KIN 176


I channel in order to question
inspiring Fearlessness
I seal the output of Intelligence
with the resonant tone of Attunement
I am guided by the power of Elegance
I AM Galactic Activation Portal


"This is the year of supreme solar healing. It is time to heal the core of the earth story and enter fully into galactic culture. Galactic Culture is the culture of wholeness; the culture of light. It is based on the principles of Love, Art, Time and Synchronicity. It is a planetary revolution that begins within and then extends out into programs of universal unification."

~ Stephanie South/Red Queen ~
9Moon Annual Oracle

On pART III of this report we unlocked, defined and delineated with clarity the unique cosmic-synchronic qualities of The"Da Vinci Time Code" and demonstrated through solid and elegant numerical evidence, that the 2014-2015 Tetrad of 4 Blood Moon eclipses encoded in it, is intimately related to the holographic restoration of the Feminine Matrix during this Red Solar Moon year of Supreme Healing. This healing process, encapsulated in the 169:13MOON code (summoning power of the 4 Blood Moon frequencies) is then occurring NOW at the telepathic level and is intended to reach 3rd dimensional Manifestation in exactly 1 Galactic Spin (260 days) right at the end of the 4th Blood Moon (September 28th, 2015, (3.9) KIN 178 9Wizard, Year of the Planetary Wizard.... Just "IMAGINE"...) On pART 4 we will go into deeper synchronic aspects of this code as we continue our Journey through the Rainbow Hole within the process of planetary renaissance/ resurrection.




As I write this new entry the Sun keeps "catching up" with the Tzolkin/Harmonic Module 4th dimensional Time gauge, via sunspot count activity. This Solar/Galactic synchronization process was highlighted on Approaching Syntropia: Is Humanity about to go "Interstellar"? report from KIN 112, but NOW is reaching a climatic point of synchronization via DaVinci Time Code 177. Excerpt from this correlation below:

9676498067?profile=original"As more irrefutable Solar-Numerical Signs/Evidence keeps emerging to the surface of our consciousness, we are now able to appreciate and establish with more clarity how our star is synchronizing with the Tzolkin/Harmonic Module frequenciesright at the end of the 3rd Cycle of 28 days from the 812 days to Solar Consciousness and the entrance of this 260-daycountdown to Day Out of Time 2014 ~ KIN 113:

  • As I write this report, the current sunspot count on spaceweather.com solar activity monitor reads EXACTLY "113",acting as a 4th dimensional telepathic signal ready to activate the Noosphere tomorrow, on KIN 113 Red Solar Skywalker...
  • As you can read on the left/below photos, KIN EQUIVALENT frequencies of all sunspots currently traveling the solar disk areALL matches to the KIN / time-marker frequencies on the Tzolkin Count within the immediate future days, almost all of them within the next 13-day Wavespell:

    2197 - (260x8)= 117 (13 Earth)
    2200 - (260x8)= 120 (3 Sun)
    2201 - (260x8)= 121 (4 Dragon)
    2202 - (260x8)= 122 (5 Wind)
    2203 - (260x8)= 123 (6 Night)
    2204 - (260x8)= 124 (7 Seed)
    and the most active one:
    2205 - (260x8)= 125 (Galactic Serpent)"


9676555699?profile=originalNow please check current Solar Sunspot count as per today, January 9th, 2015 (6.28) KIN 176 (last day of the 6th Moon of the year, the Rhythmic Moon of EQUALITY, and their corresponding Kin Equivalent frequencies:

2253 - (260x8)= 173 (4 SkyWalker)
2255 - (260x8)= 175 (6 Eagle)
2257 - (260x8)= 177 (8 Earth)
2258 - (260x8)= 178 (9 Mirror)
2259 - (260x8)= 179 (10 Storm)

If you read below the Solar Disk image to the left, according to current observations, it is precisely Sunspot AR2257 (177) the most active region that is NOW "growing and could soon pose a threat for M-class solar flares." Now notice that this region is transiting right through the center of the Solar Disk, aligning perfectly with our planet: The time interval difference between sunspots and daily KIN is NOW EQUALIZED and perfectly synchronized.

