I feel as though I am quite young for the average Galactic Activist, being 23, almost 24. I know that's not that young, but I feel young.

Two years before I got into the Law of Time, I wrote a poem about a butterfly and a flower. Little did I realize how important the piece would become to me. Now, whenever I see a butterfly I thank the universe for the beautiful sign.

Yet I still have many questions.

I didn't post a picture on here, but on July 4, White Crystal Wind, I left to a rave camp in Austin, Texas, wearing a shirt I had made after having visions of three purple orbs arranged such as in the Banner of Peace. On the back of the shirt I inked in the glyph to Kin 16, Yellow Electric Warrior. The event which would be held for three days was called Planet Soul, which is why I felt the need to attend.

The next two nights I can only describe as magical. Not only did I feel a strange presence in the woods, but I also experienced a radical connection to the light show that was emanating from the main stage. I experienced synchronicities abundant those few days, too many to name, for I have no doubt they were meant for me.

I was entranced by the music coming from the different stages, and I had set up camp in the area named Neptune, in the Dreamcatcher camp. I met many wonderful people, and we shared our drinks, food, and herbal remedies.

I remember opening my third eye farther than I had conceived possible, and hearing the voices of my friends. I remember being afraid that I was a 'psychic vampire'. I remember walking into the dark woods, breaking off a dead tree branch, and lifting it into the air. I remember deciding to use this power of death to break apart the dead, and breaking the branch into pieces. I remember losing my sandal in the process, and having to search for it in the dark.

At one point I started dancing around a tree, sprinkling it with water from a bottle. I don't know what came over me, but soon I found myself lying prostrate in front of the tree and bawling to Mother Earth. I remember thinking of myself as an Earth Snake (1989) and a Water Snake (2013).

I remember calling out telepathically to my star sisters and brothers, and I remember hearing what I thought were replies within the DJ booths' music. After resting in my tent on Blue Cosmic Night, I thought I heard these 'voices' leading me toward the main part of camp. So I followed.

The last people I remember seeing before I climbed the stage were a girl with a Hello Kitty backpack named Amy, DJ Nox or Enoch and very handsome, and Special K or Kristen. Right before climbing I stood in front of Special K and did a hexagonal dance with my arms, prompting her to follow. I remember that she caught on and followed along.

Well, I climbed the stage, I don't know why, but my thoughts were so scattered. I remember thinking that the event was going to be televised, that if I jumped on the tarp of a roof, it would fall to reveal a net. I remember feeling "fearless". I remember telling myself that everything was going to be fine. I jumped on the tarp a bit, but it didn't give. That's when I looked farther on and saw a hole in the roof by a small pool of water. I walked over to the hole, and jumped straight through.

Next thing I knew, my spine felt a shock, and I blacked out.

I woke up in what felt like a roller coaster simulator. I was having trouble at that point deciding what was real and what was imaginary. One of the attendants in the ambulance asked me if I knew where I was, to which I replied, "Heaven?"

I woke up again in a hospital bed, and an IV was in my arm, and I heard snippets of conversations from the hospital staff. I also remember still hearing the voices of my friends. I was very confused, and I thought I was in a vampiric hospital. I could swear that my friends' voices were encouraging, though. I got up and took the IV from my arm, and shortly a nurse came into the room and told me to get back in bed. Rather than cause a scene I complied and got back in bed.

I woke up later in a different room, and my mom was there with me. She had driven from Waco to Austin with my stepdad. The hospital staff wrapped gauze around my right arm because in the fall I had fractured my radius right beneath the wrist. As I type I still have yet to be operated upon.

If anyone could offer any insight, it would be much appreciated. I have been recovering my strength and courage this past month. Was it I who sought to defeat my body? Was it possibly the energy from a planet, such as Pluto? Was it a test of my 'fearlessness' as a Galactic Warrior? I am thankful that I truly am all right, and I would very much appreciate guidance as to where to place this gratitude. Considering I fell onto a wooden stage and brought a good amount of water down with me, plus the respects I had paid Mother Earth earlier that night, it seems plausible to me that Mother Earth had her hand in the events.

Ideas? Thoughts? Questions?

Love and light and peace,

Paul the Electric Warrior

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Comment by Cronocracy on July 15, 2021 at 12:13pm
Comment by Vernon Grant Muir on August 24, 2013 at 8:27pm

You may be in that place of hanging on (Warrior) and letting go (Worldbridger) , riding this wave will certainly make you stronger , as a suggestion , your in the Wizard wavespell with lunar Eagle maybe asking for a bigger picture aspect , go well dear Warrior , lots of love, RCD

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