After about 2 months or so I've received confirmation of membership here. I've visited this page, for I'm curious about the Archetype. Where can I find it, or how does it work? I know that I'm a Cosmic Star Kin 208 and I know the Dreamspell and the 13 Moon Calendar. What about the Archetype? Where is it?

I've noticed there's not much activity here. I've found no post or discussion from this year 2020. We'll see what happens. Here's a youtube video, with "The Creation of the Sun and the Moon" a Mayan tale. The pages are presented as photographs and illustrations. It's a beautiful book, it takes a little effort to read it, but it's doable.

In the Tzolkin page of my site, you'll find my works of Mayan art, created in the years after 1995. I've learned about the Dreamspell and Jose Arguelles work, in 1995 in The Netherlands.

This was the first workshop organized by a Dutch woman who lives in the US and who had met Jose and Lloydine Arguelles and Aluna Joy Yaxk' in. A large number of Dutchies grew interested in the 13 Moon Calendar and many more fans began to create works of Mayan art. In 1996, we've had the privilege to meet with Jose and Lloydine, during the celebration of the Day out of Time in Monza Italy.

We, a group of about 10 Dutchies, camping on the site with the Mayan New year festival event, were invited to join Jose and Lloydine, for a presentation of the Earth-Wizard initiation program planned to start later in South America. We drove up a mountain, spiraling upwards over the road, with magnificent views, arriving at a monastery, where we found a room prepared for us. That was the most personal and loving interaction with these two trailblazers. I remember our lunch, which was a large heap of polenta with a sea of butter around it. We were stuffed and drowsy, after that lunch!

Until this day, there's a festival each year on the Day of Time, in The Netherlands. Coming July 25th might be in a different setting, with a small number of attendants, due to the pandemic.

When you visit my Tzolkin page, you'll notice that my Mayan artworks are teaching tools at the same time. You're welcome to visit the place.

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  • Nice post.  Yes!  Activity here is sporadic.  I have been a member since 2017?ish, waiting for things to start happening.

    Ah, but this information is all of a rarified density...the whole thing

    reminds me of "hypnogogia," the place in the noosphere between being asleep and waking up!

  • The Archetypes are talked about in CHC Volume 5 Book of the Timespace. 
    In summary, the Galactic Archetypes are a new way to tap into the creative energies within ourselves.

    So often in society now, at least Westernized society, we have given our Archetypes to Movie characters, celebrities, and athletes. While for some this can be a source of inspiration. To much of our detriment these people we look up to do not fill us with vigor like our Archetypes of old, for example Merlyn. 
    While we are assigned an Archetype from our Solar Seal, the goal is to integrate all 21 Archetypes.

    Here is the Mantra for the Artist, 

    I am the Artist 
    Coded by the Yellow Star

    Eight is the number that opens my gate 

    Resonant Frequencies are my Palette 

    To Harmonize according 

    To the deepest impulses of the Universe. 
    Dare to be Beautiful ! 

    I am the elegance of Enlightenment

    Through my Art I color your world 

    I am the rainbow in your day and

    the Moon-glow in your night

    I am the Artist

    Everything I do originates from the stars

    Star Being, Star Child, Star Singer is my name

    I am the galactic chord 

    Resounding from the cosmic key 

    I invent songs and recite the Crystal oath

    That travels the infinite zuvuya  

    The wonders of ever-expanding harmonics 

    To know me is to ride the endless song 

    Back to the Master Artist of all Creation 

    It is great to hear that you have kept the Day out of Time festival going strong in the Netherlands!!!
    I really hope to see CREST13 bear fruit and reach their goal of 13 centers around the Earth dedicated to Mindfulness and Synchronization with the Cosmos.
    I hope this helps and if you have any more questions feel free to aid I will do my best to answer. 
    I only delved into the Law of Time back in 2016 but I dived deep and learned much. 

    In Lak’ech & Namaste 

    Kin 98 Dreamspell 

    Kin 47 Real Time(LongCount) 

    Kin 145 Combined Kin


    • I recommend The 21 lessons of Merlyn by Douglas Monroe if you want to learn more about Druidry.

      I will PM you a good resource I use daily for the integrating the 21 archetypes.

      I have heritage from Wales, Ireland, And Scotland!!!

      I am currently living in New Mexico. I hope to be able to travel the world and go visit all the CREST13 sites.

      One Love & In Lak’ech
      All the Best
    • Thank you, ZEHW, the mantra for the artist is great. I've tried to find

      the CHC Volume 5 Book of the Timespace. The Law of Time-

      website shows me that the page doesn't exist and in 

      the 13:20frequencyshift website it doesn't show

      up when I use the search function. Could

      you send me a link to the Archetype?

      As far as I know, there's a strong connection

      with Merlin, according to a channelled message,

      received by a good friend of mine, for me, by Merlin.

      I'm growing very interested in connecting with the elementals.

      Nature is revealing herself on deeper levels, nurturing and balancing.

      I feel drawn to Ireland, to live on the West coast with a view on the Atlantic

      True Blue Ocean. Thank you for your response in due time.

      Blessed be, Yellow Cosmic Star.


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