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Level 3: Engaging the first mental sphere (preconscious).

Located in the right rear lobe and cerebellum. This sphere is the resonant chamber of the physical body.

VV, to engage this sphere (and all subsequent spheres) are we to literally concentrate on the physical area of the brain?

Yes, by ‘looking’ in that direction mentally, by imagining that you have a sphere of intent in this area of your brain, you will activate certain attributes - in this case you come into contact with the preconscious sphere.

Now this creates a paradox. How can you become conscious of something that is preconscious? Think of it this way … you are walking on the beach and you are looking out in front of you at the sun and the ocean. Suddenly there is a sound behind you, over your right shoulder. You turn quickly to see what made the sound but you see nothing.

Concentrating on the right rear lobe and cerebellum is placing your attention in this area. You might not experience anything concrete, but you have awakened the sphere and this becomes part of the holomind perceiver.


Resonance is achieved by engaging all spheres, nature synthesis - OC,

(rewiring - Bach ) (Poon Tut, Jarpa - Art Planet Chronicles), am I digressing.


What if you take an attribute of the dimension, and explore this in one of  our holographic dreams.


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