July 29

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Kin 197: Red Lunar Earth

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What is your favorite color of the rainbow?


As part of our star family and another ourself we would love to know more about you. What brought you to Galactic Spacebook and what facets are you most interested in?

I'm interested in the way time and space interact. How we can use this knowledge to further our understanding of science and art as a whole.

We've noticed that, more often than not, it is a fascinating story when someone shares how they learned about the Law of Time/13 Moon Calendar/Dreamspell. How or when did you learn about it? :)

Through the forum LD4all, from one of the moderator's posts.

What are your favorite books/music/art/movies?

The Wheel of Time Series The Legend of Zelda video games Swing music, and electronic music

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  • Hey what's up fellow Earth... Eric! Thanks for your friendship. How is Seattle this summer? I always thought of it as a cool place. How is the music scene? I'm a musician myself... What do you do?

    I was reading your profile. You should check out the resonance project for more on the way time and space interact.


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