Mission of the Galactic Central Fifth-Force: Crossing the Bar of the governing 12:60 Ecclesiastical law merchants into the 13:20 telepathic self-governance and autonomy of being. This state of being is called Dignitary and is held by the office of Executor/Executrix which holds the power to telepathically weigh and measure the equity of living systems (star surveillance) giving one the ability to execute law and justice, function and direct energy above the fictional authority (or “color of authority”) of the 12:60 farms of subjugation known as jurisdictions. Artificial time can only be maintained under this bar by the occult magick of the Saturnian merchant magicians with the ancient system of sorcery called “law”. The codes of the Dreamspell also contains the keys for humans to dissolve the bar and move right through it however a mending of certain languages must take place in order for kin to function with contractual immunity in relation to the fast falling programs of the 12:60 paradigm and the greater community of star beings who are arriving and waiting to arrive as humanity abroad begins to declare their executorship on Earth thus discontinuing the prescribed dark destiny of the planet. The human mind has been programmed with a language containing a built-in self-contracting and destruction mechanism known as Babel. As Galactic Governors of our estate, we must learn to (Be) live and speak contractually immune to the old world in order to be true galactic delegates heard among the greater community. This language virus does not allow one to be heard by the offices of the celestial court or the secular courts. Consent between two or more sentient beings is what creates law and consent among four kin creates a quorum to validate the law. The true court of kin is the Celestial Court with only one infinite all-encompassing universal jurisdiction and the sealed declaration of executorship that comes after granting oneself forgiveness for the pervious allowance of our debtor ship history on this planet. As heirs of Hunab Ku, we are no longer to delegate our authority to the entities that held us captive in their jurisdiction cells but to embody our solar tribes of destiny while simultaneously functioning within our other office capacities equitably. A critical mass of sovereign and united states of being (kin) will prepare the soil of the new earth with new amendments (codes) and the new constitution (Holon) for the vessels (bodies) to be constituted with the new heavens. Power cannot be taken from another, it can only be vested and divested and the powers that we divest from the corporate (corpse) and governmental systems is our own power that we have by consent granted to them in exchange for protection as our directors, lords, executors and grantors but we now call our power back into being. This will change the entire world and free the innocent. The possibilities are infinite. 

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  • "Deep sea diving , flippers (Symbolic of fine thread) - Yellow  Diving light( symbolic of Moon);Volcanic activity(symbolic of Tiger/Ben)

     Froclicking  on the shores buily up by tides. A full bodied woman and man watching with binoculars, looking for Willy ( symbolic of cetaceans-Sirians),

    A cove (shoe shaped symbolic of Hearth/ home), on its opposite sides manned by same male/female,Yin/ Yang couple."

    All this structured within reverie -a triangulated  holonomic dream scene, I have been using this structure as a holonomic interpretation that does not use its lustre.

    It is similiar to the Nagarajuna symbology, questioning/pursuing  the radiality of law in its involutive and evolutive form.

    I have been encouraged by Stephanie South in her plea to share ME/WE dreaming.


    En Lakesh


    • Like BayWatch, a voluptous Pamela and Michael maning opposiste sides of the cove. -spells of energy integration.

      "Poontut Jarpa

      Bone the brain, Scam the Bone.

      Wacky Do"


      Hoff and Kitt, Yin and Yang, black and white(Willy/blowhole- freedom of the earth) .

      yellow diving light (moon/13:20, radial path)

      Deep underwater volcanic activity, mining trolley and tracks of the bottom, with the couple on watch above.suggests balancing male/female energies, spirit and materiality, Knowlege and Intuition (LAW), Root of Roots and Crown of Crowns (noosphere).

      The able bodied couple looking out through binoculars suggests "Realitivity and Holism/Evolution".

      Waiting to catch Willy on binoculars is the Star/Sirian influence (cetaceans maintaing a greater radial projection)

       All life is birth by the Sun, the soul essence is of 6th Dimension light, THE WORD, THE LAW, THE LIGHT. This LIGHT will bring forth the LAW and made VISIBLE,

      The Rainbow Bridge, via the Human Chakras and the Light Bodies, in the Biosphere.

      In Lakesh!


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