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Red Electric Skywalker

I activate in order to explore
bonding Wakefulness
I seal the output of  Space
with the electric tone of Service
I am guided by the power of Navigation.


"Not only is the idea of the calendar as an instrument to determine a true and accurate year misleading, but solely focusing on this purpose blinds us to any consideration of time apart from duration or measurement of motion in space. The Law of Time asserts that the actual nature of time is synchronic; hence the purpose of calendars is to synchronize us in time according to various cycles whose harmonic numbers extend from and return us to a higher mental order of reality." José Argüelles



DISCLAIMER FROM AUTHOR(S): If you are new to the concept of Organic/Natural Time and inorganic/artificial time, some of the information presented on this and future articles/reports may be challenging or difficult to absorb and process for the linear/rational mind conditioned to an outdated perception (program) of time: the Gregorian Calendar. We are doing our best to connect the dots from different reliable information/news sources and integrate those streams of data into an organic, harmonic and coherent Time Matrix: The 13 Moon 28 Day Calendar/Synchronometer:.. This New Galactic Calendar is a tool to measure synchronicity and harmony. It is calibrated to the heliacal rising of the Star Sirius at 19.5 latitude every July 26th and followed since 1987 by growing numbers of human beings around the planet who are aware of its energetic influence on all Life and therefore, on human affairs. Every year on July 25 "The Day Out of Time / International Peace through Culture Day" is celebrated by thousands of people around the Earth who are inspired by a new understanding of Time, available to all Humanity. The author of this blog currently works full time in the promotion of Peace through Culture as Director of the Banner of Peace Council for the Foundation for the Law of Time."


"We think it's a big deal when we have a synchronicity. I thought of that person and here they are. But the Mayan calendar and what the Mayans knew through their calendar system is that synchronicity is the norm. Everything is in a state of synchronicity. In fact, that's what the "Law of Time" refers to as the "synchronic order." We all know that time is the fourth dimension. The synchronic order is to the fourth dimension of time what gravity is to the third dimension of space. That holds everything together. And we're also in the fourth dimension and the third dimension this very moment. The fourth dimension is greater than and encompasses the third dimension. The third dimension is physical - it's space. We can touch it, see it, and we can feel what it is. It has texture, color, and sound, whatever you want. But show me where time is. It's not on your clock. You can't touch time. You can't see time. Maybe with an inner sense you can feel time. So, time is of the mind, just like third dimension space is of matter. Time is of the mind. That's where time exists. If you look into nature, you can see there are cycles and rhythms of time. You know the lunar cycles and the Circadian rhythms. There are different biological cycles. But the actual fact is that when you say, "Where is it? How do you know it?" is that time is of the mind."

José Argüelles
Time & The Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs

The purpose of this report is to highlight and appreciate the potency of the times we ARE LIVING from the perspective of the Synchronic Oder. Therefore it requires from the reader a temporal shift in perspective from usual ways of perceiving reality. A shift from Space-Time oriented perception to Time-Space oriented perception. This is a subtle but yet a potent shift. Why?

Our daily reality is a function of a basic matrix we called Space-Time. In other words: our consciousness/point of view/perspective /experience of life depends on those 2 reference points: our place in Space and our place in Time. Since Space is of the Senses, our place in Space is easier to trust and grasp than our place in Time. While the Five Senses govern the realm of Space (3rd Dimension), only the Universal Mind informs and governs the the realm of Time (4th Dimension) and the entire 3rd Dimension. So we invite you now to suspend for a moment your preconceived ideas and concepts learned around TIME and contemplate the ideas and principles presented here with a fresh set of eyes and an open mind and heart. Do it as an experiment to FREE YOUR MIND from conditioned ways of thinking ...


“Who owns your Time owns your mind. Own your own time and know your own mind.”  — Jose Arguelles

In order to introduce the subject of time and mind control to new readers, I will start by taking an excerpt from Stephanie South blog "Emerging from the Artificial Time Matrix" which summarizes in a few paragraphs the mechanics of this mind-trap:

tumblr_mup5gi9rsq1qigaa4o1_400.gif?w=584"We as a civilization are living in an artificial hologram caused by a time-space distortion. Humanity lives in the past, running our lives by a mechanical clock and irregular, outdated time count implemented 433 years ago by Pope Gregory 13. This time distortion matrix confines us to believing that 3D physical realty is the only (or predominant) reality. This perception closes our species off to the infinite possibilities and keeps us from accessing other dimensions of being where the solutions to our problems lie.

