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The first Post of Yore-Shogoloth

Feeling less schizophrenic today. Alpha day so i must be an alpha male and do math homework. looks less DMT, and its good. I have exessive DMT anyway. But Im not selling.

Well it is a relief to write, although i have not time to write as much in this mental institution where im at. Its not as horrific as Arkham. Yet. 


Yep, still living like dmt factory.

(theres a strange Yesodic glow on factories, purple glows everywhere, yet im not on LSD? What the FIG!?)

Merkaba spinnin. I have not enough -shit! they come AAAARGH!!!


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The type selection and specification determination of crushing equipment are mainly related to the physical properties, processing capacity, particle size of crushing products, equipment configuration and other factors of the processed ore. Choosing the right stone crusher must meet the requirements of crushing product particle size, design processing capacity and maximum particle size in ore feeding.

Before selecting the crusher in the design, it is generally necessary to make technical and economic comparison and select the best from the aspects of equipment installation power, equipment weight, capital construction investment, production and operation management fee, equipment configuration, advantages and disadvantages of process operation, etc.

1. Selection of coarse crushing equipment

The maximum particle size in the feeding of the coarse crusher is generally not greater than 0.8-0.85 times the width of the ore feeding mouth of the crusher.

When the amount of raw ore processed on that day is not particularly large, jaw crusher is generally selected for coarse crushing; In some non-metallic and cement industries, impact crushers are also used for coarse crushing to deal with medium hardness or softer ores. Roller crusher can also be used for hard ore with small raw ore particle size.

2. Selection of medium and fine crushing equipment

The maximum particle size in the ore feeding of medium and fine crushers is generally not greater than 0.85-0.9 times the width of the ore feeding mouth of the crusher.

Cone crusher and roller crusher are generally selected as medium and fine crushing equipment for crushing hard ore and medium hard ore or materials. Standard cone crusher is selected for medium crushing; Short head cone crusher is selected for fine crushing. When crushing fragile materials, impact crusher and hammer crusher can be selected.

Roller crusher is suitable for crushing brittle materials and materials to avoid over crushing. Its structure is simple and easy to manufacture, but the drum is easy to wear and the processing capacity is not as large as that of cone crusher.

Impact crusher and hammer crusher are suitable for crushing medium hard materials, especially fragile materials, such as limestone, calcite, talc, kaolinite, pyrite and asbestos. They have the characteristics of small volume, simple structure, large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, large processing capacity, uniform product particle size and strong selective crushing effect, but the equipment is easy to wear and have high noise.

How to Choose Stone Crusher:

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How to Select the Best Granite Stone Crusher?

Nigeria is rich in granite resources. Granite is an excellent raw material for sand and gravel aggregate and the preferred raw material for high-grade stones. Granite Stone Crusher In Nigeria are many types, mainly including vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, circular vibrating screen, belt conveyor, etc.

Granite has high hardness, but has certain brittleness. Compared with basalt, granite is easy to be broken; Compared with medium hardness materials such as limestone, granite is difficult to break. Therefore, in the process design of granite crushing production line, the crushing equipment with lamination principle shall be selected as far as possible to reduce the loss of wear-resistant parts. For medium and short-term projects, two-stage crushing can be adopted; For medium and long-term projects, three-stage crushing is an ideal choice.

If the customer has high requirements for the final stone particle shape, one impact breaker or impact crusher can be configured for integer crushing to form a three-stage crushing process configuration. The investment cost of three-stage crushing is high, but for the sand and gravel plant in long-term operation, the production cost reduced by three-stage crushing is very considerable.

For the granite crushing production line with medium and small output, the process configuration of jaw breaking + impact crusher can be adopted. Jaw crusher shall reduce the particle size of granite as much as possible, and the impact crusher shall carry out integral crushing, so as to achieve the crushing effect of excellent particle size, appropriate control of wear and low cost.

For the granite crushing production line with low grain type requirements, the process configuration of two-stage jaw crusher can be adopted. Although the particle size is poor and the proportion of needle flake stone is high, it can greatly reduce the operation cost and investment cost. The sales price of sand and stone with poor grain size will also be affected to a certain extent.

