by José Argüelles/Valum Votan

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The biosphere-noosphere transition is the function of a crisis engendered by a single planetary species, the human. For all of its technological prowess, the human has been unable to see beyond the limitations of its own unexamined consciousness. Instead it views itself as a conglomerate of seven billion particles in pursuit of a vast array of individualistic, sectarian, corporate, nationalistic, religious and ideological concerns that keep it incapable of coming to any unified decision or agreement about anything.

“... ironically, it is the shallowness of the view of humankind as a mass of particles with no higher destiny that is the cause today of increased ecological, ideological and moral problems that block a greater flowering of life. How could a limited conception of ourselves be the cause of far-ranging cultural and socio-economic troubles? The answer is this: our beliefs about ourselves in relation to the world around us are at the roots of our consciousness, and our values determine not only our immediate actions, but also how our conceptual belief structures consciously and unconsciously support our society and our inner evaluation of who we are. Our beliefs are increasingly determined by science and technology. At the same time human beings have an intuitive feeling their bodies are moved by their thoughts...”

– Prof. J. J. Hurtak, “The Importance of Kaznacheev’s Monumental Work for the Post-Modern World,” Introduction to Reflections on Life and Intelligence on Planet Earth: Problems of Cosmo-Planetary Anthropoecology, The Academy for Future Science, 2004, p. 5

If the noosphere is the mental sheathe accommodating the planetary intelligence, then it has everything to do with the quality and nature of our thoughts, not just individually but about ourselves as a species. If we do not change our consciousness, our inability to change will bring on the change that is necessary, however destructive that may be to our present day beliefs. In other words, the biosphere-noosphere transition is inevitable. In fact, we are hastening the change through our parochial, third-dimensional materialistic values and thinking about things. The question is: how well prepared are we to deal with such a radical evolutionary shift, a cosmic mind-shift, as it were? It is in the interest of educating ourselves about this coming event, that we pursue a deeper elucidation of the meaning of the noosphere.

First of all, even to grasp the idea of the noosphere – planetary mental layer – we must elevate our consciousness and open ourselves to the most general, elemental and cosmic principles of our life on Earth.

We, as a species, constitute a single organism woven into the fabric of the biosphere, “the place of the transformation of cosmic energy on Earth.” (Vernadsky) As living substance, the biosphere maintains its balance as a biomass constant consisting of the symmetry of two forms of life: autotrophic and heterotrophic. Autotrophs are those forms of living substance that are self-sustaining, thriving on mineral, water, atmosphere and solar-cosmic radiation – this is the green world, the plant kingdom in general, including the plankton and algae of the sea. Heterotrophs are the animals – from insects to humans – that live off other forms of life. Some heterotrophs are herbivores, some carnivores, and some both. The point is that the biomass constant is maintained as an equilibrium of the two kinds of life.

When we look at the crisis of the present day from this perspective, we see that the balance of the biomass constant has been greatly disturbed. The heterotrophic human species is consuming more autotrophic life than it is able to replace. This affects the biospheric balance in innumerable ways. But in addition to the two types of life, there is the factor of intelligence; in other words, living substance does not develop apart from an evolving intelligence, which is cosmophsycical in nature and not merely confined to life on Earth. As Russian scientists V.P. Kaznacheev and A.V. Trofimov describe it:

The human tendency to heterotrophy and its lack of compensation for the autotrophic world has become threatening. The living substance and the planetary intelligence came into existence as integral parts of the evolution of the universe’s intelligence. This Intelligence or Mind emerges as the observer, as a Subject in the objective world of the universe in order to reflect upon its own evolution and realize new energy/information processes. However, an abnormal cosmic phenomenon is taking place in our world today. Mankind’s propensity for aggressive heterotrophy has the potential to destroy the historical auto-heterotrophic balance on Earth. – Reflections on Life and Intelligence on Earth, pp. 20-21

In this context, “intelligence” is the noospheric dynamic in the evolution of life in the universe. We would also suggest that both the imbalance of the autotrophic-heterotrophic relationship as well as the contemporary default of planetary intelligence may well be corrected by the manifestation of the noosphere as a conscious regulating mechanism of the totality of life on Earth. The appearance of the noosphere as a conscious evolutionary phenomenon is undoubtedly a precisely timed factor – the meaning, again, of the 2012 date. It is, therefore, imperative to comprehend the total nature and meaning of the noosphere as the expression of a consciously directed intelligence (as distinct from a haphazard unconscious intelligence).

