163 (2)


KIN 166 (113+53)


I perfect in order to equalize
  producing Opportunity
I seal the store of Death
with the planetary tone of Manifestation
I am guided by the power of Timelessness

On PART II•• of this report we established the date April 15th as a Key TimePortal Marker for this gregorian year 2014 based on a complete radial, multidimensional framework of events and qualities associated with it.These revelations lead us to Leonardo DaVinci and a beautiful "time pattern" emerging to the surface linked to the Banner of Peace and the Cycles of the Moon... On this 3rd PART we will unlock, define and delineate with clarity the unique cosmic-synchronic qualities of The"DaVinci TimeCode"~



"Time is of the mind. Time is the 4th dimension. It's invisible, you can't touch it. But it organizes absolutely everything. Everything in nature is organized by time to be synchronized with itself, to be synchronized with its environment, to establish the large harmonic pattern of what we call The Universe." ~ Jose Arguelles / Valum Votan ~

As 3D reality is operating by the 4th Dimensional telepathic codes and impulses from the Noosphere, DaVinci's ReBirth is also manifesting through the entertainment industry as a new documentary 3D Film released by History Channel in selected US theaters on December 19th, 2014 (6.7) KIN 155 12 Eagle, only a few days ago...


9676548888?profile=originalBelieve it or not, the man playing DaVinci's role, British actor Peter Capaldi, was born on April 14, 1958 (10.11) KIN 6 6WorldBridger. Just one day before Leonardo DaVinci and 506 years of difference in time. Other important clues and SYNCHRONIC NOTES to consider:

  • Capaldi is best know for his recent role as "Doctor Who" (a Time Lord Character) know in the famous BBC Sci Fi Series as a time-travelling humanoid alien.

  • The movie was released on Dec. 19 (6.7) while Da Vinci died at age 67: Frequency of Christ according to The Pacal Hypothesis

  • For those interested in watching the movie without the Bells & Whistles of 3D, please find below the link to Vimeo HD Version.

Inside the mind of Leonardo from Home Editing on Vimeo.


As you may remember from pART II •• of this repART,  the first Blood Moon of 2014 ocurred on April 15th (10.12) - KIN 167 11 Hand ~ Spectral (Rainbow) Avatar - and syncronized very elegantly with Leonardo Davinci's 562nd Solar Return and other important historical, astronomical and religious events:

  • THE COSMIC HARMONIC CONVERGENCE (Sirius meeting the Cube @ Mekka on the Grand Sextile) The eclipse took place exactly 260 days right afteramplifying and extending the Cosmic Time Portal Wave. RE-MINDER: April 15th is 105th day of the year and there are exactly 260 days to New Year's Eve, December 31st Sirian Portal Marker (as I am writing this report it is already December 31, KIN167 so we will expand on this later)

  • The 79th anniversary of the Roerich Peace Pact Signature in New York City by FDR and 22 world leaders.

  • The Jewish Passover: The Jewish people celebrate Passover as a commemoration of their liberation over 3,300 years ago by God from slavery in ancient Egypt that was ruled by the Pharaohs, and their freedom as a nation under the leadership of Moses.

And also as we explained on pART I, the second Blood Moon of the current Tetrad occurred on October 8th (3.19) KIN 83 5Night, right before from Nicholas Roerich and John Lennon Birthdays 10.09.14 (3.20) KIN84 6Seed. As soon as I noticed that these initial Blood Moons were BOTH synchronized with The Roerich Peace Pact, I made reference of it to Aida 222 and we decided to write a brief note in Spanish about it for a new spiritual/new age publication named Holistika-mente (check article here)... But while writing it, I decided to go deeper into the decodings of the remaining blood moons and it ALL started to click like a giant cosmic- jigsaw puzzle...  Since then the "brief note" for the magazine, turned into pART 1 of this series and is still unpacking more and more synchronic events and connections:


The third Blood Moon (Verse) of this Tetrad (Quatrain) will take place on April 4th, 2015, (1.10)  KIN 1 1DRAGON Start of the 260-day Tzolkin count and first day of the Planetary Moon of Manifestation. As you may also remember from previous reports, it was precisely on July 18/2014 (13.22) KIN 1 1DRAGON when an amazing crop circle appeared with the Banner of Peace pattern and the 13.22 (date of its appearance) encoded in it. (For more details on this incredible formation please don't miss the report filed by Jannis KIN189 entitled "The Raisting crop circle, decoded in the light of the Law of Time")


The design and date caused in us tremendous happiness, since it was PRECISELY on KIN 1 that the Banner of Peace Committee for FLT formalized an initial alliance with UNIFY.org to revamp again the Banner of Peace as a Universal Symbol and we communicated about it via email:


9676552292?profile=original[For those  interested in joining this ambitious initiative, please download UNIFY PEACE PDF here . We are NOW looking for support in many areas and have very limited resources to operate. If you feel "The Call" to participate drop me a line @ rllinas@me.com with ideas or ways you would like to participate. You can also contact me through internal mail via this website.]