For the granite crushing production line with large output, the three-stage crushing process shall be used as far as possible, and the process configuration of jaw breaking + fine jaw breaking (or cone crusher) + impact crusher can be adopted. The power consumption and wear cost of laminated secondary crusher are relatively low, but the investment cost is relatively high.

Performance characteristics of stone crushing production line

1. With a high degree of automation, the complete production line hardly needs manual operation except for the startup, shutdown and daily maintenance of the equipment.

2. With high production efficiency, low operation cost, large output and high income, the finished stone has uniform particle size and good particle shape, which meets the national requirements for high-speed materials.

3. Due to the reasonable matching of gravel equipment at all levels and the rigorous spatial cross layout, it has the characteristics of small floor area, high investment economic benefit, good gravel quality and low stone powder output rate.

4. Reliable operation, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy saving.

What Kind Of Stone Crusher Is Needed To Crush Granite:

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With the rapid development of sand making industry, new equipment for sand making machine is also required to innovate continuously. Every new type sand making machine price are not the same, on the one hand, the production of artificial sand material is very rich, the properties of various ore materials are different, so the choice of the new sand making machine types and models are not the same, the new sand making machine price is not the same. On the other hand, there are many types of new sand making machines. The new type of sand making machine selected by users is different, and the price of new type sand making machine is different. The specific price of a new type of sand making machine depends on the type and model of the new type of sand maker selected by the user.

Sand Making Machine Promotes the Boom of Sand Industry

It is known to all that concrete machine includes concrete mixer, sand making machine and stone crusher. China has become the great power in technology and performance in the world. However, some factors hinder China to become the great power in concrete machine, such as product reliability, energy conservation, and environment protection as well as intelligence and information.

In recent years, cement and concrete demand dramatically increases in each great national project such as new rural, new urban and affordable housing. With the acceleration of national urbanization process and improvement of economic development level, infrastructure construction flourishes everywhere and the demand for cement and concrete increases. The demand for gravel aggregate, the major raw material of cement and concrete, will dramatically grow. All of these bring good opportunity to machine industry.

Sand maker has become the authentic equipment in gravel aggregate production by virtue of advanced technology and quality product. It is widely used in domestic various sand production lines and many overseas large production lines. Thus the supply of gravel aggregate in engineering project is guaranteed and sand industry at home and abroad greatly develops.

The working characteristics of sand making machine

(1) the structure is simple and reasonable, and the operation cost is low.
(2) rock stone, hot stone, the use of a machine.
(3) high crushing rate and energy saving.
(4) it has the function of fine grinding and coarse grinding.
(5) not affected by the moisture of the material, both dry and wet.
(6) the work noise is less than 75 decibels (DB grade), and the dust pollution is less, reaching the national environmental protection requirements.
(7) it is suitable for hard and hard material in crushing.
(8) the product is a cube, the bulk density is large, and the iron pollution is very small.
(9) the impeller has small self lining wear and convenient maintenance.

What are the advantages of the new type sand making machine?

1. high level of intelligence, low operating costs. With the rapid development of heavy equipment production technology, the new type of sand making machine increased, while the technology update faster, intelligent level higher. In the process of sand production, it can ensure the smooth flow of the whole sand production process, and also can reduce the comprehensive operation cost of the user.

2. vulnerable parts replacement frequency is low, long service life. Based on the raw materials of artificial sand are relatively large in hardness, new sand making machine in the process of sand wearing parts wear faster, our professional technical team with new wear-resistant materials developed the existing production technology not only has high abrasion resistance, low maintenance and replacement frequency, and the new sand making machine of longer service life.

3. the new sand making machine applicable range is more extensive. The raw materials of artificial sand are becoming more and more abundant, and many professional sand making machines emerge as the times require. The finished products of the new type sand making machine are more granular and of higher grade.

