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Kin 206: White Spectral Worldbridger
Earth Family
Signal (Unravel the Mystery)
What is your favorite color of the rainbow?
I like 'em all, especially Naranja
As part of our star family and another ourself we would love to know more about you. What brought you to Galactic Spacebook and what facets are you most interested in?
today! reading rob brezny and annoyed with tropical astrology, i used the yoursky virtual telescope and noticed the moon-jupiter conjunction. good night for street poetry. searching googlespace for the term 'moon-jupiter conjunction' led me right here as if destined. so i joined up. i'm a Ninger on a few other sites, maybe this one won't bore me to tears.
We've noticed that, more often than not, it is a fascinating story when someone shares how they learned about the Law of Time/13 Moon Calendar/Dreamspell. How or when did you learn about it? :)
so many different places. i will credit Jose Arguelles.
What are your favorite books/music/art/movies?
Heinlein and the Right Use of Will series of channelings. Amorah Quan Yin holds a dear place in my heart. Gustaf Klimt is following me. the Anonymous series of erotic novels from the 1970s. Henry and June. Battlestar Galactica redux. Linda Goodman's Star Signs. Rob Brezny's Free Will Astrology. The Cocteau Twins. Sasha Grey. Dragon Ball Z. Myo Ho Renge Kyo.

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I'm glad I'm "here".

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nobody really understands the discordian society...

私は告白します 私は小さな子供だったし、二重の幻想が出てきた。





ベストソング! 愛のインスピレーションのために、それは私の結論です。




Real +ヨーコ・オノが「その髪の毛の男の子」
私 はい、正気は、誤謬とは対照的に、まれな民間の意見です。
陽子様のシーンはまれです>> あなたがそれを得なければ、
Watashi wa kokuhaku shimasu watashi wa chīsana kodomodattashi, 
nijū no gensō ga dete kita. Tōji watashi to watashi no hahaoya dakedatta.
Watashitachiha firaderufia ni sunde imashita. Watashi wa WABC rajio o motte imasu.
Sono arubamu kara no hitto-kyoku wa subete `watashitachi no uta'desu.

Sore wa Oedipal ni tsuitede wa arimasen.
Kojin-teki ni wa, watashi wa chokkan-teki ni,
hahaoya ni fushizen-sa ya futan o kakeru yōna seiyō no shūkan o hitei shimasu.
Besuto songu! Ai no insupirēshon no tame ni, sore wa watashi no ketsurondesu.
Desukara,`horisagete inai' hito wa,
Tzara ya Duchamp o dore dake in'yō shite mo,
Dada no dan'yaku o kawasu koto wa arimasen.

Dada no pointo wa, sore ga genjitsu no ichi keitaidearu to iu kotodesu. Ima,
< kairosu > no ikita shunkan... Kansōshita kusatta kyanbasu no omoide wa,
shinda darādo no geijutsu no tame no monodesu.
Rearu + yōko Ono ga `sono kaminoke no otokonoko' no tasuke o karite tsukutta
no wa ikite iru geijutsude wanai kare wa geijutsu ni okeru kanojo no yunīkuna tensai
no tame ni josei o sonkei shimashita. Watashi wa i, shōki wa, gobyū to wa taishō-teki ni,
marena minkan no ikendesu. Yōko-sama no shīn wa maredesu > >

anata ga sore o enakereba, anata wa asai monodesu.
Ono yōko no tensai ga atama o agete imasu.

A synchrotron is a particular type of cyclic particle accelerator, descended from the cyclotron, in which the accelerating particle beam travels around a fixed closed-loop path. The magnetic field which bends the particle beam into its closed path increases with time during the accelerating process, being synchronized to the increasing kinetic energy of the particles.

The synchrotron is one of the first accelerator concepts to enable the construction of large-scale facilities, since bending, beam focusing and acceleration can be separated into different components. The most powerful modern particle accelerators use versions of the synchrotron design.

The largest synchrotron-type accelerator, also the largest particle accelerator in the world, is the 27-kilometre-circumference (17 mi) Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland, built in 2008 by the . It can accelerate beams of protons to an energy of 6.5 teraelectronvolts (TeV).

The synchrotron principle was invented by Vladimir Veksler in 1944.

Edwin McMillan constructed the first electron synchrotron in 1945, arriving at the idea independently, oddly, by way of the strange and synchronistic phenomenon known as...


The first proton synchrotron was designed by Sir Marcus Oliphant and built in 1952.[4]

under construction, May 25 2018 Normal.

please...stop by later!