As part of this new Peace Alliance, the following "UNIFY PEACE" campaign was created by the Banner of Peace Committee of the Foundation for Law of Time and implemented by Unify.org as part of their social media communications to announce the largest synchronized meditation on Earth on August 8th, 2014 (1.14 - Magnetic Moon 14) KIN 22 9Wind:





As you can see, this event encapsulated so many synchronic layers of relevance at the personal and planetary levels, that it became the 5th Sign of a Living Prophecy and was referenced in detail on PART 2 of "Quetzalcoatl bites its tail reports". It is NOW worth re-membering it here again due to its implicit connection with this Four Blood Moons:

SIGN #5:

The Largest registered Synchronized Meditation for Peace


Gregorian August 6/2014 (Magnetic Moon 12) commemorated the 69th anniversary of the Hiroshima atomic bomb. This event was also the trigger that set in motion the Harmonic Convergence of 1987: the first synchronized global meditation on the planet at a time where everything was done and organized through long distance phone calls and paper letters instead of facebook, emails & skype...

Dr. Arguelles was 6 years old when the explosion of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima occurred, and although he was just a child, this event remained engraved in his heart. This lamentable incident, was what caused that opening of consciousness at an early age about the necessity to live and work for PEACE. So his Vision since then was focused on creating "the Spiritual equivalent of the atomic bomb" by creating an event that would revert and redeem the damage and negative karmic imprint of these 2 disastrous nuclear events...


He then took the momentous task to organize the Harmonic Convergence at specific dates to "plant the seeds" of a New Planetary Consciousness at the EXACT moment in TIME, hence the same Galactic Signature date, so it could have the “mathematically correct” re-balancing karmic effect. According to this New York Times article:

9676529460?profile=original"The event, covered by the news media worldwide, was by all accounts the first large-scale simultaneous multinational meditation in history. Its objective, Mr. Argüelles said, was “to create a field of trust, to ground the new vibrational frequencies.”

Now, 69 years from the indelible memory of these nuclear calamities, we are still living in a world that is escalating into war and conflict... But 69 is a numerical representation for the Ying & Yang and the turning of the wheel from Darkness into Light:


  • In the diagram below you can see how the wheel that started spinning in Hiroshima on 6.8.1945 completes and starts one perfect 69th spin +1 day right on 8/8/2014: date of the global synchronized meditation organized by Unify.org, Deepak Chopra andOne Giant Mind. This event set the intention of raising the bar for humanity once again after 27 years and achieved an assistance of around 130.000 people meditating simultaneously.

  • The image in gray behind the 3 dates is a diagram of a crop circle that appeared in Germany on July 18/2014, KIN 1 1Dragon, first day of the Tzolkin Sacred Count, announcing the 22 days remaining for this historic synchronized peace event. The formation resembles the geometry of the Banner of Peace



While writing the Spanish note for the magazine and meditating on the numerical significance of the Galactic Signatures corresponding to Lennon (KIN 114 10Wizard) and Roerich (KIN 204 9Seed) I noticed that:

114+204= 58 (Ascension KIN of Pacal Votan)


204-114=90= 89 (Ascension KIN of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan) +1 

The prophetic overtone of this numerical relationship, and the deep admiration that Jose Arguelles professed for both Roerich and Lennon, triggered a very strong and natural impulse to use the Banner of Peace to connect the inspiring lives of these 3 Artists and Peace Emissaries: Arguelles KIN 11, Roerich KIN 204 and Lennon KIN114:


 114+204+11 = 329 - 260 = 69

69 = 4MOON

I immediately suspected that a profound, prophetic and significant "TIME CODE" was being revealed and delivered via these 4 Blood Moons:

  • 69 4Moon : 4 Red Moons
  • 69 steps of TEMPLE OF INSCRIPTIONS in Palenque
  • KIN69: DAY ONE of initial 812-day program of Radiance that began on Magnetic 16,  2 Wizard Year (Aug. 10, 2007) (Please check Red Queen's Blog entry "812 days to Solar Consciousness" for details)

The 69 code triggered a sort of flashback memory of it all connecting during the 8.8.2014 Global Meditation on KIN22, and the 69th Anniversary of Hiroshima on 8.6.2014... So, I interpreted it as stage 3/continuation of the same transmission, and felt guided to use the same template to create the following diagram:


Based on it, I was guided to create a "4 Blood Moon Time-Map" analog/fractal of the 4 phases of the moon during its 28-day cycle (as well as the 5th force oracle/4-Color Time sequence Red-White-Blue-yellow) including the 4 Blood Moon Eclipse Dates from the complete Tetrad (Quatrain)...  


As you can see in the diagram the 4th (Quatrain) and final Blood Moon  will occur on September 28th 2015, (3.9) KIN 178 9Mirror...  and this last one comes amplified with significance:  

"This lunar eclipse will be particularly rare, because it is a harvest moon lunar eclipse, taking place also on the day of the closest supermoon of 2015. " - Wikipedia -


By examining the entire 4 Blood Moon Portal  interval from 4.15.14 (GATE) to 9.28.2015 (EXIT) we can notice it corresponds to 530 (53x10) days: Frequency of the Manifestation (10) of Sirian ReBirth (52 +1)


The Banner of Peace contains three red circles ( Art Science Spirituality) held together by a LARGER Red Circle of unity signifying One Blood. The 530-day marker represents then the 4th Blood moon as the Outer Red Circle around the 3 inner circles. Quetzalcoatl (53) "bites his/her tail once again" with perfect artistic, scientific and spiritual attributes as a truly remarkable Cosmic Master Peace.

