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Love:Love mission from Paris to Teotihuacan


by Free Calendar, kin 25 + 88 (113)

As my friends know, I have been involved in extremely synchronic periods in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

In june, july and august 2013 it became a total mess: I didn't knew what was happening to me, and I didn't knew how to ask for help in a proper way. Even that way, I documented everything I could, first to convince myself that all those coincidences were not hallucinations, then to try to convince everybody that all that was happening to me was real, and finally just like a historic record of many things that, until today, can't fully understand. That synchronic period begun on june 15th 2013 (anniversary of the aperture of Pakal Votan), with a climax on july 25th 2013 (Phoenix project) and august 8th 2013 (gifts and respects to Red Queen on Mexico City) and ended on august 16th 2013 (first, only and last presentation in the serpent house, Nah Chan, with a synchronic earthquake at 10:32am)

That time, there was so many things I did unconsciously, generating too many questions and almost no answers, but at the end I fulfilled what my instinct and circumstances told me to do.


After that, I thought that everything had been just illusions, but in 2014 synchronic events begun to manifest again, exactly the same day as the last year, june 15th... that way I knew there were not just coincidences or illusions, but synchronicities. Again, but in a more silent and patient way, I did what I was asked for and documented everything, ordering facts by date. That synchronic period begun on june 15th 2014 (again on the Tomb opening anniversary), with a climax on july 25th 2014 (4 wind dance ceremony and butterfly 88 acknowledge ceremony) and ended on k88 october 10th 2014 (Quetzalcoatl ascension ceremony, butterflies 88 and excalibur)

After that, I was hoping not to experience any of this again, because it's mental, physical and emotional overwhelming... but in december 2014, I received a clear sign of the opposite...

What I am going to say is very important: I want to put it clear... I have never wanted to travel outside Mexico. It's something that is just not a part of me. I had never the intention of travel to Paris or another city outside Mexico. I think I was taken to Paris for some reason.

My parents-in-law reunited both my wife and I to tell us that they wanted to do a special travel with us, to Paris, next year. As we was short on money, they would pay us the plane tickets and the hotel, and we would pay everything else. When they mentioned the date I knew it would be, again, a part of a synchronic period: from june 13th to 20th 2015 (13:20), so I would:

+Travel in an airplane for the first time
+Travel trough space-time for the first time
+Travel outside of Mexico for the first time

In addition, on december 29th 2014 noticed that 25, my birth kin, plus 88, the kin I received in DOOT 2014, sum together 113 (kin of Quetzalcoatl as the Lord of the Dawn), and that was a confirmation to myself as a lightworker and my affinity with the k113 essence.

We obtained our passports and we prepared to the trip, when another synchronic period begun again (3 years in a row), but this time it started in a different date, 3 months earlier (march 15th 2015 instead of june 15th 2015). One of the strongest synchronicities was the constant appearing of 88, 89 and 1889 numbers, so I googled "Paris 1889" and voalá! found that Eiffel Tower was dedicated on 1889. I searched more about the Tower of Love and as I recognized it as an energetic antenna, I though that I should take some power objects with me without nobody else to notice.

As an example of what I have just told: I obtained the booklet of the left as I entered into a little child bookstore, closing my eyes and asking mentally "please guide me". when I opened my eyes, I was watching straight to this little book, which I bought immediatly. (VIAJE en el TIEMPO = TIME TRAVEL) and the 1889. At the right there is a postcard I bought in Paris.


The power objects I took with me, hidden in the plane as in the hotel were: the holonomic chakana of 33 green dices, a red/magenta stone (ruby heart or blood stone), a handmade key holder of tomorrow land (the musical event), a handmade key holder of tomorrow land (the movie), and a quartz pendulum (that some days after the trip, got broken in 3 parts)


I took everything hidden in my baggage, even from my wife. the only object I add during the trip was the 24 piece puzzle bamboo sphere. I bought it in the organic/botanic store of the Palace of Versalles. There was a lot of bamboo puzzles, and I was attracted immediatedly to them, but I wasn't sure about what to do, when my wife told me, without knowing why she was saying that: "this is the important one". Later, I noticed that the sphere was the perfect complement of the fractal cube (chakana). They are the favorite objects of Pakal Votan: "here the cube, here the sphere, to know time"