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16 Agosto, 24 Aniversario de la Convergencia Armónica – Águila Magnética Azul Entrevista a José Argüelles el15 de julio de 1987 sobre la Convergencia Armónica

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Intergraded, (Like minded individuals only)

I’m seeking individuals who doesn’t mind actually connecting with one another for group meditation/visualization. Unfortunately being in my area it’s very hard to find like minds on this being our true reality and it’s saddens me bc it’s harder to stay aligned and becoming vulnerable to such carnality. I’m needing help and the assistance to keep myself balance and active as a co creator!In lakeshKin 151
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Dimensional Transmutation

Have you ever vibrated to a level in which you felt and saw in your minds eye yourself leave everyone behind?Have you ever vibrated to a level in which you where the only one there?I am here.
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Solutions to common faults of impact crusher

Impact crusher is a new type of high efficiency crusher developed on the basis of foreign advanced models. It has the advantages of unique structure, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy saving, cube shaped product, adjustable size and selective crushing. Impact crusher in the use of the process often appear abnormal vibration, bearing heating and other conditions, I do not know how to deal with, the following we will be specific analysis.

Abnormal vibration of impact crusher

1. It indicates that the material is too large. You can check the feed size.

2. Uneven wear indicates that the impact hammer needs to be replaced.

3. The rotor is unbalanced and needs to be adjusted.

4. If the foundation is not properly treated, the foundation bolts shall be checked and reinforced.

Bearing heating of impact crusher

1. It indicates that the bearing is short of oil and needs to be refuelled in time. Of course, if the oil is too much, the bearing will be heated. The oil level must be checked when adding oil.

2. If the bearing is damaged, the bearing should be replaced in time.

3. If the upper cover is too tight, the bolts should be adjusted properly and the tightness should be appropriate.

The discharge particle of impact crusher is too large

1. It indicates that the hammer head is worn and needs to be adjusted or replaced,

2. The clearance between hammer head and impact plate is too large, which is generally adjusted to 15-20 mm.

3. Too large feed particles will also affect the discharge particle size.

Crusher belt overturning

1. The belt is worn and needs to be replaced.

2. Because of the problem of belt conveyor assembly, the pulley should be adjusted on the same plane.

3. Pay attention to the quality of the V-belt itself.

The above several situations basically summarize the common faults of crusher. As long as reasonable response is made in the process of use, the impact crusher will be greatly improved in terms of service life and production capacity.

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What are the acceptance criteria for stone crusher?

With the rapid development of machinery industry, processing equipment also ushered in new business opportunities. Stone quarry crusher is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, construction and other fields. Crushing in different materials and different environments can meet the needs of the industry. The market prospect is broad. With the progress of various industries, the requirements of equipment are more and more strict. Crusher equipment manufacturers need to pay more attention in the process of design, manufacturing and acceptance.

For example, in the operation of crusher equipment, safety is an important factor. So, what factors should be paid attention to when crusher equipment manufacturers design equipment safety?

1. The design of crusher equipment shall meet the requirements of the industry standard for crusher equipment and machinery. The crusher equipment in line with the industry standard can meet the crushing requirements of customers and make the broken products reach the standard.

2. The connection method of each part shall be firm and reliable. Each part of the crusher equipment will affect the soundness of the whole equipment, so the stone crusher business manufacturer needs to consider whether the connection is reliable and not loose due to vibration and other conditions.

3. Install safety protection device. Experts in the industry said that the exposed rotating parts of crusher equipment must be equipped with safety protection devices, because the mesh of safety protection devices should ensure that no part of the human body can touch the rotating parts, so as to avoid injury caused by the operator's touch. Rotate the part.

4. Pay attention to the design of blind hole. It can be understood that the length of common crusher hopper should not be less than 500mm, and the height of hopper platform should be 700mm-1100mm. In addition, the crusher equipment shall be equipped with a particle hopper which can control the material flow. In the case of crusher equipment connected to the automatic feeder for automatic feeding, protective devices must be provided to prevent magnetic metal foreign matters from entering the crushing chamber.5. The shell and exposed parts of crusher equipment shall be designed to avoid sharp angle and sharp edge, which may easily cause accidental injury to operators.

6. Crusher equipment must be equipped with overload protection device, grounding sign, etc., which also need to be taken into account.

