• Obviously some
    repeating of old mistakes
    has been going on.
    we all need to know...(world into Gnosis)
  • What was the previous 5200 year cycle??
    • If I recall correctly it was a cycle of technological enslavement through the patriarchal priesthood and the enslavement was disguised as a more civilized way of life. The cycle began with metallurgy, industrial revolutions, and such things. While in truth it was technology which disrupted our natural senses of the cycles of the universe.

      The Galactic Maya foresaw the impending crisis and encoded their wisdom within their monuments and sacred sites to preserve their knowledge until Valum Votan could decode the information and disseminate it so we would be able to prevent the Technosphere from overriding the Noosphere.

      I could be misremembering, but I think that is what was written about in Time and the Technosphere, as well as the Cosmic History Chronicles V the book of the Timespace.
  • Stephanie South's blog has some information on this topic. She stated that this is the period of opening the 7 light Gates. Beginning in 2013 and culminating in 2020.

    Here is an excerpt from her blog:

    "At Galactic Synchronization (26 July, 2013), we opened the first ray of the rainbow portal with 7 years to build the Rainbow from the ground up (2013-2020).

    2013-14: Galactic seed year: Open Red ray: Spirit of Life.                                              

    2014-15: Solar Moon year: Orange ray: Spirit of Sanctity.                                            

     2015-16: Planetary Wizard Year: Open Yellow ray: Spirit of Wisdom.                            

    2016-17: Spectral Storm Year: Open Green ray: Spirit of Eternity and Evolution.                                          

    2017-18: Crystal Seed Year Open Blue ray: Spirit of Truth.                                          

    2018-2019: Cosmic Moon Year: Open Indigo ray: Spirit of Divine Force.                        

    2019-2020: Magnetic Wizard Year: Open Violet ray: Spirit of Divine Omnipresence and Supreme Love."

  • The "E -SPEED FILM" of the "Handyin", which speed on the Body and Mind and burn out the Soul-(+=Spirituality!), comes like: "Handyin in my Brain is like Cocaine in my Brain",

    and this Cycle is in my  consideration the deciding 10th. as last century,

    where they create+blocked the Love(DemocracyCommunism)-Creativity(Anarchism)+ Spirituality(NewAge/Fascism)- Energy, too!

    And then the spiritual golden 20th., the super "5 G" "E- speedy" 30th.than we create again the bloody 40th., and than the fat 50th.+traumaworking psychedelic 60., rocky 70., puncy 80. till to the hard 90. and crazy 00. comes again, to earn and controll the Humankind more and more in all, when we don´t stop it with our Love(Body), Creativity(Spirit) + Spirituality(Soul) more and more in one, while in this faster moving Earth-Axe+=Polarity(+ ours ,too) changing time, too!

  • this is such an intelligent question, friend Levi, and there are so many

    different systems of seeing, and points on different time systems

    to describe what defines a cycle's beginning and ending.

    the tradition that this vessel is most familiar with is western astrology,

    and while i still cannot really answer off of the top of my head...

    since you've isolated that date, i'm certainly going to look into it now.

    but now that i think of it, there are some planetary trends that have been going on for a few years that are about to change and it should be noticable to more than psychics...

    Neptune and Uranus in each others' sign for many years.

    a mutual reception pattern that enhanced the energies of aquarius/uranus

    (revolution, upheaval, new inventions, technological innovation,humans recognizing each other as one race, one family, the things of the eleventh house)

    and neptune/pisces

    (end of cycle realisations, oil, addiction, delusion, self undoing, spiritual highs,the mystical, and of course the energy of the Avatar of the age.  Pisces is deep and yet, we all sense the deep mystical flow of it.)

    we exist at a cusp point where the end of the pisces age coincides with the beginning of the aquarius age, heralded for decades.  even this very site is a manifestation of the aquarian energy, Aquarius is the New Age, literally.

    Uranus is about to transit out of (sydereal) Pisces into fiery and explosive Aries.

    Soon.  we will all notice it.

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