KIN 94: White Electric Wizard

I activate in order to enchant

bonding Receptivity
I seal the output of Timelessness
with the electric tone of Service
I am guided by the power of Endlessness


"The current Dreamspell of Timeship Earth is now approaching its twenty six thousand year finale. This Dreamspell is only the most recent Dreamspell cast in the planetary system of the Sun. Numerous times before on different planets within the local star system had Dreamspells been cast. Not all of these Dreamspells ended well.

One planet was destroyed, Maldek, the fifth planet out from the Sun, is now known as the asteroid belt. Its history lost, the debris of its Dreamspell still holds Maldek's orbital position.

Catastrophic disturbances also occurred on Mars, the fourth planet out. The power that once animated Maldek and Mars was now absorbed and appropriated by Jupiter, the sixth planet, and held in check by Saturn, the seventh.

Jealous of their increased power, forces on Jupiter and Saturn conspired against the planetary kin receiving the gift of the 13:260 ratio. This gift would have given Earth equal power and would have established a direct connection between Earth and Uranus, the eighth planet.

For just as Earth is the third planet out from the Sun, so is Uranus the third planet in from the galaxy. Together Earth and Uranus hold the orbital balance of the solar system"

Dreamspell Genesis


Today, as we are just entering the 4th Moon of the year, the Self-existing Moon of Form and Life Force (corresponding to KIN 225 within the Planetary Service Wavespell of the Solar Moon Year) , there is so much going on energetically on the Planet at the same time that is absolutely impossible to encapsulate it... 2nd Blood Moon Eclipse, X + M Solar Flares,  Wild Auroras ARToras, Hurricanes and even "5th Order Rainbows" are making headlines on mainstream media science websites.


The 2nd Blood Moon from last Oct. 8/2014 (2.19) KIN 83 5Night, opened a 16-day time window that closes with the next Solar Eclipse of Oct. 23/2014 (4.6) KIN 98 7Mirror and we are transiting since then a super "charged" energetic weather. It is during these times that is relevant to observe the 3D expressions/manifestations that these cosmic events create on Earth: AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. This is then "a good season" to "dig" for SIGNS OF PROPHECY ON HEAVEN AND EARTH:


"The day before Katrina made landfall, I felt an urge to step outside after my morning meditation. The sun had not yet risen. As I looked on the western horizon, a massive "shooting star" cut a brilliant swath across the sky. An iridescent blue tail came to a sudden and abrupt end in an explosion of red and orange fire. Then it was gone. I wondered, who else saw this - or was it meant just for me? This was the morning of Red Resonant Earth - the Ah Vuc Ti Cab, Lord of the Center of the Earth. I knew the "shooting star" was a sign. I remembered the signs of shooting stars and comets in the sky reported by the Aztecs, a year or two before the arrival of the Spaniards. All signs come from God. Instinctively I felt that this was a sign of the end of the old order. Two days later, and for the next two weeks, the tragic story from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast unfolded. I knew this was the meaning of the sign in the sky."

Valum Votan

Cosmic Order, The Law of Time and the Planet Art Network

Comets and Blood Moons have been associated to prophecy probably since the "Beginning of Times" or early years of Human Civilization. When these motifs appear on the screen of our reality/consciousness with such synchronic potency, they invite us to contemplate life under a new lens... and explore the realm of Prophecy. These cosmic events seem now to be part of a symbolic epic storyline during the last week since the 2nd Blood Moon Eclipse.  


If we were living in Mars, this is a very close picture of what we would be seeing tonight:

Pretty amazing sight, eh? Comet Siding Spring (C/2013 A1), the comet that is crossing Mars atmosphere, as I write this report, entered the picture relatively not long ago. Below is a brief visual summary of what this comet is about for those new to it:


Diagrams show how comet will approach Mars.

Siding Spring was discovered 01.3.2013 (6.22) KIN 220 12Sun. Therefore, on her/his first anniversary, January 3, 2014 it was "reborn" as KIN 65 13 Serpent (Magic Flight Gate /Transcendence of Quetzalcoatl) within the Martian Wavespell of Prophecy and the Galactic Signature of the first day of the last electric moon of service.