In addition to the safety factors that need to be considered in the design of crusher equipment, the manufacturer also has certain specifications for equipment manufacturing and acceptance, and each joint must be strictly controlled.

For example, a balance check should be carried out between the rotating gear plate and the bearing of the crusher equipment. All rotating parts shall be able to rotate flexibly without jamming and friction. The hammer on the movable gear plate shall be able to rotate freely around the pin shaft under the action of its own weight; the dust concentration in the working area of crusher equipment shall not exceed 10mg / m3; the product name, product model and manufacturer's name shall be indicated on the product label, support power, spindle speed, date of delivery and other main parameters.

Finally, before the crusher equipment leaves the factory, the manufacturer should electrify the equipment to check for abnormal noise, leakage and stable feeding. After the test machine is successful, it must be cleaned to ensure that the commercial crusher equipment can be directly put into the crushing production process without pollution and other problems.

Second Hand Stone Crusher Machine:

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Limestone Crushing Production Cost

Limestone is the raw material with a large amount of cement production. After mining, it has larger particle size and higher hardness, so it needs to be broken by limestone crushing plant, the most commonly used limestone crushing equipment includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, etc.

In the mineral processing industry, the production cost of crushing and grinding operations in the concentrator accounts for more than 40% of the total cost, while the production cost of grinding operations accounts for more than 40% of the total cost, and the investment of grinding equipment accounts for about 60% of the total investment of the concentrator. Most of these materials have to go through crushing and grinding. It can be seen that crushing and powder engineering play an important role in the national economy. In recent years, China's crushing industry, driven by the strong overseas demand, has become popular.

In the cement industry, the grinding cost of cement plant accounts for about 20% of the production cost, the power consumption of crushing machinery accounts for about 10% of the total power consumption of the whole plant, and the power consumption of powder machinery accounts for 60%. The combination of crushing and grinding is referred to as crushing and grinding, and the machinery used is referred to as grinding machinery. The process of turning small particles into powder materials by external force is called crushing, destroying or grinding, or grinding for short. The machine it uses is called grinding machine. The second stage is cement grinding: cement grinding is the post process of cement manufacturing, and it also consumes more power. Cement crushing: in the process of cement production, most raw materials need to be broken, such as limestone, clay, iron ore and coal.

Crushing is the process of turning large particles into small ones with external force. The machine used is called crusher. Its main function is to grind the cement clinker (and gelling agent, functional regulating material, etc.) to the appropriate particle size (expressed by fineness, specific surface area, etc.) with a pulverizer, so as to form a certain particle gradation, increase its hydration area, accelerate the hydration speed, and meet the requirements of cement paste coagulation and hardening. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, many cement enterprises are pursuing low consumption and high production. On the basis of ball mill, new research and development have been made on multifunctional mill LM series vertical roller mill, which fully realizes the new grinding process of cement enterprises and realizes low energy consumption and high energy consumption. The annual output of brittle materials in China has reached more than 1.5 billion tons, including about 240 million tons of iron ore, more than 100 million tons of nonferrous metal ores, 260 million tons of non-metallic minerals, more than 30 million tons of chemical minerals, more than 400 million tons of cement, and more than 470 million tons of limestone for building materials. With the development of science and technology and the upgrading of crushing machinery technology, its application scope is more and more extensive, not only used in mineral processing industry, but also widely used in cement industry, and has a significant role in it. With the rapid development of contemporary social economy, the social demand and production scale of various metals, non-metallic, chemical minerals, cement, building materials and other materials are expanding day by day, and the amount of materials requiring crushing and grinding is increasing rapidly.

Limestone Crushing Processing:


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Small Ore Mobile Crusher Price

Nowadays, there are many types of crushing equipment in the market, mainly including: fixed crusher (jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, composite crusher, sand making machine, etc.) and mobile crusher (crawler type and tire type). Among them, the mobile stone crusher is more widely used in the market. It can not only freely enter and exit various complex sites, but also has higher degree of mechanization, convenient and fast operation. It can match the equipment according to the requirements of different customers to meet the needs of different customers.