3.22.2017 My friends, It Is Later Than You Think. TOO LATE! I say, for us to rot inside the belly of a tyrant. Let us chop our way out of the guts of Kronos the Tyrannt!*FNORD*

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At 5:59pm on September 19, 2018, Malaclypse the Elder said…

The West Indies...India...American many Indias and kinds of Indian kin are there...

we approach the end of the old age.

the end of the age of pisces

old now is Earth

none may count her days

i am waiting here for you to return to me,

i am truly small.

after all, 

never settle for second best..

At 2:43pm on September 3, 2018, Luke Nemy said…

Happy belated kin-day my friend!

At 12:48pm on July 25, 2018, Angel Stardust said…

Blessings Malaclypse, Thank you for the message! :)

At 8:45am on June 26, 2018, Z. E. H. W. said…

Aloha, good to connect with you! I look forward to the information we can unearth together. 

At 12:28pm on June 15, 2018, Malaclypse the Elder said…

At 5:20am on June 12, 2018, Malaclypse the Elder said…

At 5:19am on June 12, 2018, Malaclypse the Elder said…

You Can!

Guilt and Denial are illlusion generators, temporal decievers.  Think:  guilt and denial have no physicality of themselves...they are only thought-forms born of archaic prejudice.

Whatever it is, it can be done.   Strive for balance...rather than attempts to create a miserable "Yang without Yin" that will never, ever happen.  

At 5:57pm on May 27, 2018, Malaclypse the Elder said…

At 6:43am on April 30, 2018, Malaclypse the Elder said…

At 11:16am on August 26, 2015, Luke Nemy said…

Hello, been reading some of your posts and I find myself highly intrigued by the info your bringing to the table. I hear you when you say this site can be boring, i'm personally making an effort to be on more often posting thoughts and findings to do my part and build this community. -> I'm thinking 'hey this may be technospheric interaction, but we're opening the communication channels right? were contacting and interacting with those kin who have our similar thoughts, intentions, mind sets; we should embrace this opportunity because we're here to connect the dots not to stare at them and keep to ourselves. And these connections also help clear away the fog so that we can make those noospheric connections'

That is our evolution, our involution, these inner workings and our outer workings manifest outward somehow. Finding a community such as this is what I'm grateful form, I think it's time we take advantage of the opportunity were given.

So, dude, all your info/hacks is rad. I'm interested on what you have been reading lately about Amora, I have read a couple of Pleadian books as well and heard their teachings/remembered. But I'm interested on where you got your info on the society's on Planet 2 ?

I'm a practicing psychic reader, things that I look for/find talking to people usually are connected to pictures or possibly past lives that in clearing out the energy charge on them, have the potential to be life altering.

Also, just realized your kin is 206, mine is 205

lining it up!

Keep living !

Malaclypse the Elder's Discussions

White Spectral Mirror - October 22/23 2018 - A Mayan Oracle Definition
2 Replies

I researched and found the definition of White Spectral World-Bridger several Western-calendar years before I discovered this group and the ideas presented by "Law of Time."  I resonated with what the definition of White Spectral World-Bridger had to say about me and my identity and my soul journey, and my plans for my future self, my destiny, what I could do.  Years before.   I didn't know too much else about the Mayan calendar, I simply respected it as a form of seeing that had been dismissed as nothing by arrogant types with no real world-vision...Every now and then, the Mayan Calendar and Oracle show me something that give me a warm heart-resonance, a heart-mind resonance, as if I am definitely on the "right track" and doing magic that will achieve, change things, contribute to utopia and a more beautiful picture.  This night under the full Moon is one of those nights, but rather than ME explaining, I will cut and paste someone else's words. I am sure that if you read this, it will resonate meaningfully for you as well...White Spectral Mirror  Tone 11: Spectral - Dissonance & Letting GoWhite Mirror is your Conscious Self - who you are and who you are becoming.White Mirror represents the Hall of Mirrors, where you can face your own reflection and see the truth about yourself. As a mirror, White Mirror merely reflects what is, whether truth, beauty or illusion. Here you can face unfinished business, the dissonance of difficulties, or charged issues that would keep you from the full expression of your Divinity. Become aware of any illusions or distortions within yourself; your clarity of perception will transform them. Take a moment to see yourself as you actually are, shadow and all, freed from the maze of mental illusion.Sometimes you may find yourself reacting rather than freely responding to a situation or person. If you have charged reactions such as frustration, anger, fear, judgement or jealousy, look at how you might be projecting these issues onto…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Christina R Krupinski 2 hours ago.