9676562885?profile=originalWIZARD'S COMET ORACLE:

To understand the energetic and prophetic components of this cosmic event from the perspective of the Dreamspell and the Galactic Maya Cosmology, let's briefly review the destiny ORACLE of the day to understand its significance:

DESTINY KIN: 94 3Wizard (Solar Prophetic Maldek)
White Electric Wizard: 3rd Year of Prophecy (1995/1996) "Activation of Timelessness"
Tone: 3 ~ Solar Seal: 14 (analog of 3.14=Pi)

GUIDE: KIN 198 3Mirror
(Ascension of Lloydine B. KIN 22 Bolon Ik - Jose Arguelles partner at the time of the Harmonic Convergence and instrumental archetype of the Feminine during the first 7 years of the Telektonon Prophecy 1993-2000)

ANALOG: KIN 185 3Serpent  (Galactic Karmic Maldek)
Galactic Signature of Stephanie South/Red Queen, current holder of the Galactic Maya GM108x Lineage. KIN 185 is also the frequency that establishes the Red Galactic Spectrum is Also, within the 441 Cube Matrix, KIN 185 corresponds to V14 H5 BMU 288 = Frequency of Polar Light (144x2). Activation of CircumPolar Rainbow Bridge

It is interesting to note that the name of the comet, "Siding Spring" (named after the astronomical observatory in Australia where the comet was initially spotted) has "serpent evoking" qualities:

  • Spring: a coil.

  • Siding: Serpents move "side to side". Close resonance to "sliding" derived from verb "to slide" or "to move smoothly along a surface while maintaining continuous contact with it."


  • Siding Spring = Siding Serpent = Stephanie South (??)

  • Bear in mind that, as mentioned by NASA specialist David Brain:
    "This is a once in a lifetime event! It is possible that the atmosphere of the comet will interact with the atmosphere of Mars.  This could lead to some remarkable effects—including Martian auroras." (check also space.com above graphic

    Siding Spring ("re-born" on 01.03.14 as Cosmic Serpent) = Rainbow Spring= Rainbow Serpent

OCCULT: KIN 167 11Hand
Galactic Signature of Grand Sextile/Cosmic Harmonic Convergence and 1st of 4 Blood Moon Eclipse Tetrad (Quatrain?).  We will expand much more on the THE POTENCY of this Occult 167 Power frequency of today in the coming reports. It deserves its own special place and space.

ANTIPODE: KIN 224: 3Seed
3rd moon of Solar Moon Year (that started on KIN 65 Red Cosmic Serpent). Also Quetzalcoatl "224 Code" as introduced on this report as the 9th Sign of a Living Prophecy, where
after careful research, we presented multiple relevant evidence concluding that the 224/422 frequency holds a very close resonance with Quetzalcoatl:

4/22/1519: Fall of Maya. Cortez ships land in Mexico ("False" Return of Quetzalcoatl). First day of the 9 hells of 52 years. 9 hells end August 16/1987 with Harmonic Convergence.

4/22/2010: Earth Day. Fall of Deep Water Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico.

4/22/2012: Earth Day. Fall of meteorite/seed on KIN 224

2/24/1987: Discovery of SuperNova 1987A Quetzalcoatl.

2/24/2014: 28th anniversary of the discovery of SN1987A Quetzalcoatl on KIN 222 1Wind. PSi Chrono Unit KIN 160 4Sun (KIN 160, 4 Sun / 4Ahau: Christ and Long Count date for December 21st, 2012 "End" of 13 baktun or "End" of Time).

This coalescence of prophetic codes, leaves us once again, after 28 years, at the beginning of the Prophecy of Quetzalcoatl, with the 222 code of prophecy... Tony Shearer and his book Lord of the Dawn: The original seed of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. The Feathered Serpent bites her tail once again.

During this 9Moon Year, corresponding to the 13-Moon  Planetary Wavespell of the Wind (KIN222) the 224 CODE will be re-activated right during the next electric Moon of Service, coded with KIN224 Yellow Electric Seed (starting 6 days from today). What other encoded messages will it bring? We are here at this time to hear and pay attention to the signs that Spirit is communicating and breathing through us, to learn to navigate a different reality, one that is shape-shifting at a steady accelerating pace."

