• So as a blue eagle I just finished our personal wavespell and hand a monumental amount of aha moments... one thing that struck me was the following information that I synched onto...

    The star constellation Aquila is also referred to the water coloured eagle, or the blue eagle. Aquila carried Zeus's (our planet Jupiter's) thunderbolts, and also carried Ganymed (referred to as the star constellation Aquarius). We are presently within 'the age of Aquarius'... so one may presume that the blue eagle, the seer's vision will carry/guide the age of Aquarius?

    Furthermore, I see a correlation between the Bock Saga and the blue eagle who is represented by the 3 lines stacked upon one another (3 gates of 5). If you look into the Bock Saga, you will notice that the tunnel that has not yet been opened to the public to reveal artefacts of our history that could date back millions of years was initially blocked (meaning the downward/vertical entrance that they first had to excavate) was 3 blocks stacked above one another (described exactly as the blue eagle symbol of 3 lines stacked above one another). I'm not sure how many blocks/gates they have gone through on the horizontal plane, be interesting to find out. In any case, are we to once and for all 'get to the bottom' of this, so to speak, and open the cave that could reveal the monumental mystery of our history?

    There's more although that will do for now. What do you make of this? Would love to hear from the forum, and as always am prepared for spirit to show me what it is I deserve/require/desire to know...

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    Yo soy el Vidente

    Codificado por el Águila Azul

    El quince es mi número - las tres puertas del cinco

    Se abren por mi mente

    Mi hogar es el cielo interminable

    Ya que soy el nacido del cielo

    La galaxia pulsa

    Con mis pensamientos luminosos

    Por el poder de la visión me deslizo fácilmente a través

    de las dimensiones y

    Anuncio la llegada de los tiempos cambiantes

    A través de universos paralelos vuelo

    En una pista única de la zuvuya

    La visión es la fuente de mi inteligencia

    Que sustenta el entero planetario

    Todos los que buscan conocer la mente y crear

    De acuerdo al plan universal, vengan a mí, y ellos verán

    Que dentro de mi mente está el poder de la mente universal

    en su creatividad infinita

    Conocerme es conocer el plano astral del infinito

    que lo abarca todo

    A partir del cual la mente superior se deriva

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