The Nature and Purpose of the Coming Cosmic Civilization

Excerpt from "Galactic Culture and the Coming of Cosmic Civilization" by José Argüelles/Valum Votan

"The social structures mandated by the Law of Time are telepathic structures of knowing as well. The integration of biological living patterns in the correct timing frequency with the pursuit of the creation of mental structures of prolonged duration will endow the species with a collective telepathic awareness presently unknown." –Dynamics of Time, Postulate 1.11

We recognize that evolution is mental-spiritual in nature because the cosmos is fundamentally an event of evolving consciousness. The cosmos of our present-day cosmologists is but a thin horizontal slice across the third dimensional plane of reality. Inexhaustible reaches of an infinite universe yield galactic cluster after galactic cluster.

Hundreds of millions of galaxies. Billions and billions of stars and star systems. Every conceivable kind of world system supporting every conceivable kind of life form. And yet this is only the dazzling display of the third-dimensional order. How much grander is the perspective of the higher dimension of which the third-dimensional plane is merely the foundation, the platform, the basis for the evolution and the expression of the higher states of consciousness? And all of this fantastic display is the purposeful manifestation of the Mind of an omniscient and omnipresent Intelligence so vast and supreme as to be virtually inconceivable. 

If we view the visible universe as a divinely inspired construct of our own limited consciousness, how much more infinitely powerful and splendid must be the multidimensional universe of the less limited consciousness, the consciousness of the supermind, or the supramental consciousness evolved beyond mind? When we consider the intelligence that animates this consciousness that ascends and evolves in ever vaster planes of cosmic order, what can we imagine or conceive that such a civilization of this order might be like? 

The Galactic Culture that we have described is but the most minute point of inception of an order of reality that is so extensive and supermental in nature that it would appear from our vantage point today to be the dwelling place and construct of the gods. Indeed, those of ancient myths who often appear as gods may in reality be the anthropomorphized perceptions of such “visitors” from Cosmic Civilization.

Given the immensity of the universe we can imagine that each galaxy or galaxy cluster is but a single “entity” constituting the entire order of Cosmic Civilization. What then can we say of the part to be played by our little planet in its solitary star system in the far flung Orion Arm of our local galaxy? 

For us to even entertain the notion of Cosmic Civilization on Earth, much less the nature of a universal Cosmic Civilization that is liberated of all the petty concerns that drag us down today we must clear our mind. In fact only a clear light mind can even begin to comprehend the real nature of Cosmic Civilization. Such a civilization will first and foremost be one in which the highest attainment of enlightened mind conceivable to us will be but the foundation for socio-communicative constructs of a parapsychological and telepathic nature beyond conception. Yet once we arrive at the noospheric mind - the Earth plane of unified consciousness - then Cosmic Civilization will become an attainable reality. 

The purest teaching on the direct perception of the nature of mind is probably the Dzog Chen school. Though we can say that it is a feature of Tibetan Buddhism that is too limiting. This teaching merely found a place within the system of Tibetan Buddhism - and even in the shamanic Bon religion which preceded Buddhism - in which it could flourish. “We find, for example, in one of the tantras of Zogqen (Dzog Chen), it is said that the Zogqen teaching is found in thirteen different solar systems. How then can we possibly think that Zogqen originated in a given country and is the result of happenings in that particular location?” (Namkhai Norbu, Dzog Chen and Zen, p.17.) From such a consideration it follows that, “There exist many, many ways for realized beings to manifest themselves and for the teaching to arise.” (Ibid., 18) 

These two statements point to the fact that Dzog Chen as a mind teaching is a feature of a self-existing Cosmic Civilization - accounting for its existence on thirteen solar systems - and that as a higher mind teaching its transmission is not bound in the least by the laws of causality that govern mere third dimensional processes of transmission. This description of transmission explains, for instance, the manifestation of the Law of Time as a supramental descent that is connected with Pacal Votan who lived thirteen hundred years ago. 