"As has been evident from the on-going revelations of this past Red Magnetic Moon year, the whole system of knowledge of the Law of Time is rooted in the power of the 52 (weeks per year, years per solar-galactic cycle). The value of the 52 derives from the Sirius Beta frequency in its rotation around Sirius Alpha. Indeed, the entirety of the Dreamspell/Law of Time is a benefit of the Higher Councils of Sirius. Knowing this has allowed us to elevate our perceptions and understanding. By following the codes of the 13-Moon/28-day synchronometer we can participate in the frequencies and mind streams of the Council of Sirius."

"Day Out of Time 2007. Red Magnetic Skywalker, Kin 53. One perfect Heptad of Sirius Beta complete, seven perfect castles of 52 days each, 52 perfect weeks of 7 days each—364 days in all. Then comes the 365th day, the Day Out of Time. 52 (weeks) + 1 = 53, the number of the frequency of Sirian rebirth. That is, 52, the frequency number of one cycle of Sirius, plus 1 day gives birth to the new, hence 53, the frequency of Sirian rebirth."

Rinri Project Newsletter III - Volume 3, No. 4
Sirian Rebirth of Quetzalcoatl


Later on, while measuring the day intervals between moons I noticed that the whole 530-day Blood Moon Cycle is coordinated by a 177 +/-1 day interval !!!

177 : Leonardo DaVinci : Galactic Earth



The Prophetic 4 Blood Moon Tetrad/Quatrain cycle of 2014-2015 OPENS EXACTLY 260 days after the Grand Sextile Alignment of 7.29.2013, synchronizing with the Heliacal Rising of Sirius @ Mekka right on Da Vinci's 562nd SOLAR RETURN...

...and CLOSES one day after Da Vinci's 637th GALACTIC RETURN
with KIN178 or 177+1 (Frequency of DaVinci's ReBirth) marking the day of the LAST BloodMoon Eclipse from 2014-2015 Tetrad. Note that KIN 178 9Mirror is guided by prophetic KIN22 ( 5th Sign of Prophecy - Day of Unify 8.8.14 Largest Synchronized Meditation)



As presented by Red Queen on her blog "Unveiling the Feminine Matrix: Isis, Inanna and Islam" when adding the KIN Frequencies of the 4 Blood Moons we get yet another KEY frequency:


"169 = 13 x 13.
  13 is the key number to the divine feminine matrix."
"The name “Red Queen” is not indicating Queen in the conventional sense. It does not signify a hierarchy or a rulership. Not at all. It is a CODE  and time release program, a terma, symbolized by number 13"

Stephanie South, Red Queen
Unveiling the Feminine Matrix: Isis, Inanna and Islam
Electric Update: We are the Galactic Seeds

13MOON, KIN 169 is also the numeric code for the 13 Moon Synchronometer and corresponds to the last day ~ Earth's "Magic Flight" ~ of the current 13-day Wavespell of Synchronicity and Evolution. Therefore, from the cosmological perspective, the message is quite clear: Earth's Transcendence from artificial Time is NOW being declared through the Time Magic of the 13Moon Synchronometer.

In the meanwhile the next day, KIN 170 1Dog marks the first Day of (DaVinci's) 13-Day Wavespell of Love. Time for Holographic Activation of the Homo Noosphericus Galactic BluePrint...

DaVinci's Galactic Earth Renassance:

9676561092?profile=original(image taken from initial drafts for 9Moon Almanac 28th Chapter: "The Star Traveler's Code Sheet" (see page 312) that was replaced for an interactive version on final version.

Please also note that the Heptad Path KIN Equivalent for this 23 heptad/week of the year is KIN 209 1Moon: Galactic Signature for the Ascension of Leonardo Da Vinci on May 2nd, 1519 and Frequency of Moon Genesis and the "Theft of Time" according to Dreamspell Genesis.

HEPTAD 23: Enlightment (414) evolves Prophecy (315)

315 = 729 - (260x2)= 209 Red Magnetic Moon

All this has been quite a shock to discover, since DaVinci's energy was coming very strong during the initial brainstorming sessions for 9Moon Almanac, like asking to be part of "the Agenda" for 2014-2015... At this point is also relevant to add that the cover with the "Vitruvian Andruvian Man" was designed and finished exactly on KIN 177 without never having planned for it... Another synchronic event that really made a profound impact on my consciousness...


The current "Tsunami of Synchronicities" that we are now witnessing is an expression of the time-wave dynamics we have been gradually prepared to experience all the way through since Galactic Synchronization, 520 days ago and our subsequent passage through the Grand Sextile alignment. This preparation became much more evident and intense since the start of the initiatory 13-day Serpent Wavespell of Life Force, and it is enabling us to navigate more gracefully this Earth's Wavespell of Evolution and Synchronicity. It was precisely on a day like TODAY, two Galactic Spins ago that the Heavens and the Earth met through alchemical and synchronic Magic during THE COSMIC HARMONIC CONVERGENCE:


What was then the significance of this event? At that time, right during Earth's 13-day Wavespell we pointed out:

"Magnetic Moon 3 & 4 (July 28-29th, 2013) window marks the Heliacal Rising of Sirius at Mekka Latitude (21° N) synchronizing in a very elegant and powerful way with the Grand Sextile Alignment occurring within the Solar System on Magnetic 4, July 29th. (Our dear Earth Wizard  Randy Bruner / Cosmic Hand presented last week a detailed and fascinating article "This Is The Big One We've All Been Waiting For : The Grand Sextile"). As Above, so Below. This parallel of celestial events can be interpreted then as an expression of greater mathematical, sacred geometrical ratio coherence patterns between planetary, stellar, interstellar and galactic levels / time-cycles. A "Cosmic Harmonic Convergence" is taking place now either the world is noticing it or not."


