February 16

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What is your favorite color of the rainbow?


As part of our star family and another ourself we would love to know more about you. What brought you to Galactic Spacebook and what facets are you most interested in?

My invitation to join spacebook arrived by email, probably as a result of my having registered for the "Galactic Archetype" retreat in the upcoming Cosmic Moon.

We've noticed that, more often than not, it is a fascinating story when someone shares how they learned about the Law of Time/13 Moon Calendar/Dreamspell. How or when did you learn about it? :)

Prophets conference in Phoenix Arizona, on electric 23, 5th year of Prophecy.

What are your favorite books/music/art/movies?

Favorite books right now are anything by Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Satprem. Music: Baroque, especially Bach, and classic Rock. Movies: any good quality Sci-Fi.

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  • Looking forward to catching up in Shasta! :)

  • Levi,

    So happy to see your face again! I remember you from the gatherings at our place in Sandpoint, Idaho. We are in Wyoming now, but still have the place in Idaho.

    Will you be at the event in Shasta? Brian and I will be there.

    Hope to catch up...Deborah-Solar Skywalker


  • Watched the Pi movie

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