To illustrate further the notion that transmission of mind may take many different forms, let us consider a passage from the greatest of the Mahayana Buddhist Sutras, the Avatamsaka or Flower Ornament Scripture,

"All buddhas ... are able to do buddha-work for the benefit of sentient beings - whether looking, examining, moving, stretching, walking or standing still, sitting or reclining, silent or speaking, whether manifesting occult powers, or explaining principles ... All buddhas may do buddha-work while dwelling in forest retreats, or in quiet places, or in desolate places, or in buddha’s dwelling places; or they may do buddha-work while in trance, or while alone in a grove, or while concealing themselves from view, or while abiding in knowledge of the ultimate profundity, or while dwelling in the incomparable realm of the buddhas, or they may do buddha-work while carrying on imperceptible physical actions, adapting to sentient beings’ mentalities ... or they may do buddha work seeking omniscience in the form of water spirits, goblins, cherubim, titans, birds, serpents, humans, subhumans and so on ..." (Volume II, pp. 234-235)

The Flower Ornament Sutra is filled with countless examples of nonlocal consciousness as a normal faculty of all of the cosmic buddhas. Being in not only two different places but in different dimensions at once is accountable by the teaching of the Law of Time regarding the universality of mind, synchronicity and the telepathic nature of time itself. As for the nature of Cosmic Civilization, the hyperdimensionally enlightened mind of the cosmic buddhas also provides descriptions which we may take as metaphors of the supersensory nature of the Cosmic Civilization:

"Within that ocean of worlds was a central world-system called Array of Markers of Doors Facing All Directions, in which there was a world called ubiquitous light the Color of All jewels. The borders of that world were arrayed with jewels reflecting images of the enlightenment sites of all buddhas; it rested on an ocean of flowers made of all kinds of jewels, it was composed of jewels showing the appearances of the emanations of all buddhas; it was shaped like a celestial palace, and it was pure with an admixture of defilement. Furthermore, in that world there are as many world regions with four continents as atoms in the polar mountain; at the center was a set of four continents called Mountain Peak of All jewels, whose four continents were innumerable hundreds of thousands of leagues in extent. On each continent were ten thousand great cities. In the middle of the Southern Continent was a great metropolis called Light of Myriad Arrays of Jewel Trees, surrounded by ten thousand cities. On that continent furthermore, the life span of the people was ten thousand years. The king of that metropolis was named Encompassing Sound of the Proclamation of All Laws, a sovereign ruler. ... The whole continent was under the protection of that king and he had no enemies or opponents.” Ibid., Volume III, p. 230

Though the language and imagery are medieval, the vastness and scope of the description gives us a glimpse of the clarity and vastness of mind characterizing Cosmic Civilization. 

Such visions of a Cosmic Civilization on Earth we find echoed in the memory of Tollan of ancient Mexico. Place of cosmic origin, its mythic splendor was recapitulated in an Earthly Tollan, ruled by the great prophet Quetzalcoatl, for but a brief cycle of time. So it is written, Tollan was the capital of the empire of empires. Seldom if ever, rivaled in the world.

"Tollan was the heart of all that had ever been good and pure. In this ancient land it was the essence of grandeur, the apex of prosperity. Tollan was pure spirit manifested in works of stone and feather, gold and jade. it was a world of religious splendor and godly fulfillment. A sample of what man could do with peace." –Tony Shearer Lord of the Dawn, pp. 106-07.

The vision of the coming Cosmic Civilization on Earth is the vision of Tollan of the Starborn Elders. Those are the ancient Ones whose life is in the future of a past we forgot to live. But the purpose of a divine descent, the nature of which is the noosphere itself, is to give humankind the opportunity to start anew. It is the Second Creation that brings about the Cosmic Civilization on Earth.

Like the previous Earthly Tollan and the enlightened world systems of the buddhas, the future Tollan of the Starborn Elders will be a civilization of Peace. For the mind that knows itself, can only know peace, for peace is the quality of the all-abiding awareness which permeates all the universe and world systems in indestructible simplicity. It is the all-abiding awareness which is the basis of the One mind that will be the Foundation of the Cosmic Civilization on Earth.

It is this mind that will be able to construct with the templates of the Law of Time a Galactic Culture of the synchronic order which will be as harmoniously splendid as it is telepathically interwoven with the interdimensional reality of cosmic consciousness. And through this Galactic Culture, the noosphere of Earth will expand into its place in the great and ever-evolving Cosmic Civilization. 

The Cosmic Civilization will mean a total renewal of the Earth through telepathic magnetic resonant field mind technologies. If history was the era dominated by literacy, in the noosphere of the Cosmic Civilization, a post-literate hypersensory consciousness will arise. We will discover that nature is not democratic. It is cosmocratic. The ruling order comes not from fiats imposed by kings or elected officials, but through the very nature of cosmic organization itself. This will be intuitively understood and telepathically communicated.

A genuine hierarchy will be perceived as already existing throughout the universe, that of the hierarchy of ascending orders of consciousness which, by their nature, are totally spiritual. History will be seen as a fever of the Earth in her preparation to attain full consciousness. Religious boundaries will melt. In the spiritualized perception of everyday life, religion will no longer exist. In its place will be the Universal Recollection - UR.

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