During this amazing trip to Paris we went to several places, some of them energetic, some of them spiritual. I took 2 power objects in my pockets to visit them: the red/magenta stone (ruby heart or blood stone) and the quartz pendulum

k71 saturday 13 june 2015 // space-time travel
k72 sunday 14 june 2015 // Eiffel Tower
k73 monday 15 june 2015 // Mount Mars, Sacred Heart Church, Red MOLINO, Bateaux-Mouches CRUCERO, Soul Bridge, Eliseum Camps, Trumph Arc
k74 tuesday 16 june 2015 // Palace of Versalles
k75 wednesday 17 june 2015 // Magdalena Church, Obelisc, Revolution PLAZA, Paris City Hall, Notredame Church, Locks Bridge, Harry Potter objects exposition, La Bastilla Castle
k76 thursday 18 june 2015 // Louvre Museum
k77 friday 19 june 2015 // Magdalena Church (2), Disneyland París, Magdalena Church (3)
k78 saturday 20 june 2015 // space-time travel

In my opinion, most important places I went with the blood stone and the quartz pendulum were Eiffel Tower, Sacred Heart Church, Magdalene Church, NotreDame Church and Disneyland Paris.

I took 5,400 photos, which I reduced to 2,160 days later. I want to show you some:

In the hotel I was assigned at room 111, and the next day, I noticed there was not room 113


In the ground of Paris... Peace is the mission


Eiffer Tower, taken from the center of its base to the top... I knew I had to take that photo, and when I did it, I knew why: it looks like the CERN particle accelerator



This is the central base of the Eiffel Tower:


In a brief, I feel that I went mainly to the Eiffel Tower, to Mary Magdalene Church, to Notredame Cathedral and to Disneyland Paris to take myself to the old continent, to the heart of Europe, to the world capital city of Love to leave a precedent... exactly 5 months before the false flag terrorist attacks on november 13th 2015 (june 13th - november 13th)

Posteriormente al viaje me pasaron muchas cosas que reafirmaron el arquetipo de Maria Magdalena en mí, cosa que fui descubriendo como ya te lo he contado, documentando físicamente mis experiencias y luego investigando en internet y en libros. no al revés. no es que haya leído primero todo sobre María Magdalena y luego me sucedieran cosas extrañísimas... sino al revés, lo que creo que le da aún más veracidad a mi experiencia.

La anécdota más fuerte relacionada con María Magdalena (además de estremecerme al entrar a su Iglesia) fue que también tuve un sentimiento muy especial al salir, en una de sus esquinas, porque según yo... vi "señales". El lugar me atrajo mucho, e inventé algún pretexto para quedarme un poco más de tiempo ahí tratando de descifrar la sensación... bueno, sucede que justamente REGRESAMOS A ESA ESQUINA para salir, 2 días después, en un autobús a Disneyland París...

Este fue el viaje dentro del viaje, Disneyland París no estaba contemplado como parte del viaje, pero encontré un folleto en el hotel que hablaba sobre la atracción y logré reservar 2 boletos un día antes, para ir con mi esposa de ida y vuelta, el mismo día. El punto de salida y llegada sería la esquina de la Iglesia de María Magdalena:


This is Mary Magdalene's Church, seen from the corner I am talking about:


And the 2 visual keys I saw from there: CERUTI I 8 8 I and then, a reference of the Wizard of Oz... T O T O... it was just incredible to come back exactly to that place again, 2 days later



The trip was full of joys, surprises and hopes, and I decided to include here only a very few photos, so I just want to share the last synchronic photo: a confirmation of the completion of the mission, as soon as I got up in the plane from Paris to Mexico, when I opened a 300 pages magazine... I miss Violet (keyword of my 2015 experiences, together with Sophia)


a contemporary incarnation of a secret love

Coming back to Mexico, I took all power objects to Teotihuacan on k88, june 30th 2015, (KIN 88!!!!!) to the aperture of the portal Gold-Ruby ceremony... acompanied by my mother, just like when I went to introduce myself with Red Queen on august 8th 2013... I took the blood stone (ruby heart, red stone) that travelled with me to all those energetic centers and I delivered to Luca Baldinotti (Lwx), the host of the ceremony. He was surprised but then he said: "I was expecting this" pointing to the stone.


