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Dear Kin,

I'm curious about whether or not kin have experienced consciousness shifts as a result of moving to, living in, or visiting the geomantic zone associated with their particular galactic signature. I.e., is there a shift in personal energy, perceptions, or the spiritual experience of one's own life, and if so, what type of shift is it? For instance, to be in the geomantic zone for my signature, I would have to go from N America to S America. Would the simple act of being in the Yellow Human zone impact me in a profound way? What effect would the local geomantic characteristics of the Yellow Human zone have on the way I experience my galactic nature? Would being in the Yellow Human zone somehow enhance or amplify my expression of my galactic signature?

Putting relocation aside, I'm also curious as to whether simply traveling to or visiting one's geomantic zone would initiate any profound or specific shifts in consciousness. Of course, we can all pretty much expect any significant travel or relocation to precipitate a certain level of shift, due to the simple act of broadening our experiences and interacting with new and different paradigms, but I am specifically interested in the geomantic effect.  I'd be interested to hear about your experiences.

Blessings of the New Time!

Alice Yellow Self-Existing Human

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“The fact is that only time governs the whole order of the universe in a manner that transcends all spatial limitations, even those of the relativistic Minkowsky/Einstein four-dimensional universe, which is confined by the speed of light.  As the universal factor of synchronization, time is instantaneous and transcends light. This novel perception of time defines a new reality, the synchronic, of which our experiences of synchronicity are but a foretaste.”  Jose Arguelles ~ Time and the Technosphere p.13


Day out of Time

It is the Day out of Time. Blue Resonant Night. (25th July) We are in the middle between the years Resonant Storm Kin 59 and Galactic Seed 164. I`m sitting on some outside steel stairs at our distribution company and wait for an accident inspector.  Not a really a nice place plastered with concrete. Loading ramps lead into   huge storage halls which house a so called “Chaotic Storage System” mostly filled with books and other non-book items. If somebody orders something on his computer it will be packaged and shipped within hours from here.  In front of me is a truck with damaged calendars, which is standing there since three days. Due to bad packaging and securing the whole truckload full of 12200 calendars was damaged while transport from the printing company to the distribution place. Laws are complicated, once you unload the mess you are involved more  and we didn`t check the term`s carefully before.  Also in our contract confirmation we made mistakes. Our whole calendar  production for 2014 has a good chance to be for the paper ton, a huge amount of money is involved. The whole afternoon I have to  telephone with my partner 13 Star, the printing company, lawyers  and talk to the transport expert/inspector and distribution chief.


Galactic Maya and Noosphere

Ok Galactic Mayan`s , you guys make jokes with me. Ha ha very funny. The Noosphere forces me  to a really  bleak  technosphere  surrounding  on “Day out of Time” instead of being in harmony within the Biosphere and there is a truck with 12200 destroyed gregorian calendars.  Certainly I was a bit nervous, five years of building up a company was in danger. But you guys know I´m not the one who cling`s  on the things.  Many times before I wanted to fling down this publishing calendar thing.  If it`s now, it`s ok for me, no problem. Get free again… one step out of this hamster wheel of job, family and responsibility`s. But  this is also a  quite interesting symbolism. What is my part in it, what symbolic role do I play in the bigger picture? I know that I´m only an actor in this drama. A tiny little wheel in the whole synchronic world order, during this  shift from 12:60 to 13:20.

12:60 and Calendars

At this point I have to tell you  dear Kin`s a little bit about 12:60 and then about the calendars we do make.  Nowadays everybody is surrounded by clock`s, computers, newspapers, radios, TV’s and also calendars.  And those tools tell us continuously which (gregorian)  date it  is.  We are all inside 12:60, we are inside the Matrix. Our whole modern civilization started on a ground level already 5000 years ago with the division of the  day into 24 hours, the hour into 60 minutes and the minute into 60 secondsAnd the circle into 360 Degrees. This is where all started 3000 B.C. And every day,  every minute we are surrounded by the artificial timing frequency.  The computer you sit @ right now could be only invented through the mechanization of time. Galactic Spacebook is only running because there is Hard-and Software, a Server and a Content Management  Tool which could be invented only through the mechanization of time. The mechanization of time is the clock and in every machine there is a micro clock. But really read “Time and the Technosphere” by Jose Arguelles to understand what 12:60 is.