Isn’t it time that we as a species updated our system ofTIME? We speak of the new feminine cycle though we still live in a patriarchal linear time frame based on the synchronization of mechanical clocks (Standard Time). Now our “Doomsday” clock is three minutes to midnight.

At present, humanity's understanding of time is governed by a 12-Month Gregorian calendar that conditions us to associate time with money, business, industry, schedules and taxes, which creates anxiety and depression. The majority of our thoughts, ideas, plans and decisions are derived from this artificial time matrix of which we are largely unconscious of.

Time Enslavement

Human civilization is enslaved to an unconscious mental matrix governed by artificial time. The definition of a slave is “a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.”

The chief instruments of collective time enslavement are the Vatican calendar and mechanical clock, which together, form the structure or mental lattice that our world paradigm is woven on. Embedded into this paradigm are all of our current beliefs, be they religious, economic, political or scientific. The imposition of artificial time impedes our flow and natural rhythms, thus veiling us from our true essence."


morpheus-you-are-a-slave-like-everyone.jpgThis is the moment to choose between the red pill and the blue pill... :-)


“Condition the mind to an irregular standard and the mind will adjust to disorder and chaos as normal conditions of existence. The worlds  racial, tribal, historical and religious conflicts are embedded in and a function of different timing systems (calendars), all now coordinated within a master irregular timing standard and macro organizing principle, the Gregorian calendar.” - Jose Arguelles

Amidst all the manipulation and apparent chaos in the current planetary reality, there is always a Higher Order (the Synchronic Order) operating “behind the scenes” of the “reality show” presented by the propaganda machine as news of war, terror, struggle, droughts and famine. As background context for those new to the words "Synchronic Order" this is Google's definition when you search the key words:


In simpler terms, we can say then that the Synchronic Order describes a higher order of reality that is coordinating and informing this 3rd dimensional order of reality as an all-encompassing envelope or intelligent matrix. The Noosphere ("the mental sphere of the Earth" or "Planetary Mind") is a reflection/extension of this higher order of reality and all impulses from this 3rd dimensional reality are registered first on its invisible Divine Matrix... The purpose of this article is to see this Divine Matrix at play in REAL TIME.


With the arrival of the New Galactic Beam, this higher order of reality is now being uncovered through Synchronicity with increasing frequency, intensity and depth, revealing the meaningful connections between the objective (3D) and the subjective/imaginal/psycho-mythical (4D) worlds. This new holographic Time-beam is arriving loaded with codes and new evolutionary programs to attune our minds and bodies to the new cosmic frequencies that are destined to activate the “dormant” HUman DNA to levels never before dreamed of by our own species,  opening the gates for the Homo-Noosphericus to enter the human evolutionary landscape. We are the New Creators. But in order to access this next level of evolution (the Psychozoic Era) and function from this higher order of reality, humanity needs to let go of the old programs and open space for the NEW...



"The Law of Time makes conscious what was previously unconscious. The discovery of the Law of Time marks an increase in knowledge of the synchronization of cycles which parallels the increase in intensification of the information compression that characterizes the present age. We refer to this as information compression because every day the amount of information that can be compressed into one day, for instance, increases. So the day expands to meet the information demand, though the amount of time remains constant. But, because of the proliferation of information and energies being beamed to our planet, we experience time as accelerating."

Cosmic History Chronicles 7 - Book of the Cube 

It only requires to pay close attention to the daily feed of mainstream media news to notice the underlying collective storyline developing: We are crossing at Light-Speed an Event Horizon of great significance for all Humanity. It was only around one moon ago on July 14, 2015 (KIN 102 11 Wind), that two parallel scientific announcements evidenced the end of an era and the start of a new one: 

The first close contact with Pluto, the furthest planet of our Solar System, via "New Horizons" space craft after a 10-Year/3 Billion-mile journey...