"This can be interpreted as a perfect Sacred-Geometrical Stargate Opening: The Merkaba in Heaven interlocks the Cube on Earth, "docking" the New Galactic Beam and unlocking all dormant Life potential DNA programs on the Planet. Time to bring Heaven on Earth!!! Literally..."


Why is it now important to make once again this conscious? As pointed out at the beginning of this report, April 15th, 2014 KIN 167 was the 105th day of the year and therefore there are exactly 260 days to TODAY New Year's Eve, December 31st (Sirian Portal Marker). So let's refresh our cosmic memory around the significance of Sirius as a celestial Time Marker:

The whole 13Moon-28Day Synchronometer is a Sirian program calibrated to the heliacal rising of the star Sirius at the Northern Hemisphere. Its July 26 start date is also based on 52-year cycle synchronized to the 52-year orbit of Sirius B around Sirius A. July 26 marks the first appearance of Sirius in the sky at the powerful tetrahedrical 19.5° N Latitude after being "hidden" behind the Sun for around 70 days.

"For many ancient peoples, including the Dogon and Egyptians of Africa and the Maya of Central America, the great star Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, was the galactic marker. The heliacal rising of Sirius – July 26 – commenced the Egyptian year, and established the 1460-year Sothic cycle - the return of Sirius to the same place in the sky. During this same time, the .25 extra day per year accumulates for a total of exactly 365 days, or an additional year. Hence, the full Sothic cycle is 1461 years. Note that the Sothic measure is fractal as well. In other words, every four 365-day years there are exactly 1460 days, but in that time there is one accumulated day, hence 1461 days!  This is why Sirius presents the logical galactic time marker." (http://www.lawoftime.org/thirteenmoonfaq.html#q1)



This relationship was already highlighted one year ago, as we were completing the first solar orbit after the passage into a new aeon on PART 2 of the report entitled "From 12-21-2012 to 12-21-2013 The Closing of the Closing of the Cycle":

For some of us following the 13 Moon Synchronometer who are aware of the completely artificial nature, and illogic, disharmonious structure of the Gregorian Calendar, it is quite interesting to notice when certain time patterns appear to emerge on the surface. This is a subject that stills fascinates and intrigues me, because it feels like discovering "secret time markers" hidden behind the disharmonious structure of 12 irregular months... [...]

9676457252?profile=originalNonetheless, it never occurred to me before to measure 13 months of 28 days starting on January 1st (instead of July 26) as an initial marker for the solar year and observe the correlations with the actual distorted gregorian dates. Let's re-member that, as noted by Richard C. Hoagland (former NASA consultant who first presented to humanity "The Face on Mars"), January 1st is a (hidden) Sirian marker for Giza Latitude for the entire century comprised from the years 1950 to 2050 (in a similar way as July 26th is a Sirian marker for 19.5 Latitude):

"In actuality, for a period of about a century beginning in the 1950's and extending out to about 2050, Sirius will be on or very near the meridian, at midnight, at Giza, January 1 on a fairly regular basis. Because of the anomalies present in the Gregorian Calendar, which result in uneven "clock-corrections" relative to the constant motions of the Earth -- both in rotation and in its orbit of the sun -- Sirius, at "Gregorian midnight," will sometimes be slightly to the East of the Giza meridian, sometimes to the West, but always during this time period (and never before or again) within 4 minutes of midnight. On several occasions on New Years Eve during this 100-year span (as it was on January 1, 2000), Sirius will be accurate to within seconds of midnight at Giza -- or "dead-on" this all important astronomical time marker."


9676458491?profile=originalImages and excerpt from "The "Age of Horus" Dawns Or The Time is Now ..." by Richard C Hoagland www.enterprisemission.com/millenn2.htm

9676525284?profile=originalACTUAL position of Sirius TONIGHT @ Midnight in the sky at Giza/Cairo latitude for this Dec 31st/2014 KIN 167. Almost right on the meridian. (Screenshot: Stellarium Software)

Although I have not studied in depth the relationship between these 2 (Sirian) markers, it was exactly a year ago in Palenque, that I noticed while journaling that January 1st (New Year's Day) synchronizes with July 25th Day Out of Time (13 Moon New Year's Eve) every 5 Tzolkins/Galactic Spins or 1300 days (5x260)*. For example:



* The complete mathematics and harmonics calculation behind this synchronization are still part of my research, but it illustrates the fact that there is a harmonic correlation of 1300 days between the 2 dates."

Tonight, as Sirius aligns with Giza Pyramid and while we enter the time domain of KIN 168 12Star (Arcturus Round Table) - Crystallization of Art, Beauty and Elegance- the negative karmic imprint of the Gregorian Calendar upon the Earth has been redeemed once again through the 13MOON Magic.

