I activate in order to create
Bonding Mind
I seal the output of Vision
with the electric tone of Service
I am guided by the power of Self Generation
I am a polar kin. I establish the Blue Galactic Spectrum

55: 5 x 11, fifth order of eleven, liberation frequency of galactic federation, triangular of 10, Fibonacci 10th sequence (34 +21)

- 441 Dictionary of Number - 
"Book of the Cube", Cosmic History Chronicles, Vol.7

Today is KIN 55 and we are comemorating the 38th 260-day Galactic Spin since the Harmonic Convergence of 198755: Fibonacci 10th sequence, 5x11 or 22+33... A great day then to continue our journey into Prophecy and Number...



I was just about to publish this update, and found "by chance" this headline on the alternative news that considered so timely relevant that opted for posting it at the beginning of the report as a sign that the execution of the Divine Plan still being carried out in perfect rhythm and timing “for those with eyes to see…”


"Warning: Today a Swift X-ray spike alert was sent out.  An abrupt spike in X-ray emission was detected today coming from the Galactic center, Sgr A*.  This spike is the largest to occur in the past year and a half.  The X-ray spike that occurred 500 days ago came from a magnetar near the Galactic center.  Whether the current spike is being emitted by this same magnetar or is coming from the Galactic center itself, we can’t be sure until further data is obtained."

The author of the report is Dr. PAUL A. LaVIOLETTE, PH.D, an independent astro-physicist with unconventional theories and the "author of Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, Subquantum Kinetics, Earth Under Fire, Genesis of the Cosmos, Decoding the Message of the Pulsars, Galactic Superwaves and their Impact on the Earth, and is editor of A Systems View of Man. He has also published many original papers in physics, astronomy, climatology, systems theory, and psychology." I am only familiar with his work at a superficial level, but by the interviews I have heard, he has always groundbreaking information...

In the meanwhile, mainstream news are covering the solar activity: The Sun unleashed today a potent Earth directed X-Solar Flare from same sunspot number AR 2158 discussed here yesterday.



SUMMARY: 2 X Class Events on the same day. One Galactic and One Solar. We can certainly classify this activity as clear TRIPLE electric pulse Activation with the energetic frequency of the Harmonic Convergence... A simultaneous explosion or release of ENERGY occurring at the core of the galaxy mirrored and transmitted almost instantaneously to the Earth, via the SUN, Kinich Ahaw.

Galactic-Solar-Planetary... Aho!

As exemplified on the above paragraph and on "Time Wars: The Last Chapter", amidst all the chaos, there is always a Higher Order (the Synchronic Order) operating “behind the scenes” of the “reality show” presented by the propaganda machine as news of war, terror, struggle, droughts and famine... (and fancy watches...). With the arrival of the New Galactic Beam, this hidden order is now being uncovered through Synchronicity with increasing frequency, intensity and depth, revealing the meaningful connections between the objective (3D) and the subjective/imaginal/psycho-mythical (4D) worlds. This new holographic Time-beam is arriving loaded with codes and new evolutionary programs to attune our minds and bodies to the new cosmic frequencies that are destined to activate the “dormant” HUman DNA to levels never before dreamed of by our own species,  opening the gates for the Homo-Noosphericus to enter the human evolutionary landscape. We are the New Creators.


But in order to access this next level of evolution (the Psychozoic Era) and function from a higher order of reality, humanity needs to let go of the old programs and open space for the new...

The entrance to the 13-day Skywalker Wavespell marks also the entrance to the 52-day White Northern Castle of Crossing: Court of Death… As the (feathered) serpent peels her skin every year (symbolic process of death & re-birth), this Solar Moon Year we have been called to “shed our old egoic skins”, letting go of the old and surrendering to an extremely intense holographic process of personal and planetary healing: The clearing off the last remnants of old belief systems and ways of conduct rooted in a reality paradigm based on “separation” and limitation. These old programs, (individual and collective) already played their role as catalytic agents of the awakening of Humanity, but they will no longer serve us during the next phases of our evolutionary process. Their time is up to give space and time for a very new and different story to unfold: the New Earth and the Second Creation. This process can initially be painful but at the same time, extremely liberating. (After completing one 260-day galactic spin from my last report and write these words I can feel how much has shifted within and without and how much is still happening at a much faster pace now.)

With all these ideas in mind, let's continue now with our Prophecy time-travel "adventure". On part one we laid the basic "code framework" of Prophecy and we can now move deeper into uncharted territory: the future! So, bring your Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity (and another cup of tea/coffee) we will explore the deep and wide ocean of the Solar Moon Year. The tide is high, but as good surfers, time-travellers enjoy the journey more when the Sea of Synchronicity is making big waves and the Solar Wind is blowing!



"Never forget, children of the day of truth:

All is number. God is a number. God is in All."