It was 10 days ago, on KIN167 11 Hand (December 31st, 2014) that we were highlighting the celebration of not yet another gregorian year, but of the compounding fractal time compression effect of several KEY Galactic, Stellar Planetary and Lunar cycles coming into alignment/synchronization:

 25th anniversary of the discovery of SuperNova Quetzalcoatl 1987A
Date: 2.24.1987 - 2.24.2012
Time interval: 1300-days 
Time Cycle Completed:  25 Solar Orbits + 5 Galactic Spins (260x5)
Numerical Significance/Readout: 25 Years (5x5 ~ 5:Quintessence x 5th Force) + 1300 days13 (Cyclical Power of Time) x 100 (10x10 ~ Power of Manifestation Squared) or52 (Sirius Frequency) x  25 (5x5 ~ 5:Quintessence x 5th Force) 

Event: Cosmic Harmonic Convergence
Galactic Center Pulse + Sirius Heliacal Rising + Grand Sextile +  Cube at Mekka latitude)

Date: 07.28.2013
Time interval: 520-days 
Time Cycle Completed: 2nd Galactic Spin (260x2)
Numerical Significance/Readout: 
52 (Sirius Frequency) x  10 (Manifestation Power) 

Event: 1st Blood Moon Eclipse for 2014/2015 Tetrad/Quatrain
Sun + Earth + Moon
Date: 04.15.2013
Time interval: 260-days 
Time Cycle Completed: 1st Galactic Spin (260x1)
Numerical Significance/Readout: 
52 (Sirius Frequency) x  5 (5th Force) 


  • Today, 6.28, KIN 176 7Warrior (Galactic Activation Portal) last day of this 6th moon, is the 168th day of the 13 Moon year (6x28=168), therefore tomorrow, first day of the Resonant Moon of Attunement, will be the 169th (13 x13 ~ completion of 13 cycles of 13 days) day of the year KIN 177 ~ Leonardo DaVinci : ONCE AGAIN these two numerical frequencies meet (169 and 177) as a POTENT CONFIRMATION of the incredible NATURE and elegant POWER of this REVELATION and of the alchemical resonance between these two frequencies.


  • The PSI Chrono Unit (akashic record memory cell) pulsating today across the PSI Bank (control panel or “nervous system” of the noosphere, located between the two Van Allen radiation belts, regulating the DNA), is KIN 192, 10 Human: Galactic Signature of Mahatma Gandhi and The Roerich Peace Pact Signature Ceremony by Franklin D. Roosvelt and 21 world dignitaries, back in April 15th 1935 (Leonardo DaVinci's 483rd Solar RetURn)




As an additional sign of the intrinsic synchronic and energetic resonance between Nicholas Roerich and Leonardo DaVinci, it is timely and relevant to point out that according to several researchers "Roerich believed himself to be a reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci."(source articles: Nicholas Roerich: An extraordinary life ~ Nicholas Roerich and the Kalachakra Tantra). When we add the two Galactic Signatures of these revolutionary artists we are left with another KEY numerical and revelatory frequency within the context of what has been revealed and presented so far throughout these series of reports:

204 Nicholas Roerich 177 Leonardo DaVinci = 381-260 = 121 (11x11)

KIN 121 4Dragon is the Galactic Signature of the Discovery of the Law of Time by Jose Arguelles during his visit to the Museum of Time in Geneva, Switzerland on December 10th, 1989. We can now understand with even greater appreciation the symbolic message behind the revelation of this Time Code.





As anticipated and presented on prior reports, this Rhythmic Moon of Equality coded with the frequency of KIN 227 (6Hand) encapsulated a very meaningful and powerful cocktail of celestial events and fractal time holographic markers, including:

  • The 2nd anniversary of the Closing of the Cycle
  • The prophetic return of the Galactic Christ on Christ-Mass Eve
  • The 2nd Galactic Spin from Galactic Synchronization
  • The 2nd Galactic Spin from Cosmic Harmonic Convergence
  • The Gregorian New Year...
  • without mentioning other celestial events as the potent Full Moon in Cancer and the prophetic and unexpected appearance of Comet LoveJoy and subsequent closest approach to Earth only 2 days ago.

We can say that within it, many cycles synchronized or coalesced, orchestrated by the Organizing Hand of the 227 Code (6Hand). This actually makes perfect sense, considering the multi-contextual, multi-dimensional qualities of this code: 

9676505661?profile=originalEvery July 22 - 7/22 (written 22/7 in many countries) there are two very important celebrations: Noosphere Day and the Feast of St Mary Magdalene. As the incarnation of the Original Divine Feminine Blueprint Codes, it is very interesting to note that the date chosen to honor her evokes the number Pi (22/7=3.14), the most recognized mathematical constant in the world. Scholars often consider Pi the most important and intriguing number in all of mathematics. (We can never truly measure the circumference or the area of a CIRCLE because we can never truly know the complete value of pi. Pi is an irrational number, meaning its digits go on forever in a seemingly random sequence. The Multi-Dimensional Mystery of Creation keeps unfolding... and today is great window to dive into it... Enjoy the Journey!