SYNCHRONIC NOTE: KIN 168 is the Galactic Signature of Lawrence Fishburne, actor who played the role of Morpheus on "The Matrix Trilogy". Good timing to contemplate again the red pill/blue pill question for those who are still following the Gregorian artificial time count:



It is also worth highlighting the fractal time compression qualities from last 4 occurrences when this frequency has been present, since all of them match with powerful events:

  • KIN 167: 2/24/2012* ~ 25th Anniversary from the Discovery of SuperNova 1987A Quetzalcoatl. (See report for details)

  • KIN 167: 11/11/2012 ~ 11:11 Gregorian Gateway on 2012. Yogui Bajhan believed that on this day and year would be the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

  • KIN 167: 07/28/2013 ~ Cosmic Harmonic Convergence. Grand Sextile Alignment.

  • KIN 167: 04/15/2014 ~ First Blood Moon Eclipse 

  • KIN 167: 12/31/2014 ~ Sirius aligns with Giza Meridian

Therefore tonight, more than a New Gregorian Year, we are celebrating the accumulated power of the 5th Galactic spin since the 25th(5x5) anniversary from the discovery of SN1987A Quetzalcoatl. A good opportunity to re-member that *next 2/24/2015 is the 28th anniversary of this discovery and will fall on KIN 222 1Wind (The beginning of Prophecy). PSi Chrono Unit KIN 160 4Sun (KIN 160, 4 Sun / 4Ahau: Christ and Long Count date for December 21st, 2012 "End" of 13 baktun or "End" of Time). You can check Welcome back SuperNova Quetzalcoatl 1987A - Phase I report for FULL details.

On pART IV •••• 4 of this MasterPeace, we will dig deeper into the Mayan/Quetzalcoatl Prophetic Connection to Roerich, DaVinci and The Quest of the Galactic Holly Grail. STAY TUNED!


9676564683?profile=originalImage courtesy of Jannis 189, taken TODAY KIN 168 12 Star, during Crystal Mirror watch, somewhere in the Ahau Bio-Region mountains (AKA Germany). A New Rainbow Light is shining upon the Earth...

Today, on the 214th anniversary of the discovery of the Asteroid Belt(January 1st, 1801) and an entire week coded with DaVinci's Ascension and the Theft of Time, the memory from lost worlds and the false power of artificial time is NOW neutralized and redeemed in perfect synchronic timing and a New Moon Genesis is being declared. May ART, PEACE, LOVE, SYNCHRONICITY and BEAUTY prevail on Earth!


Blood Moons & Planetary Redemption: A Galactic Master Peace of ART
 pART I  + pART II 


GA 113 

[Banner of Peace and Galactic Shield Hunab Ku]

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I inspire in order to dream
  channeling Intuition
I seal the input of Abundance
with the resonant tone of Attunement
I am guided by the power of Vision


"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the Earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return."

Leonardo da Vinci


~ Butterfly Man ~
AUTHOR:  Man-made or not*, yet still part of G.O.D (Galactic Ordering Dynamic)

DIMENSIONS: 530 Meters x 450 Meters Wheat Canvas
(Biggest Crop Circle Ever)

 Reported in Goes, Netherlands on the 7th of August 2009 - (NS1.22.1.13) -
KIN 16 3Warrior (113+163)
1 day after 64th Anniversary of Hiroshima

As we approach the end of yet another "gregorian year", we are now feeling with great intensity the synchronic power of the incoming New Galactic Beam fractal wave from Galactic Synchronization/Planetary Resurrection, 520 days ago, July 26/2013 KIN 164 Yellow Galactic Seed.  This new surge in planetary energetics was signaled by our recent passage through the Time ripples of the 2nd anniversary of the Closing of the Cycle from December 21st, 2012, Winter/Summer Soulstice, followed by the passage through the 8th Sign of Prophecy: the Prophetic RetURn of Christ and the Avatars during last Christmas Eve December 24th, 2014 (See SuperNova Quetzalcoatl 1987A - Phase I report for FULL details.)



"Comets and Blood Moons have been associated to prophecy probably since the "Beginning of Times" or early years of Human Civilization. When these motifs appear on the screen of our reality/consciousness with such synchronic potency, they invite us to contemplate life under a new lens... and explore the realm of Prophecy."


As a last minute confirmation sign in the sky of the presence of the Star Beings during this incredibly powerful Portal we are STILL transiting, Comet LoveJoy C2014 Q2 made its surprise appearance to the "naked eye/i" in the sky and on the web, right ON TIME for Avataric Christ mass celebrations:

NASA: Watch a Green Comet Streak Across the Sky for Christmas

UNIVERSE.COM: Comet Q2 Lovejoy Loses Tail, Grows Another, Loses That One Too!


Note that tomorrow, during the completion of the 520th day after the arrival of the Galactic Beam, Comet LoveJoy will be transiting right through the Rabbit Constellation/M79 Star Cluster:  

th?id=HN.608004139290462721&pid=15.1&P=0520 = 52 x10 Frequency of Sirian (52) Manifestation(10). ~ Completion of one Cycle of Becoming (260 Days) + One Cycle of RetURn (260 days) ~

  • 79: Noosphere Constant
  • In Mayan/Aztec Cosmology the Rabbit corresponds also to the Lamat/STAR Glyph. The Shield of Arcturus.
  • According to Wikipedia, LoveJoy was discovered only a few gregorian months ago, on August 17/2014 (Magnetic Moon 23 KIN 31 5Monkey). KIN 31 is the perfect analog Power of KIN 148 5Star Sign of Arcturus Command and also the Galactic Signature of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan at the time of his Ascension.