Telektonon Prophecy, Verse 9


This Solar Moon Year is not only the year of Healing, but also the Year of Prophecy and there are plenty of reasons to say this. For purposes of this report I have decided to enumerate them as "9 Signs of Prophecy". Probably there are more than 9. But we will note the 9 most interesting ones (so far).  One "Sign of Prophecy" as an offer of respect and gratitude to each one of the Nine Lords of Time and Destiny: The BolonTiku

According to the Synchronic Order, there are 9 Time Dimensions... Each dimension governed by each of the Nine Lords of Time.  Even the "number sign" [#] that we use daily and is stamped on every keyboard on the planet holds the NINE in the double intersecting vertical and horizontal lines grid structure, same base structure of the number-mindgame SUDOKU... 9=NUMBER


9 is also the Universal Solvant, so by the power of its essential nature is now diluting and dissolving in the 9Moon waters many illusions and false belief systems. As discussed in part one, it's also one of the 2 numbers of Prophecy: 9 and 13.

The "signs" are presented below not with the intention to “prove” any future event will happen this year, but rather to demonstrate that there is a underlying harmonic resonance, a silent storyline, between some of the key events and protagonists associated with Prophecy and their corresponding numerical codes/frequencies. In other words: We will find clues that reveal that Prophecy is STILL happening and therefore it's ALIVE. The story is unfolding before our own eyes. The signs also serve as relevant time markers that as Earth Wizards can to work and play with our "new" magic powers. So let's start enumerating them in linear/chronological radial/synchronological order:

SIGN #1: The Year-Bearer

Let’s start by contemplating this Sirian Year code attributes:

  • 9Moon: Red Solar Moon (Solar: Masculine/Fire Moon:Feminine/Water)

  • KIN 9 SEAL 9 TONE 9 (999 = Completion)
  • We are currently tracking/living the New Sirian Cycle No. 27 (NS 1.27) based on the new dispensation of time that started on July 26/1987 and was "anchored" on the planet on a day like today, with the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, Aug 16-17/1987 (KIN55 3Eagle)  27=9+9+9 and 2+7=9

  • KIN 9 is the Galactic Signature of last Venus Transit of 2012 (06.05.12) On Crystal Moon 8 (7Storm Year), the planet Venus moved across our star the Sun for the last time. The Venus transit happens in two stages, usually eight years apart. The first stage of this last 2012 transit occurred on Crystal Moon 10, Kin 211 (June 8, 2004). This rare event only happens four times every 234 years.” The next one will not occur until 2117.

  • Planet Venus has been intimately associated with "Quetzalcoatl, the archetype of 9676494252?profile=originalspiritual and cultural renewal who vows to return at the end of history. The return of Quetzalcoatl signifies the return of our multidimensional wholeness and our reconnection to the stars.” -Stephanie South-

  • According to the myth, “Quetzalcoatl departed on a raft of serpents on the eastern sea in the (Christian) year 999…”

  • KIN 9 - Red Solar Moon  is the combined signature/union of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, KIN 258, 11Mirror and Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan KIN 11, 11Monkey (11+258=269-260= 9) Two of the most (if not the most) influential and revolutionary thinkers who, respectively, introduced and developed the concept and nature of the Noosphere: The Planetary Mind.


On a more recent global event note, KIN 9 is also the Galactic Signature of “Haiyan” typhoon, the “strongest” (or at least one of the strongest) storm in history, hitting the Phillipines on Gregorian 11/8/13 ( Self Existing Moon 22 • 4.22) and causing immense distress and flooding (water-breaking).


It was precisely during that time (KIN 9) that the chronist/writer of this report, kept record of the event on another planetary report entitled “Entering the I of the Storm - PART 1”
At that time I reported:


  • According to official atmospheric reports Haiyan "was born" as a tropical depression right on the day of the rare hybrid solar eclipse of 11/3 (4Seed).
  • Haiyan trayectory crossed right through the middle of the WIND BioRegion of the Planet Holon and landed on the Phillipines Coast on 11/7 - 11/8 with magnitude winds of 222km/h. (KIN 222= 1Wind) Galactic Signature of Tony Shearer, Poet and Writer, author of "Lord of the Dawn: Quetzalcoatl" (KIN 113), who first introduced the 13:20 Tzolkin Matrix and the Quetzalcoatl Prophecy of the "13 Heavens and 9 Hells" to Jose Arguelles back in the 70's, igniting the vision of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987.