“Being the description of an evolutionary stage, the technosphere is governed by the Law of Time as a 56-year (2x28) event continuum along the lines of an artificial planetary cocoon. Insofar as it is the projection of human thought, the technosphere is the materialization of the sum mental processes denoted and conditioned by mechanization in all its aspects, and that have their primary root in the mechanization of time. It is the mechanization of time that essentially establishes the artificial timing frequency as the capacity to engender the machine and, consequently, an artificial structure, the technosphere.”  Time and the Technosphere p. 83


The Gregorian calendar is one part of the 12:60 stream which anesthetizes and numbs our time consciousness. The gregorian calendar is also what makes  history in ever repeating loops. It runs down like a movie, and nobody knows really why. This is where the Law of Time sets in. It makes conscious what was unconscious. But even the gregorian calendar is ultimately running in 28 year sequences and hence stands for the formula 28:7. And 28:7 is without doubt a 13:20 formula.   It is not so easy to put everything into Black and White, Good and Bad.

“The technosphere defines a 56-year cycle….coordinated by two complete Gregorian 28-year cycles. For any Gregorian calendar year, the days of the weeks in their irregular monthly succession and in relation to the permutation cycle of leap years repeat precisely every twenty-eight years, during which time there are always exactly seven leap years. This means that Gregorian calendar years 1945, 1973 and 2011 possess the same exact annual arrangement of the days of the week in their monthly succession. …In this regard the Law of Time frames the cyclic recurrence of the otherwise irregular 12:60 Gregorian calendar by the intrinsic formulation 28:7. That is just as the 19:7 factor coordinates the lunar calendars every nineteen years, there being seven intercalations of thirteen moon during that cycle…   Understanding a calendar as the instrument that locks the conditioned programs of a given culture or people into place, we can now understand how the unconscious metaprogram of the macro-organizing principle of the Gregorian calendar cumulatively recycles all its millennial programs every twenty-eight years… ” Time and the Technosphere p. 79

Note the 19:7 factor in the lunar calendars 19 = storm glyph and 7 = Resonant Tone thus 19.7 or Resonant Storm or Kin 59 

It is a bit like this: Imagine the earth from above. Every material and substance  is coming from the earth. Now we go and produce chemicals, poisons or other toxics. This is not healthy for us, the animals and the whole biosphere. But still it all comes from the earth, beautiful blue marvelous sphere.  What makes it unhealthy or deadly  for us  is the  wrong mixture of the ingredients. We all need salt but if we eat too much of it we die. This picture helps me to  understand  better  12:60 and 13:20.

Also according to Jose also the gregorian years 2012 and 2013 where synonyms for 12:60 and 13:20 as greg. 2013 is 20:13 is 13:20. (And still Billions of calendars shout the year number 2013 or 13:20 from the rooftop)

Calendars which you buy nowadays in the shops are a Peace of ART. Thousands of photographers ,graphic designers, advertising designers and publishers  put their creative power and energy into it. Wall calendars as we do make consist of extraordinary  art from photographers like Babak Tafreshi founder of The World at Night. who makes a polar light calendar with us or Matthias Taugwalder who shows stunning 360 degree views from the highest Swiss alps.   Also we do publish calendars with amazing pictures from the desert (my favorite) bhuddist  country`s like Myanmar and Ladakh (with bhuddist sayings) and Meditation Calendars.


So first of all we transport Art trough the medium of a calendar. Certainly we do have to put some numbers under each picture, otherwise we couldn`t name the product a calendar.  But this is really only decoration anymore and I bet that 97% of the customers don`t even look at it. As mentioned above, everybody is surrounded and literally penetrated by the “gregorian date”.  In our calendars we do not wright down month names like Jan, Feb, March, etc. but write down numbers 1,2,3  instead, and thicken only the Sundays graphically. We also do not write down any day names like Monday in combination with like the 15th. So actually our calendar is quite useless if you like to find out a Gregorian date. (and you always have to in the Gregorian system.. ähhh what day is today) Last but not least people buy calendars because they like the Art, the country it displays or the subject/theme like Polar lights. And then people look at those beautiful pictures and start dreaming.  To summarize it,  I do believe that we transform 12:60 into ART and 13:20.


