Yall spotted this Crest-like undertaking yet? NEP


i got a nice Blueprint (lo res 3Mb)

points 4 and 5 (of 6) characterizing the 'Q-permaculture' practice are ...
rockdust and ORMUS ... I kid you not

15 places worldwide .. around a 100 acres, 4 confirmed
10thou acres on a tiny pacific island and thousands each in chili and costa

1:01 minute long animation bird's eye (with bird sounds too)
looks like Crest = crest.org has a little competi... i mean 'confederables' on
the skkkrrrreeennn. Wonder if that 47 year old mr Grant who calls into the
last 2 Douglas Dietrich shows is involved (yet).
he earns 65$ an hour in the states and will pop in and out of
what he wants to fund a large community in Costa Rica on land
he has owned for 12 years.

He solicits helpers, his place has Talamanca indian Reserve
proximity (slightly overhunted he says).

3:14 long one (on vimeo as well - 11thou since july 23

    Sacha Stone Speaks for New Earth Project
    frothnblither · 287 videos - 1,997
    101 views Published on Jan 11, 2014
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in this one S Stone equates the words dreamspell and mindspell to the
psyop by millenia old ruler bloodlines that just skip around continents
breeding subtypes and mismanaging these masses ... at least in the eyes of
soon to be hunted and isolated if not put down 'health hazards and

So is he a Drew Hempelian rather than inspired by Crest and not joining the
latter on suspicions of psyop taint .. yet plagiarizing their shit to some

ex-territoriality was a big buzzWord of a refugee from Russian invasion of
Berlin and employee of Anglo ones down under, publishing thousands of
micro-fiche since the 60. The inspiration that crystallized and sparked the
growing collection was it's crown jewel right off the bat; it was the work of
Ulrich v Beckerath -- a Berlin insurance mathematician; a gold and bills of
goods connoiseur -- which as the decades rolled along, got snowed under
by 'liberty' lit.

If you can manage to see the measurement of bio-incrementality (mass X
diversity) as an improvement on the basis for the value stabilizing gold was
capable of, then by all means raise photosynthesis (not toxic solar and toxic
computing .. PLEASE) from the rockdust spiked compost heap on up!!! The
elitists this man wants to shake a distributed fist at (or offer learning to
behave opps to, same thing really) use ex-terr'y to evil ends and it should
be easy to improve on that at this point ... now that the scope of
digi-space is perhaps seen to turn out not just untrustworthy (like paper,
as Myster Stone puts it, speaking on constitution / arbitration) but waaaay
more toxic as well ... though the clearcutting signed most of our death
warrant all by 'it'self of course.

this morning i added this to a fresh post

i'd be available if you can provide a satisfactory answer to your placement
of points 4 and 5 (of 6) characterizing the 'Q-permaculture' practice:
rockdust and ORMUS

 ... I kid you not, someone did put them right next to each other.

 Now, this obviously has to do with the fact my old pages --- centering
around the use of rockdust ... as does one (out of over 50) of my playlists
(which google, i am flattered and proud to be able to claim, places first
with the phrase 'my crushing passion' - not sure if they feel flattered too ..
but uncontroversial stuff is obviously robotized) --- were visited by
'Ormusiasts' more than anybody, going straight for the Philip Callahan one (a
scan of the index for 'Paramagnetism' by him, whom at the time, Dan
Winter was in touch with, claimed to have shot footage with ... which
never aired AND PC disappeared for all practical purposes (a huge
disappointment to me; Daniel went on to, robotically, do what he always
did, critical of Ormus by the way and pretty much dropping the dust issue).

A later Ormusite, the equally 'toxtec' obsessive (cause thinking nothing of
it) Milewski mentioned Callahan but upon inquiry, had no particulars.

Now, other than Ormus ingestion being a copy cat story of the Schindele
Saga some decade or thereabouts earlier i can't say i am pleased to find
these 2 both rockrelated branches of wresting a blessing from dark places in
such close proximity.

