We operate at a much higher vibration than you do.

Simply to communicate with us, you must raise your vibration, while we lower ours. These directional terms are most misleading.

Before we could communicate, you had to raise the level of your awareness, and you had to be open to our communication. Because your consciousness is so closely tied to your physical body, you had to raise the vibration of your body as well — which is to say, you had to work your way through beliefs that limited the optimum vibrational functioning of your body.

And as you are creatures within a society, within an ecology on this planet, you had to wait until your society and your ecology had reached a more open vibrational pitch.

These communications are made more possible now by the raised vibrational level of your entire planet, as it comes more fully into itself. The spatial region through which your solar system now travels is permeated by higher level energy. There is little choice but to match that vibrational level or be vibrated apart.

And so you are quite naturally coming into alignment, both individually and en masse. As a result, many of you are experiencing growing pains. Do not worry about that, these pains merely indicate where you need to bring yourself into better alignment.

There is a new level of energy humming through the matrix of the Earth, and through the magnetic field around the Earth, just as there is a new level of energy humming through you. Stay out of alignment with this energy, and you will feel slightly ill, out of phase. Become an open receiver and transmitter of this frequency and you will sing.

The new pitch of vibration in your world opens new realms of possibility for you and for the entire planet. This communication is just one sign of what is now possible.

You have embarked upon a grand adventure. And there are many friends waiting to greet you.


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