During the initial presentation of the Congress entitled, “A brief history of time and the crisis of the biosphere,” a graphic exposition was made of “The Place of the Noosphere in Cosmic Evolution.” The synthesizing image of this graphic was drawn from a description of the history of the noosphere in Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s Man’s Place in Nature (1955), pp. 81-82:

Supposing we imagine, inside a solid comparable to our terrestrial globe, a wave starting from the South Pole and rising up towards the North Pole. Taken over its whole course the wave in question advances in a curved and therefore “converging” medium: and yet, at the same time, during the first half of its passage (as far, that is, as the Equator) it is spreading outwards; beyond that point, however, it begins to contract upon itself. Well, then: if we follow the historical development of the noosphere, we may truthfully say that it seems to conform to an exactly similar rhythm.

From its origin until our own time, mankind, while gathering itself together and already in the first stages of organization centered upon itself certainly went through a period of geographical expansion during which its first concern was to multiply and inhabit the earth. And it is only quite recently that “once the frontier was crossed,” the first symptoms appeared in the world of a definitive, global, folding back upon itself of the thinking mass within a higher hemisphere: and once that has been entered, it can, under the influence of time, advance only by contracting and concentrating upon itself.

The graphic implementation of this fertile description – an elucidation of the hypothesis of the biosphere-noosphere transition – presupposes a planetary whole system design science. This is a branch of cosmic science comprehensively integrating studies in aesthetics, art and cultural history, comparative and interdisciplinary studies in whole systems thinking, inclusive of studies in cosmology, astrophysics, geology, the biosphere, and the history of science in general.

The hypothesis of the biosphere-noosphere transition may simply be stated: When in the process of the complexification of matter the biosphere reaches a point of maximum crisis – biogeochemical combustion – it converts or mutates into a new condition, the noosphere. This climactic stage of complexification of the biosphere is crowned by the acceleration of life and intelligence, culminating in the construction of the artificial structure of the technosphere. But this planetary structure – globalization or the sphere of material technology and its economic means – is only preliminary or antecedent to the noosphere.

Noosphere refers to the planetarization of consciousness. Therefore, a critical point in the transition to the noosphere is the consciousness of a critical minority sufficient to engender, by their awareness and subsequent actions, the actual passage of the noosphere going from the individualized unconscious chaos of the technosphere to the incipient cosmic order of the noosphere as a conscious regulating mechanism. At the same time, since biosphere and noosphere are functions of cosmophysical laws governing planetary whole system design science, the precise moment of transition and its contributing factors can be elucidated and mapped out, hence “The Place of the Noosphere in Cosmic Evolution.”

Before describing and commenting on the principle image of the graphic, (clearly divided into an unconscious, pre-2012 lower half and conscious, post-2012 upper half) it is important to define key factors in the planetary whole system design format. According to levels of generalization and complexity, these factors include:

I. Universal planetary sphere and its processes. (lower left hand corner)

a. Planet, cosmic sphere accommodating

b. Hominization, the horizon of vitalized matter capable of evolving

c. Noosphere, the advanced state of the planetarization of consciousness

The point is that there is no hominization without a planetary sphere and no noosphere without a planetary species capable of supporting cosmophysical properties of intelligence and the consequent emergence of consciousness. The bipolar nature of the planetary (cosmic) sphere defines both the psychoevolutionary trajectory of “man” (representing the hominization of matter attaining consciousness – “living intellectual matter”) and the psychogeographic description of the noosphere in its evolutionary trajectory through its two phases: radiation and divergence (unconscious), and compression and convergence (conscious).

II. The interdisciplinary science of planetary whole system design is predicated on the perception of the Earth as an evolving whole system, consisting of five major subsystems:

  1. Lithosphere, from the crystal-magma iron core and the various mantles, up to and including the tectonic plates and land masses.
  2. The hydrosphere, the unified ocean as well as the lakes and river systems.
  3. The atmosphere – the electrodynamic systems and cycles that determine and control the weather patterns, inclusive of the ionosphere and the electromagnetic fields.
  4. Biosphere – life as a unitary phenomenon, the vitalization of matter, inclusive of the inorganic cycles and systems which support it.
  5. The noosphere – the planetary thinking layer – largely a function of the most recent biological stratum of the biosphere, the human. As such, the noosphere includes a conscious human and a superconscious superhuman evolutionary phase, and involves an artificial middle term known as the technosphere, which is itself concluded by the information sheathe known as the cybersphere.

