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  • Hola :)

    I am time believing to be energy alive


    Become TIMECRAT, a timecracy user aware of the real use of the law of time by God, to be everyone us.


    The Government of God

    Timecracy was born to help you and everyone achieve the conscious state necessary to live in the perfect order of our energy factorization at every present moment to be everyone from oneself timecracy.com/pangea. It is your next stage for you to evolve the Mayan time. Using this knowledge or others based on the 13:20 frequency timecracy.com/about/law without being a timecrat aware of how energy factorization happens is very dangerous. Become a Timecracy user to learn and know exactly the true use and adopt the timecratic belief to renew your faith in the right direction... timecracy.com/vs

    timecracy.com/gsp, about me,

  • I am Cheetah Cosmic Serpent and see that you are in Ashland.  We are creating an eco-orphanage in Kenya that is 100% sustainable using apiculture, aquaculture, biogas technology (cow dung for fuel) and medicinal plants and herbs.  There is a bee sanctuary in Ashland known as Melissa University.  Our bees are very important and we are killing them off.  It was found a few days ago that bee venom will destroy the AIDS virus.  These are significant times we live in.  From the slopes of the House of the Sun...

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