Long and behold, and as anticipated, the 224 Electric Seed frequency "unpacked" more meaningful information during the entire moon, activating and bonding service across the Noosphere. Many planetary Kin are feeling "something special" going on... We are connecting ideas, observations and sychronicities and the Cosmic jigsaw puzzle seems to be coming together now at a rapid and  accelerating pace peace (See glimpses at The Pacal Hypothesis report thread.)


A couple of weeks ago, while journaling I noticed that this electric moon of service, was also harmonically "structured" as Quetzalcoatl: From the radial perspective it holds a perfect symmetry:

  • It started with the last day of the Quetzalcoatl Wavespell, KIN 65 13 Serpent (Galactic signature/1st Galactic Spin of Siding Spring Comet discovered on 01.03.2014). Therefore...
  • ...It finalized with the first day of the current Wavespell: KIN 92 1Human. Therefore...
  • it accommodated 2 perfect Wavespell of 13 days within its structure
  • 1+13+13+1=28
  • On a visual representation of the moon on the 13:28 "turtle shell navigation board", this will what the moon structure will look like:

    Four (4) 7-day Weeks:

    9676518859?profile=originalSide Note: notice 16-day Warrior's Cube Gates Day 7 & Day 22 are radially opposed. 22/7= Pi = 3.14
  • Two (2) 13-day Wavespells + 1 +19676519692?profile=original

or, if we go even further, we can notice that the tail of the Serpent meets the Head of the Human as the ouroboros does :


Little I suspected at that time, that the 1st day of the 3rd Moon was going to reactivated on the 2nd day of this 4th moon, (28+1 days later) as Comet Sliding Spring coming into close contact with Mars.

The 28-day moon structure with the 2 heads meeting, was a powerful re-minder that next year  on 2.24 Gregorian, (8.18) KIN  222 1 Wind, we will be commemorating the 28th anniversary of the discovery of SuperNova 1987A Quetzalcoatl. 

Also in Teotihucan, at the famous Temple of Quetzalcoatl, located entering the Citadel, right at the start of the Avenue of the Death, we can see the Pyramid decorated with 260 heads (same number of units as the 13:20 Tzolkin Matrix). According to Aztec elder 130 of them correspond to God Quetzalcoatl as the Feathered Serpent and the remaining 130 correspond to Goddess Cipactli (1st day of their lunar calendar). Their union represents the ATLXINOLLI (Water and Fire of Creation). The visual similarity of the images was also impossible to ignore:

Quetzalcoatl radial structure within the electric moon of service: 28-day fractal of 28 years from SN1987A (1987-2015)

The 28-YEAR celebration will also hold a deep symbolic significance, since it commemorates the 433rd year from issuing of the Gregorian Calendar Reform on (2.24) February 24,1582 (KIN 230 9Dog) through Papal Bull Inter Gravissimas. Time for a telepathic and energetic redemption of all remaining negative karmic effects derived from its disharmonious nature and irrational use. From Wikipedia:

"Inter gravissimas was a papal bull issued by Pope Gregory XIII on February 24, 1582.[1][2] The document, written in Latin, reformed the Julian calendar. The reform came to be regarded as a new calendar in its own right and came to be called the Gregorian calendar, which is used in most countries today."

Interestingly enough February 24 (2.24) was until the calendar reform considered a leap day and it was just until 2.24.1996 that last reforms in the European Union were made. According to Wikipedia:


So let's an analyze some of the resonant frequencies associated to the 2.24 date as a TIME PORTAL:


“Mainly because there were no instructions, I felt I had been thrust into something new and exciting. I discovered time travel, going to the past and being able to relive history as it was occurring.”

- Dolores Cannon-

Two very influential elder figures of the "new paradigm" spiritual community, one male, one female transcended with only one day of difference: Japanese Spiritual Scientist and Researcher Masaru Emoto (71years, KIN 90 12Dog,  and world renowned author, speaker, hypnotherapist, Dolores Cannon (83 years, KIN32 6Human) "the voice of Nostradamus"... The voice of prophecy... Blessings on their journeys back to Source. Thank you for your legacy...

