by José Argüelles/Valum Votan

Introduction to the Russian edition of Earth Ascending: An Illustrated Treatise on the Law Governing Whole Systems

The effort of cosmic civilization to establish communication with intelligent life throughout the universe is vast, heroic and, to most humans of this little planet, virtually incomprehensible. For the possibility of such communication, there must exist in the planetary field of intelligence not yet incorporated into cosmic civilization, a receptive capacity of consciousness in need of being informed by a higher perceptual order of reality. When that receptive need is ripened by an evolutionary crisis into a perception of the whole system nature of reality, then the cosmic civilization can respond.

This simple process describes how the book known as Earth Ascending, An illustrated treatise on the Law Governing Whole Systems came about. Prompted by a deep perception of the state of total planetary crisis, and the consequent need for a wholly transcendent yet whole systems vision of reality, the well-attuned Earth intelligence was focused to receive a genuine communication from cosmic civilization.

The response of cosmic civilization was the transmission of a completely new perception of the holographic nature of planetary reality in relation to a system of higher mental mechanics that proceeds from a purely unitive and holonomic grasp of the universal order, or cosmos. In other words, Earth Ascending is a communication of cosmic civilization through a solitary medium attuned to his planetary responsibility. The communication displays in visual and binary mathematical format the nature of the next stage of evolutionary consciousness of the planet, the noosphere, and includes a holonomic analysis of the present stage of the Earth civilization as the hominization of the planet, and the consequent radiation of man.

The fundamental operating mechanism of the noosphere is revealed immediately as the psi bank. A systematic function of the fourth-dimensional timing grid (or Tzolkin as it was known by the galactic Maya), the psi bank was the capacitor allowing the template of cosmic communication to be revealed to the agent in resonance with the process. The consequent result - Earth Ascending - is the first complete statement of cosmic science, an evolutionary science, hitherto unknown on this planet. A brief consideration of all present day science will indicate that, no matter how insightful it may be, it is limited by conditioned egotistical thinking and a perception of reality that is scarcely more than heliocentric. But in an order of reality as vast as our cosmos, not even a heliocentric perception can pass as being anything more than a galactically provincial point of view.

In 1962, the great Russian astrophysicist, I. S. Shklovskii, wrote a book entitled Universe, Life and Mind, dealing with considerations of the existence of intelligence in the cosmos. Later through the collaboration of American astrophysicist, Carl Sagan, this book was published in the West as Intelligent Life in the Universe (1966, 1977). As brilliantly systematic an analysis of the cosmos and its constituent elements as this book may be, it is a perception of reality that is totally conditioned by a physicalist or materialist point of view. The idea of mind or spiritual reality as a non-physicalist possibility for higher civilization is not even entertained. Here we come to a fundamental limitation in the paradigm of the present scientific outlook. To Shklovskii and Sagan, higher civilization must always be technological in nature. But what if evolution proceeds by mental -spiritual plateaus once the ultimate crisis of materialism has been generated and overcome by the Earth civilization?

Russian scientist, V.I. Vernadsky, along with French paleontologist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, had already evolved the theory of the noosphere (1926). Vernadsky himself wrote of the coming geological era as the psychozoic. As the "mental sphere" of the Earth superseding the biospheric crisis, the noosphere, is a purely mental structure and perception of reality. Being planetary in scale, it represents a shift of consciousness of a magnitude we can scarcely imagine. Such a field of consciousness as the noosphere represents can only be described as cosmic in nature. Being cosmic, the structure and nature of the noosphere must correspond to a view and a science that is already cosmic.

Indeed, Earth Ascending reveals that our planet is not merely a member of a solar field of intelligence but of a galactic field of intelligence as well. From the point of view of cosmic civilization, the sub orders of reality are the galactic, the stellar and the planetary. What we call the planet is the final condensation of the densest gases and heavy metals ejected by the stellar masses. The stars themselves are functions of great electromagnetic tubes which we know as the spiral arms of the galaxy. A real advance of scientific intelligence would be from the heliocentric to the galactocentric. This perspective could only be provided by a cosmic science transmitted telepathically by means of the noosphere's planetary psi bank grid to a receptive agent attuned to and ready for such a possibility.