.... followed by the alleged announcement of the "discovery" of the smallest particle of matter known to man, the Pentaquark, by CERN scientists:


Let's revise for a moment the symbolism behind these 2 parallel events:

Pluto represents not only the "last frontier" of our solar system, but our smallest neighbor planet has developed throughout time a strong reputation as the archetypal ruler of the Underworld (Unconscious). From Wikipedia:

Pluto (GreekΠλούτωνPloutōn) was the ruler of the underworld in classical mythology. The earlier name for the god was Hades, which became more common as the name of the underworld itself. In ancient Greek religion and mythology, Pluto represents a more positive concept of the god who presides over the afterlife

It is also important to note here that these announcements took place right before the eve of the 70th anniversary of the first atomic explosion on Earth at Trinity site, New Mexico, back in July 16, 1945, signaling the start of the Nuclear Erathrough the splitting/fission of MATTER via the Plutonium element:



Now let's note that it was also right on July 14th, 2015 that the US and the "Nuclear Countries" finally arrived to a Nuclear Agreement with Iran after a great deal of tension and extensions in the negotiations... Even the press headlines reinforced the idea of a "new era starting":

9676520860?profile=originalIt is worth noting here that the Banner of Peace, an ancient symbol adapted since the 1930's by the visionary artist Nicholas Roerich to serve as an emblem to represent the desire of human culture to rise above war is comprised of 3 dots representing the multi-dimensional principle of Trinity: Art, Science and Spirituality ~ Man, Earth, Cosmos ~ Past, Present and Future. Roerich came across numerous later examples of this symbol in various parts of the world, and knew that it represented a deep and sophisticated understanding of the triune nature of existence... In words of Nicholas Roerich:



“Time is sacred order. Artificial time, as a form of institutionalized dis-harmony, is out of order. All of our suffering stems from being “out of order” with nature, with God, with the Source of all Sources. To return to natural time is to re-order ourselves and come into harmony with Nature.” ~ Jose Arguelles ~

Last Gregorian August 6/2014 commemorated also the 70th anniversary of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, marking 7 Decades since the start of the Atomic Era on planet Earth. Dr. Jose Arguelles was 6 years old when the explosion of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima occurred, and although he was just a child, this event remained engraved in his heart, causing an opening of consciousness at an early age about the necessity to live and work for PEACE. So his Vision since then was focused on creating "the Spiritual equivalent of the atomic bomb" by creating an event that would revert and redeem the damage and negative karmic imprint of these 2 disastrous nuclear events.


Hiroshima was then the trigger that set in motion the Harmonic Convergence of 1987: the first synchronized global meditation on the planet. It was on August 16-17 of 1987,  on a day EXACTLY 28 years in the past when Arguelles took the momentous task to organize this global event at specific dates to "plant the seeds" of a New Planetary Consciousness at the EXACT moment in TIME (hence the same Galactic Signature/Date) so it could have the “mathematically correct” re-balancing karmic effect. According to this New York Times article:

9676529460?profile=original"The event, covered by the news media worldwide, was by all accounts the first large-scale simultaneous multinational meditation in history. Its objective, Mr. Argüelles said, was “to create a field of trust, to ground the new vibrational frequencies.

"We know that Venus was very important to the Maya and is often associated with Quetzalcoatl. My attention recently became absorbed with Venus when I realized she will disappear from the night sky on Magnetic 21 (8-15, 2015).  This day will be Self Existing Wizard, Kin 134 in the Planetary Wizard Year. But what really captured my attention is that this day marks ONE YEAR from the beginning of the 812-days of Solar Consciousness,which began on Kin 29 of the Red Solar Moon year (2014).  The following day, Magnetic 22 (8-16, 2015), marks the 28th anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence which concluded the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl in 1987." 

Stephanie South / Venus, Synchronicity, and Galactic Consciousness


Tomorrow August 15th, 2015 (NS KIN 134 4Wizard on the 13Moon/28Day count)  Planet Earth will enter into a major planetary alignment/synchronization with Venus and with the Moon signaling the end/start of another Venus Synodic Cycle of 584 days. This cycle of Venus (measured from Interior Conjunction to Interior Conjunction in astronomy or from Heliacal Rise to Heliacal Rise in shamanic astrology) was honored by many ancient cultures. The Mayans calculated the Venus cycle with such remarkable precision that it still baffles current day researchers.  Since Venus also started her retrograde phase on July 25th, 2015 ~ Day Out of Time (KIN 113 Red Solar Skywalker) marking the entrance to the 28th New Sirian Cycle at exactly ZERO degrees of the Virgo Constellation, this Sun~Venus~New Moon in Leo "harmonic convergence" in the sky seems to be announcing the closing of a major time re-calibration window between InterStellar (Sirius) ~Stellar (Sun) ~Planetary (Venus) ~Lunar (Moon) time scales. This sensitive time window that started on Day Out of Time 2015/Sirian New Year and is closing tomorrow, included other important events as the LionsGate of 8.8.2015 and is arriving now to this final stitch in the fabric of Space-Time, completing another "Petal" of the Cosmic Mandala. Venus is the orchestrating force behind the calibration of many cycles of time, so this is a MAJOR Timeline intersection. It is a TIME to set our highest intentions for the planet as we are wrapping up many cycles upon cycles of Time. (On part 2 of this report we will expand on the significance of this "time coordinating" role)