Galactic Synchronization

It is Galactic Seed, Kin 164, First Day of the Magnetic Moon  of the new Phase Beam. In the morning we had a meeting with our lawyer and set up an additional contract. Then we have a meeting with  Ernst Gugler founder and CEO of our printing company. We meet at the Café Zeitgeist (German for something like time-mind) in Munich.


When I see Ernst, I immediately know that he is a Vegetarian – he is quite skinny. He has a warm, clear and focused view. Even though the printing company is not responsible for the damage, because the Bookmaker packed the pallets totally wrong and insecure, we can only deal with Ernst and the printing company. Complicated business thing, but Ernst signs the contract with some modifications.  This is our starting signal, we jump into a taxi, drive home, fetch our little daughter Lara Kin 186 from the Kindergarten, jump in our car and drive to Blaufelden which is about 250 km from Munich.

We have to hurry before the distribution company closes and we want to unload the whole truck. To see what we can rescue.  It is a sunny and hot day, in the beginning we have the typical Friday midday traffic jam. Gugler  is one of the front companies in Austria which produce ecological. They have their printing company inside a Low-Energy house made out of wood, clay and much glass and  use only electricity of regenerable sources. For Offset  print they use the world’s foremost biological print called Cradle to Cradle. The philosophy behind Cradle is not to produce less rubbish and toxics, but only Sustenance which can flow after its life into new products again or will get composted.


Certainly our calendars are Cradle printed. After use the paper and printing color  could be composted to grow tomatoes on it.  Conventional print uses still toxic colors, especially the yellow is often a health risk and poisons our environment.  Ernst tells us that he is doing Yoga since several years now. In the midday break he offers an open course of Mantra Chanting to his employees, which makes not everybody enthusiastic.   What a road movie! 

The whole day we talk about spiritual things but also business, money and its future. Or better systems than this one right now, like Common Good Economy.   Ernst says that you cannot escape the money system, it holds us like in a vise. You can only learn to live with it and  transform it.

I tell Ernst that yesterday was the “Day out of Time” and  give him a brief explanation of the differences between the Gregorian calendar and the 13 Moon system. He is one of that persons who immediately understand. “ Oh and that means that these imprints…(Roman month names, uneven numbering, catholic church system, etc.) hold us in a grip and are played into reality again and again.” Yes Ernst, that means we hypnotize ourselves daily again through the use of the wrong calendar system.

Calendar Reform

 “If the root of the technosphere is artificial time and its proliferated mechanized constructs, then in the collapse of the technosphere, an event ordained by the laws of nature, there must be an orderly path or means for establishing the Noosphere, also ordained by natural law. The Law of Time defines this orderly path as a conscious shift in the human timing frequency, away from artificial time and into universal natural time. This can only be accomplished by a universal reform of time, known as the calendar change.”  Time and the Technosphere p.9

 Many times I have contemplated on the subject how a calendar reform can be made or will unfold itself. Certainly the first point is to spread the Message of the 13 Moon calendar. From One to One…. to Hundreds and then to Thousands. In 2012 we actually did make also a Maya calendar with original Law of Time calendar graphics inside. The resonance on the “Free” and normal  market was so little that we stopped the project for the beginning, as it required a lot of energy in the form of  time and money. Besides this free downloadable Versions are available for people who are interested. 

But how can a campaign reach all of humanity, how can a campaign spread so fast that it reaches the mass media and through this politicians, organization’s  and celebrity’s,  so that a worldwide discussion on the topic will start. I`m sure that many nations would be happy to get rid of the current Gregorian/Vatican calendar system.  On the other side the most people are not willing to give up something declared absolutely normal  like their calendar which they are used to. What has to happen that the topic comes to the United Nations again as it did in 1931?

Maybe the answer is that the Noosphere does create the right options and moment in time  from itself.