Smacks too much of fake rawfood folks like the superfood money making
grubbers who grind antlers to boost their income. Zio and sino mind

Or the other many snake oil scams .. of which i even suspect such way
above average smart folks like Pat Flanagan too part, and more recently the
entirely frustrating germophobe birthdate faker Bob Dobbs.

I mean it's just not common sense type of stuff a child's mind can grasp but
more the magical thinking stage getting stuck and sticky with fabulous
magic thinking properties turned cultically 'commodious'

Don't get me wrong; i'm willing to look at it more but for now, rockdust
along with and/or next to ormus do strikes me as the type incompatible
compostheaping and firewalking are ... the pyromania aspect of large
rainbow gatherings always bothered me plenty; a giant clay/cobb /
whipweave sweatlodge rather than a bare and open central fireplace ...
geodesication over it a few stories ..... would offer plenny opps for
economizing and ritualization .... but not even the most minimal of my
visions (shallower wider and more compost as well as turd pits) came to
pass. I'm not complaining though ... in fact ... after all ... yall are heah
aintsja?? Welcome any time (near Rotterdam; i see the skyline).

Ps: deleted the post with the 48/52 confusion (my bad) ... but the point about adding a little note at the decoder page still stands ... wouldn't wann scare off the novice whose range of treasured / historic people goes far beyond the software ... and though the 52 year rule is kinda basic lots of newbies might not yet know it.

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Comment by Cronocracy on July 15, 2021 at 2:15am
Comment by full name on January 22, 2014 at 2:55am

hibred or hybrid buddhism ... which is it ...

mandarin phonetic spelling along with the english of mantra .. illustrated ... with the appropriate depictions (most famous ones only of course ... for the reasons consult the tourist take over of natives and whatnot by the CCP


The High King Avalokitesvara Sutra ???????(English Captions)
LotusYY02 · 31 videos - 432

mandarin Buddhism is OK but Falun Gong are exhibitionist posers distracting workers ... is that what ccp thinks?

Comment by full name on January 22, 2014 at 2:51am


 2013 GlobalBEM Day 3 Tent 1 Livestream - Sacha Stone & Mitchell Rabin - 4/4

hourlong docu ahead of the panel - takebackyourpower.net
Mike Ringley, the guy who runs the oddly interesting to me (due to presence of super oddball Douglas Dietrich) radio station free revolution radio - freedomslips.com - claims that smartmeter suspicions are is all hype n paranoia
it's a mistake to conflate smartmeter output with that of the USC celltower shown  but the docu does do just that (not that bigbroCuntRoll ain't in bed with GMO and DUammo schemes but there's no need to exxagerate).

Tragic case of one on the San Diego U campus that was prolly left with throttle wide open by mistake and caused multiple deaths by braincancer (a victim's mom found out years after her son died and she typed in clustercancer) has a huge anti smartmeter effect .. but the oilspills in ogoni land aren't considered any more than the denudation of any african forests, by the consumers of said fluids and hardwoods.
This ongoing shame of the west  has always cautioned me about getting my hopes up.

the rest of the vid is too much a mutual admiration society expressing hi hopes for the future to not remind me of a rainbow gathering

Comment by full name on January 22, 2014 at 2:51am

Resonant Moon, Alpha 12
Kin 83, Blue Overtone Night

I Empower in order to Dream

2013 GlobalBEM Day 1 Tent 1 Livestream - Sacha Stone & Mitchell Rabin - 3/3

mean comment (unposted):
please take warning from the 29th minute folks (radiation damage from overeager experimentation, a welknown characterflaw in these types of 'aheadplungers') ... quite a few of them want nothing better than shoot the overwarpdrive hypermagic bullet and sell it too ... i'm even tempted to assert one can be forgiven to come away with a firm conviction all participants lean strongly towards megalomaniac junkies rather than primitivist permacultural stinternationalism, in fact even after more than a furtive glance i haven't discovered even a scrap of 'modestifying' in them ...
the impression Myster Stone was co-opting and/or imitation Crests held up only briefly and ended when i saw the white curved futurist floating cities which SF lovers trying to claw their way back onto the ground seem to have adopted along with toy model tinkerer / integralist Myster Fresco.

