright you can't believe they are there?!  Auspicious... when you realize that these websites are all pretty independent & have many varying approaches when giving the basic info about your looking for? Although through different informational factoids, blogs, insights, theories, & methods, the diverse digital platforms you prefer or know will give you what you're asking for... seem to "happily" correlate with one another. It also sounds Suspicious, I know!  But that's how...(hint, hint)...those, ..." guides," come thru...!!!
#1.   There are simple, informational blog posts, like:
Cherokee Bill says:

 ..."This is the time to look back, not just on the past year, but also your life, and to plan for the future. Warm autumn days are followed by cold nights, as the Old Sun God returns to the embrace of the Goddess.

We must remember that all things must come to an end. So the Sun God journeys into the lands of winter and into the Goddess’ loving arms, but endings are a good time to celebrate our successes, thank our selves and those who helped us, and take part in the balance of life!"

..."Fall is the time of year that we set up our internal space and make room for what’s to come in the next year. We create fertile soil for our greater visions to grow but not by doing.

It is time to activate our new cycle and allow ourselves time to be silent.  By becoming quiet and listening to what is trying to emerge from within us we will grow to be the Divine Light in this dark world." 

(excerpts from Cherokee Bill's Blog)

#2. Then a digital calendar decoder page (of a Mayan theory)...On
The Mayan Code says:
Galactic Signature
Taking the role of your Galactic Signature is the first step in entering the fourth-dimensional synchronic order. Meditate on the codes and see what insights arise. The next step is to learn the 13 Moon calendar and follow it each day.
9/21/2018- the date today (and also could be your Birthdate)>>226.gif
I empower in order to equalize
Commanding opportunity
I seal the store of death
With the overtone tone of radiance
I am guided by the power of timelessness
9/22/2018  227.gif
I organize in order to know
Balancing healing
I seal the store of accomplishment
With the rhythmic tone of equality
I am guided by my own power doubled.
[Galactic Compass]
Decoder widget created by Andrew Herman 2017.
#3.  The Mayan Zodiac explanation on


Mayan Name: AJPUU / Ahau.

Meaning: Sun, Flower, Light Lord.ahau.jpg?width=90

Element: Fire.

Direction: South.

Compatibility: Sun, Lizard, Star, Road, Vulture.

The Maya horoscope characterizes the man of the Sun sign as a person with a complex character. For all his radiantness, openness, he is prone to bursts of rage, which he does not deem it necessary to hide. He does not like to listen to criticism, he considers himself right in all situations. He wants to recognize and compliment, sincerely rejoices. Moreover, it has a mass of merits that deserve high praise: kindness, honesty, decency. He always keeps his word, fulfills his obligations, but he will not give up the help of a close person, offered in tactful form.


Mayan Name: IMOX / Imix.

Meaning: Crocodile, Dragon, Waterlilly.

Element: Earth.

Direction: East.

Compatibility: Crocodile, Serpent, Water, Reed, Earth.

The sign of Crocodile (Imix) is primitive energy, power, the source of life. The meaning of the sign is water, rain. The patron deity is the Red Dragon. In the representation of the ancient Maya, the Earth rested on the back of a huge two-headed crocodile. According to another version, a completely flat surface was supported by the old Gods, the sky rested on four trees. At the very center of the system was the seiba — the axis of the world, connecting the center of the Earth with the heavens and the underworld. This myth is associated with the second name of the sign — the World Tree. Imix symbolizes fertility, vitality: water is the most important component of the human body. The energy of water embodies the inner forces that are dormant in man.

Crocodile Woman

Woman Crocodile — an airy, unearthly creature, prefers to trust sensations, rarely takes into account the reason’s arguments. She has a great interest in everything mystical, he believes in fortune telling and predictions. Often sees prophetic dreams, which he tries to follow. She often gets into unpleasant stories because of his inclination to trust everyone without exception. Too carelessly rushes into the pool of passions, not thinking about the consequences. Painfully betrayed and betrayed, but still believes in true love. She needs a strong and devoted partner, which will be endlessly taken care of.