One of the most interesting movements with noospheric character is “Earth Hour” and the symbolism behind it is already a sort of Proto-Calendar Reform.

The Logo of Earth Hour is a Number 60 + so it breaks out of the 60, or the 12:60. And the slogan is “Beyond the Hour”.


Earth Hour reaches millions of People through social platforms and synchronizes also millions of People through their events in 152 countries. Note that  Jose called  Kin 152 Yellow Solar Human also Homo Noosphericus.  And in this Year  Earth Hour happened on 23rd of March, Solar Moon Day 17,  the ascension date of Jose.

But Earth Hour is an ecological movement. Cities and private persons  turn off the lights for one hour worldwide to save energy. They want to reach a consciousness for power saving, an ecological consciousness. They are not aware that our mind is polluted too. They don`t promote a new 13 Moon calendar.

Would they maybe if somebody tells them?

How can realy many people be reached?

I thought already about printing all of our calendars with 13 Moon dates and simply delivering them all “without warning” to  the bookshops and customers.  Then say I´d Good Bye  and forward all request`s to a 13 Moon Webpage with information.  Certainly  this would create an astonishment and  awareness and would make it maybe into the News. But this would also possibly be the End of Weitsicht Verlag.  So we hold this unconventional Idea  in mind as an option for the future.

Second option  is the Gregor Calendar Award mentioned in the first part of this blog, which holds by the way a side exhibition in Japan.  Through the synchronicity with Jose`s birthday 24th Jan. and the awarded Calendars 2012 and 2013  it was already  previously determined on a galactic level  that we will participate in this event again. We will submit a 13 Moon 28 Day calendar. I have in mind a sort of “History of Calendar Change” written down on 13 pages combined with pictures and all necessary information.  Simple and for everybody understandable in three languages:  German, English and Japanese.  Printed on high quality biological paper, with exquisite graphic design.  Combined with additional Information on a Webpage and Social platforms. If we get awarded we have  a nice media echo already. But this is a quite big project, which is not done in a few days or weeks.

And I need help Kins who feel addressed by my words, who are artists, photographers, skilled in Photoshop and/or InDesign are welcome to contact me. There is only a vision yet, but it will unfold with willpower, higher support and heart  at the right time.

The League of Nations determined that January 1, 1933, would be the date to commence with the new calendar …..Kin 138 Galactic Mirror.

From 1933 it is 56 (2x28) years to 1989 the year of the birth of the Law of Time when Jose was in the Museum of Time in Genève Switzerland with his that times partner Lloydine. If you count another 28 years from 1989 you arrive at 2017.

Year of the Yellow Crystal Seed Kin 64 and 13 years after the Big Calendar Change 2004.

Is this the perfect time window for the great Calendar Change?

Today in the morning I felt that all these words were present in my mind and wanted to be written down. After posting the first part of this blog I had concerns and a sleepless night  if I should leave it or delete again. First because it is a lot of personal information which I share­- which is not easy for me,  and second because I don't know how Kins would maybe misinterpret my words. So today I just felt strongly  to sit down and explain as clear as possible I could. Only at the beginning of the night watch I would think. Hey what Day is Today? So I checked! White Planetary Mirror! What, White Planetary Mirror? There was something with Pacal Votan. And so it is. Another Mayan Magic.

Edited and posted on Spectral Storm

Lunar Moon Day 28

Galactic Seed Year

A Fullmoon  Day

Jannis  7 Moon


The Tomb of Pacal Votan was discovered on June 15, 1952 on White Planetary Mirror. It was dedicated in 692, 1260 years before it’s discovery on Planetary Mirror, and 1320 years before the end of the Cycle in 2012.   White Planetary Mirror also coded the first day of the year 2013, which is, as the Red Queen writes:  “indicating that 2013 will be the Year of the Resurrection!”


Kin 218  

White Planetary Mirror

I Perfect in order to Reflect.  

Producing Order, I seal the matrix of Endlessness with the Planetary tone of Manifestation.

I am guided by the power of Death.  

I am a Galactic Activation Portal.  Enter me.”




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