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Kin 206: White Spectral Worldbridger
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Signal (Unravel the Mystery)
What is your favorite color of the rainbow?
I like 'em all, especially Naranja
As part of our star family and another ourself we would love to know more about you. What brought you to Galactic Spacebook and what facets are you most interested in?
today! reading rob brezny and annoyed with tropical astrology, i used the yoursky virtual telescope and noticed the moon-jupiter conjunction. good night for street poetry. searching googlespace for the term 'moon-jupiter conjunction' led me right here as if destined. so i joined up. i'm a Ninger on a few other sites, maybe this one won't bore me to tears.
We've noticed that, more often than not, it is a fascinating story when someone shares how they learned about the Law of Time/13 Moon Calendar/Dreamspell. How or when did you learn about it? :)
so many different places. i will credit Jose Arguelles.
What are your favorite books/music/art/movies?
Heinlein and the Right Use of Will series of channelings. Amorah Quan Yin holds a dear place in my heart. Gustaf Klimt is following me. the Anonymous series of erotic novels from the 1970s. Henry and June. Battlestar Galactica redux. Linda Goodman's Star Signs. Rob Brezny's Free Will Astrology. The Cocteau Twins. Sasha Grey. Dragon Ball Z. Myo Ho Renge Kyo.

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I'm glad I'm "here".

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nobody really understands the discordian society...

私は告白します 私は小さな子供だったし、二重の幻想が出てきた。





ベストソング! 愛のインスピレーションのために、それは私の結論です。




Real +ヨーコ・オノが「その髪の毛の男の子」
私 はい、正気は、誤謬とは対照的に、まれな民間の意見です。
陽子様のシーンはまれです>> あなたがそれを得なければ、
Watashi wa kokuhaku shimasu watashi wa chīsana kodomodattashi, 
nijū no gensō ga dete kita. Tōji watashi to watashi no hahaoya dakedatta.
Watashitachiha firaderufia ni sunde imashita. Watashi wa WABC rajio o motte imasu.
Sono arubamu kara no hitto-kyoku wa subete `watashitachi no uta'desu.

Sore wa Oedipal ni tsuitede wa arimasen.
Kojin-teki ni wa, watashi wa chokkan-teki ni,
hahaoya ni fushizen-sa ya futan o kakeru yōna seiyō no shūkan o hitei shimasu.
Besuto songu! Ai no insupirēshon no tame ni, sore wa watashi no ketsurondesu.
Desukara,`horisagete inai' hito wa,
Tzara ya Duchamp o dore dake in'yō shite mo,
Dada no dan'yaku o kawasu koto wa arimasen.

Dada no pointo wa, sore ga genjitsu no ichi keitaidearu to iu kotodesu. Ima,
< kairosu > no ikita shunkan... Kansōshita kusatta kyanbasu no omoide wa,
shinda darādo no geijutsu no tame no monodesu.
Rearu + yōko Ono ga `sono kaminoke no otokonoko' no tasuke o karite tsukutta
no wa ikite iru geijutsude wanai kare wa geijutsu ni okeru kanojo no yunīkuna tensai
no tame ni josei o sonkei shimashita. Watashi wa i, shōki wa, gobyū to wa taishō-teki ni,
marena minkan no ikendesu. Yōko-sama no shīn wa maredesu > >

anata ga sore o enakereba, anata wa asai monodesu.
Ono yōko no tensai ga atama o agete imasu.

A synchrotron is a particular type of cyclic particle accelerator, descended from the cyclotron, in which the accelerating particle beam travels around a fixed closed-loop path. The magnetic field which bends the particle beam into its closed path increases with time during the accelerating process, being synchronized to the increasing kinetic energy of the particles.

The synchrotron is one of the first accelerator concepts to enable the construction of large-scale facilities, since bending, beam focusing and acceleration can be separated into different components. The most powerful modern particle accelerators use versions of the synchrotron design.

The largest synchrotron-type accelerator, also the largest particle accelerator in the world, is the 27-kilometre-circumference (17 mi) Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland, built in 2008 by the . It can accelerate beams of protons to an energy of 6.5 teraelectronvolts (TeV).

The synchrotron principle was invented by Vladimir Veksler in 1944.

Edwin McMillan constructed the first electron synchrotron in 1945, arriving at the idea independently, oddly, by way of the strange and synchronistic phenomenon known as...


The first proton synchrotron was designed by Sir Marcus Oliphant and built in 1952.[4]

under construction, May 25 2018 Normal.

please...stop by later!