9676529863?profile=original~ (Synchronic Observations + Diagrams & links Courtesy of Jannis GA189!! :-) ~

According to scientists "The comet wasn't predicted to become visible with the unaided eye until late January or February 2015. But comets can be unpredictable, with chaotic surface activity as they heat up and melt while nearing the sun during orbit. Since summer, the comet's brightness has shot up by hundreds of times."

686181da1d1dfa72245bf1836fab5b50.jpg?width=333REDEMPTION OF THE INNOCENTS:

Today, December 28, KIN 164, as this report is still being written, on the gregorian calendar is celebrated the "Feast of the Holy Innocents" (also known as The Innocents' Day or Childermas /Children's Mass) in commemoration of the massacre of these "Holy Innocents", traditionally regarded as the first Christian martyrs. Within Galactic Maya Cosmology, The Seed represents the Galactic Archetype of "The Innocent", and the Galactic Tone holds the power of Integrity... A perfect opportunity in time to redeem the past and bring back to Wholeness Humanity's Divine Right to return to the Stars and evolve back into the Light.



"As of July 26, 2013, Yellow Galactic Seed, we have entered the New Galactic Beam of Consciousness. We are being called to birth not only a new paradigm, but an entirely new culture: galactic culture based on the principles of Love, Art and Synchronicity - a zero waste society in harmony with the Earth. A global culture where time isn't money, but TIME IS ART!" 

~Stephanie South/Red Queen~

~ Planetary Resurrection Ceremony - Mt Shasta, CA ~ 07.26.2013 (NS1.26.1.1 - K164) ~

This completion of 520 days signaled in the sky by the synchronic arrival of comet LoveJoy announces then our entrance into a VERY NEW Time-Space Reality: a New Phase (and probably even more unpredictable, accelerated and transformative one) within the process of Planetary Resurrection and constitutes also one of the last sign-posts along the way before our so awaited arrival to Syntropia...

On Part 1 of this report we started to "uncover the layers of Truth behind the "untold story" of planetary redemption and resurrection as a masterpiece Master Peace of Art, crafted with the sweat, the tears and the creative imagination of all the human beings, who, as Nicholas Roerich, John Lennon and Jose Arguelles, have been able to exert their art fully into being, with the sole soul intention of overcoming the stigma of utopia and the spell of war and separation that keeps humanity derailing from its true Galactic Heritage and Destiny... These characters, flesh and bone human beings driven by the passion of their dreams and highest aspirations for the planet, have been some of the heroes of a sort of "Galactic Fairy Tale"....  Their lives dance to the same Symphony of Cosmic Harmony being played out from the center of our Galaxy and orchestrated by GOD a.k.a Galactic Ordering Dynamic...  weaving a sacred tapestry of Art and Purpose. A cosmic story woven through the magical invisible strings of Synchronicity that one day will dwarf all science-fiction stories from Dostoyevsky, to Jules Verne to Dawn Brown..."


On this second part, we promised to explore and understand how this Planetary Resurrection Process is part of a larger synchronic tapestry interwoven with the 4 Blood Moon Eclipses from 2014-2015 and how this MasterPeace of Art seems to be coming together coded with the signature of no other than one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance and our Time:

The Grand Master Leonardo DaVinci




"Galactic Renaissance IS the Revolution of Time in action.

As each of us begins to find and express our own unique channel, then sooner than later we will break out of this confining artificial cocoon and become glorious galactic butterflies soaring in a new atmosphere.

When we are aligned with the New Beaem, there is no past to return to. There is nothing to defend. There is no image to maintain. There is no one to compete with.


~Stephanie South/Red Queen~

Electric Update: We are the Galactic Seeds

Since I was a child I have been attracted and fascinated by Da Vinci's visionary work, and as a young copy-cat sketch artist, I used to spend quite some time copying his human-figure drawings as "training wheels" and source of inspiration. Later during my thirties, with the unveiling of the DaVinci Code book and movie, the spark of interest was reignited and since then my understanding of the Universe, Sacred Geometry, and the true Nature of Reality and Human History have been greatly influenced by Da Vinci's Work and Mastery-Mystery.

“My job as a visionary is to envision the best possible outcome for humanity.
If I don’t do it, who will?”  ~ Jose Arguelles / Valum Votan ~

Most recently, during the last 3 years while I have had the chance to truly learn, absorb and realize the profound implications for humanity's future that lay behind the postulates of Law of Time and the Synchronic Order, it was impossible not to associate the life of DaVinci and the life of Jose Arguelles as the journeys of two Visionaries, both way ahead of their time, bringing new knowledge to the planet through the most noble type of alchemy: The marriage of Art and Science... So, when I was asked to design the "New Galactic Beam version" of the 13 Moon Star Travellers Almanac of Synchronicity, I felt guided and compelled to design a workbook inspired by Past & Future worlds and the Galactic Renaissance of Art & Science. This is how the Vitruvian Man evolved into the Homo Noosphericus on Almanac's Cover (thanks to the collaboration and creative genius of GA227 Nikki Lee Hill...)


