Written for 198, because U = today,

"The 1st uChing Code Story"

(*) warning/disclaimer: in the next story five different levels (four cycles and one practice) of the uChing will „pass by” in code alignment explanations. The uChing is a new code discovery and was first published in the summer 2013 and is also introduced in the current Galactic Seed Almanac. Although you can understand and discover much if you have studied the short introduction in the almanac, in this next story that I share it is about more profound layers, or advanced levels of the uChing that are not explained in the almanac this current year. To understand this now, it will be helpful if you had an uChing explanation, presentation or workshop; also studying the new uChing Code Book can clarify parts of this story today.

Today is a perfect moment to start sharing uChing code alignments on GalacticSpaceBook, because the archetypically and personal uChing code alignments of today are extraordinary! If you don't understand some number synchronicities in this next story that I share, please don’t worry yet: you can always travel back to this moment (and story) in time, to read it again after you have learned how this new uChing code in the practice actually works. Since today you can join a new group on Galactic Space Book, which is called uChing.

This has started as an experiment, which is my first archetypically personal time travel story in Codon, uChing and Kin numbers all together. This story starts around the Closing of the Great Cycle in 2012, when I met Kin 198 (today) in Palenque (Mexico). Agent-198 will become 62 years in 260+10 days from today. In that time the cycle for him will complete two Holtuns after his Galactic / Solar return of Kin 198. This Agent 198 also shares the uChing as teaching, for example in the Magnetic Moon in Mexico-City for 15 Kin. Maybe this story is only for U to understand!

Yesterday it was four Galactic Spins after the start of the Quetzalcoatl Return Cycle and I saw on Facebook that U is working for Quetzalcoatl. Yesterday announced something special for today.Yesterday Harmonic 50 started (Red Lunar Earth) which is in the Biphasic Matrix related with uChing chapter 55 (my chapter of the Blue Solar Night, Kin 243). Yesterday it was chapter 44 with the occult chapter also 50 (and the occult chapter / cube number is the Galactic I Ching or Fu Xi number of the hexagram, a.k.a. the complementary of the inverse cube number). Besides that, the hexagram of Inner Time inverted (turned) yesterday into 414, which is day 50 (!) (414-364) in the second Solar Ring of this Cycle of Inner Time (2013-2015). Synchronically, it was yesterday 50 years ago that Martin Luther King held that famous "I Have A Dream.." speech, now today U is holding a Dream too!

It is today 10+260 days before your 62nd birthday as Kin 208, Yellow Cosmic Star. This is also the Kin equivalent of all the thirteen Pacal Votan Clear Signs together. Ten days before you next birthday it will be two holtuns after your Solar / Galactic Return of 198. Today this is all being announced in the synchronic codes that explained themselves. In the PSI Bank the PSI Chrono Unit of today is Kin 18 (perfect occult of 243). Kin 18 is related to uChing 46, and 46 is the inverse of 29. Today it is August 29 in 2013. In the uChing script it is today chapter 28 (correlated to the Electric Signal Family in the Galactic Seasons). The number of the day in this first Lunar Ring is 38, and the hexagram of Inner Time changes from 8 to 11 (if we read the ternary hexagram of today with the binary code). In these numbers we see 8-18-28-38 today, maybe these intervals of 10 emphasize the interesting double holtun (10 years, minus 10 days) of your upcoming birthday in the Spectral Moon on Dali 15! Synchronically our birthdays are radial positioned, which means that your birthday is 60 days before the end of every Solar Ring and that my birthday is exactly 60 days after the start of every Solar Ring.

Today we can write and see the codes on page 45 in the Law of Time Galactic Seed Almanac. We already knew that 45 is the chapter that is related with Yellow Galactic Seed itself. Today on Silio we are for the fifth time in the centre of the cube during this new codon / cube uChing practice. In telepathic realm we celebrate this as a power of the fifth force, and as U said: U is there! In this current uChing practice (Heptad 5, Galactic Seed) we are within heptocubico 3 and we changed on Dali (August 23rd, 2013) the bottom side/line of this Heptocubico 3 into cube number 35. Today this is together with the other five changed sides + the cube number itself in the centre, the BMU of this Codon.

Today the bottom side of 3 is 35 and also the complementary chapter/cube number of 28 in the Galactic Season, 28+35=63 (and please note that 63 is also the perfect occult Kin of 198 today). 35 has even more synchronicity, it is today also the 35th in the Solar Ring! This is the ternary hexagram 35 of Inner Time. The alphabet letters of these two triplets together form H.A. and we see the small letter "h" in the UR Rune of uChing chapter 28 today. What does this mean? Another synchronicity is that chapter 28 in the uChing is exactly the same as Codon 42 in the I Ching; to recall, Kin 42 is today the perfect guide (Electric Wind) of Kin 198.