I mean, do you see them talk about pure clean simple devices like gravity machines a la Costa and Wesseli that DON'T depend on rare earth and toxwhatnot????? Right. Not.

Fukushima gets focus towards the end of the 37th minute and then a gamut of radiation tidbits follow.

first few minutes of the 4th quarter of an hour has an ionette like person who nevertheless left Hawaii bycause of the radiation. Near the end, 1:30:00 she equates a pathway with a runway. Hell of a lot of hell's worth of good duh intuition did her eh?

No idea how to weight the wish as thoughtpaternity factors in all these fabulous anecdotes and 'reports' but i know it's not ZERO.

1:22:00 sea urchin fairy tale ... damn sure hope it's TRUE!!!! ... but the guy telling it is a fucking beer brewer .. and prolly a jew ... kinda little besides, ... that's 3 red flags right there.

Yesterday i checked out DWinter, skyping in from france ... his plagiarism case plagueing him still, decades later? Anyway, he still does that Gogo oldy damn near moldy and insularity ensuring tough actspeed to follow spiel, speaking not of compressing sunshine (meeting it halfway with decompressed, squeezed, 'charged' rock) to grow and fluff stuff up, creating a lift, raising gravity POTENTIAL (which is a definition of photosynthesis) but keeps it in very abstract terms till the very end when rockdust gets 1 or 2 lines (Callahan dropped from the pointers altogether). I think gatekeepers, specially last ditch ones have to move right close to the practical and try abstract it as much as possible without totally robbing it of lifelikeness. Must be a thankless job, souldeadening as well, like all public disservicing, all performance relying on verbiage is and always will be ... if not accompanied by the liberation act, that squeeze, that changing of fire-hazards into very slightly covered nutrient behind swales.

I called for a building stop in the US a decade ago; employ all construction workers in the swalery, the enswaling, the water slowing business.

if i was US president i'd lobby with[/and/or bribe] the EU to grant citizenship to each WHITIE who manages to return 2 BlACKS to africa and thus begin restoration / clean up of RED ground, .. if for nothing else, it would be the necessary preliminaries to making YELLOWhides UNoccupy RAINBOW land.

Comprende amigo?

 SA is already on a greenish rather than hi-tec tack, in part .. here's a few pioneers 'to go' and show the right brain [rootsy] side of the Whole Earth Catalog come into its own, a recombinant of cultural practice, not genes ... other than playing a little favoritism via the naked eye like Luther Burbank did; ladiesss  and dzjentlemennnnnnn, here's the our scouts going down the green niche path:

Perhaps not the quickest way to remove some opaquely corporate heads who 'head' (hi-jack) their constituens off all ways filled with various states of ... eh ... grace.

As usual, i call a crisis 5.5 years ahead of time and see my warning unheeded; no flloodings and securitization crisis would have ever needed to come about .... and i am still calling stuff .. though becoming less and less optimistic about the use to be found, let alone a good one.

Dan, as usual, differentiates his work from that of his confconfies and this is the first time i hear him claim the tetra is the least fractal thing and most stabilizing (octave like) .. which obviously isn't gravity 'creating expansionist terraforming (anywhere but on earth) star conquering enough ... sigh ..

Comment by full name on January 22, 2014 at 2:45am

Harmonizing cyclicity with linearity is and remains any true switchcaller's ambition and ideal. It easily tempts them into leveraging the agency bit to the bigger bangs and beats (the lure of wider audience equated to validity rather than what it really is and does: the cause of and to cause .. attrition).
the large autonomy and sovereignty sought after is and remains available at the micro level only though (transforming rock to soil, always my prime lead, example and target); to co-ordinate that into mass movements and migrations will always cause enough strife and friction to distract from this root (of every movement, even zionism ... who knew), however o so populistable and sharable it seems .. it's the confusion between centralizable and centering.

Exterritorial landownership (wether by trust or throne) is an oxymoron .. and to expect it to have inviolability status by sheer dint of 'it's time has come' or some such millenarianism ain't gonna magically melt rifles now is it?