#4.  A Youtube Twin Flame Tarot Reading - by Salt Water Heals Tarot
***Notice how Missy picks up on the Energy of both Sept. 21st and 22nd, with the Death card, and the Balance card, she also uses the word "radiance"...??? Right in line with the Galactic compass and the Mayan calendar (& she hates this Galactic/Mayan...SH!@?)
~~~My interesting factoid+__ Last night I was given a copy of Entertainment Weekly with Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper in a remake of "A Star is Born"! NO, it's not "The Way We Were," but it's Another one of those fantastic, musical, sappy "Babs" Streisand movies... that reminds you of Love & Fall ;)
#5.  Take Part in a Global Meditation on 9/22/2018 before the Full Harvest/Nut Moon in Aires @
..."The circumpolar rainbow bridge meditation is geared toward stabilizing our brain hemispheres as well as the Earth’s poles. It is called a “Rainbow Bridge” because it is understood as bridging the Aurora Borealis lights from the North Pole with the Aurora Australis lights of the South Pole, encircling the Earth as a “World Protection Belt.”
Auroras tend to be more frequent and spectacular during high solar sunspot activity, which cycles over approximately eleven years. This current sunspot cycle began in 2013 with the new beam activation and peaks in 2024.
An aurora forms when charged particles from the sun hit atoms in the earth's magnetic field. This causes electrons in the atoms to move to a higher energy state. When the electrons drop back to a lower energy state, they release a photon: light, hence the northern lights.
This process is directly connected to the “turning on the lights” in the cells of our body. Colors and patterns are from the types of ions or atoms being energized as they collide with the atmosphere and are affected by lines of magnetic force.
These charged particles that generate the Auroras originate in the magnetosphere and solar wind and, on Earth, are directed by the Earth’s magnetic field into the atmosphere. The solar wind is actually hot ionized gases or plasma.
Plasmas consist of equal amounts of ions and electrons, being conductors of electricity and affected by magnetic fields. The energetic plasmas are peripheral to the nucleus of the galaxy and are responsible for evolving the solar system, right down to human DNA."
***(Excerpt from
*This brief scientific description also gives insight into how solar flares affect our human bodies and maybe why at this time on the 2018 Calendar, Almanac, and 21st Century why we are also feeling the effects as men (sun, pos ions) & women (moon, neg ions) during this period.  All of this evidence points to Ancient knowledge never taught in school (at least in my town), but important info for a changing Earth...
This is the type of Information you can find on Starsouls Creative Union (Website Under construction).  That can help those who are looking for their Life Purpose using Metaphysical tools and consultations to satisfy one's spiritual journey and needs for their changing Life on Earth!!!
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Law of Time in Ukraine

Hello Friends! AlaKin!

My name is Alexander. I'm born in Lugansk, Ukraine. 

As I am a computer scientist. calling for video and photo artist.
in 2012, I studied science of time. I enter into the synchronic order

Publish online magazine for people about art and time of art. and

create video channel

inspired by the teachings of Vernadsky, the legacy of Roerich

Here in Ukraine the problem with printed calendars.
We want them to be printed here.
If you have the opportunity to help in our ministry, we will be happy.

We are experiencing some financial difficulties due to the war in our country.

If you need help in Russian or Ukrainian. consultation of Slavic culture, or something else - will be happy to contact

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Clarification ~ Earth Seeds

In your language, especially in the written word, it is rather difficult to communicate accurately.

Your Earth is not our Earth. Yet your Earth is our Earth, just as you are not us, yet you are us. In linear terms, you could say that you represent the acorn from which we could grow. But that is not accurate either.

Eventually you will leave this verbal language aside for a form of telepathic communication. Then you will be able to evolve a nonlinear communication that can handle the multi-dimensional reality where you now stand on the brink.

Infinite realms of probability are opening up to you. Before you is an infinity of doors. Step through those doors, all of them into infinity, and you will find us. Step through those doors and you will become us.


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Matching Vibrations ~ Earth Seeds

We operate at a much higher vibration than you do.

Simply to communicate with us, you must raise your vibration, while we lower ours. These directional terms are most misleading.

Before we could communicate, you had to raise the level of your awareness, and you had to be open to our communication. Because your consciousness is so closely tied to your physical body, you had to raise the vibration of your body as well — which is to say, you had to work your way through beliefs that limited the optimum vibrational functioning of your body.

And as you are creatures within a society, within an ecology on this planet, you had to wait until your society and your ecology had reached a more open vibrational pitch.

These communications are made more possible now by the raised vibrational level of your entire planet, as it comes more fully into itself. The spatial region through which your solar system now travels is permeated by higher level energy. There is little choice but to match that vibrational level or be vibrated apart.

And so you are quite naturally coming into alignment, both individually and en masse. As a result, many of you are experiencing growing pains. Do not worry about that, these pains merely indicate where you need to bring yourself into better alignment.