Note: 90 Emoto + 32 Cannon =122 (5Wind). Same frequency as the combined signature of the first day (and Year-Bearer) and last day (Day Out of Time) of the Red Solar Moon Year (and perfect guide of KIN 113):

9 + 113= 122 = 90 + 32


Both of these human beings left a immense energetic imprint on many of us and both came and left within very synchronic and prophetic time-portals:

  • Dr Emoto left exactly 1 day after he completed his 100th galactic spin on KIN 91 13Monkey, (House of the Cosmic Magician and Magic Flight of Crystal Dog). 

  • He was born July 22, 1943 in Japan. JULY 22: 7/22 Noosphere Day and Feast of Mary Magdalene, the HUman Embodiment Archetype of the Divine Feminine (7/22=3.14=Pi=Irrational Number=Mystery of the Circle). Dr Emoto's work reminded us of the feminine energies in the world manifested through water, and being in tune with such an energy, he also set the date of July 25th (13 moon Day Out of Time) as "World day of Love and Thanks to Water" over 10 years ago.

  • 9788489957626.jpg?width=155In the meanwhile, Dolores Cannon ("Nostradamus Voice") died yesterday (gregorian 10.18 on the 1st day of the 4th moon of Life Force on KIN 93 Red Lunar Skywalker, House of the Lunar Prophet. EXACTLY 28 days after KIN 65 Cosmic Serpent/Siding Spring. Excerpt from her website:

"Nostradamus is famous for writing prophesies proclaiming events of great destruction and devastation throughout history. Indeed, his abilities were incredible, as he predicted the assassination of JFK, the attack of the "flying birds in the city of hollow mountains" (referring to the September 11th attacks) and the ensuing war in the Middle East, to name a few. Midway through the session as the woman was describing the life, her personality suddenly subsided and Nostradamus himself began speaking through her directly to Dolores. He told her that he wanted her to write a book (which turned out to be 3 books) to provide humanity with greater understanding and clarification of the true meanings of his quatrains (prophecies)."

Notice on the paragraph above the analog significance of the words quatrains as prophecies.


This definition connects Prophecy to Verse, Poetry and Rhyme (Rhythm), confering IT the "status" of a "form of ART". The word also originates from the inherent harmonic value of the number 4. In the Dreamspell Cosmology 4 represents "Form" and the primary organizational time construct present in All Nature:

4 Seasons in a Year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
4 Phases of the Moon (New, Waxing, Full, Waning)
4 Daily Watches in a Day (Midnight to Sunrise, Sunrise to Mid-day, Mid-Day to Sunset, Sunset).
4 Primary color frequencies and their qualities:

  1. Red (initiates)
  2. White (refines)
  3. Blue (transform)
  4. Yellow (ripens).


Quatrain = Prophecy = 4 = Time= Harmony = Verse = Poetry = Art

T(E)=ART = "Time is Art"

  • Dolores Cannon left this world on the first day of the 4th Moon of form, and arrived to this planet on April 15th (10.12), same day of the year as the First Blood Moon Eclipse of the 2014-2015 Tetrad that occurred on KIN 167 11 Hand* (exactly 260 days after the Grand Sextile Alignment of 2013) A Planetary Portal event followed by a Lunar Portal event.


* As mentioned before, we will discuss on a different report the significance of this Powerful "Occult" Frequency of these 2 time markers (April 15th (10.12) and KIN 167 11Hand) You can find the clues on the articles posted at the end of this report.


9676544091?profile=originalSince the 4 Moons align with important jewish holidays, even books have now been written on the subject, including a polemic one from Christian pastor John Hagee called "Four Blood Moons" Something is about to change.

And now that we are deep into this Year of the Red Moon Healing, and just crossed the second Blood Eclipse of the 2014-2015 Tetrad (Quatrain?), I can say that I personally agree with Mr. Hagee in the sense that, as his book cover slogan says: "Something is about to change"... Actually is already changing:

As the New Galactic Beam enters into increasingly higher resonance frequencies, synchronicity accelerates and we start to feel the first stages of an imminent "Event Horizon" approaching fast and furious probably within this 4th Moon of the Year/Solar Ring..


the_alignment_prophecy_by_arthurblue-d5h5hxo.jpgThe Alignment Prophecy by ArthurBlue

As we can see, we are currently navigating "highly charged energetic weather" brought in by this tremendous influx of new Cosmic Energies entering our planet. Under these conditions, some of us are are wondering: Are we writing history or is history writing us?"

