June 24

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What is your favorite color of the rainbow?


As part of our star family and another ourself we would love to know more about you. What brought you to Galactic Spacebook and what facets are you most interested in?

all areas,have been collectively active since 1996 , synchronization please

We've noticed that, more often than not, it is a fascinating story when someone shares how they learned about the Law of Time/13 Moon Calendar/Dreamspell. How or when did you learn about it? :)

in Australia with pan in 1996xx

What are your favorite books/music/art/movies?

so many to name one of all, book .. the magic far away tree/ enid blyton..harpist .erik bergland ..movies ,Avatar ..all of joses books

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  • Dear Vikki, we met in Italy in Bellaria. I am 73, and just realized you are My Guide! Happy to know! Love and blessings! 

  • Hi Vicki and thanks for the friend request (which I had apparently overlooked when you sent it), and thanks for the xxxx (and I had thought xxx was best). Actually, I'm aware the x's may have many meanings, so if it's anything esoteric please enlighten me.

    I love the crop circles and have been seeing a lot of good people from Australia. 

    Love to (is) you, Robert

  • Hey Vikki!!!

    Welcome to Spacebook! ;) Great profile photo, crop circle im assuming? :)

    Much love,



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