The inverse of the ternary hexagram 35 (27+3+3+1+1) in Inner Time is 657 (243+243+81+81+9); and 657 minus 441 = 216. As a reminder, we are in the third day of the Warrior wavespell and we also start on Silio 7 the Lunar Moon Warrior's Cube Journey of this year! If we look up the PSI Chrono Unit of this inverse (turned) day of Inner Time, it is Kin 96, Yellow Warrior again. Any questions?

To continue, I will now explain some extraordinary time traveling. For this, we will go one Galactic Spin into the future, and so we turn to page number 212 in our Yellow Galactic Seed Almanac. On this day we have finished exactly 42 weeks, which is a guiding principle today. On page 212 we see in the PSI Bank of this Dali-15 in the Spectral Moon Kin 216 (6x6x6) again. In the heptad practice of this week we see that we start with the uChing heptocubico practice 35, which is one of the main synchronicity numbers of today. On this first heptad day (May 16th, 2014, and two holtuns after the Solar / Galactic Return of you, so 10 days before your 62nd birthday) we will change the bottom line of 35 into uChing cube number 3, which is synchronistically the same as we did in this 5th heptad of our new uChing practice! To confirm this, on August 23rd, 2013 it was the first day of this current fifth heptad that we end today, and we changed on this Dali the uChing heptocubico 3 on the bottom side into 35. This is to recall today, because it is not only day 35 in the Inner Time Cycle (or Solar Ring), it is also the complementary chapter of White Electric Mirror (chapter 28+35=63) and we can note that on page 45 and 212 in the Almanac of this Galactic Synchronized Year. And there is even more about this 35..

I (243) had an extraordinary uChing exchange with 198 in San Cristobal (Mexico) on the first Christmas evening after the 21st of December 2012. In our Dreamspell it was Kin 212, which is not only the Magic Kin of the Pyramid Matrix, but also the page number that triggered this time travel story of today. Yellow Self-Existing Human (Kin 212) is related with uChing chapter 14 and today (and on page 212 of the Almanac again) we can take notice that 14 is the number of this day in the Red Galactic Season, because day 14 in the Red Galactic Spectrum is White Electric Mirror (198). Now these days around the Closing of the Cycle, the days that I met 198, we did the "cubing of the codon" 32 in a Star Bundle of 91 days. In this building of the UR Master Rune, all patterns of conduct where stored, unfolding in the now. Codon 32 is to be known as uChing 35, so fully synchronized in that time.

Now this UR Rune „Mind Enduring” revealed itself more today with some interesting uChing code alignments. 35 is today the complementary of 28 and also the day in the Solar Ring. Today on Silio we perceive from the center of Cube 3, which changed on the bottom side on Dali into cube / uChing number 35. Synchronic in Order we will change the uChing cube 35 to uChing cube 3, the other way around, exactly 260 days from today! 

This story is to confirm the established Cube of the Law practice we did, and our meeting around the 21st of December in 2012. The new codon / cube practice is called uChing and is unfolding itself further and further.. This practice seems to be perfectly aligned and this will be synchronic in order for the next 64 (4 x 16) years. Today the codes where so personal and archetypically synchronized, that I couldn't wait any longer to write and share these findings. Since today I will share step by step more about the uChing code alignments in Natural Time.

Maybe the numbers and use of this „new code" can be a little overwhelming at first, maybe this story looks a little complicated. But please know and remember: if you are willing to learn something new—and to do a daily practice in synchronic codes—U will soon be a lot of fun and U will know the Self as easy. Start or continue an Earth Wizard practice and you will understand this new code easily. To understand this first uChing code story you can always ask a question to Kin 198 or me, or travel later in time back to August 29th, 2013.

In Lak'ech — Another Self as U

Postscriptum: this photo of me was taken by Kin 53 at the Mount Shasta retreat last summer in US. She took the picture to send it to the maker of this necklace. The synchronicity of today in this story is that this necklace has exactly 52 jade stones and 1 „Abalone” shell a.k.a. "Ear of Venus." Now 52+1 is not only the Kin of Juanita (who took this photograph), 53 is also described in the Book of the Cube (2011) as the frequency of „Sirian Rebirth,” which makes 212 (4 x 53) as the "Measure (4) of Sirian Rebirth (53)!” Now on that first Christmas evening in 2012, the day I had that meeting with Kin 198 in San Cristobal explained in the story above, I received this necklace on Kin 212 (4x53) !!

Why is 212 the Magic Kin? And how does all this MatheMagic work?

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 i am learning u ching is incredible

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