9676536254?profile=originalSo in order to find our way through this new journey into the vast ocean of Synchronicity, it is once again highly recommended to “bring on board” your 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity as your 4-D Navigational Guide and allow the DaVinci genius inside it to walk you through. It will also help to understand more easily the signposts and syncs along the way. Remember: Also bring on board with you an open mind (and Heart too)… We are sailing once again into the psycho-mythic realm of Prophecy to establish a bridge with an imaginal world, where a higher reality is operating, everything is possible and is occurring in perfect timing with utopian synchronic and prophetic elegance...

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Born on April 15, 1452 (12.10 - Day 12 of Planetary Moon - KIN 177 Red Galactic Earth), in Vinci, Italy, Leonardo da Vinci was concerned with the laws of science and nature, which greatly informed his work as a painter, sculptor, inventor and draftsmen. His ideas and body of work have influenced countless artists and made da Vinci a leading light of the Italian Renaissance.

The "Father of the High Renaissance" arrived to Earth on a date that is in itself a very powerful Time Portal day:  April 15 (12.10) This date constitutes a mysterious time marker that has coded other important interwoven events:

15th April 1452        Birth of Leonardo Da Vinci

15th April 1856        Death of Abraham Lincoln

15th April 1912        Titanic sinks

15th April 1935        Birth of Banner of Peace - Roerich Peace Pact Signature by 22 nations


15th April 2001        Rare Venus alignment on "Native American Easter" on 1 Reed,
                                 (Quetzalcoatl meets Jesus)

Please read Venus Resurrects This Easter Sunday - from John P. Pratt   and Jannis189 Blog: "Comet >>> 21022012 <<< Time Bang >>>and the Noosphere " for details on this potent date)

April 15th is also date that also contemplates very symbolic and synchronic observations:


It is quite interesting to notice that (US) TAX Day and World ART Day are contemplated at the same time, since each of these celebrations represent the 2 Time Frequencies operating on Planet Earth and upholding two opposite paradigms:


Now it is even more interesting to learn about the reason why the date 4.15 was just recently selected as World Art Day:

"On April 5-6, 2011, the 17th General Assembly of AIAP / IAA World, holding its meeting in Guadalajara, (World Art Associations founded in 1954) has voted unanimously the proposal brought by Turkey and co-signed by several world delegate countries: the AIAP General Assembly accepted that the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci, April 15, becomes “World Art Day”



Please also notice that TAX DAY has been since the beginning of the 20th Century the catapult for "Uncle Sam"(U.S.) patriarchal figure and "hero" character of the propaganda machine who upholds and promotes the noble duties and twisted values of modern US Doctrine:

"GO TO WAR!"... and "PAY YOUR TAXES!..."

("...On April 15th so that I (U.S./Uncle Sam) can wage more wars!")



lincoln-us.jpgAt the same time, the propaganda cartoon seems to be a fictional character inspired in the twisted image of Abraham Lincoln (KIN160 4 Sun frequency of Christ), the real "hero" whose message of freedom and equality and opposition to slavery, provoked his assassination/martyrdom also on April 15th, 1865... If we compare Lincoln and DaVinci we can also notice the strong similarities in face features and eyes expression:


If we now examine the date occult numerical qualities we can start to understand the synchronic and symbolic power associated to this date. According to Wikipedia:

April 15 is the 105th day of the year (106th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 260 days remaining until the end of the year.

For those readers familiar with the 13:20 frequency, these numbers have a very special significance:

While there are 260 days in one Galactic Spin/Harmonic Cycle, there are 365 (364+1) days per one 1Solar/13Moon Cycle, so there is a 105-day difference between the two Natural Timing programs that coordinate the Synchronic Order: 13:20 (260) and 13:28 (364+1). April 15th seems to be then a sort of hidden coordinating factor within the gregorian count...

Number 105 also codes KIN 1Serpent and the 13-day WaveSpell of LifeForce... An opportunity to meditate on the occult power of Money and Taxes as control mechanism of our Life Force

We can also breakdown 105 days as:

2 x 52-day castles + 1 day

and infer then that the difference between one Galactic Spin and one Lunar/Solar Year is 2 castles + 1 day. Please keep in mind that 52 is the Sirian Cycle code frequency that synchronizes, coordinates and binds together the Solar/Lunar count and the Galactic count (52 weeks x 364-day year :: 52 Galactic Activation Portals x 260-day Galactic Spin)


Now that we have established the potency of this portal date from different radial and multi-dimensional perspectives, let's examine other KEY additional synchronic qualities and events that emerged to surface during this last 04.15.2014:


As shown in the above graphic from a Vblog uploaded one galactic spin ago,while mapping the time-coordinates for the first galactic spin since the THE COSMIC HARMONIC CONVERGENCE (Sirius meeting the Cube @ Mekka on the Grand Sextile) I noticed that it aligned very elegantly with other important historical, astronomical and religious events:

  • The initial Blood Moon Eclipse from the 2014-2015 Tetrad
  • The 79th anniversary of the Roerich Peace Pact Signature in New York City by FDR and 22 world leaders.
  • The Jewish Passover: The Jewish people celebrate Passover as a commemoration of their liberation over 3,300 years ago by God from slavery in ancient Egypt that was ruled by the Pharaohs, and their freedom as a nation under the leadership of Moses.

