You are It [InterstellarMix]

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#FutureTribe #FutureMinimal #YouareIt #Stev◉ #InterstellarMix A new concept of Art Inspired and created from the heart. Music full quality: https://soundclou...

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  • Hello Steve. I like your visuals in the videos. The audio is less appealing to me, I guess it's because I'm 69 years of age. While I watched your videos, this form, a toroidal field, came to mind. The energy flow has something to do with the creation process and in The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Volume 1 and 2 this form is explained, step by step. That is if you find yourself interested in the subject. In these same books, the Mayan civilization is mentioned too. Related to their purpose on planet Earth and the building of pyramids plus their priests' knowledge of the motion of celestial bodies, plus the counting of time. The 2 Volumes are present here:

    Keep on trucking, exercise brings forth art, isn't it?


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