Red Solar Moon, the Venus Transit and the Pope

Part One Initiated on Kin 7 Blue Resonant Hand


Today is Kin 9, Red Solar Moon. We are still in the first Wavespell of this new Tzolkin Round, where the Kin Code Numbers fit to the 13 Tones  of the WS. So we have Kin 9, Code 9 for Muluc on Tone 9 or written 9.9. A triple 9. Two Tzolkin Spins 2x260 days ago the Venus Transit happened to fall on Kin 9 on 06.06.2012.  This was the second one after one in 2004. The next double Transit will happen in 2117 and 2125.

If you mirror a triple 9  you get a triple 6  999::666

This Venus Transit on Kin 9 or 9.9  happened to be on the greg  date 06.06.12 - another number game- exactly 441 days after the ascension of Galactic Master Valum Votan :: Jose Arguelles

While searching for a certain graphic I stumbled  upon another amazing synchronicity.

This article by V.V. and the graphic is about the so called “Harmonic Conversion” it displays the 7 Years of the Mystery of the Stone together with the Eight years of the Harmonic Conversion which is the Venus Transit.


The Eight Years of the Harmonic Conversion

First there was the Harmonic Convergence, then, 16 years later, came the Harmonic Concordance. That opened a 260-day cycle from Blue Crystal Storm (November 8, 2003) to Blue Crystal Storm (July 26, 2004), the Day of the Great Calendar Change.

I was always a bit disappointed, because obviously this Calendar Change didn`t happen in 2004.

But now these syncs are amazing  and new levels of understanding had opened up for me.

... “The Great Calendar Change of 2004 means that victory has already been granted to the New Time. The Law of Time has manifest on the Earth and now it is raising to a new level of consciousness human beings from all sectors of global society.”...


Kin 259 Blue Crystal Storm (11th Feb. 2013) was also the date that Pope Ratzinger Kin 133 announced his stepping down from “The Throne12 Spins after the “Day of the Great Calendar Change.” Ratzinger grew up and lived only some miles from Munich and a guy told me on that day 19.12, that one of the reasons of the stepping down was probably the involvement of child-abuse by Ratzingers brother. After and before this several other scandals came to the surface of the catholic church and another one most actual is that one of german Bishop Tebartz van Elst. This men spent € 31 Million in his luxury new property instead of estimated 2-3 at the beginning. He is currently in "silence" away until the new pope Franziskus decides what to do. Since then double as much people as usual leave officialy the church and quit tax paying to it, which you do in Germany when you are a member.

But the most important is that the Vatican is holding the Time-Frequency as the planet is run by the gregorian calendar.

But back to the NEWS on 19.12. This  powerful announcement rushed around the globe in the News and triggered “Believe-Systems” that centuries long existed to crumble. No other Pope had done such a step for 700 years.

God himself sent a thunderbolt directly into the Petersdome just hours after the announcement.

The Thunder :: Sure 13.13

The thunder praises His glory, and so do the angels, out of reverence for Him. He sends the lightning bolts, which strike in accordance with His will. Yet, they argue about GOD, though His power is awesome.


Curiously  German cartoonist Katharina Greve prophetically foresaw this stepping down of the Pope in a sort of  Calendar-Cartoon, published already in 2012 where the Pope wins at the lottery on of Feb and says: "Holy straw sack! Tomorrow I quit!".

The “winning” numbers 1,3,10,12,23,28 add up to (Kin) 77.

Kin 259, Blue Crystal Storm  is also the day Jose Kin 11 (Venus) began with his unpublished manuscript Holy Quran and Law of Time, 19=260 in 1998 exactly 20 Spins before Ratzinger’s stepping down.  Parts of this esoteric knowledge we find in Time and the Technosphere p.229. Where is proved the unity of decoded Quran and the Law of Time. Notice also that Pacal Votan was living exactly at the same time as Muhammad did and Jose though he never met Rashad Kalifa who revealed the Nineteen Code inside the Quran, was inspired and amazed by this Men’s work. Kalifa when assassinated Jan. 31 1990 went directly to paradise and Jose went back to paradise in Hawaii after he had detected the 12:60 and 13:20 frequency in the Museum of Time in Switzerland shortly before.



From the Dictionary of Number.

133 19x7, 19th order of 7, mystic mid.point in 19-260 code, vigesimal 6.13 = 19. Kin 133 = 3 skywalker, Seal 13, toe 3, = 3.13 Genesis code, supreme sign of the resurrection


- War of the Heavens - Cosmology

"What is occurring on the planet now is a final battle of frequencies or time wars — the final battle between light and dark. We are being called to face our shadow head on, shed our third-dimensional conditionings and become the Rainbow. How? Through Love, Art, Play, Humor and Creative Imagination!  These are the magic keys that transcend historic dualism, and transform lower forces into creative light.

The only way to untie the knot of His-story is to merge the two paths of “dark” and “light” into one, beyond projections or blame. We do this by raising our vibration above the linear time frame of cause and effect uniting the opposite forces within until finally we Awaken to the Rainbow Reality of Radial Consciousness!  Abracadabra! Shazaam!  Behold the integrated Planetary Human of the New Cycle!" Red Queen

See also this blog on the subject:

May the TRUTH prevail on this Planet.

Kin 189

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Comment by Cronocracy on July 15, 2021 at 11:00am
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Comment by RuBen SkyWalker on November 8, 2013 at 7:24pm

I am writing a post that maybe will serve as good complement/continuation of this article... Solar Moon= Perfect Guide of 113....

Comment by RuBen SkyWalker on November 8, 2013 at 7:22pm

Great binary post 189! Great also to see u back behind the (noospheric) keyboard sharing and pulsing the thought forms and messages containing all these hidden layers of meaning that complete the Cosmic Jigzaw Puzzle of the Divine Plan that is unfolding right before our eyes...  There so much going on and so much to track, that is easy to miss these IMPORTANT connections. I really believe that documenting in real-time the unfolding of the 1st 13 chapters of TimeShip Earth 2013 is of tremendous VALUE. It contributes to give perfect coherence to the "apparent chaos" that is unfolding... and is a great re-minder for all kin that WE are the living, walking Arcturus Probe characters reporting LIVE to the Galactic Feds ...

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