Small ore mobile crusher can be widely used for crushing pebbles, river pebbles, granite, basalt, construction waste, etc., and can crush and reshape extremely hard, medium hard, soft and brittle materials.

Performance Advantages of Mobile Crusher

Mobile crushing station is an ideal choice for flowing processing materials. It is often used to treat construction waste and various ores that are not easy to transport. It can crush, screen, sand and transport ores. One machine is equivalent to the whole gravel production line, and the equipment configuration is relatively flexible. Compared with the fixed gravel production line, it is movable and convenient to process. The important thing is that it can save a large amount of material transportation cost. Moreover, it does not need piling, and it can be processed at the place where the materials are located, which is convenient and practical.

The mobile crusher can be divided into tire crusher and crawler crusher according to the different walking modes. Generally, according to the different processing materials, the mobile crusher can be equipped with jaw crusher, cone crusher or impact crusher. The screening equipment can be equipped with circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen, and the feeding equipment can be equipped with vibrating feeder and disc feeder, etc., and the conveying equipment is belt conveyor The overall specification can be determined according to the production demand.

Mobile Crusher

The use of on-board motor can ensure normal operation in case of power failure or insufficient power supply. It can be used for both oil and electricity. It can be switched flexibly and reduce the operation cost. Moreover, the power is very strong, and the daily operation can be up to 20 hours.

Crawler-type Mobile Crusher

The equipment has passed the environmental protection certification. In the actual operation, the equipment has little dust and low noise. The whole equipment can walk freely and move flexibly. It can quickly go into the next operation site for production, and is good at climbing and trench operation.

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Hey friends!

So I've been working on my Solar Seal designs for many years since I got my first book 'Earth Ascending' in 2012. I am working on this coffee mug collection and I think they are coming out really nice. I'd love to get your feedback! Also, my website has a feature where you can design your very own items with my designs and yours too! One day I want you guys to be able to come and design your own kin day cool items and accessories! Let me know if you have any ideas on the mugs, on new designs, requests or things that I can improve! Please, Love & Thank you!!!

En la'kech

Richard Thomas Scott 

Blue Overtone Monkey


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I love you all

now is the best time for enjoying our presents with presence!! 

let us create the world we long to see and live in!! It is truly an honor to share these experiences with you all!! 

we can achieve greatness! I feel a massive shift swelling and it is truly a great new dawn! 

let us rejoice and share in this great movement of Ancient Future memories returning to all of Humanity! 

what a grand ride this is : ) 


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Process Flow of Mobile Crushing Plant

The Pebble Mobile Crushing Plant is a mobile crusher developed by the mature foreign design concept, which is equipped with aggregate feeding, crushing, grinding, screening, etc The equipment can directly and completely process the pebble, and has strong flexibility and adaptability. It can be used in some more complex operation sites. It is simple and convenient to operate, has good energy conservation and environmental protection effect, long service life, low failure rate and objective economic benefits. Therefore, it is also popular in the market.

What are the Advantages of Mobile Crushing Plant?

1. All parts of the mobile crushing station are on-board, with strong mobility, and can freely travel through different crushing cases without external force;

2. The integrated unit installation mode can not only reduce the complex site infrastructure installation of the separated components, but also reduce the consumption of materials and working hours. In addition, a reasonable and compact spatial layout can also improve the flexibility of the transition of the mobile crushing station, so as to facilitate the transition of the equipment;

3. The multiple crushing equipment is integrated into one vehicle, with good cooperation and high automation. It can easily crush pebble materials and other operations without the investment of redundant operators.

Crushing Process Flow of Mobile Crushing Plant

When the mobile crushing station works, the raw materials of pebbles are directly sent to the bin by the loader, and then enter the vibrating feeder by the bin, and then the materials of pebbles are uniformly sent to the crusher by the feeder; the crushed materials are sent to the vibrating screen by the belt conveyor through the iron remover; the crushed materials are screened by the vibrating screen, and the materials meeting the grain size requirements of the finished products are sent by the belt conveyor To the finished product yard, the return crusher that does not meet the requirements will continue to crush until it meets the requirements.

Granite Portable Crushing Plant:

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