While there may exist intelligent arrays of radio signals pulsed from distant systems of intelligence, the presence of the noosphere and its psi bank grid indicate that the most effective communication of the cosmic civilization is through the medium of what we normally refer to as telepathy. Such telepathic communication depends upon psi factors, that is, factors relating to, concerned with, or actually being parapsychological psychic events or powers - hence psi bank, capacitor of psi phenomena. Though the present science either denies or marginalizes such phenomena, they represent the significant leap in consciousness augured by the advent of the noosphere and its operating mechanism, the psi bank. Being the evolutionary advance of universal life, cosmic civilization operates by psi factors of every kind, while the telepathic means of communication is the most effective for establishing contact with lesser evolved intelligences, i.e., intelligences not yet evolved to the noospheric stage.

With Earth Ascending we now have a system to study that is a direct consequence of such communication and which is intended to assist us in overcoming the crisis in which are now deeply, almost irrevocably immersed.

"By analogy, we may view the difference between where we are now, and where we must be in order to become properly galactic, as the difference between 13, the prime number base of the magic square of 8, and 257, the prime number base of the magic square of 16. The interval between 13 and 257 represents nothing less than the interval between the fragmented, incoherent, individual, and sociopolitical consciousness of the present day, and the completely unified field consciousness of humankind functioning as a single planetary organism in conjunction with a totally visible and operable psi bank." (p.132, English edition)

Since the first publication of Earth Ascending almost 22 years ago, the science of the Law of Time has made the foregoing analysis more precise. We now know that the "fragmented, incoherent ... sociopolitical consciousness" is a function of the unconscious 12:60 irregular and mechanistic timing frequency, while the "completely unified field consciousness" is a function of the 13:20 timing frequency, the factor of universal synchronization. The means to transit from the fragmented to unified consciousness is now also available, the 13 Moon/28-day calendar. This too, was foreseen in Earth Ascending, pp. 32-33, in a description of the "cosmic code" or binary triplet configuration (Tzolkin):

"Each side of the binary pattern consists of 26 units, for a total of 52. Adding the numbers in sets of four, beginning with the corners and working inward, we find that the sums are always 28. This figure times 13 (the number 52 divided by 4) give us a total of 364, a lunar year. This is a numerical key to the basic calendrical nature of the structure." (p.32, English edition)

With the analysis of the Law of Time we know that this present time is occurring in the fourth stage of the holonomic equation, "Nature Evaluates Man's Transformation." By means of the 13 Moon 28-day calendar and the Mayan prophecies we may precisely affirm that a cosmically critical date is now some seven years away - December 21, 2012 (Rhythmic Moon 9, Blue Resonant Storm year, 13 Moon calendar date). According to Earth Ascending, this will correspond to the commencement of the fifth stage of the holonomic equation - "Man and Nature Synthesize." The stage of the hominization of the planet will be over, and the true radiation of man will begin, leading to the construction of the " Temple of Man ," the future order of cosmic civilization on earth.

"Essentially the future lies in the radiation of man. This refers first of all to the process by which each individual assumes responsibility for all of his or her actions, and with heightened awareness participates in increasingly integrated group efforts to establish a consciously-oriented relationship between biopsychic energy factors and those of the environment. In the most general way this describes the new symbiotic technology, radiosonics, the basis of post-historic synaesthesia.” (p.113)

In considering the noospheric integration of the human into the biospheric order, one other evolutionary factor must be brought into consideration: plasmas and cosmic rays. These cosmic energies have greatly increased in the last 18 years. They are assisting the mutational process of the biosphere and the evolutionary processes of our sun - which is a star. It is a matter of greatest importance to contemplate that these energies can be coordinated by the cosmic civilization. In the most advanced stages of this civilization are categories of beings who function as “cosmic engineers.” With this thought in mind it is well to consider that all of what is presently occurring on our planet and solar system may well be aspects of a cosmic engineering project. Earth Ascending could then be viewed as a manual presented for our use to become co-creators in this project. It is our human introduction into the science and practice of radiosonics.

“The purpose of radiosonics is to release the radiant chromatic structures contained within the dynamics of life and electromagnetism through biopsychic activation.” (p.128)

This is the principle behind the manifestation in 2012, of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge , the first act of the new symbiotic technology of radiosonics. For this reason Earth Ascending is now such a critical text. Its publication in Russia at this time is an act of mercy for the entire planet. The Russian people are well-trained in thinking cosmically and may now find a suitable tool for realizing their cosmic destiny on this planet.

José Argüelles/Valum Votan
North American Plate
Codon Zone 59
Overtone Moon Limi 20, Kin 235
Yellow Cosmic Seed Year
Galactic Research Institute
Foundation for the Law of Time

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