22/7= π :: Noosphere Day  :: Mary Magdalene Feast (July 22) :: Warrior's Cube Journey days 7-22

Original Artwork by Lily Moses

We could say then that based on the evidence of current Sunspot Count activity, that the Solar-Galactic Synchronization process that started on July 26/2013 has been encircled by the sacred harmonic qualities of Pi (22/7) and the organizing Power of Rhythmic Equality, reaching its Climatic Manifestation Power of Resonance on KIN 177... Right at the entrance of the Resonant Moon of Attunement, on the 169th day of the 13MOON Year.  




As a prophetic signal of the importance of this code during this 6th moon ending tonight and the 7th moon starting tomorrow it is worth to re-member that precisely during the 22nd day of this coming resonant moon (7.22), January 31st, we will be commemorating the 25th anniversary of assassination/martyrdom of Rashad Khalifa, biochemyst whose groundbreaking research established through indisputable evidence the Holly Quran as a Sacred Text encoded with very elegant mathematics based on the number 19 (Divine Command Frequency). His work allowed Dr. Arguelles to establish the 19=260 Code Strand, demonstrating the inviolability of the 19 within the Tzolkin Matrix


"The synchronic order of the universe maintained by the functioning of the Law of Time defines the "Divine Plan". Prior to the discovery of the Law of Time, the Divine Plan unfolds in the cosmic unconscious, becoming self-reflectively known to the intelligence of evolving bodies in time as "revelation."
-Valum Votan, Dynamics of Time postulate 19.6


01-1099.jpg?width=260In the light of the recent (alleged) "terror attacks" in France from last January 7th (6.26) KIN174 5Wizard, involving the purposeful desacralization and twisted representation of Prophet Muhammed and the integrity of the Q'uran, and with the sole SOUL purpose of redeeming and neutralizing the dark/negative karmic imprint waves that this event is causing and sending across the planet, it is NOW timely and relevant to include the following excerpt from the unpublished document "The Holy Quran and the Law of Time: 19 = 260 "An Investigation of the Mathematical Cosmology Unifying the Holy Quran and the Science of Fourth-Dimensional Time as Decoded from the Tomb of Pacal Votan" written by Jose Arguelles, Valum Votan, finished right on the eve of the 9th anniversary of his martyrdom back in January 30th, 1999, and specially dedicated to Khalifa.


As a scribe and day-keeper born in the Year of the Rhythmic Storm (KIN 19 ~ 19.6) it is my duty to keep following the Divine Command and do my best to maintain the delicate memory thread keeping the prophetic record alive and the Balance of the Ledger of History in place.  It is only through the intelligent and mature use and interpretation of the sign-posts left by Valum Votan and the Galactic Maya as our compass to navigate through uncertain times, that we will be able to fully exercise the telepathic power bestowed on us and our own Divine Free Will, to veer the course of Destiny in the direction of the Divine Plan. Therefore, infinite Gratitude to Jannis 189 (sign of Muhammed) for finding this document and pointing it out to my attention in several opportunities throughout the past 2 moons. Never before there had been or would be a better synchronic timing to revisit this ground-breaking document... Find below the reason why:

“Submission,” according to the Law of Time, would occur considerably before the year 1710 AH-2280 AD. What is of interest from the point of view of the Law of Time are the fractal and numerological properties of the numbers involved in Khalifa’s calculations 2280, 2271, 1710, and 17. It is by analyzing the fractal properties of these numbers that Khalifa’s timing for the “end of the world” [as we know it] can be harmonized with the traditional Mayan prophetic dates for the end of the Cycle, AD 2012 and 2013.

The 20 Tablets of the Law of Time establish a Sixteen-Year Time-table to accomplish the Judgment, Resurrection, and Second Creation, 1997- 2013, from Kin 44, Yellow Overtone Seed, to Kin 164, Yellow Galactic Seed. According to this time-table, each Moon is equivalent to one of the 260 Kin in sequence. Thus, by July 26, 2013, 208 Kin (16 x 13 Moons) have been completed. Kin 209 (19 x 11) [Moon Geneesis/Theft of Time/DaVinci's Ascension] is therefore the first Moon, of the Galactic Synchronization cycle beginning in 2013 (=13:20). The seventeenth year of this process is completed in 2014. The eighteenth year commences in 2014 and is completed in 2015. This is the year Red Solar Moon = tone 9, solar frequency 9 = 18 = Sura 18.