3.22.2017 My friends, It Is Later Than You Think. TOO LATE! I say, for us to rot inside the belly of a tyrant. Let us chop our way out of the guts of Kronos the Tyrannt!*FNORD*

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At 9:29am on April 1, 2020, Crystal wymore said…
Hiya ♡ thank you for the birthday love !
At 7:57pm on November 19, 2019, Malaclypse the Elder said…

At 1:53pm on October 15, 2019, Malaclypse the Elder said…

At 11:36am on October 15, 2019, Malaclypse the Elder said…

At 11:42pm on April 17, 2019, Malaclypse the Elder said…

the secret of joy...possess it soon

At 6:55pm on April 1, 2019, Volker Görke said…

Namaste+Hey!? You fucking PunciboyWhy You must greed me with this negative("You fucking Punk"/ No,´I´m an Punc!!) Greed of the 80. at End of the 10ths.?!With friendly Greeds from Starkid VG* /= SoulDoc."ET-VG" from Sirius!!!

At 7:33am on January 31, 2019, Malaclypse the Elder said…

At 7:30am on January 31, 2019, Malaclypse the Elder said…

At 8:28pm on January 22, 2019, Luke Nemy said…

ever hear a voice telling you "you're doing too much of the right thing" ?

weird right?

At 5:59pm on September 19, 2018, Malaclypse the Elder said…

The West Indies...India...American many Indias and kinds of Indian kin are there...

we approach the end of the old age.

the end of the age of pisces

old now is Earth

none may count her days

i am waiting here for you to return to me,

i am truly small.

after all, 

never settle for second best..

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help keep this forum alive!!!
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Please...don't let galactic spacebook become a "zombie forum"(U) ZOMBIE THREAT SUMMARY6. (U) Zombie threat summary:a. (U) CON PLAN 8888 is designed to address the following types of zombie threats:i. (U) Pathogenic Zombies (PZ):1. (U) PZ's are zombie life forms created after an organ ism is infected by a virus or bacteria or some other form of contagionii. (U) Radiation Zombies (RZ):1. (U) RZ's are zombie life fonns created after an organism is infected by a extreme dosage of electromagnetic and/or particle radiationii i. (U) Evil Magic Zombies (EMZ):1. (U) EMZ's are zombie life forms created via some fo rm of occult experimentation in what might otherwise be referred to as "evil magic"CONPLAN 8888 - The PentagonContinue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Luke Nemy Mar 28.

Practically nobody understands Patacelsus.

Once upon a time, in a land far far away (for most readers it would be far, for me it's a day trip), there was a group of Baby Boomers that enjoyed trolling Right Wing groups. They did this in an age in which trolling required effort, Art, forethought, finesse, and of course, a bit of a mean streak. Of course it wasn't called trolling back then; these dope smoking, Leftist, chronically jovial Baby Boomers, lets call them, Discordians, called it by its holy Discordian name, a jape.The jape was to convince these Right Wingers that there was an ancient organization, called the Illuminati, that really ran everything, and that the Illuminati wanted what they were most afraid of. Certainly, this was not the genesis of the human behavior that seeks order, and someone to blame, in a world that is less than satisfactory. But the modern belief in the “Deep State” has a lineage, and that lineage I think is clear. And the consequences of those old japes, long after all those old Discordians have died, is that the Right sought out a weapon, to destroy the “Deep State”. I say the Right, but there are two types of Right. The people in charge, who don't believe in anything but power and money, like all politicians, and the people who are on the Right, who believe in all the totem ideas that make up their Belief System (herein this will now be referred to as B.S.).Donald Trump is their weapon, selected by them, against the wishes of their leaders, to destroy the “Deep State” their leaders told them was real. Their leaders didn't realize that this has been a project of Operation Mindfuck for decades. They selected their weapon, but we made the windmill. That being said, I think it safe to say that a weapon that was chosen to defeat a fake terror we made up, that will succeed in destroying the real terror of the U.S. Federal Government (which will herein be called the United States F.G.), is actually our weapon. Naturally this means that the Discordian Society, long lambasted as lazy…Continue

Started Mar 23

Awesome story of spiritual awakening by YouTube veteran
2 Replies


Started this discussion. Last reply by david hoover Mar 9.

What Is Don Trump HIDING, Galactic Spacebook?
3 Replies

“It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.” ― James Baldwin  Nebraska Inquiry Is Given File on Sex Abuse of Foster ChildrenBy William Robbins, Special To the New York TimesDec. 25, 1988  A state file containing reports of physical and sexual abuse of foster children, based on interviews with some of the children and including one instance reminiscent of slave auctions, has been turned over to the Executive Board of the Nebraska Legislature.People familiar with the file's contents describe it as a voluminous compilation of reports acquired over the last two years by the State Foster Care Review Board from a variety of child care professionals, including schoolteachers and social workers.Three leading officials of the review board, which monitors the quality of care in Nebraskan foster homes, submitted the file Monday in a closed meeting with the Executive Board. It will be used by an investigative committee that the Executive Board had already begun forming to look into earlier reports of child sexual abuse and how that abuse might be linked to the collapse of a small Omaha credit union. Good Parties and Bad PartiesOne of the reports in the file, according to a source familiar with it, is an account by an interviewer of a narrative provided by a reputed victim, who described parties at various places, including Omaha and cities to which she was flown on the East Coast. ''The way she described it, some were good parties and some were bad parties,'' said this source, who went on to describe scenes of abuse, including one in which the victim, a teen-ager, was made to stand nude at a party while she was offered at auction to the highest bidder.''I don't know if they can prove it,'' the source said, ''but if one-tenth of what that girl is saying is true, I'd sure hate to have her talking about me.''The foster care agency's submission of the file is among the latest developments in a case that began…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Malaclypse the Elder Mar 23.