SIGN #2: The Traditional Maya count parallel time-marker

9676524501?profile=originalAs noted above, the landfall of Haiyan occurred exactly 260 days (1 galactic spin) from this latest 9Moon New Year’s Day. On the Traditional Maya count (47 kins count difference with Galactic Maya 13:28-Dreamspell Count) KIN 9 corresponded to KIN 222 1Ik (Tony Shearer) . So KIN 9 and KIN 222 (as well as 113 since 11/3 was the gregorian date when the storm was born) met once again after 1 galactic spin of 260 days. Seeing it in retrospective, this "synchronic coalescence" of these 2 frequencies seems now more like a "prophetic, holographic ripple from the future" into the past… The signal origin became evident only until New Year’s Day when we noticed that the “telepathic telegram” from Haiyan on KIN 9 (8.11.13 )was probably “posted” from the future on 7.26.14. The message from Spirit was: “Pay attention to the 9Moon Year”.

SIGN #3: The Day Out of Time

The coming Day Out of Time for 9MoonYear is KIN 113, as mentioned before, 113 is the frequency associated with the archetypal figure of the “Lord of the Dawn”, the “psycho-mythic representation of the power of self-transcendence of the human spirit”...

  • On this coming Day Out of Time (Jul 25, 2015 KIN 113), Planet Venus (Quetzalcoatl) begins her/his final 40-Day retrograde phase in the Evening Sky precisely at 00 Virgo (The Virgin), before starting a new 584-day cycle (cycle is tracked from heliacal rising to heliacal rising). (Source: http://cayelincastell.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/2014-2015-Venus-Cycle-and-Story-PDF.pdf) NOTE: In the Bible Jesus spent 40 days in the desert with the devil (Lucifer). According to the Arcturus Probe, Lucifer is a 6th dimensional entity now quarantined and “localized into planet Venus of Kinich Ahau system, source of incarnate emanations of prophets and teachers Buddha, Christ, Muhammed, and Quetzalcoatl.”

  • As the Morning Star, Lucifer represents also the “dark/shadow side of Venus”, which is also a metaphor to describe the destructive yet regenerative power of the Black Lilith/Kali energy; the transmutational power of the Feminine and as well as the notion of “The Fall of Men” and "the Beast" as an expression of the darkest/animalistic/instinctual aspects of "Human Nature" (inverted pentagram).


  • On the 441 Synchronotron practice, last New Year Day's "KIN equivalent" was KIN113... So we can say that the entire 9Moon year opens and closes with the energy of the Lord of the Dawn/Quetzalcoatl... The feathered Serpent bites her tail for the first time... Once again, keep in mind that KIN 9, 9 Moon is the Perfect Guiding Power of KIN113, 9Skywalker on the Destiny Oracle.


SIGN #4: The Planetary Service Wavespell

Based on the practice of "The 20 Tablets of the Law of Time" and the "16-Year Cube of the Law" fractal structure (where each 13-moon year corresponds to a Wavespell) we are currently navigating the Wind Wavespell (18th)* of Spirit/Communication where each moon is coded with its corresponding KIN within the yearly wavespell so that:


MOON 1: KIN 222: 1Wind
Galactic Signature of Tony Shearer (Messenger of the "Quetzalcoatl Prophecy")

MOON 13: KIN 234: 13Wizard
Galactic Signature of Carl Jung, who first introduced the idea of synchronicity to the modern mind in 1952, with his famous exposition, "Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle". This was the same year as the discovery of the tomb of the great Pacal in Chiapas, Mexico.

* This fractal count of years as wavespells started on July 26/1997 - KIN 44 5Seed. 17 solar rings / years have been completed since then, therefore this is currently the 18th of 20 "13-Moon/28Day Wavespells". Next Year 10Wizard (2015-2016) will correspond to Wavespell 19th and finally on the 11Storm year (2016-17) we will be completing one entire harmonic module/tzolkin of 260 moons since July 26/1997-KIN 44 (2x22).

Also let's stop for a moment to contemplate and consider the following:


22 = Bolon Ik = 9Wind = 9 Spirits = 9 Lords 
(BolonTiku: Bolon=9 Tiku= Lords, Gods or Transcendent Beings)


222 = Hun Ik = 1Wind = 1Spirit (or the 1st of the 9Tiku)

Again we have a prophetic sign of a sequence from beginning/head to end/tail in which KIN 222 is the first of Nine Spirits (Wind) and KIN 22 the Ninth of these Transcendental Beings, The Bolontiku who govern the "Underworld" or "the Realm of the Unconscious Time".


The Number 22 is coding the 1st 2 digits of the KIN numbers corresponding to the first 8 Moons of the 9Moon Year: 222 - 223 - 224  -225 - 226 - 227- 228 - 229.

Another multi-Dimensional way to see the relationship between 222 and 22 would be:

KIN 222 (Tony Shearer) the 1st Spirit voice of the Prophecy of Quetzalcoatl.

KIN 22 Bolon Ik the 9th Spirits (Lords) voice of the Prophecy of Pacal Votan.