The planet itself, as a condensation of stellar matter placed into a particular orbit around a host star, is a medium for the evolution of consciousness, and represents a vehicle for the intelligent unfoldment of the cosmic evolution of matter.

III. Stages of Intelligent unfoldment in the Cosmic Evolution of Matter capacitated by the planetary sphere. The tendency of matter is to develop in the direction of irreversible complexification and to ultimately evolve into the condition of cosmic consciousness. Within the planetary sphere, these stages or horizons of matter include:

a. Crystallization. Molecular compounds self-organized into strict sets of generally symmetrical/geometrical form structures – cubes, octahedrons, hexagons, or combinations and clusters thereof, etc.

b. Vitalization. Stage at which the complexification of matter experiences the capacity for autogenesis and self-replication. Engenders biospheric horizon.

c. Hominization. Stage at which vitalized matter becomes vehicle of intelligence capable of sustaining consciousness. Beginning of noosphere as unconscious planetary medium.

d. Superhomization. Stage at which consciousness and intelligence attain planetarization or full noospheric consciousness and functioning

While the science of planetary whole system design is concerned, in general, with the interaction of all the systems upon each other, its specific focus is the transitional role played by the human in what is referred to as the biosphere-noosphere transition. The hypothesis of the biosphere-noosphere transition defines the present moment as the apex of the planetary evolutionary design process, as it is everywhere evident that the thinking element has attained a geologically impactful status, e.g., global warming/climate change. According to the biosphere-noosphere hypothesis, this effect of human thought on the planetary whole system is a sign of the commencement of the next major evolutionary shift, from the biosphere to the noosphere. The focus of the Galactic Research Institute (GRI), originator of the Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights and of this graphic description of the history of the noosphere, is to define the precise timing of this transition, and, in advance of this shift, to predicate “noospheric states of mind or consciousness.”

To this end, we may turn our attention to the main image of this graphic, following the global description provided by Teilhard de Chardin. The graphic is largely self-evident and is meant to be studied and contemplated on its own terms. Nonetheless, we offer some descriptive comments and definitions to assist in the study of this illustration.

Description of the History of the Noosphere
from Pole of Psychic Generation “A” to Pole of Psychic Convergence “Ω”

This graphic represents a geography of consciousness as distinct from a time space topography. The main image occurs between the horizon of hominization and the post-noospheric horizon. Two smaller spheres, above and below these two horizons, represent the “luminous self-existing God-Source” which is both the origin and destiny of the evolution of matter and consciousness. An axial column divides the main sphere vertically, connecting the noospheric Alpha of the South Psychic Pole, and the noospheric Omega of the North Psychic Pole.

It is immediately evident that the equatorial line – the date 2012 – represents the demarcation between the two phases of the evolution of the noosphere – Phase I Hominization, and Phase II Superhominization. The time scale is relative and, in general, more compressed the closer one is to the poles.

Noosphere Phase I: Socialization of Expansion – Civilization, Individuation, Hominization
Increasing Divergence – Unconscious Noosphere.

Arising from the Alpha South Pole of Psychic Generation and within the radiative, divergent phase of Noosphere I, there are three horizons:

  1. Fanning upward from the South Pole of Psychic Generation is the populating-tribal horizon. This represents the primary radiation of man over a period of many thousands of years across the geography of the Earth, from the early hominoid phase of the Pliocene to the Holocene era and the emergence of the homo sapiens type. Here, all the basics – fire, art, tool-making – are manifest, signifying the triumph of “living intellectual matter” on Earth. Here the psychosocial life is still tightly integrated with the natural forces and elements into tribal units that remain relatively constant and unvarying. Within this horizon the noosphere exists as a deeply woven, collectively shared dream.
  2. Horizon of the emergence of organized expanding socialization – the streams of civilization. 3113 BC (Mayan Long count, This horizon represents the first twelve baktuns (to AD 1618), and the expansion of the different forms of civilizations and empires dominated by the rise of dynastic monarchies, whether in Egypt, China or Peru. At the center are the names of the three worldly or cosmopolitan religions that, appealing to the individual soul, cut across civilizational and cultural boundaries. In order of appearance from bottom up, they are: Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. Though there is a diverse complexity of agriculture, artifacts and architecture, (hence, artifactualization), the intellectual life and consciousness of this cycle of over 4500 years is still pre-technological, that is pre-mechanistic, and held together by celestial-agrarian values. The noosphere exists as a collectively shared epic and heroic mythos of kings, wise men and saints, priests, culture bringers, messengers and spiritual heroes and heroines. This is the phase where the living intellectual matter attains an amazingly colorful cultural biodiversity, at the same time run through and flawed by an increasing tendency to war and aggressive heterotrophism.
  3. Horizon of Western European World Dominance and the Rise of Scientific Materialism (12:60 mechanistic timing frequency). Baktun 13 – AD 1618-2012. Thogh this is the briefest phase in time, it is also the one in which the most activity occurs; it is the time of exponential increase due to the mechanization of time, and the consequent industrialization of all life values. Here divergence reaches its maximum effect with the atomization of consciousness into forms of individuation and individualistic egotism, an effect mirrored by the rise of the Nation State, and the consequent breakdown of traditional empires and societies. In 1945 with the formation of the United Nations, there were some 50 member nations – sixty years later there are over 190 – China, the largest, has over 1.1 billion people, compared with Tonga, which has only 104,000 inhabitants. Though global consciousness is attained with the view of Earth from space, 1969, the tendencies toward divergence continue to dominate. In actuality this entire phase – the climax of matter – represents the final complexification of matter, known as industrial materialism and its philosophy of globalization – a type of divergent convergence in which an invisible empire of transnational corporations actually control the economy of the nations. The tension between the unbridled power of the corporate empire and its league of controlling nation states and the unresolved internal contradictions of more-or less traditional and mostly Muslim societies creates one limiting force of globalization, terrorism, which daily erodes the very fabric of “civilization.” The other limiting factor is global warming/climate change, brought on by the profit motive which drives the economic engine of globalization at the expense of natural resources and the biosphere as a whole. Today (2006) both of these counter-active forces have effectively circumscribed globalization. Noosphere is virtual with the internet, but consciousness is still maintained through privatization of values into 7 billion bubbles. Simultaneous increase of science, consciousness and radius of human activity are preparatory for the actual emergence of the noosphere. The aggressive human-technospheric heterotrophy combined with the relentless commodification of matter and the consequent socio-environmental reactions constitute a cosmophysical event: the creation of a mutative alteration of consciousness and intelligence known as the biosphere-noosphere transition.

The Biosphere-Noosphere Transition – 2012-2013
The final Climax of Matter and transformation into Cosmic Consciousness

“Within this {cosmosphere}, the human represents the transformative evolutive medium and pivot point for spirit to acquire its necessary self-reflective knowledge to complete its universal character. It is this spiritual purpose that endows the human its enduring inner truth.” – Cosmic History Chronicles Volume II, Book of the Avatar, p.240

The 2012 equatorial line of the noospheric globe defines the limit of divergence, radiation and the socialization of expansion. Civilization is on a collision course with its environment; it is devouring the biosphere with advanced technospheric acquisitiveness (heterotrophy of artificial means), while within itself, it is committing suicide by means of war, terrorism and the accelerating inability to psychically integrate and socially accommodate the rate of change generated by the technosphere.

The exponentially accelerated pace represents the extreme of mechanization and artificial time – the driving force behind the monetary politics that converts matter into the commodified substance of addictive consumerism. “Economics, as an organism, is destroying the Earth’s face and threatening the existence of the human being.” (Kaznacheev & Trofimov, Reflections ... p. 31) The seeming inconvertibility of the present technospheric order of globalization – the complex of dominating nation-state structures, corporate organizations and supporting economic system, taken as a whole – constitutes a type of unconsciously generated holographic field fractal, a collective belief so pervasive it is assumed to be a bedrock reality, yet it is in the nature of a mass hallucination.

Threatened on all sides by climate change, terrorism, war, crime, and social degeneration, the globally dominating holographic field fractal is on the verge of collapsing, imploding, splintering apart. This is what is portended by the 2012 line of demarcation between Noosphere I and Noosphere II, the Phase of Hominization is about to end. The stage of Superhominization is about to begin. It is important to bear in mind that the noosphere is a cosmic horizon that represents a shift to the predominance of the role of consciousness and intelligence in the evolution of matter and life in the universe.