Comment by full name on January 20, 2014 at 7:53am

.......... pacifism oases it was going all
[or nothing] for. Twas a death gamble from the beginning, in my case
literally, i thought the true to life principles had to migrate from
alphabetization to the metastasis that is digital code but it merely choked
the already dead cellulose preserved forms as if they weren't already dead;
food for nostalgic melancholia and mourning aids at best; the latter merely
encapsulated the former w more absorbing screen effect as bennie to help
look away from the digital detritus and fall-out drawback i mentioned.

Something that really irked another millenarian you might well know, Jose A as well, as you well know.

It's the dichotomy and double bind all of life set to symbol and its -ization get trapped in .... like William Gibson .. seeing the drawbacks yet incapable to escape them ... joking about discovering both Burroughses 'together' .. so for him the one of urbanity and drugs remains juxtaposed with the Burroughs of Tarzan.

I'll remain pessimistic till someone rescues my books and me.

i've had an offer to take the relevant ones (on healing) to http://centrumsavita.wordpress.com but to me even the ones i merely saved from after market day trash collection over the years remain relevant; i need to honour what little action i took eh?

Comment by full name on January 20, 2014 at 7:24am


there's that simon again (for an hour and 7 minutes), a part 2 will go live in 11 days

42 comments there now

... i am still kinda wary owing to the pompous looking zeitgeist architecture, still to much of the hive and bunched bundled masses there ... but hey, all pyramid synchronotrifying is management of the masses ... teacfhing them patience till their time to shine comes ...... not sure one can go Zeitgeisty with organic materials (unless he's not telling us all about these new tec thingies); he's leveraging the rainbow family / occupy / crest ethics all the way to the UN it seems, or tries to anyways ..... really got me wondering ...

Got no replies from them either .... cybersphere soulfulness has begun to suffer too much from it's own E-Waste medium to really make it into hi-tec or sensible tec out of the way ex-territorial pacifism oases.

Comment by full name on January 16, 2014 at 2:46am

to explain my reference to Drew Hempel i might as well supply - though noone asked - a probable source for it ... and i am throwing in a note about another person who claims contact with the other side* (if he isn't having a McLuhan moment/period/fit/wave) and who's numerology is quite rudimentary: 2 2s are the hit and he is it .. all double twos are his ... never mentioned Arguelles of Shearer though ... the happily married swan idyll is perhaps part of the high honour white scarf rite in Tibet as well?? God knows what sort of strangely transplanted roots an 'oddaption sprouts from.

* oddly, he uses a human to embody that (ion) so should be easily outable ... a necessary thing to do ... cause the snake-oil racket is taking cover by sponsoring alternative media .... leveraging money away from and off of the too gullible to the too lowly sunk professions of whistle blowers, comedian, camera aimers and other occupation recallibrators. Of course the woo woo factor of a lot of alternative media is already sky-high, so an innocent 'droplement' couldn't hurt right? And who wouldn't want to try a fountain of youth elixir .. isn't that what all religion aims for???

503 since 2011
JA 1986

     Topics covered include working with your highest intention
     and dealing with radioactivity in the environment.

"radio being"???? aaaaahhh, this is the bit that got Drew Hempel so upset w
AJ ... reporting (5th minute) on the radiogenesis theories as per Reiser
(who had very perverse desires for mutation, fucked up ingrate ... one of
them psyop mad scientists); of course he admired Roerich who did the art
for those goalpost / cornerstone / flagpole moving companies ... and
instead of retreating from alphabetization he stooped to juggling fractions,
a still number code, now THAT's upsetting.

Stoney Reservation near Calgary around the same time
13-12-28--2300- 31st minute
the original robot = Bob on Golem
after he encourages folks to pay up for his goddamn drops yet again .... as
long as they have money it don't matter where it came from, where it's
been (even though 8 out of 10 jobs are directly 'defense' (evil empire)
related (he's just a 'go to work' slave driver / cheer leader iow)
deathfaker discussion (they did quite a collection, including Lennon and
saying his wife is an 'other worlder'

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