Also note that KIN22 and KIN 222 are symmetrically opposed on the Tzolkin Module (vertical axis mirror symmetry) and are the only 2 Wind GAPs (Galactic Activation Portals), while the interval between both of positions is 9 Columns or 9Winds (Hat tip to aida KIN 222 for the synchronic observation! ;-) 


Good opportunity also to observe the symmetry of KIN 113 and KIN108 on the horizontal axis. 108 is the code of the Galactic Maya Mind Transmission GM108X.

SIGN #5: The Largest registered Synchronized Meditation for Peace


Gregorian August 6/2014 (Magnetic Moon 12) commemorated the 69th anniversary of the Hiroshima atomic bomb. This event was also the trigger that set in motion the Harmonic Convergence of 1987: the first synchronized global meditation on the planet at a time where everything was done and organized through long distance phone calls and paper letters instead of facebook, emails & skype...

Dr. Arguelles was 6 years old when the explosion of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima occurred, and although he was just a child, this event remained engraved in his heart. This lamentable incident, was what caused that opening of consciousness at an early age about the necessity to live and work for PEACE. So his Vision since then was focused on creating "the Spiritual equivalent of the atomic bomb" by creating an event that would revert and redeem the damage and negative karmic imprint of these 2 disastrous nuclear events...


He then took the momentous task to organize the Harmonic Convergence at specific dates to "plant the seeds" of a New Planetary Consciousness at the EXACT moment in TIME, hence the same Galactic Signature date, so it could have the “mathematically correct” re-balancing karmic effect. According to this New York Times article:

9676529460?profile=original"The event, covered by the news media worldwide, was by all accounts the first large-scale simultaneous multinational meditation in history. Its objective, Mr. Argüelles said, was “to create a field of trust, to ground the new vibrational frequencies.”

Now, 69 years from the indelible memory of these nuclear calamities, we are still living in a world that is escalating into war and conflict... But 69 is a numerical representation for the Ying & Yang and the turning of the wheel from Darkness into Light:


  • In the diagram below you can see how the wheel that started spinning in Hiroshima on 6.8.1945 completes and starts one perfect 69th spin +1 day right on 8/8/2014: date of the global synchronized meditation organized by Unify.org, Deepak Chopra andOne Giant Mind. This event set the intention of raising the bar for humanity once again after 27 years and achieved an assistance of around 130.000 people meditating simultaneously.

  • The image in gray behind the 3 dates is a diagram of a crop circle that appeared in Germany on July 18/2014, KIN 1 1Dragon, first day of the Tzolkin Sacred Count, announcing the 22 days remaining for this historic synchronized peace event. The formation resembles the geometry of the Banner of Peace. (For more details on this incredible formation please don't miss the report filed by Jannis KIN189 entitled "The Raisting crop circle, decoded in the light of the Law of Time")


  • The Galactic Signature for both of these global synchronized events is also highly relevant because:
    • 55 & 22 are master numbers
    • 8/8/2014 -> August 8th=analog of 88 (another master number) • 88=22x4
    • 8/8/2014 -> Magnetic Moon 14, 1.14 -> John Lennon KIN 114 "Imagine" (113+1)
    • 8/8/2014 -> KIN 22 (9+13) White Solar Wind: The Voice of Prophecy (as well as the Galactic Signature of Lloydine Burris, Dr. Arguelles partner&co-creator at the time of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. Lloydine transcended this world last May 16/2014 (Spectral Moon 15 - KIN198 3Mirror). Blessings on her journey back to Source.)

  • 55+22= 77 Red Crystal Earth. Galactic signature of Japan Earthquake/Tsunami and Fukushima plant nuclear disaster occurred on 11.3.11... activating dormant memories of the destruction of Mars and the nuclear explosions of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a "karmic holographic ripple" of the initial destructive "time-shockwave". Same country, same bio-region on Planet holon (Worldbridger Zone/Galactic-Karmic Mars).
    77 Crystal Earth is also a coded symbol for the Octahedron Crystal at the core of the Earth...

    "This in brief is a summation of information known as Arcturus Remembered. It is called a Crystal Earth Network Projection because it is the result of a memory release of the initial meditation implant projected as a crystalline thought form from the red planet to the blue planet, transmitted so many lifetimes ago." -Arcturus Remembered -

  • KIN 22 + 33 (11x3)= 55

  • Tomorrow 9.11.2014 is the 13th anniversary of 9.11 "The inevitable event" and will fall this year on KIN 56 - 4Warrior, 2nd Day of HC1987. Also 9x11=99 (KIN 9= Seal 9 Tone 9) For much more information on this KEY event please don't miss Stephanie South's/Red Queen's latest blog entry entitled "13 Years after September 11: All is Number"


On part 3 we will continue with the "Signs of Prophecy" 6 to 9 and a arrive at our final destination... The beginning... Stay tuned...






Recommended reads:

13 Years after September 11: All is Number"

"Time Wars: The Last Chapter"

"The Raisting crop circle, decoded in the light of the Law of Time"

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