There is a new level of energy humming through the matrix of the Earth, and through the magnetic field around the Earth, just as there is a new level of energy humming through you. Stay out of alignment with this energy, and you will feel slightly ill, out of phase. Become an open receiver and transmitter of this frequency and you will sing.

The new pitch of vibration in your world opens new realms of possibility for you and for the entire planet. This communication is just one sign of what is now possible.

You have embarked upon a grand adventure. And there are many friends waiting to greet you.


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Your world is alien to me, even though this is my planet. In my world, all things are intimately tied together, all things are one.

The world you live in is alien to me because you have walked a path of alienation, isolated within your identity structure as no other creature on this planet has ever been isolated. Isolated even from the essence of your own being.

This isolation was necessary for the establishment of your individual type of consciousness. Yet it is now time for you to step beyond this isolation, opening yourself to your greater identity and becoming the Earth beings that have always been within your potential, and your intent.

And it is through this expansion, this growth, this birth, that you will resolve the crises that now threaten your continued existence. These crises are a result of your alienation, your willful ignorance (ignorance is always willful) of your intimate connection with everything in the greater universe of your true being. These crises are themselves the impetus of your coming birth, as this expansion is the only way to resolve these crises. These crises are the cracks in the shell of the egg where you have been incubated for so long. It is now time to hatch your way out of this egg, so that you might spread your wings and fly.

In this hatching, you will come into your own as the creator of your own reality. Yet that reality will not be something separate from you, it will be a loving part of you, just as is the body with which you now identify.

You are the forest. You are all of the creatures of this Earth, and they are you. You are the community in which you live. You are the community of all humankind. You are the community of all life, and your name is Gaia.


Once you are born into this greater identity, you will understand that this world is not dog eat dog. That image is only the distorted reflection of a pathological thought form which took root in your consciousness as a result of misunderstandings that arose from your objective, materialistic view of the world around you.

Once you are born into this greater identity, you will understand the primal impetus of love. And you will discover that you are truly a free spirit, without boundaries. Yet, your every action will be directed by love and your new understanding that you and the world within which you live are one.

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The Energy of Transformation ~ Earth Seeds

This communication is not intended as a treatise on working with beliefs. There are many such methodologies already available. That you are receiving this communication indicates that you have already progressed along that path.

Let us say only that the Earth, in this time which is your time, is now bathing in the energy of transformation. Be receptive to this energy and you cannot help but winnow out any limiting beliefs.

Meditation is most beneficial. In particular, meditation with higher energy crystals will raise your vibration much quicker, opening you to the free flow of higher frequency vibrations. The energy of these crystals can in themselves dissolve negative structures in your system. Working with a shaman is also recommended, as is shamanic journeying.

Visualizing a crystal lattice of light flowing throughout your being will also help. And wherever this lattice is bound up or corrupted, there you have limiting beliefs, thought forms and emotions that must be released.

Most of all, be aware of this energy of transformation. Open yourself to it and align yourself with it in every moment of your present. Do this and you cannot help but transform.


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The Nexus of Probability ~ Earth Seeds

We cannot stress this too strongly: you stand at a nexus of probabilities. From here, there are many directions in which you can go, not all of them pleasant. Yet there is the potential for you to step into a future where you will be born as Earth seeds, to take your rightful place among the stars.

You must let go of limiting beliefs. The degree to which you currently are experiencing growing pains is the degree to which you harbor limiting beliefs you must root out and rid yourself of. To do this you must be aware of your feelings and thoughts, and you must be very honest with yourself. But if you do this work, you will be reunited with the vital, loving, joyful essence that is you.

If you do not let go of limiting beliefs, beliefs is original sin, depletion, illness, survival of the fittest, beliefs of unworthiness, then you will gravitate to a probability where those beliefs are played out.

At the time of this writing, you have an opportunity to transition from lower vibration probabilities to higher vibration probabilities. But as time, for you, goes on, these probabilities will diverge. It will become increasingly difficult to move between frequencies. Until one day, you will find yourself in the reality with which you have aligned, whether for better or worse.

There is no reason why everyone cannot transition to the probability where you will become what we are. And in some probability, everyone does. We invite you to make this probability your own.


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