Sand Making Machine Promotes the Boom of Sand Industry

With the rapid development of sand making industry, new equipment for sand making machine is also required to innovate continuously. Every new type sand making machine price are not the same, on the one hand, the production of artificial sand material is very rich, the properties of various ore materials are different, so the choice of the new sand making machine types and models are not the same, the new sand making machine price is not the same. On the other hand, there are many types of new sand making machines. The new type of sand making machine selected by users is different, and the price of new type sand making machine is different. The specific price of a new type of sand making machine depends on the type and model of the new type of sand maker selected by the user.

Sand Making Machine Promotes the Boom of Sand Industry

It is known to all that concrete machine includes concrete mixer, sand making machine and stone crusher. China has become the great power in technology and performance in the world. However, some factors hinder China to become the great power in concrete machine, such as product reliability, energy conservation, and environment protection as well as intelligence and information.

In recent years, cement and concrete demand dramatically increases in each great national project such as new rural, new urban and affordable housing. With the acceleration of national urbanization process and improvement of economic development level, infrastructure construction flourishes everywhere and the demand for cement and concrete increases. The demand for gravel aggregate, the major raw material of cement and concrete, will dramatically grow. All of these bring good opportunity to machine industry.

Sand maker has become the authentic equipment in gravel aggregate production by virtue of advanced technology and quality product. It is widely used in domestic various sand production lines and many overseas large production lines. Thus the supply of gravel aggregate in engineering project is guaranteed and sand industry at home and abroad greatly develops.

The working characteristics of sand making machine

(1) the structure is simple and reasonable, and the operation cost is low.
(2) rock stone, hot stone, the use of a machine.
(3) high crushing rate and energy saving.
(4) it has the function of fine grinding and coarse grinding.
(5) not affected by the moisture of the material, both dry and wet.
(6) the work noise is less than 75 decibels (DB grade), and the dust pollution is less, reaching the national environmental protection requirements.
(7) it is suitable for hard and hard material in crushing.
(8) the product is a cube, the bulk density is large, and the iron pollution is very small.
(9) the impeller has small self lining wear and convenient maintenance.

What are the advantages of the new type sand making machine?

1. high level of intelligence, low operating costs. With the rapid development of heavy equipment production technology, the new type of sand making machine increased, while the technology update faster, intelligent level higher. In the process of sand production, it can ensure the smooth flow of the whole sand production process, and also can reduce the comprehensive operation cost of the user.

2. vulnerable parts replacement frequency is low, long service life. Based on the raw materials of artificial sand are relatively large in hardness, new sand making machine in the process of sand wearing parts wear faster, our professional technical team with new wear-resistant materials developed the existing production technology not only has high abrasion resistance, low maintenance and replacement frequency, and the new sand making machine of longer service life.

3. the new sand making machine applicable range is more extensive. The raw materials of artificial sand are becoming more and more abundant, and many professional sand making machines emerge as the times require. The finished products of the new type sand making machine are more granular and of higher grade.

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