I'll  write big to indicate big little-kid writing:

What do you want to say, Alexander?

What do you mean?

What do you want to tell these people?

Nothing...  These people are all just fine.

So why did you want to get on here?

YOU'RE the one who wants to get on here because you're SCARED all the time!

Okay.....  Uhhhhh.....

You dont wanna be a grown-up, you just want to DISSOCIATE!  Now here you are all tired  out but you want to write something anyway!  You're just all obsessed!

Yeah, but....

But NOTHING!!!!!   okay....  it's starting....  we're sorry that we're not taking better care of you today, but we just do the best we can, one day at a time....   alexander is way down there typing, and we'll try to speak for him...  he says you can read his story on the old pan reports website, self-existing seed year, galactic moon  "share your dreamspell story."  He's been at this a long time and he wishes he could get us all together so we could just be the kids we are, and not so spaced-out all the time...

but alexander, some people are truly like that, and just fine the way they are...

I know, but there are a lot of people like me who are NOT fine the way they are and thought that living the dreamspell life would make it all better.

well, did it?

well, i guess it kept me alive for a while, so that's something.  but now I dont even use the Dreamspell correlation any more....  it was time to change to the Bruce Scofield correlation, and that really speaks to more of who we are right now, but we still use Jose's interpretations and all the related signs...

so what do you want to tell these people, then?

that we're really sorry if they're in as much pain as we were and still sometimes are, and that it really helped to make sense of everything that was happening, even though we still get scared that we're CREATING the expectation of conflict by following the progression of days.....    but even Lloydine said she had tried to give up following the calendar, but she just can't.....  it's sort of built in there now....

so anyway, just to update....  we're still trying to get the kid personality underneath to function out in the world, and to reparent him or her to be more of a functional grown-up, and one of the ways we're doing that is to go out and dance around outside, usually in the dark.  He can sort of move around, but when it's time for him to speak, all he can do is cry for a while, and then that passes.

So Dreamspell was a way to bring in some real high energies, but that also flushed out a lot more stuff that needed to be flushed out.

It's just another system of accessing spiritual reality, and it sure was exciting, especially when Jose lived in Tucson!  But we were always led back to our own healing, so that's where we need to go....

So what's the last thing you wanna say, Mr. Alexander?

Just that we sure must be some kind of a crazy nut to get so involved with this for so long, but then who else were we going, to be, anyway?   (And oh yeah....  now we consider ourself a Red Lunar Dragon, and that seems more right.)   And what was amazing to see is that when we shifted over to the new correlation the synchronicities just kept coming, even though now it was supposed to be a totally different day!   So the REALITY is on the inside, not the outside.  And the GALACTIC CENTER is there, too.  Where else would it be?  Cleveland?  (Sorry, Randy.)

okay, we think we're done for now.  see ya later, alligators!

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Comment by Vernon Grant Muir on October 28, 2013 at 8:11pm

Totally agree with you both, as Dreamspell Signiture also fits like a glove and see this with many around also. Feel the current beam alligns those in natural time, whatever the tool kit may be. Nice Read .

Comment by W Paul Blakey on October 25, 2013 at 9:45pm

To me (and I've been hard wired into the Dreamspell since 1992 just like you) it's always been a magnificent tool kit and I keep finding new stuff inside it to play with. There's no right or wrong, there is no ultimate interpretation, it's all a huge magic mirror. I happen to like Valum Votan's basic interpretation and my galactic signature fits me like a glove, so I take that as a synchronic indicator. 

The fact that it all still seems terribly uncoordinated is an illusion. It's all quite perfect.

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