The Fall Of The Prime Movers by White Spectral World-Bridger
3 Replies

First DraftMarch, 2001Preface 2017 The Objectivist poets were a loose-knit group of second-generation Modernists who emerged in the 1930s. They were mainly American and were influenced by, amongst others, Ezra Pound and William Carlos Williams.The basic tenets of objectivist poetics as defined by Louis Zukofsky were to treat the poem as an object, and to emphasise sincerity, intelligence, and the poet's ability to look clearly at the world. \While the name of the group is the same as Ayn Rand's school of Objectivist philosophy, the two movements are neither exactly the same nor mutually exclusive.  If anyone tells you that contradictions don't exist, contradict them immediately.  They get really frustrated.  I'm serious.  Try it.Sooner or later, the empiricist is proven wrong in their arrogant pessimism by the flow of events.1.I seal the store of death with the spectral tone of liberation.I THOUGHT ABOUT THE FALL OF THE PRIME MOVERS. I THOUGHT ABOUT THE FALL OF THE PRIME MOVERS. BUT AT THE OUTSET I THOUGHT THAT THE ANNOYING LITTLE CAPITALIST INSIDE ME WANTED TO CRYSTALLIZE IT,PITCH IT AS A MINISERIES, MAKE TONS OF CASH...LIKE OUR LOVE, IT SEEMED LIKE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL CONCEPT THAT ITS CORRUPTION WAS INEVITABLE. I HAD TO THINK ABOUT  IT. IT WAS A CONCEPT BORN OF ANGUISH AND LOVE. LOVE THAT STAYED HIDING DEEP IN MY GULLET WHILE I TRAMPED OFF TO APPOINTMENTS.   TO CATCH BUSES, TRAINS.LOVE THAT ALWAYS SEEMED INAPPROPRIATE.  OUT OF LINE.  IMPRACTICAL. …Continue

Tags: #aristotelianism, #feminism, #aquarius, #poets, #cybersurrealism

Started this discussion. Last reply by Luke Nemy Sep 24.

undefined Dali 1 Kin 168, Yellow Crystal Star Retrograde Is Murky

I LOVE mercury retrograde.MEDITATE, foolsContinue

Started Jul 25

1 Reply

《トレイシー・アッシュ特別インタビュー》”真実のライトワークにおいては、大切とされるコンセプトは進化のみです。あなたの意識を進化させること、それによってあなたの変化が可能になります。新しいあなたが目覚め、新しい世界がそこに登場します。あなたのよりよい人生のクオリティを目指すために、あなたの人生の目的が大切になります。特にあなたの人生の成功をさらにすぐれたものにするためには、人生の目的をつまびらかにすることが大切です。””エネルギーがアップグレードされると、彼らの持つ光、エネルギーシステム、気づきのレベル、内なる現実のレベルがアップグレードされ、そこで人生に対するヴィジョンや成功の分野もより高いものになっていくということです。アップグレードされるたびに私たちはさらに目覚めて、それによって膨大な選択肢を与えられます。自分たちをどういう状態に創るか、新しいこの世のパラダイムをどう創るか、それもアップグレードされます。私たちがこれまで持ってきたすべての苦しみや限界を超えていく、そのような物語を紡ぎだすことができます。それによって、最終的にはアップグレードされた人類というものが誕生します。”全文はこちら #TRACEYASH #LIFEPURPOSE #シンクロニシティジャパンTranslateContinue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Malaclypse the Elder Jul 2.

Earth, Yin, The Dark, Feminine, Nurturing, Fertile, Cool.

The highest goodness is like water. Water benefits all things and does not compete. It stays in the lowly places which others despise.Therefore it is near The Eternal.-------------The highest goodness is like water. Water easily benefits all things without struggle. Yet it abides in places that men hate. Therefore it is like the Way.--------Admire thou the High Way of Water! Is not Water the soul of the life ofthings, whereby they change? Yet it seeketh its level, and abidethcontent in obscurity. So also it resembleth the Tao, in this Waythereof!----8. The supreme good is like water,which nourishes all of creationwithout trying to compete with it.It gathers in the low places unpopular with men.Thus it is like the Tao. Live in accordance with the nature of things.In dwelling, live close to the ground.In thinking, keep to the simple.In dealing with others, be fair and generous.In governing, do not try to control.In work, do what you enjoy.In family life, be completely present. When you are content to be simply yourself,and don’t compare or compete,everybody will respect you.One who lives in accordance with naturedoes not go against the way of things.He moves in harmony with the present moment,always knowing the truth of just what to do.In this verse, Lao Tzu describes the Tao as being like water. The paradox of water is that although it is one of the softest of substances, it is also one of the most powerful. Whilst water is gentle and flows around…Continue

Tags: Taoist, Dao, Daoism, Mastery, Masters

Started Jun 28

October 26th thru the 28th - 'New Life' Exposition announced!

