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Hunab ku 78 cards?

Hello is there a proper thread to ask this question?  I'm new sorry. I was looking to see some of the 78 Hunab Ku playing cards some of you may have made. I am looking to make mine and I would like a visual for some assurance. Ty.

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H3lp Need3d !

I am broken and my being is being shattered by the forces of the universe and life seems unbearable at this moment .. the idea of ​​ending this human avatar is constantly turning in my kind mind, but my being avoids it and fortunately I follow the pa

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True Love's Kiss

117 synchronicity, at 1:17 I sing the word "revelation," and on kin 117 the 441 Matrix was revealed to Valum Votan.

146 synchronicity, the video's original length was 1:46, and the person who inspired me to put these words to music is kin 146.

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