What are the acceptance criteria for stone crusher?

With the rapid development of machinery industry, processing equipment also ushered in new business opportunities. Stone quarry crusher is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, construction and other fields. Crushing in different materials and different environments can meet the needs of the industry. The market prospect is broad. With the progress of various industries, the requirements of equipment are more and more strict. Crusher equipment manufacturers need to pay more attention in the process of design, manufacturing and acceptance.

For example, in the operation of crusher equipment, safety is an important factor. So, what factors should be paid attention to when crusher equipment manufacturers design equipment safety?

1. The design of crusher equipment shall meet the requirements of the industry standard for crusher equipment and machinery. The crusher equipment in line with the industry standard can meet the crushing requirements of customers and make the broken products reach the standard.

2. The connection method of each part shall be firm and reliable. Each part of the crusher equipment will affect the soundness of the whole equipment, so the stone crusher business manufacturer needs to consider whether the connection is reliable and not loose due to vibration and other conditions.

3. Install safety protection device. Experts in the industry said that the exposed rotating parts of crusher equipment must be equipped with safety protection devices, because the mesh of safety protection devices should ensure that no part of the human body can touch the rotating parts, so as to avoid injury caused by the operator's touch. Rotate the part.

4. Pay attention to the design of blind hole. It can be understood that the length of common crusher hopper should not be less than 500mm, and the height of hopper platform should be 700mm-1100mm. In addition, the crusher equipment shall be equipped with a particle hopper which can control the material flow. In the case of crusher equipment connected to the automatic feeder for automatic feeding, protective devices must be provided to prevent magnetic metal foreign matters from entering the crushing chamber.5. The shell and exposed parts of crusher equipment shall be designed to avoid sharp angle and sharp edge, which may easily cause accidental injury to operators.

6. Crusher equipment must be equipped with overload protection device, grounding sign, etc., which also need to be taken into account.

In addition to the safety factors that need to be considered in the design of crusher equipment, the manufacturer also has certain specifications for equipment manufacturing and acceptance, and each joint must be strictly controlled.

For example, a balance check should be carried out between the rotating gear plate and the bearing of the crusher equipment. All rotating parts shall be able to rotate flexibly without jamming and friction. The hammer on the movable gear plate shall be able to rotate freely around the pin shaft under the action of its own weight; the dust concentration in the working area of crusher equipment shall not exceed 10mg / m3; the product name, product model and manufacturer's name shall be indicated on the product label, support power, spindle speed, date of delivery and other main parameters.

Finally, before the crusher equipment leaves the factory, the manufacturer should electrify the equipment to check for abnormal noise, leakage and stable feeding. After the test machine is successful, it must be cleaned to ensure that the commercial crusher equipment can be directly put into the crushing production process without pollution and other problems.

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