So when we speak of the advent of the noosphere we are referring to the mental disclosure of a new cosmically generated holographic field fractal – one that will replace the old one. All it would take for this to occur is a momentary break in the planetary electromagnetic field brought about, say, by an immense Coronal Mass Ejection, or even a shift in the sun’s polar magnetism. In that momentary rupture of the terrestrial electromagnetic field, many negative conditioned beliefs (memories) could be erased or severely scrambled, and, more significantly, a new operating holographic field fractal might be instantaneously set in place. In this way the next wave of cosmic evolutionary intelligence would reveal itself. Because of their tendencies to endure and transcend, universally positive thought-forms would withstand the electromagnetic rupture to be retained in the fresh perceptual context or anticipation of something wondrous and new about to unfold. The new collective hologram would seem like a fairy tale come true. In some such manner can we envision the coming of cosmic consciousness – the planetary noosphere.

However this unprecedented event is to occur, it is generally agreed that something has got to give. With the exponential curves of carbon dioxide, global warming, population increase, species extinction, war, drought or any combination thereof, some rupture in the apparatus of civilization and its psychosocial consequences is inevitable. The potential for the biosphere to be transformed into a necrosphere is there. But this is only if we ignore the spiritual dimension and assume that all that exists are the interactions occurring in the third dimension physical reality. This is not the case – we live in a multidimensional universe.

Virtual reality shows that we are starved for release into a parallel world, an imaginal realm that is not just a reflection of our worst nightmares, but of our highest, most sublime aspirations. In the time allotted before 2012, we can exert in the construction of a planetary telepathic matrix to capacitate the disclosure of the new cosmic holographic field fractal – the supermental model of the conscious noosphere (CREST13 Project). We can bring our best parallel world into phase with where we are. “We assume that only the interaction with the cosmophysical parallel world we live in and its assimilation can be the ‘demiurge’ that will saturate and change the atomic/molecular field structures so that we may survive in this new planetary environment.” (Kaznacheev & Trofimov, Reflections … p. 33)

Noosphere Phase II: Socialization of Compression – Psychic Totalization – Superhominization
Increasing Convergence – Conscious Noosphere

63. The Universal Laws and Programs prepared Centuries ago had been prepared in accordance with the Time Units of the World. At the moment, Time has gained Speed. Dates are approaching.
64. The Scarcity of Time is being mentioned as a result of the Time Period which will be accelerated even more.
65. You are faced with a change of Age. Do not forget this. Everything will settle in its course silently and profoundly.
66. Your Planet, which will go through a Cosmic Age for three centuries, will reach the GOLDEN AGE only afterwards.

– “General Information,” The Golden Age, Passages from The Book of Knowledge, Mevlana Foundation, Istanbul, 2000, p.61

The highest and the best in us assumes that we make it through the eye of the needle, December 21, 2012, participating in the greatest adventure we have ever encountered – a planetary mutation of consciousness called the advent of the noosphere. This is Noosphere II, the superhuman phase of increasing convergence, the conscious noosphere. In the new post-2012 reality the world has changed in every way – for the better. History has definitively ended. A new cycle has begun. With clarified perceptions and fresh mind, the incredible vista of entry into cosmic civilization lies ahead of us. All will be felt, perceived or known according to each one’s capacity.

In this cycle of Noosphere Phase II, there are three complementary horizons:

  1. Planetary Noospheric Horizon. 2013 +300(?). Here the biosphere has changed condition. The new holographic field fractal has been mentally received as a planetary phenomenon. A radical change in consciousness has occurred. The old holographic field fractal held in place by the frequency of mechanized (12:60) time has been dissipated. That time is no more. Instead, there is a restoration in natural time, known as 13:20 frequency. This is the value of the 13 Moon/28 day calendar. It universally normalizes this time as a datum of the human mental sphere, placing it in resonance with the 52-year cycles of Sirius B in its rotation around Sirius A. This cosmification of time sense enhances the “Socialization of Compression,” experienced as the sensation of being a single planetary organism. War will no longer be possible. “Psychic Totalization” is the expansion of the mind into a field of universal telepathy, a complement to the socialization of compression. There is an awareness of cosmic reconnectedness, in which the isolation of the ego in its individuation is replaced by conscious immersion in the Deep Self, the universal soul essence. Needless to say, this results in a dramatic reorganization of self-perceptions and values, as well as a greatly enhanced experience of personal power. This is the beginning of the inborn knowledge of superhominization. Internally received perceptions and “messages” from higher cosmic orders of reality abound. New group formations naturally occur for the exploration of the new psychic perceptions and powers. Economic needs are reorganized accordingly. The recognition of the need to redress the autotrophic-heterotrophic balance results in a far more sedentary society, operated by a highly efficient technology running on clean forms of energy, complemented by diminished material desires, but of heightened quality and a deepened aesthetic concern. Indeed, the human will be aspiring to a new cosmic autotrophy. Fabulous new artistic perceptions and norms are evolved for integrating the human mental dimension into the cosmoplanetary environment. This gives rise to a collectively perceived vision of the Cosmoplanetary Art Whole, which will provide the exciting central focus of pan-human activity, facilitating the “planetarization of consciousness.” Scientifically, it will be understood that we have entered a new geological era, the psychozoic. This represents, among other things, the phase of the interiorization of consciousness into matter, epitomized by the psychic interiorization of the Earth – we will feel the whole Earth within us as a new kind of knowing. This is a consequence of the cosmic tendency toward Increasing Convergence – of matter, time, space, mind and consciousness. Government and states will be replaced by the autonomous self- definition of bioregions each governed by its own council, convening a Noospheric Planetary Congress whenever it is deemed necessary. Religion will be a thing of the past, as everybody will commonly know from within the meaning of God, Nature and Reality. In some such manner will the first stage of the Conscious Noosphere be realized. Homo noosphericus will have mastered him/herself.
  2. Horizon of Full Participation in Cosmic Civilization. Realized as a Planetary Art Whole, the cosmoplanetary civilization of noospheric Earth will easily be absorbed into the higher stages of Cosmic Civilization. This will be the dawning of the Golden Age. The superhuman will experience the full flowering of its supermental potential through the final evolution of its brain – the holomind perceiver, the cosmic sense organ embedded in the corpus callosum, synergistically unifying the two hemispheres. Multidimensional experiences will now become the norm. This will complete the process of psychic totalization and the entirety of the cosmic order will be as an image held by the holomind perceiver. The psi bank of the noosphere will become the single organ of all human thought. Luxuriating in the ever changing wonder of the Planetary Art Whole, it will truly be paradise on Earth. The realization of the human as a cosmic autotroph – a biosolar telepath – will be in the ascendance, as the human will learn to synthesize its own sustenance from the atmosphere and solar-cosmic radiation, augmented by “communions” of fruit and water. Facile at dimensional displacement, the human will easily travel to other worlds, gaining new knowledge and information in this way.
  3. Superluminous Horizon of Total Holonomic Convergence. Here we are almost beyond our imaginative capabilities, as we have entered the suprahuman stage. The highest forms of Cosmic Civilization have been attained. The condition of galactic communion allows the suprahuman to shed its body at will. Engineering and monitoring new planetary life forms in this and other universes becomes an option. But in essence, the intermediate phases of hominization and superhominization by which matter is transmuted into cosmic consciousness will have been fulfilled at this point. The human has become so utterly transcendent it is no more, but something so totally other in its magnificently luminous conclusion as to be unrecognizable.
  4. Omega North Pole of Psychic Convergence. Here the journey returns to Source. Consciousness merges into light and light ascends, light upon light, into other universes.

In 1944 Vernadsky wrote, “Statesmen should be aware of the present elemental process of transition of the Biosphere into the Noosphere. The fundamental property of biogeochemical energy is clearly revealed in the growth of the free energy of the biosphere with geological time, especially in relation to the transition into the noosphere … only man transgresses the established order … upsets the equilibrium, though whether he materially cripples the transforming mechanism or merely redistributes it, we cannot at the moment be sure.”

We now know the changes are irreversible. The role of civilization has been accomplished. The cosmophysical force of mind working through the human organism has reshaped the Earth and the future. The transition to a new geological era is now inevitable. What had been taken to be a side-attribute of the complexification of matter – human thought and consciousness – has proven to be an indisputable force of nature, reshaping the environment and Earth’s geology. However, it is not the Earth that shall be destroyed, but merely the outer casings of civilization that will be shut down or swept aside – and very soon. This is what Vernadsky warned about. What we can do is prepare. To change our way of life now is the best preparation. To simplify our diet and life style, to cease violence to ourselves and the Earth, to support positive change, to purify body and mind, to establish new communities, to exert in telepathic exploration (CREST13 Project), and to reach out in compassion and skillful means wherever we can. For this transition is but a passing moment. The Dawn is about to break – and with it, a new world, a new heaven, a new Earth. Those who are ready will be renewed with it. Let us have no doubt: Noosphere is the only future.

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