If we look at 2280 and 2271 as fractals of Kin 228 and 227, then the “end of the world” will occur in the eighteenth year, 2014-2015, following 1997, when this sequencing of Moon to Kin equivalents reaches Kin 228 and 227. Note that 227 is the same as the ratio 22/7, or the date 22.7, Resonant Moon 22, the anniversary of Khalifa’s death, while 228 = 19 x 12 (difference of 7). When will this occur? Rhythmic Moon 2014- 15, would be the equivalent of Kin 227, and Resonant Moon 2015, would be the equivalent of Kin 228. Note that Moon/Kin 228209 = 19 Moons after the galactic synchronization date July 26, 2013. The 25th anniversary of Khalifa’s martyrdom would, of course, occur during this nineteenth Moon of the Galactic Synchronization, 7.22 , AD 2015, being coded by Kin 198, Electric Mirror, the fifth of the seven “lost generations” of the Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan. The penultimate Moon 227, corresponds to v.227, the final verse of Sura 26, the number that codes Khalifa’s “Night of Destiny,” Ramadan 26. “Exempted are those who believe, lead a righteous life, commemorate God frequently, and stand up for their rights. Surely, the transgressors will find out what their ultimate destiny is.” 26:227.

It is not my intention to predict the end of the world, but only to point to some further possible interpretations of Khalifa’s conclusions in the light of the Law of Time. It is the purpose of the Law of Time to balance the Ledger of History and announce the return of UR. However in consideration of what awaits humanity in the years 2013-2015, it is well to consider the following three verses: 20:13, 20:14, 20:15 :

“I have chosen you, so listen to what is being revealed.” 20:13 = AD 2013

“I am God, there is no other god beside Me. You shall worship Me alone and observe the Contact Prayers (Salat) to remember Me.” 20:14 = AD 2014.

“The Hour (end of the world) is surely coming; I will keep it almost hidden. For each soul must be paid for its works. “ 20:15 = AD 2015 (!).

In presenting these analyses, correlations and correspondences I am obliged to point out that I have been commanded to complete this much of this work by the ninth anniversary of Rashad Khalifa’s martyrdom, Kin 78, White Cosmic Mirror, “The Wizard’s Hoard of the Lore of Death”, Resonant Moon 22, Sixth Year of Prophecy, and in advance of the Lunar Eclipse which will occur that morning at 10:07 AM Palenque time. This portion of this study completes the main body of the text, Holy Quran and the Law of Time, 19 = 260, and is dated the day before my command deadline, Resonant Moon 21 (7.21 = 7 + 21 = 28), Kin 77, Red Crystal Earth [Galactic Signature of Fukushima Nuclear event 3.11.11], precisely one solar year after the beginning of the 7:7::7:7 Telektonon Revelation, and 260 days after the last birthday of my wife, Bolon Ik, the date on which the final portion of the 7:7::7:7 was revealed to me.

With the conclusion of this study, there should be no doubt of the existence of the Law of Time within the Holy Quran, nor of the validity of the Holy Quran and the Law of Time together as the final criteria and dispensation for humanity to face its Judgement Day and enact its resurrection. Know that I have only presented a small portion of the entire revelation of the 19 = 260 code. However, in the renewal of the gematrical method, there is a universal method which is placed into the hands of all earnest seekers who can now scientifically define the marvelous landscape and architecture of the Hereafter, and safely declare,

“Time is the fourth dimension!”

May UR, the Universal Religion on Earth prevail over all religion as the religion of “Submission” which is Peace!

All Revelation is One Whole. Design is Purpose. Perceiving and Perceived Circumscribed by Time = Space.

~ José Argüelles, Ph.D. Valum Votan ~
The Holy Quran and the Law of Time: 19 = 260
"An Investigation of the Mathematical Cosmology Unifying the Holy Quran and the Science of Fourth-Dimensional Time as Decoded from the Tomb of Pacal Votan"

With the coming 76th Solar RetURn of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan on January 24th, 2015 (7.15) KIN 191 9Monkey (11.9) only 7 days apart from the commemoration of Khalifa's 25-Year ascension, what we could be about to witness during this coming Monkey Moon of Attunement would be nothing more and nothing less than a holographic emergence of the Divine Plan in motion. 




GA 113  

[Banner of Peace and Galactic Shield Hunab Ku]

Blood Moons & Planetary Redemption: A Galactic Master Peace of ART


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