Synchronic Note: It was right the day before on April 14th, KIN 166 (113+53)  that I received from Red Queen the final introductory text for the SolarMoon Almanac entitled "Year of Supreme Healing" (please see pages 6 & 7). The synchronicity led me to rush to finalize the layout, becoming the first completed spread of the entire Almanac (download PDF here)... Once finished I went outside at night to read it outloud under the red eclipse moon :-) It felt like a really special synchronic event, considering the fact that the text introduces us to the Regina Prophecy of the Moon (third key component of this planetary healing MasterPeace of Art that we will present in detail in future reports)



"The 2nd Blood Moon from last Oct. 8/2014 (2.19) KIN 83 5Night, opened a 16-day time window that closes with the next Solar Eclipse of Oct. 23/2014 (4.6) KIN 98 7Mirror and we are transiting since then a super "charged" energetic weather. It is during these times that is relevant to observe the 3D expressions/manifestations that these cosmic events create on Earth: AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. This is then "a good season" to "dig" for SIGNS OF PROPHECY ON HEAVEN AND EARTH"

Quetzalcoatl bites his/her tail again:
Comet Siding Spring visits Mars



Let's re-member now that it was right after the 2nd Blood Moon Eclipse from October 8th (NS1.27.3.19 KIN83 5Night) that Comet Siding Spring made its appearance above the Mars sky on October 19/2014 (NS1.27.4.2 KIN 94 3Wizard) bringing with it some prophetic news on Earth:

9788489957626.jpg?width=155 Renowned author/writer Dolores Cannon ("Nostradamus Voice")  left this plane of existence the day before (October 18,2014) on the 1st day of the 4th moon of Life Force on KIN 93 Red Lunar Skywalker (House of the Lunar Prophet). Dolores arrived to this planet ALSO on April 15th (10.12), same day of the year as the First Blood Moon Eclipse of the 2014-2015 Tetrad that occurred on KIN 167 11 Hand* (exactly 260 days after the Grand Sextile Alignment of 2013). Therefore "The Voice of Nostradamus" ascended as KIN 167 11 Hand ~ Spectral (Rainbow) Avatar precisely on the day corresponding to the frequency of the Lunar Prophet...(as noted before, more on the Regina Prophecy of the Moon on part 4 of this report.)


It was at that time that we started to see a prophetic and beautiful 4-folded harmonic pattern emerging, as introduced on Comet Siding Spring visits Mars report:

"Nostradamus is famous for writing prophesies proclaiming events of great destruction and devastation throughout history. Indeed, his abilities were incredible, as he predicted the assassination of JFK, the attack of the "flying birds in the city of hollow mountains" (referring to the September 11th attacks) and the ensuing war in the Middle East, to name a few. Midway through the session as the woman was describing the life, her personality suddenly subsided and Nostradamus himself began speaking through her directly to Dolores. He told her that he wanted her to write a book (which turned out to be 3 books) to provide humanity with greater understanding and clarification of the true meanings of his quatrains (prophecies)."

Notice on the paragraph above the analog significance of the words quatrains as prophecies.


This definition connects Prophecy to Verse, Poetry and Rhyme (Rhythm), confering IT the "status" of a "form of ART". The word also originates from the inherent harmonic value of the number 4. In the Dreamspell Cosmology 4 represents "Form" and the primary organizational time construct present in All Nature:

4 Seasons in a Year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
4 Phases of the Moon (New, Waxing, Full, Waning)
4 Daily Watches in a Day (Midnight to Sunrise, Sunrise to Mid-day, Mid-Day to Sunset, Sunset).
4 Primary color frequencies and their qualities:

  1. Red (initiates)
  2. White (refines)
  3. Blue (transform)
  4. Yellow (ripens).


Quatrain = Prophecy = 4 = Time= Harmony = Verse = Poetry = Art

T(E)=ART = "Time is Art"


9676544091?profile=originalSince the 4 Moons align with important jewish holidays, even books have now been written on the subject, including a polemic one from Christian pastor John Hagee called "Four Blood Moons" Something is about to change.

And now that we are deep into this Year of the Red Solar Moon Healing, and just crossed the second Blood Eclipse [VERSE] of the 2014-2015 Tetrad [QUATRAIN] , I can say that I personally agree with Mr. Hagee in the sense that, as his book cover slogan says: "Something is about to change"... Actually is already changing:

As the New Galactic Beam enters into increasingly higher resonance frequencies, synchronicity accelerates and we start to feel the first stages of an imminent "Event Horizon" approaching fast and furious..."

With this new set revelations around April 15th and Leonardo DaVinci a beautiful time pattern is starting to emerge to the surface linked to the Banner of Peace and the Cycles of the Moon... On PART  Quatrain III : 3 : ••• of this report repART we will go deeper into this pattern... A pattern that claimed the name of:

~"DaVinci TimeCode"~


(Transmission in Progress...)


GA 113 

[Banner of Peace and Galactic Shield Hunab Ku]


for their support and collaboration in the Creation of this reportART

Special dedications:
to my sisters
Clare163 and Bea163 Stonehenge Guardians and Juanita 165 on their Galactic Birthdays

  Juanita 53 on our combined Galactic RetURn (113+53)

(*even those who create man-made crop circles :-) )

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