specks of confusion

SEE MENTAL HEALTH RECORDS “Good thing we had a revolution in America!  Otherwise, we’d all be speaking English now!”--Pastor Maxwell, SubGenius, K. S. C.I know the truth, you are beautifulthey told you that your origin was reptiliana lie they told.your origins are starlight... dedicated tospiritual lovethe feelers, the sufferers, the anguished and hopefulwho won't let go of the vision...clear light,star light. big bang light. light of lovebefore love knew our names.  beforewe knew we were love, when all was dream before we solidified.    light, that light. not Lucifer to blind us with Ill Loomin' NationDivine Light, first light!  specks,from that cosmic Love that was first Made,that thing that later, in hindsight, would call itself Tantrakinda like the original Tantrum(heh heh) speckssouls,Divine scream echoing forever,starstuff and a fight where a Devil arrogant is cast down,destroyed!  its' chance of ruling anything,smashed into religion and myth and isolated temporary (maybe aeons but peanuts to forever) problem, and seeds, star seeds, flowering crysanthemum of hope and that Love from earlier in the poem,primal, Zen mindBeginner's mind,Creator's mind,Our mind,your mind,my mind,THE mind.  specks.fragments. Tao has cast off no fragments.there's nothing but tao. if it's not earth, it's heaven,and people between,it's NOT the way of the world. ........... time passesevolution happensarms to hold him with,legs to wrap around her,the gods made love and shared it with us,specks,worlds, but.. life, death,life,amnesia,what? ------found a mapwalk the skydo the monkeywink--------------- strive,struggle,get crucifiedburn at the stake,decapitated for honestysay you're sorry!---- world of dirt and lugs. world of trash and misery and of addiction, misery, self destructionand what sentient being WOULDN'T wantto forget?  Sokrates doesn't want to be ripped apart by beasts or raped by grinning horned Pans."Who am I, Odysseus?  Ajax? Achilles? You were never my…Continue

Started Jan 21

in lieu of a poem, i'd like this to say

 in lieu of a poem, i’d like to say Danez Smithapricots & brown teeth in browner mouths nashing dates & a clementine’s underflesh under yellow nail & dates like auntie heads & the first time someone dried mango there was god & grandma’s Sunday only song & how the plums are better as plums dammit & i was wrong & a June’s worth of moons & the kiss stain of the berries & lord the prunes & the miracle of other people’s lives & none of my business & our hands sticky and a good empty & please please pass the bowl around again & the question of dried or ripe & the sex of grapes & too many dates & us us us us & varied are the feast but so same the sound of love gorged & the women in the Y hijab a lily in the water & all of us who come from people who signed with x’s & yesterday made delicacy in the wrinkle of the fruit & at the end of my name begins the lot of us      Copyright © 2019 Danez Smith. Originally published in Poem-a-Day on April 29, 2019, by the Academy of American Poets.Continue

Started Apr 29, 2019

Hey, Spectral Kin

Your Tone is Tone 11 - SpectralChange, disintegration, letting go, stripping away, complexity moving to simplicity.Eleven is the ray of dissonance, the foundation of self combined with the foundation of Essence Self, catalyzed by the point of unity. Eleven is the process of disintegration, stripping away the layers down to your core essence. Unity, the great illuminator, is transforming patterns and structures, freeing you from things that no longer serve your emerging wholeness. Look through the surface appearance of your process. Let complexity dissipate, becoming the blessing of simplicity.With the Spectral Tone of 11, cherished ideals, beliefs, and images of all kinds are being brought up for you to reexamine, illuminate, and transform. Examine what appears dissonant in your life. Let go! Embrace the disintegration process without resisting or judging it. The rigid walls of your resistances are being broken down. Going through your resistances and boundaries prepares a space for greater wisdom. You are becoming an open system. Anything that defines you is being stripped away. Expect clearing and change. As your facade crumbles and your walls come tumbling down, the true illumination of self bursts through!so are there any other with "spectral" in the description they give you?do you relate? how? i understand that some might choose not to respond here, and remain "spectral."to me, spectral includes all colours in a spectrum...Continue

Started Feb 19, 2019

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Dissynchronized and at odds with itself everywhere, humanity is broken apart into splintered mind fields, each controlled by a different timing standard, a fact about which the human race is virtually ignorant- to its own detriment. –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan It … Continue reading

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