Since the first day of the new Venus 584-day Synodic Cycle starts on the 28th anniversary of this groundbreaking synchronized global Peace event, and Planet Venus has been intimately associated with the archetype of Quetzalcoatl, the patron deity of the Harmonic Convergence, this can be considered as a profound prophetic sign not to be ignored. From the energetic perspective, Venus will be at the "Heart"/Center of the Sun and closest to Earth, so our planet will be receiving this great infusion of cosmic male/female LifeForce~Kundalini energy. (More on this on Part 2)

With this alignment we are entering a new climatic stage of the planetary resurrection process, pointing to the September Equinox and the "exit point" of the last  Blood Moon Eclipse of the 2014-15 tetrad cycle on September 27, 2015 (KIN 178 9Mirror)  This window will coincide with major geo-political events including Pope Francis visit to the United States, his meeting with Obama and his address to Congress in Washington as well as to the United Nations in New York City.  This Blood Moon cycle of 532 days was highlighted in previous blogs as a KEY component of the Organic Timeline as it incorporates 19 perfect Moons of 28-days each or a Flower of Life in Time... (As the time approaches we will be also discussing this event in more detail on future blogs. In case you want additional information on this cycle please refer to "DaVinci TimeCode / Galactic Master Peace of ART" report series). 


Also interesting to note TODAY that Nicholas Roerich transcended this plane of existence on this same day (KIN 134 ~ 4Wizard) exactly 95 cycles of 260-Days (Galactic Spins) ago. Therefore, his death is synchronizing with Venus Re-Birth on this 13-day Venusian Wavespell of Magic that started 3 days ago at the Core/Heart of the 13:20 Harmonic Matrix of Time (Tzolkin).



"It is a fatal error to dismiss a mathematics of harmonic perfection when it is allied with the ordering and comprehension of cycles. The pursuit of a true and accurate year totally subordinates the cyclic nature of time to the ceaseless imperfection and change that characterize the phenomenal world when it is considered as the sole factor of existence. In order to prepare the ground for a proper consideration of the Law of Time and the evolutionary necessity of the synchronic order of time as the harmonic reorganizing factor of humanity in its post-historic phase, it is necessary to expunge from the mind the error known as the Gregorian calendar."


Why is it important to make all this conscious NOW? JULY 26, 2015 - Sirian New Year's Day marked then the completion of 28 years since the inception of a new harmonic standard of time on planet Earth: The 13 Moon~ 28 Day Calendar. This new standard corresponds precisely to the number 28 as the basis of the 28 day cycle-13 Moon calendar and as the "harmonic measure of galactic order" that regulates Human Life. 


9676457252?profile=original28 is also considered a perfect number"In number theory, a perfect number is a positive integer that is equal to the sum of its proper positive divisors, that is, the sum of its positive divisors excluding the number itself:  28 = 1 + 2 + 4 + 7 + 14 "

28 = 1 + 2 + 4 + 7 + 14 (2x14 or 4x7)

Therefore, as we entered into NO TIME ZONE of Day Out of Time 2015, KIN 113 we were not only at the threshold of a New Galactic Year on July 26, 2015, but we were about to enter the most significant Time Gateway since Galactic Synchronization ~ July 26th, 2013, KIN 164 Yellow Galactic Seed. It was exactly 2 years/solar rings ago, when we crossed the frontier into a new aeon of Consciousness and we are now feeling with great intensity the synchronic compounding power of this incoming fractal wave from Galactic Synchronization/Planetary Resurrection. We are entering into higher resonance with the New Galactic Beam, and synchronicity and telepathy will certainly keep accelerating at exponential rate.

This is then a time to understand all actors and elements at play and be very aware of the different narratives and timelines operating on the planet, as some of them may be traps, while others, like this current one are windows of opportunity for accelerated Evolution, and many agendas are not interested in promoting them. In simple words: we can learn how to not get distracted or be "mind-controlled"and understand the game from the inside out...

On February 24, 2015 we also commemorated the 28th Anniversary of another unique cosmic event: The discovery of SN1987A the first SuperNova explosion recorded from planet Earth. 