The ruby heart from Paris, along with another stone that I delivered "ramdomly" to another beautiful person


Some of my little treasures, on the sacred ground at the entrance of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, just in time for the opening of the Gold-Ruby Portal ceremony


Some time ago I deleted my blogpost from Galactic Space Book, but the recent false flag events in Paris encouraged me to share this experience. I'm sorry for being so superficial, but I didn't wanted to take so long to publish this. As I said, there are only synchronic experiences that I wanted to share.

May the Peace be with Us
Pax Perpetua

by Free Calendar, kin 25 + 88 (113)
with affection for my Fantastic Four: 113, 185 and 189


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MISSION: To activate the Tzolkin DNA of the Foundation for the Law of Time, lighting up the Galactic Activation Portals (GAP) related with the galactic maya tzolkin DNA, through donations, in the "Light Up the Tzolkin!" board of the donations page. The activations were made using the name "LIFE", (acronym for "Laboratorio de Investigaciones Fotónicas y Energía", in spanish) (Photonic and Energy Research Lab). That name was attached synchronically to my Paypal account since 2006. content=249




July 23th 2014
Kin 6, seal 6, tone 6 (White Rhythmic Worldbridger)


Red Queen blog post
Roma-Amor Mission: from Darkness to Light



Donations/Activations started with a logical sequence, beginning at the upper left corner (kin 1, red magnetic dragon). All Galactic Activation Portals that were not activated until that day, would be activated by 20 dollar donations.

The left hemisphere was activated without problems, following this sequence: 22, 43, 64, 106, 69, 109, 110, 51, 112, 93, 114 (number of activations: 11)


Donations/Activations started with a logical sequence, beginning at the upper right corner (kin 241, dragón resonante). All Galactic Activation Portals that were not activated until that day, would be activated by 20 dollar donations.

The right hemisphere begun its activation with kin 241, but the sequence was interrupted at kin 222. Paypal's system started to refuse the transfers, no matter what I tried to do. Only kin activated: 241 (two for one) (number of activations: 1)

grand totale of activations that day: 12 (system refused the 13th transfer)



July 28th 2014
kin 11, seal 11, tone 11 (Blue Spectral Monkey)
galactic birthday of ascended master Valum Votan (VV)

post of Be Lamat, kin 128, Yellow Spectral Star
Synchronically, this person didn't knew me or knew about the DNA activation ceremony that was made 5 days earlier

His post was a clear sign because its name was "Lighting Up the Tzolkin", and proposed a fractal prophetic riddle of 2 parts (hemispheres), related with the Tzolkin. His past post had the name "Poem that awaits for an answer..." and if that were not enough, the images of the riddle had the following links: y
talking about a case of a simultaneous psyquiatric study to 3 persons that believed at the same time (synchronously) to be Jesus Christ



I didn't knew who was Be Lamat, or his blog, or his riddle. I found it thanks to on July 28th 2014, kin 11, seal 11, tone 11, Blue Spectral Monkey, I read the comments of Red Queen post of July 25th 2014, kin 7, seal 7, tone 7 (Green Day, Day Out Of Time, Blue Resonant Hand) "Struggle for Authenticity in a World of Repression and Delusion" repression-and-delusion


In that blog post comments, Be Lamat expressed his hope for someone to decode the riddle.



To solve the puzzle, I overlapped the 2 images using Photoshop and mixed using different filters in order to analyze them from more points of view. Soon a pattern emerged as an answer, a graphic description, and I communicated this to Be Lamat the same day, as you can read above.



Be Lamat next post, of July 29th 2014, kin 12, seal 12, tone 12, Yellow Crystal Human, was this:
and says the following:
1 + 25 x 333 º 333 x 52 = Peace PAX PAZ
Activated and Pulsating! (he made an animated image!)



Due to the strenght of synchronicities of that day, I decided that in addition to the Tolzkin DNA activation, I had to activate first the Galactic Phoenix, so, that day, I made donations to activate the kins of the Galactic Phoenix of the riddle: 21, 63, 105, 126, 127, 89, 190, 169, 164 and 183. Again, activations were only effective until certain kin (190) and kins 169, 164 and 183 didn't allowed to be activated (I related this 3 kins with the number of Christs that Be Lamat mentioned in its riddle)


Days, weeks and months passed without the donations to be reflected on the official donation board of the Foundation for the Law of Time, but I respected that process and didn't claimed anything, supposing that if the donations had not been properly registered, it would be for an unknow, higher reason, and that would be a part of a future sync...


