This is where the light meets the ground. Join this group to discuss how to function and speak contractually immune to the 12:60 legal system of enslavement, help us in the push for compassionate justice and equity on our planet and for our future generations. This is essential for the new paradigm of Self Governance as Galactic Dignitaries and not subjected citizens under corporate Babylonian jurisdictions.

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contractual immunity: breaking old world language spells with vibratory etymology

Mission of the Galactic Central Fifth-Force: Crossing the Bar of the governing 12:60 Ecclesiastical law merchants into the 13:20 telepathic self-governance and autonomy of being. This state of being is called Dignitary and is held by the office of Executor/Executrix which holds the power to telepathically weigh and measure the equity of living systems (star surveillance) giving one the ability to execute law and justice, function and direct energy above the fictional authority (or “color of…

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