"This supernova was the means by which the higher-dimensional councils of universal unification “announced” the completion of the prophecy of Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells, commemorated on August 16 and 17, 1987, by the Harmonic Convergence. This event officially began what is referred to as the Quetzalcoatl Project, a vast organized undertaking of the galactic masters’ system of mind transmission, the GM108X. (See 20 Tablets of the Law of Time)" Rinri Project Newsletter III. Mystery of the Stone Edition

(To learn more about this event please refer to "Welcome back SuperNova Quetzalcoatl 1987A" report)


"We are at the time of the greatest intensification of information in the whole history of the earth,if not of the whole history of the solar system. This proliferation of information spreads even as far out as the edges of the Velatropa sector [our Solar System], which is an analog of the increase and intensification of information that constitutes a particular climactic stage of cosmic history. During this cycle the information increase and intensification follows an exponential curve that includes an increase of population, technology and information." - Cosmic History Chronicles 7 - Book of the Cube

virtual-cover-final.jpg?quality=65&strip=color&w=814Since there is so much activity occurring on the planet, at such an accelerated pace, it is very hard to keep track of all the competing narratives unfolding.  We are witnessing and participating of one of the most (if not the most) intense windows of transformation for the Human race and as time advances, and it is becoming increasingly evident the exhaustion of old 3-D reality constructs and reference points. This phenomena is now clearly reflected in search of interdimensional portals by the scientists at CERN/Large Hadron Collider and the emergence of new "virtual reality envioronments" as Oculus Rift, showcased in the latest cover of TIME Magazine. Actually, according to different sources, CERN is supposed to be re-activated at the time of this alignment in order to take advantage of the influx of energies (for additional info please read "What In The World Is Going On Over At CERN?") . This is "nothing new" as it happened in the past during the last Blood Moon Eclipse. Just know that by the power of our Higher Awareness on this "Matter", and as a function of the Observer Effect in Quantum Physics, the dark agendas and plans are destined to fail...




As these 3D constructs vanish, the 4th Dimensional codes of the Synchronic Order are becoming the only reliable guiding posts to navigate the transforming reality landscape... We can now ask the questions:

If Venus and Sirius are the brightest stars in the sky and were used by our ancestors as the most reliable celestial markers to determine the start and end of larger cycles of TIME, why so few people today seem to know so little about these ancient time-markers and why the importance of these stars has been hidden/minimized to Humanity?

On pART 2 we will explore in-depth the multi-dimensional relevance behind the cycles of the 2 brightest celestial bodies governing our nightsky: Venus and Sirius. We will also examine under this macro-microscope lens of this new harmonic standard of time some of the most crucial events and timelines manifesting now on the planet.

We require now tools and solutions that reflect accurately our evolutionary journey as a species... The purpose is to have a NEW perspective of the times we are living and hopefully learn to choose wisely where to put our attention,intentions and redirect the energy and how to discern illusion from Truth. The advent of the Noosphere is announcing the start of the Psychozoic Era... A TIME to choose intelligently between an evolutionary future driven by the machine and artificial technologies (like CERN, or immersive Virtual Realites) or by the Intelligence of the Heart and organic rhythms and patterns of the Universe.

“It is this grand panorama of supermental consciousness to which the Law of Time introduces us. It is the door of our unrealized potential which this supreme Law opens. Once we fully understand the promise of the Law of Time and the return to higher harmonic standards, we will gladly see the end of the present world order and hasten to the construction of our own spiritual evolution.” –Jose Arguelles

q-rainbowserpent.pngThe Lord of the Morning Star

Stood between the day and the night;
As a bird that lifts its wings, and stands
With the bright wing on the right
And the wing of the dark on the left, 
The Dawn Star stood into sight!

Lo! I am always here!
For in the hollow of space
I brush the wing of the day
and put light on your face.
The other wing brushes the dark.
But I, I am always in place … 

The multitude see me not.
They see only the waving of wings,
The coming and going of things,
The cold and the hot.

But ye that perceive me between
The tremors of night and the day.
I make you the Lords of the Way
Unseen … 

Deep in the moistures of peace,
And far down the muzzle of the fight
You shall find me, who am neither increase
Nor destruction, different quite.

I am far beyond
The horizons of love and strife.
Like a star, like a pond
That washes the lords of life. 

