• The best book series I have seen on right land relationship is the Ringing Cedar Series. Reading about Anastasia and the way man may live on Earth is a total wonder and joy. Get to book 4 for the most marvelous account of creation's start.

    I love how she describes mankind's purpose as building the whole Earth as a paradise garden, the brilliance of which will be a dream beyond any comparison in the whole universe.

    This is my Wife and I's life plan. To get acres of Earth and start dedicating that area to the paradise dream. Talking to the animals and stars....

  • Hello!
    I am new to this forum, but I decided to join not only because of the Mayan influence but because this Permaculture discussion was featured as a forum topic. I recently moved to Portugal from the Netherlands to start a small scale farm based on the natural farming (Fukuoka) and permaculture principles. My main focus won't be food production, even though it's an important element, but to start a reseach and innovation center and demo ground to connect agro-ecology to other sectors like engineering, architecture and design to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy.

    I was happy to read that the European Union adopted today the main goals of the ‎CircularEconomy‬. Read about the EU package here:!bT89Dh and how waste becomes a resource:!nu77Wj

    I think it's a good sign that the focus on that level also shifts towards resource efficiency and circular design processes.

    I hope more people will join this movement because I believe it's the only way forward for us on this planet.

    With love,

    • oh inlakech

      its nice to read that some kin is doing some gardening in portugal.  im in portugal since 4 years nearly.  been invovled in many projects here.  especially around ciombra region.  where about is your space?

      i had a peace garden going in poland too for a while, but i left that project due to any factors. mostly poland was not the place for me and it was quite a struggle with the general mentality.  the local people just didnt understand what all the funky permaculture was about and all the strange people coming into their village suddenly didnt go down to well.  the ayahuasca ceremonies, regular sweat lodges, healing gathering and so on i wont even get into :) 
      the deciding factor to leave, for me, was when my dogs were poisoned.  that was jusst too much and we decided to leave the project for another age perhaps :)  it was a great learning experience for sure though.  i bsically proved to myself how easy it all is.  and i realized how much nonsense the permaculture establishment puts out there trying to make it all sound like some kind of voodoo magick only for the initiated. bleh.  institutionalized consciousness is very pervasive ;)

      well u can check out wot we did here:

      It would be great to hear more about your project. are you actually starting an "official" peace garden?  are you alone on the project or is it a family project or perhaps you are going more for a small community?  If you are open to cocreation i have a whole bag of various heirloom seeds :) 

      yeah let us know a bit more!  viva portugal!

      aho kin 75 flying high

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  • Setting an intention that this is a direction I wish to grow in ^^

  • Please post resources on permaculture. And also geodesic domes!

    In love
    • geodesic domes are my nagual and my tonal

      r. buckminster fuller is my kin and maybe yours too.

      if you want to get the most deep and valid understanding of dymaxion architecture

      and the sheer genius and practicality of domes, you would be best educated by studying the writings 

      of R. Buckminster Fuller.  He's dense to approach because he was one of the most profound minds of the 20th century.   The key of the geodesic structure is in the perfect triangle!

      The domes I am designing now combine Fuller's basic perfect triangles with the hard-paper innovations of Shigeru Ban.  

      of course, the existing ruling powers despise sustainability.   they want architecture based on waste and intellectual corpulence, greed!

      understanding geodesic domes requires understanding of Anticipatory Design Science - the idea of having good ideas and waiting until society has matured enough to use them, and in the meantime anticipating the needs, so you can bust out with it when the people's clamor exceeds the denial of those who invest in unsustainability.

      yep!  Bucky's dymaxion architecture is the thing that will pop up once these fascists and their atomic/petrol junky logic are no longer calling shots.  You're not hallucinating, geodesic is the best!

      also, in a windstorm?

      a cube home gets smashed flat.  lucky you you bought a dome home.

      a Fuller dome laughs at the worst stuff on the Fujita scale.  It's been researched.

  • The One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka, heard it's a good explanation on how simple life on our Planet Earth really could be!

  • Permaculture is the way forward which will take us back to a animistic lifestyle, but on a unified global consciousness level - yes wellcome the new holonomic permacultural cosmologies jayhoo :::)
    weave a dream cos we've a dream!

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