Newbies to the World of the Dreamspell...;)

adding this into my group , as  a 'newbie' myself and plunging in deep, I thought maybe there are others like me, well I know there thort maybe make a space to ask 'dumb' questions, and lets work it out and share our discoveries.., which seem to come from spirit (vv) and then a little journey and working out , which when it makes sense is amazing.

im adding it into the skull group, as , i feel their are my guiding light, and i know from my years of exeperience with them , they are great synchronaters of information and unfoldment ..<3

I am currently reading and youtubing 'book of the cube', which when i first bort it a few months back..was like..trying to read a foreign language.

Now all of a sudden after a few synchronisitic life savers , i am actaully reading it, and it is easier than i thought.

Youtubing as recommended to me by Kali Mayer, keeping jose (vv's) youtubes goijng with your earplugs in is a good consciousness opener, and i always 'ask ' him to assist me in understanding, or at least to feel not so 'alien' to what i am, instead of alien, i ask to be a universal being of light and illumination so as to take in and cellularise the information that is chosen and intended for me.

Never one to start at the beginning, and being versed for many years..( a life time) in synchronicity and spirit this is like jumping in a new ocean and learning to swim all over again, so humility and grace and much assistance required, but am totally filled with gratituted to Red Queen, Ashani and Ishram, and Maya, for their support and help since I found my feet walking the tracks of VV :)

All I can say is trust whats coming, and know it will turn out and get easier, living the dreamspell..and I guess the cube, synchronotr0m and holomid perciever as that is where we seem to be 'at' in this time of cosmic history is lifechanging, ..which is the point of it all...and I hope that it will be 'earth changing'.

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