–D.H. Lawrence, The Plumed Serpent




Assignment filed and completed by

Galactic Agent 113 Red Solar Skywalker
as a tribute to

Nicholas Roerich
on the 95th Galactic Spin since his departure of this world

and the

Quetzalcoatl Project
on the 28th Anniversary/Solar Ring of the Harmonic Convergence

[Banner of Peace and Galactic Shield Hunab Ku]

Year of the Planetary Wizard
Magnetic Moon, Limi 20 (1.20)
KIN133  Red Electric Skywalker

(Retrieval of the Divine Plan)

(Gregorian Calendar: 8.14.2015)

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  • HEy 189! Replying today on 137 guided by 189 and with 124 occult power... Your 2 base numbers last year... Thanks for the Kudos and for sharing your experience! All i can say lately is WOW...! Quite an intense ride... We are indeed still stitching more threads to retrieve the Divine Plan 133... And there are many treasures still to retrieve in relationship to Venus and the 28 Harmonic, like these 2 excerpts from "The 28 Meditations of the Law of Time" @ Pikarkin:

    "... the Venus power is the power of art [Star] and the power of magic [Monkey]. Art is the natural function of the power of accomplishment. The magic comes from the correct aligning of our will with the Divine Plan, because the Divine Plan consists of all the laws of nature. The laws of nature are not always what modern science says they are. They have much more to do with putting the mind in the correct place."

    "Bode [...] was a German astronomer who lived at the end of the 18th and early 19th century. Through his studies, somewhat based on the studies of Copernicus and Kepler, he determined that the planetary orbits could be assigned a set of whole numbers, which defined the orbital ratios of the planets to each other in relation to their distance to the Sun. It was through this system of whole numbers to define these ratios that Bode determined that there was something between Mars and Jupiter, what was discovered to be the Asteroid Belt, the lost planet of Maldek. Interestingly enough, its number is 28. So when we talk about the 28-day circuit and why we must return to that, it's because then we will have returning to us the memory of Maldek as well."

    Hope u r enjoying of some rest with the family and that the safety seat was a message of protection for u and ur loved ones... Love to U and the family 186 + 204.

    PS: pART 2 is coming loaded with more threads and signposts of the times.



  • Hey RuBen SKY-Walker 113,

    thanks again for this great painting in word and sound and re-collection of the daily 3D Drama, making a greater picture visible in 4D. I might add that one 260 day Tzolkin Spin earlier on Kin 101 this particular Time-Space-Soul had an encounter with "Treasures from Space" which fits to the MM::Macro-Micro-Cosmic Plutonium encounter and the close flyby of Pluto. (Deep Space as our collective Underworld)


    Also the 70 year anniv. of the dropping of the Atomic Bomb "Little Boy" affected this conciouss-ness as 189 watched a TV Documantary on it. But it is only shocking if you believe in death. If this planet would be free of death-fear (Martian Skywalker/World-Bridger) there would be no reason for Wars and Killing any more.

    I think it is also interesting that you posted this on K133 (Retrieval of Divine Plan) as this is my (rearranged) Long Count Kin. This night K133 I had a dream, when a date appeared - 02.15.1984.I can`t remember the dream but the date sticked in mind.  I don`t have any particular connection to this date, so certainly I checked the Kin then during day. It is K78 - Pacal Votans special (tomb) Number. It is still strange to think about this Number. The same day then another strange thing happened. I had ordered a snorkling mask for my 6 year old Kin 186 Lara at the Amazones-Internet-Shopping-Temple as we will go to the croatian coast (incidantaly) on Kin 140 :-) for holidays. The packet arrived K133 but inside was not a snorkling mask but a brand new, super protective, childrens seat for the car.

    I hope this is not a bad future sign.... Well I exchanged our old child car seat with the new, trusting in the divine plan and ordered the snorkling mask again. Could also interpret it as 186 is now protected better, as she goes through her Planetary Warrior (face your fears) year.

    Today K134  I saw a post by Nickki K227 on FB about C.G.Jung and dreams. Will link it here too. At one part of the Doc. Cosmic Wizard K234 Jung tells about a dream he had, entering a old house with antique interior and finding a wooden door. Behind the door is a staircase, he steps down into the cellar which looked ancient and roman. There he finds a stone plate with a ring. (Like the Spirit Speaking tube in Nah Chan leading to the tomb of P.V.) He opens the plate a goes down other staircases - and finds dust bones and 2 skulls.

    K106 Lunar World-Bridger is greating.

    In lak ech 189

    178 is close



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