January 23th 2015
kin 190, seal 10, tone 8 (White Galactic Dog)

Dreams sequence

5 days before, in the night before sunday January 18th kin 185, seal 5, tone 3 (Red Electric Serpent), I had the FIRST OF THREE DREAMS: in the dream, I found giant 88 butterflies and I delivered to Stephanie South, the Red Queen. When I woke up I realized it was important by 2 reasons. First of all, I almost never dream, and when I dream, I remember almost anything, but this dream was colorful and felt real. Secondly, when I checked the date I realized that 520 days (2 tzolkins) had being past since the day I showed up at Nah Chan, house of the serpent, in Mexico City, to pay my respects and gifts, on a day I will never forget, because at the moment of mentally asking for a confirmation, synchronically an earthquake begun at 10:32:59 am, with an intensity of 5.3 degrees richter 942989.html


Also, that day, August 16th 2013, kin 185, seal 5, tone 3 (Red Electric Serpent), unknowing this fact at that time, the 26 year fractal of the Harmonic Convergence of August 16th 1987 was also met.

The 88 butterflies dream was so colorful and vivid that I decided to make an image as a gift to Red Queen, to give her next day (monday kin 186, seal 6, tone 4 (White Autoexistent Worldbridger) yand congratulate her by her galactic birthday of the past day... when I found a blog post directly related with the power of dreams. Its name was... I have a dream!

This is the image I made as a gift to Stephanie South:


In my SECOND DREAM, in the night before kin 189, again I was finding giant 88 butterflies, but this time I give them to a man. I related the dream with Jannis 7 Moon, kin 189, being his galactic birthday too, so I sent him a congratulation message through Galactic Space Book.

One day after, on the night before kin 190, I had a THIRD DREAM. This time it was not related with the 88 butterfly but with the Tzolkin. I visualized it in 3D, as a pyramid. During the morning of kin 190 I meditated about that and understood that the time to continue the activation process of the Tzolkin DNA had come.




I sent an email asking from help to to continue the activation, asking for a transfer of the 7 donations of the Galactic Phoenix to the right hemisphere of the Tzolkin, to some Galactic Activation Portals. I was kindly supported by Jacob Rhythmic Dragon kin 201, who helped me with the LIFE transfer. This way, the 7 donations of the galactic phoenix were transferred to the GAPs 222, 184, 189, 210, 211, 176 and 197


24 days later, february 16th 2015, kin 214, seal 14, tone 6, White Rhythmic Wizard, the transfer was officially reflected on the FLT donations board, remaining only to activate kins 150, 151 and 152 (representing, if you think of it twice, the 3 Christs that I couldn't activate during the Galactic Phoenix activation)... and finally, kin 260, Yellow Cosmic Sun, who ends the DNA activation cycle and has the highest factor kin (20x13)


On monday march 30th 2015, kin 256, Yellow Solar Warrior, Solar Moon of the Solar Moon, gamma 24 (day 89 of the Gregorian Calendar, related with the 89 butterfly, of the evolution), I started writing this blog post (in spanish) and collecting graphics

On tuesday march 31th 2015, kin 257, Red Planetary Earth, Solar Moon of the Solar Moon, kali 25 (galactic signature of Neo -matrix- and of the Gregorian Calendar Reform), LIFE was injected on 3 Christs 150, 151 and 152... and kin 260, Yellow Cosmic Sun

I Perfect in order to Evolve
Producing Synchronicity
I seal the Matrix of Navigation
With the Planetary tone of Manifestation
I am guided by the power of Life Force


On wednesday April 1th 2015, kin 258, White Spectral Mirror, Solar Moon of the Solar Moon, alpha 26, the reflection of the double helix of the galactic tzolkin is released... by publishing this blog post (the day before in spanish, today in english)

I Dissolve in order to Reflect
Releasing Order
I seal the Matrix of Endlessness
With the Spectral tone of Liberation
I am guided by my own power doubled


smile! :D

if we don't burn together, who will illuminate this darkness?
in lak ech hala ken = antal hun!
I am another you and you are another me = we are one!


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