NEW LIFE EXPO @ NEW YORKSPEAKER, PANELIST, EXHIBITOR26 - 28 OCT 2018 Expo is the largest and longest running mind, body, and spirit expo in NYC for the last 28 years and we could never have done it without your support. The thousands of people who come every expo help to inspire me to make each expo more exciting, more informative and more fun.Continue


Started Jun 28

Kin 141, June 28 2018 "TELEKTONON"

2009/12/10 BY 2013ANDTHEMYSTERYQUEENKin 141: Red Spectral Dragon on Red Overtone Dragon Moon Day 26Today, we have a plethora of Elevens!  Today is toned by the Eleventh Spectral Tone.  The G-Force for today is sealed by Eleven:  11.8 (Galactic Monkey)  Today’s Challenge/Antipode is 11.11, Galactic Signature of Valum Votan.  The letters in Valum Votan add up to  141, todays Kin (1.11).  Also, today, there are  Eleven days until Solstice (Winter Solstice for 90% of us) on Dec. 21, 2009.  Even today’s date:  10 + 12 + 2 + 9 = 33 (=Kin 13.7), the Mystic number composed of 3 Elevens.  At this moment, it is 11.11 a.m. in the Heart of New Zealand.  All of this is occcurring on the 11th day of Wavespell 11, coded by Seal 11:  the Monkey a.k.a. the Magician.   The Code Spell for Kin 141:  Red Spectral Dragon states:  “I Dissolve in order to Nurture.  Releasing Being, I seal the input of Birth with the Spectral Tone of Liberation.  I am Guided by my own power doubled.”The Postulate for 1.11 is:  “The social structures mandated by the Law of Time are telepathic structures of knowing as well.  The integration of biological living patterns in the correct timing frequency, with the pursuit of the creation of mental structures of prolonged duration, will endow the species with a collective telepathic awareness presently unknown.” Seal 1, the Dragon, belongs to the Cardinal Family which guards the ‘telepathic protectorate zone’ of the Northern Regions of our Earth, and her Throat Chakra.  Seal 1correlates to Neptune and Circuit Two which it shares with Venus.…Continue

Started Jun 28

essay: Angst vor der Sonne (Fear Of The Sun) towards solar power-based sustainability by 2020

THE BIG "CON" here?"Custom facility development, financing and construction allow for projects that range from 25 MW to over 500 MW. Renewable energy should be cost competitive with fossil fuels. This simple concept has driven eSolar to engineer a paradigm shift in solar thermal technology, providing a dramatically cost-effective solution for the utility industry." ...and thus the petrol industry currently maintains a sinister lockout on simple terms: beginning with solar ideas now would ensure a run on the product. Big Oil, being conflicted a la Eisenhower's famous warning -- does NOT want anything but glut and oil panic. as such, one of the most radical things to do is to go all - out FOR solar solutions.  that design for a sun farm is workable, and there are others!  It would not START OUT competitive with the grossly inflated cost of petrol -- now the same crude costs in the United States FOUR TIMES what it did in 2000.(essay original written in 2005)  The manipulation like so many other deceptive acts of the NWO conspiracy is performed to deceive people as to the long term viability of solar power. Of COURSE anything but oil is not cost effective to military industrial oil barons whose long-term plans include manipulating more and more oil wars. The INSANE Aryan Jihadists who play on both sides have the same approach, leading to "Strange Bedfellows"...         04:05 am - doublethink...nazi fucking obvious. that's what.emma goldman and johnny rottenchiptruth User ID: 352 12/15/2005 5:28 PM this…Continue

Started Jun 28

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"For my astrolabe sign, I think I am a 'Net Seed' and was made tobe a weapon. I know that…"
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"Kathleen Chang (October 10, 1950 – October 22, 1996), known by her performance…"
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White Spectral Mirror - October 22/23 2018 - A Mayan Oracle Definition

I researched and found the definition of White Spectral World-Bridger several Western-calendar…See More
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