As discussed last week on "Blood Moons & Planetary Redemption: A Galactic Master Peace of ART"  and the "Quetzalcoatl bites his/her tail report series"  "9 SIGNS OF A LIVING PROPHECY", this IS A CRUCIAL YEAR for Prophecy.

Prophecy and history are very closely interrelated, one is feeding the other. Prophecy brings the Vision of a possible Future... What type of Future? It's up to us to decide. "Heaven on Earth"? or "Demise, Hell and Destruction"?

As self-reflecting organisms (evolved consciousness beings) we use Myth and Prophecy to connect with a deeper archetypal role of our-Selves, that goes beyond the personality and ego constructs and transcends material reality. This energy is now being birthed through us: "We are the Ones we have been waiting for." This is the time to re-write history in new terms. That is the actual purpose of the Prophecy of the Red Queen... "the uninscribed prophecy". We are creating/writing the future with every thought and action. 

We could say that Prophecy "lives" on a higher order of reality. The realm of the I-MAGI-NATION or the "Nation-of-the-Magicians": Epic Realm where Magic, Wizards, Heroes, Fairies, Unicorns, Miracles, Love and Adventure are "everyday reality"... The next level of evolution for the Soul or Psychozoic Era. This is the same realm that Dr Emoto and Dolores Cannon are now inhabiting to bring assistance from the other side after having completed their "Earthly Missions"... They are passing the torch to the younger generations to restore the planet to its original Blueprint and Destiny. How? Through the power of our CREATIVE I-MAGI-NATION! Remember: We are writing the Future NOW with every thought and action. Some of us probably came from the Future to re-write the script as if we were writing the epic tale of the Human Species entering his/her next evolutionary stage: The Homo Noosphericus 


So let's write a much better and more uplifting story than the lame epidemic tales we see in mainstream media... Let's write a truly epic MasterPeace. In the next report we will be able to witness how this MasterPeace seems to be coming together coded with the signature of no other than one of the great artists of our Time:

The Grand Master Leonardo DaVinci


Stay tuned...

Transmission in progress...



     +++++++ [  90+32=122=113+9 ] +++++++

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    By the way, in the Psyozoic Era of the Homo-Noosphericus the distinction/borders of Sense-Perceptions is deleted. Therefore Visual Arts and Literature are simultaniously Sound, and vice versa Sound can be made Visible.


    prophecy slam, n. Replacement for Poetry Slam as Homo Noosphericus with radialiced sense perceptions  transforms prophecy into poetry as a new form of Art.

    is therefore related to both Visual Arts and prophetic Poetry.


    Pink Floyd - Welcme to the machine (Technosphere) Visuals


    And don`t miss this too ...


    In lak ech



  • We the Galactic Federation Council

    are proud to announce today that

    Kin 113 RuBen Llinas,

    is awarded for the Masters of Arts in the category:


    prophecy slam, n. Replacement for Poetry Slam as Homo Noosphericus with radialiced sense perceptions  transforms prophecy into poetry as a new form of Art.


    It might interest you that the German Government announced on 14.10. (10x14=140) Kin 89 that the 41st G7 Summit that is supposed to happen on Castle Elmau, about 78 km south of Munich in 2015 will happen now on Crystal 9/10  Kin 65 Red Cosmic Serpent and 66 White Magnetic World-Bridger 2x 260 =520 Days after first sighting of comet Siding Spring. 

    It was originally planned for Kin 62 (Abbey Andechs 12:60 Cropc Circle) and Kin 63 (D-Day, Decision Day, Day of Destiny - Scotland Vote)  but without reason shifted.

    Star Wars >>> Globalization::Submission with the 167 Factor.

    By the way 7 Days after 28th 113 Quetzalcoatl anniversary 189 enters his 229 year during 229 Moon.

    In lak ech

    @ 00.34 22.10.20:14


  • For those interested in time-travel today:


    INLAKECH ;-)


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